Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Past is Prologue

On July 31 of 1846 the merchant vessel Brooklyn arrived at Yerba Buena, California: present day San Francisco.  Among the 245 passengers was one Samuel Brannan; an opportunistic businessman, and first president of the LDS mission in California.  Among his cargo was a printing press and complete flour mill.  Brannan soon started the areas second newspaper, the California Star, and not long after that, the first school in San Francisco; and a dry goods store, the only one in the entire area.  In 1847 Sam Brannan expanded, opening a store in Sacramento, and another at Sutter's fort.  In January of 1848 when gold was discovered at Sutter's mill, Brannan owned the only store between the gold fields and San Francisco.  He made a small fortune nearly overnight, selling picks, pans & shovels to the growing numbers of gold seekers.

Never one to waste an opportunity for profit, the California Star regularly ran headlines about fortunes in gold being discovered, and helped to ignite the actual California gold rush.  As more and more people began showing up hoping to strike it rich, Sam Brannan was busy conducting secret deals with the ship captains, ensuring they sold their cargo of mining supplies only to him. 

Just as the 49er gold rush was picking up steam late in that year, a devastating fire broke out which essentially burned San Francisco to the ground.  Rebuilding the town of San Francisco was routinely interrupted repeatedly throughout 1850; as a series of fires were started by looters who would essentially mine the ashes for gold and valuables.  Though no actual evidence exists, many historians contend that Sam Brannan was behind the fires.  At the height of chaos and pandemonium, Brannan steps up, saying he will find those responsible for the arson & thefts; becoming the first and only "lawman" of San Francisco.  Almost immediately Brannan began using his new power to eliminate his business rivals and enemies.  He gathered a group of hired guns and enforcers, naming them the Vigilance Committee.  John Jenkins was a businessman who was Brannan's main rival - until he was arrested on trumped up charges of arson and robbery, and promptly found guilty & hanged; a callous act which angered many and got him kicked out of the Mormon church.

Sam Brannan knew that before too much longer big business interests from back east would arrive on the scene and change the game across the board; and he had a plan to exploit everything to the fullest measure.  The gold fields along the American river near Sacramento were legally owned by landowners in San Francisco who got them as land grants from Mexico originally.  Brannon met with these landowners, and in his sly, shrewd way convinced them to sell their lands to him, which they did.  Now, the only obstacle to selling the gold fields to big business interests was the miners presently prospecting on the lands.  They would have to go.

James Allen was an old pro in the gold fields, and became partnered up with his friend, Dr. Charles Robinson.  When word got out that Brannan had bought up the old Mexican land grants, Allen & Robinson knew it was only a matter of time before there was a confrontation, so they began getting the miners organized, under the name of the Settlers Association.  They held regular meetings to discuss matters and plan strategy, and even as they did; Brannan made his move against the miners living in Sacramento.  Brannan's henchmen beat and murdered the miners, then burned their houses.  News of the brutal evictions reached the goldfields fast; so Allen and Dr. Robinson began to implement their plans to defend their claims from Brannan's Thugs.  United around the leadership of James Allen and Dr. Robinson, the miners were determined to make a stand and fight if need be. 

When word of the Settlers Association activity reached Sam Brannan, he promptly had arrest warrants made out for them both, then gathered a brigade of his henchmen to enforce them.  They found James Allen alone at the headquarters, and promptly shot him dead while Robinson and the miners were still in the gold fields.  Upon hearing of Allen's murder, Robinson marshaled his forces outside town for a confrontation with Brannan which history records as the squatters riot.   The two forces met on the streets of Sacramento, and faced off.  Brannan issued Robinson an ultimatum; that the miners all leave the goldfields or be shot.  The miners are heavily outnumbered, but refuse to back down.  There are conflicting reports as to who actually fired first, but when the ensuing gunfight was over five miners and three of Brannan's men lay dead, and Dr. Robinson was seriously wounded, with the remaining miners running for their lives.   Dr. Robinson was thrown in jail without medical attention, to fend for himself.  Over 300,000 people flocked to the gold fields of California, over a third of them died either from violence, or suicide ~ and let us not forget the 100,000 native Americans killed as the settlers drove them off the gold rich land.

Here we are, 164 years later and it seems the entire world is run according to the Sam Brannan Business Model; while we are left to scratch out a living however we can, the lusty upper 1% own all the gold and wear all the badges.  History is so overflowing with examples of the power elite keeping the great unwashed masses under their thumb; you'd expect a worldwide squatters riot would (should) erupt just any day now.  

Back in the day, my dad was fond of reminding me that "society don't owe you a living"-  I suppose it was his way of trying to get me to conform to the norm, to just accept that you can't fight city hall mentality of the modern slave.  My response was always the same, that it works both ways:  If society doesn't owe me a living, then I don't owe it one either, I'm a free agent!  The Sam Brannans of this world have us all pretty much under their thumbs and dancing their tunes, and feeling utterly helpless to change things around.

With wages and conditions being what they are, many people find it hard to get by even holding down two jobs these days.  The economy and inflation roll right along, yet employers squeal like piglets at the mere mention of raising wages.  Always keeping that carrot just out of reach, always looking for new ways to maximize profits.  The "class system" at work: The upper class have all the money and do none of the work, the (shrinking) middle class does all of the work but never has enough money to make ends meet, and then the lower class, whose function is to motivate the middle class.  Our education systems are little more than brain mills of conformity where individuality and critical thought are poisoned a day at a time, washed down with fluoridated water.  Schools teach children how to memorize dates and information, but not how to use information to increase understanding.  Creative & original thinking are discouraged, as is thinking for yourself or asking too many questions.

Speaking of questions, I have a few I'd really like the answers to: questions like Why is earth the only planet not named for a god?  Why do all the planets in our solar system orbit in the same direction, except for Mercury?  Who was god talking to when he said "let there be light"?  Why does the pineal gland react to light?  Why do nearly all cultures have similar origin stories involving sky people and space brothers?  Why is there such a thing as forbidden archaeology, what don't they want us to know?  Why do nearly all livestock mutilations occur on the 37th parallel?  Why have over 23 Mars missions failed or been lost?  Why did Obama just give Israel 430 million taxpayers dollars?  Where are all those paramilitary patriots who said they existed to protect us from an evil government?  Why did New York city cops just murder Eric Garner for suspicion of selling cigarettes?  but most of all, WTF is the thing with neckties?

The power elite use many things to keep us from rising up in a massive "squatters riot" and the most efficient of these is fear.  Have you noticed there is always some horrible evil trying to destroy us, it doesn't really matter so much what the threat is as long as it's scary; like Nazi's, communism, or terrorism.  Naturally we need our "leaders" to protect us from such threats, and so the drumbeat is slow, yet constant.  Just like Sam Brannan, our keepers have created a threat, then stepped up to defend us and maintain order.  So that we won't feel too secure under their protection, we are literally inundated with various forms of fear mongering to plague our everyday lives.  The big fear they rely on is fear of loosing your job, and what little you have.  After that it's our health we must fear loosing, so that the pharmaceutical industry may thrive.  Then just for good measure they toss in fear of immigration, gay marriage, and nearly everything else except Fukushima, fracking & GMO food-like-products.

Sleazy Come ~ Sleazy Go

The power elite have been on stage running things for a very long time; too long really, and as more are seeing every day, their time is drawing to a close.  Now of course they have no dignity, honor, or even souls to speak of ~ so they don't want to give up all the power & just fade into history.  That is why things worldwide have taken a sharp turn towards the crapper recently...they are desperate.  In their arrogance, our keepers thought that chemtrails and other repressive technologies would prevent humanity from evolving into a higher state of consciousness.  They sought to arrest human development below the threshold of evolution, they wanted to keeps us in kindergarten.  They failed just as surely as if they'd tried to swim up a waterfall.  It's not nice to mess with evolution, which they're now discovering. 

So, the keepers are throwing a big tizzy fit just now, setting the world on fire, trying to provoke that nuclear war they want so badly; a last ditch effort, made in desperation, predestined to fail.  Tyranny always fails, when will they learn?   No matter how long it takes, tyrants are always overthrown...but then we forget, and allow new tyrants to do it all over again.  Why do you suppose that is?  What if every voice on earth said "No More" in unison & 3 part harmony, what would happen then?  Suppose every last one of us got terminally tired of this matrix at the same moment, then dumped it.  Evolution baby!

I know it may not seem like the power elite's agenda is falling apart, but that's just their PR machine at work pumping out the testosterone, you can almost smell the desperation in the air.  They absolutely don't want to show weakness, or the many cracks in their machine of deceit & destruction, so they conceal it with diversions and smokescreen news cycles; hoping we won't catch on and wake up.  They need us asleep and complacent, so  wake up & raise a little hell!  Perhaps the fear of loosing what little you have will soon empower you to draw a line in the sand to defend it, something to think about anyway but don't take too long...the wheels are about to come off, and then the gloves!

The power elite very much need us to fear them especially now, which is why police departments across the country are indistinguishable from elite combat troops these days.  They know they're approaching a line-in-the-sand moment so they want us all to be intimidated by them.  They want us to think we cannot possibly win against them.  Not only can we win, but we can do so without fighting them.  Everything they built is about to come crumbling down, all we have to do is quit feeding them & not get taken out by the debris!  The matrix is falling under the weight of it's own corruption, and cannot be saved, despite appearances.

As an example of what I'm talking about, let's have a look at how things shook out back in the gold fields of California.  Sam Brannan's plan had worked, he owned the land the gold was in and ran off the independent miners.  Now he was perfectly positioned to sell to big business and become filthy rich.  However, those big businessmen from back east had some plans of their own, Statehood, and wanted nothing to do with Brannan due to his violent reputation.  With so many people in California, it was now eligible, and attractive as a new state.  On September 9, 1850 congress made it so and claimed imminent domain over the contested gold fields.  Overthrowing both the land grants and Brannan's deeds, congress opened the gold fields to the highest bidders. 

Down but not out, Sam Brannan spent the remains of his fortune launching a new enterprise designed to be a luxury retreat for the rich and famous, named Calistoga.  The venture failed because nobody wanted to be associated with the scheming, greedy and ruthless Brannan.  He lost everything, and died penniless, selling pencils door to door.  Elsewhere, the newly formed state was building a legislature and when Dr. Charles Robinson was elected to it in a near majority vote; they released him from jail, dropping all charges.  Charles Robinson went on to become a prominent politician, abolitionist; and the first governor of Kansas.   

So if things look a little dark just now, remember it's always darkest before the dawn and things are not always as they seem.  Don't dwell on such horrors as the wars & rumors of wars, airliners being shot down or the rotten economy.  By dwelling on those negative things we just feed our energy back into the matrix.  If you're looking for alternative new horrors of doom & gloom; how about Thor is a girl now, Captain America is black, and Archie is dead!  Verily I say, we must be very near the end!

May the Source be with You

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  1. Yes, excellent article -- however, we still cannot be passive observers to our own Sam Brannan saga—and also ending up as pawns for simply another player over the chess board.

    What’s needed is our own (home of the brave, land of the free) spirit to COLLECTIVELY INTERVENE and DETACH the other world monstrosity that has grown on our (Humanity’s and America’s) back:

    --so that we can ALL (Nature included) TRULY get back on the Planet's evolutionary path TOGETHER.

  2. Spot on as always my friend. Every day now we can see their desperation as lie after lie is exposed for all with eyes to see. But still so many sleep on, its like their minds are atrophied, or fear rules every waking moment of their meagre existence. For me its like visiting the seaside, I can smell the sea before I see it and so it is with the coming changes both physical and metaphysical. Soon now I tell myself, its tangible, we're almost there, buckle up and enjoy the ride, the seats are free of charge and I've booked a front one. As you so rightly say tyranny always fails. Keep them coming my friend they are always interesting and most welcome.