Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Archons & Chemtrails

It was 1996 when I saw chemtrails being sprayed across the sky for the first time.  I was visiting relatives in Kenai, Alaska and we were out camping for the weekend.  At first I didn't pay any attention as I've seen jet contrails overhead ever since I was a youngster.  Some 20 minutes later I was considerably more interested as the thin streamers had gradually spread out across the sky in a kind of grid work or tic-tac-toe pattern.  We watched in disbelief as a bright clear summer day was turned into a grey overcast soup right before our very eyes.  The following afternoon the same thing happened, in pretty much the same way, except this time we got huge X patterns all over the sky.  This time the people I was with were just as perplexed as I was, and we began "brainstorming" to come up with a logical explanation.  The very first thing we ruled out was commercial airliner traffic because actual jet contrails are made of water condensation vapor and always dissipate away into nothing before you loose sight of the jet.  The other reason commercial jets were ruled out is because if any commercial airline pilot flew the patterns we saw they'd be fired instantly; no ifs, ands, or buts about it!
A week later I was back home in the Seattle area when I looked up to see three big streamers being sprayed across the sky.  My neighbor was out in his driveway, so I called to him - and pointed out the chemtrails.  We stood there watching these three jets when suddenly we saw three more coming in on a perpendicular approach.  This new flight was on a course to intersect the trails from the first flight...and within a few minutes the entire sky was filled with triple X's.  I asked my neighbor if he'd seen this before and he shrugged, saying "Those are just jet contrails, been seeing them since the 50's."  We spoke for a few minutes as we watched the chemical streamers thicken, and spread out just as I'd witnessed in Alaska the week previous.  Suddenly the neighbor turned to me with an ashen face, his expression one of rude discovery, he said, "Those are military tankers...our government is spraying us!"
 In the seventeen years since those first observations the spraying program has not only continued unabated, it has grown to truly staggering levels, and remains much like the villain in Harry Potter, as the subject is never spoken of at all-ever.  This is another thing that worries me about all this...If the spraying of chemtrails is something good, and beneficial to mankind don't you think the government would be taking credit for it at every opportunity?  But they deny every word, photograph and video, of which there are many thousands by now.  Ponder this for a minute; since the government denies they are spraying the clearly visible chemtrails on a daily basis, around the world, then someone else must be doing it. Since no jet fighters have ever been sent after a chemtrail plane we must assume it's being done with approval.  They cannot have it both ways; either they are doing it, they are allowing someone else to do it, or somebody else has a massive fleet of jet tankers which the government is powerless to stop...or even see!
 Really folks, Everybody sees these chemtrails every day, and our government denies their very existence!  What's wrong with that picture, plenty!  For starters, why are these liars & thieves even still in power?  What must they do to us before we stand up for ourselves?  Secondly, what does it say about a population who dutifully ignores the chemtrails (and so many other issues) because it's easier than taking on the government?  Not much!  We are being sprayed as if we are harmful insects, and most of us just ignore it.  Astounding!  With each passing year we learn more about the health hazards connected to chemtrails, with perhaps the worst effect being Morgellons disease...which the government of course also denies the existence of. (see video below)  

The fact remains that people are getting sick, and dying from exposure to the Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium contained in the chemtrails; not to mention the  Lab created synthetic life forms and other biological material like red blood cells,  fungus, and self-replicating nano fibers!  Indeed many people the world over are dying from exposure to such toxins; but then, that is exactly the intention. 
 It's called Geoengineering and it's going on right now - and has been going on for many, many years .  Of course the chemtrails are just one of many different pacification technologies being employed by our overseers to marginalize us, taking us right out of the equation.  Whether it is HAARP, Gwen towers, microwave soup, GMO food, RFID chipping, BP crude or Fukushima radiation; we are under constant assault.  Of course the steady backbeat of this population control agenda is the media; television, movies, cell phones, Facebook, all streaming undiluted propaganda into our tortured minds 24/7 - lest we find a quiet moment and begin thinking for ourselves. 

Within a couple years of my first chemtrail sighting the media was hard at work trying to brainwash us by frequently having chemtrails show up in the background of TV shows, movies, and especially commercials, those tightly engineered little propaganda pills.  They even went to the trouble of adding them in as a CG effect to older movies in an attempt to delude us into believing they have always been there.  Bullshit!  I'm more than old enough to remember clear blue skies, and contrails which dissipated quickly.  Evidently these pacification technologies are working just fine.  Tried to explain chemtrails to anyone lately?  How about Fukushima, or the Gulf of Corexit...tried to get those conversations going with friends or family?  If you did, likely as not you got brushed off, ignored or ridiculed.  It's the old ostrich syndrome in full bloom and ironically enough, that is the exact position the powers that be want us to assume!
The internet is all a-buzz over FEMA camps and railroad trains with cattle cars equipped with leg irons welded to the floor...and stories of DHS procuring millions of rounds of ammunition, and dozens of urban tactical assault vehicles; not to mention a whole new squadron of chemtrail tanker planes.  Your tax dollars hard at work suppressing and oppressing you into lethargic, apathetic submission.
 A few years ago it is said that congressman Dennis Kucinich sponsored HR-2977 known as the space preservation act, in an attempt to ensure friendly skies for any potential alien visitors.  It is contended that this bill listed several rather nasty weapons systems currently employed by our government, including chemtrails, seeking to get them de-funded.  As the story goes "they" handed Kucinich the bill back with the demand he remove the reference to chemtrails.  During the ensuing years a controversy has risen over whether Kucinich actually included chemtrails in HR 2977, some saying it was started by UFO enthusiasts, in other words, a hoax.  As is usually the case the waters around this story have become clouded with speculation, dis-information & outright lies over the years to where it is now difficult to know the truth of it.  Some would say by design.
 The government denies chemtrails at every level.  Weathermen on TV are all mum on the topic, even as chemtrails can often be seen in the satellite images they show.  Commercial airline pilots have always been especially silent on the subject of chemtrails; perhaps even more so in light of evidence confirming that some chemtrail cocktails (there are several different formulas & variants being used) are actually mixed in with their fuel. 

 Airline pilots would be the most credible of witnesses to confirm and even document the chemtrail spraying program, yet they are so deathly silent you'd think their jobs depended on it...or perhaps even their families.  Talk about your elephant in the room, this whole charade is ludicrous to the point of being annoying.  The damn things are a daily event all over the planet yet everyone denies & ignores them...except for the 4% or so who are awake, aware, and vocal.  Deny, delay, discredit, obfuscate, confuse, ridicule and ignore; these are the rules they play by, and they are playing for keeps!  Aside from the internet the only place you will find printed material on chemtrails is, in school books.  That's right- school books!  They are teaching our children all about chemtrails, saying it's a program for dispersing elements into the air to reflect sunlight back into space...you know...to fight global warming!  Am I the only one who finds this chillingly like George Orwell's dystopian nightmare "1984"?  Or are we now so beaten down and intimidated we refuse to even fight for our own survival?

Of all the many questions raised by the spraying program there is one that really eluded me for quite some time.  Why are they spraying themselves & their children, as well as us?  It just doesn't make any sense at all, yet there exist numerous photos of chemtrails over the white house, indeed everywhere they congregate.  Now some might be quick to offer that this is evidence that chemtrails are harmless, because we all know what craven quisling cowards politicians are; or it might be evidence of a different nature altogether.  As I said, chemtrails are just one facet of a global scale geoengineering program; which is tech-talk for rearranging mother nature to suit your specific needs.  Star Trek fans will recognize this as Terraforming or plowing under the existing biosphere in favor of a new one.  Hmmm.  This scenario made for passable science fiction fare in the movie The Arrival where alien invaders were changing Earths environment to be optimum for their race, not ours.  Yeah, I hear you thinking "but that's just the movies, it isn't real"  Are you certain of that, or is it just denial speaking?  Are you so sure you'll bet your life on it?

I first heard vague references to the Archons several years back, in a book I've since forgotten the name of. I took in the data and kept going...and sure enough every so often I'd find another reference to Archons with some additional information.  By that time my curiosity was aroused enough to pay better attention...there is substance here.  It all began with the Gnostics around 3600 BC.  Gnosis is a Greek word meaning "inner knowing" and the practice of Gnosticism derived from the mystery school teachings of pre-Christian antiquity.  The Gnostics were somewhat shaman like in their use of psychoactive plants which bestowed them with a vast cosmological vision, centered around a female deity they called the Divine Sophia.  The Gnostic creation story is unique as it is the only one ever to have explained in great detail how an inorganic life form came to be present in our solar system, and on our planet.
Those inorganic aliens were the Archons, and they are still here because they never left. It was the Archons who repeatedly destroyed the library at Alexandria which was built by the Gnostics.  Following the destruction of the library, the Gnostics began writing about the invasion of the Archons.  These writings, (13 codices with more than fifty texts), were discovered in 1947 at Nag Hammadi in Egypt.  The Nag Hammadi texts are so important because they remain totally intact; surviving a 1300 year long period of Archon inquisition against the truth.  They describe the invasion being somewhat virus-like, yet very difficult to explain. They said the Archons have the ability to duplicate reality, to trick us into buying into their false construct over our true reality.  The texts explain that the Archons are envious of Humans on account of we have something they don't have and greatly desire ... a Soul.  They are said to hate the emotion of love, especially any expression of such.  They much prefer violence, aggression, hate, death and war, as they feed off the energy of the dead & dying while controlling the events leading up to those wars within the false reality they constructed...kinda like what is going on everywhere right now, especially with North Korea's little Kim Jong Un  threatening to nuke us for the fifth time in as many days.  What the hell did Dennis Rodman say to that guy anyway?

            Ever see the Matrix trilogy?  Perhaps we need to view it again, with new eyes.

 The Nag Hammadi texts describe one Archon looking like a bi-pedal reptile, while another looks more semi-embryonic; like an unborn baby with grey skin and dark unmoving eyes.  Archons can get into people and make them do weird, unexpected things.  They imitate life with a false facade of culture, chaos and depravity.  The texts talk about a time when the Archons were defeated, and imprisoned by the Gnostics.  They also speak of the Archons eventually being released somehow.  In an interview with Jeff Rense some while back, the noted writer and film maker Jay Weidner said that this release from prison may be what the book of Enoch was about; where the demons were locked away in a box but they'd return at the end of time.  Weidner says he wonders if maybe the Archons are actually the Annunaki, who came here, altered our DNA in order to enslave us, and that we might derive more understanding of the Archons thru Zecharia Sitchin's books.
Quoting Jay Weidner from the interview: "The Archons were somehow successfully quelled and then began their re-emergence and they are as close to immortal as we could understand, and that's why their plan is so precise.  They needed time to gain power because the people of Earth are essentially Gnostics who were resistant to and didn't believe in, the "religion" that was being foisted on them.  The forces of Jehovah [Archons] conquered the last of them [Gnostics] and now they are pretty much in control of the system." 

These Archons primarily hang out in the outer solar system, they seem to like it around Saturn & Jupiter.  They have controlled our culture and politics, and re-written our history.  A growing cadre of people all over the world are becoming aware of the Archons among us.  When you know what to look for they're not that difficult to spot.  Perhaps the most often cited example of this is Lady Barbara Judge, who oddly enough now has the job of convincing the Japanese to make up with nuclear energy and re-start their decrepit reactors. 
 Another public figure often thought to be an Archon is Arizona senator John McCain, and between the two of them they sure make a pair to draw to.

And we don't want to forget our very own Archon in politics Diane Feinstein
No list of the usual suspects would be complete
without the Obamanator in Chief
At its peak, Gnosticism had nearly the numbers of followers/practitioners as Hinduism, and was devoted to the acquisition and sharing of knowledge and truth. Other tribes and races also knew of the Archons as well, except whatever records they kept were ages ago destroyed by the Archons brushing away their footprints.  The Archons will tell us anything just so long as it dis-empowers critical thought and results in us not accepting responsibility or accountability, (perhaps the strongest of Human abilities).  In my own life I have seen our values degrade from those abilities to where we find it today, where nobody is accountable for anything and nothing exists if you just deny it long enough.  Where it almost seems as though psychopathic behavior is encouraged by our overseers as a preferred "new normal" for Humans.  When you stop and mull it over for a while, this whole scenario seems to explain an awful lot.  The Invasion happened centuries ago, we have been a captive and genetically altered society ever since, and it's harvest time! 
Rod Serling tried to warn us way back in the sixties with stories like "To Serve Man"and "Will the real Martian please stand up" but we refused to listen, we're not listening still.  The roots of the programming go so deep that we refuse to believe in chemtrails even though we see them every day.  We do not wish to believe any more than Neo did in the Matrix.  It's unflattering to realize what the ugly truth is; that we are genetically bred slaves, that our lives and destiny have been intercepted, hijacked by a parasitic alien race which is Terraforming the planet to sustain themselves, not us.  We don't like the sound of that, so we disengage critical thought & logic as we buy in to the fake culture the Archons built and Terence McKenna tried to warn us about.  

Admittedly all this does sound rather depressing & distressing; it just seems too insurmountable.  We don't like that either, but before you reach to disconnect from this reality stop and think for a minute...The Archons were defeated before.  Although our overseers have done a pretty complete cleansing of history, and especially so with anything remotely Gnostic in nature; they did not get their bloody claws on the Nag Hammadi codices.  The information in those texts might just be sufficient to assist in defeating the Archons again.  If we truly are the descendants of the last Gnostics, and if we can somehow manage to shrug off this induced narcolepsy long enough to find that spark of spirit residing within us still, we might just have a chance to unify here at the dawning of the fifth sun, and take back what rightfully belongs to us, planet Earth.

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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  1. Dear Augureye,

    The chemtrail thing is reality, the Achrons thing is fantasy. The so-called 'Achrons' you refer to are nothing more than demons. If there was such a thing as Achrons there would be some mention of them in the Bible and in the writings of historians such as Herodotus, Livy, Josephus, et al.

    The Apostle Paul's Ephesians 6:12 reference to demons indicates that they are fallen angels who seek to control humanity through human vessels. When someone is inhabited by a demon for a long time they begin to take on the appearance of the demon as some of the pictures you posted show.

    1. Jim,

      Could not the sources you cite, that could be expected to mention the Archons, all have been corrupted by the Archons? Anyone who reads the Old Testament critically should notice that with Deuteronomy, "found in the temple" by Hilkiah, a new religion marketed as "the Law of Moses" is unveiled. The priests of Judea learned well the lesson of control by religion during their stay in Babylon. Historians in the past were sponsored by the wealthy and powerful. I imagine any historian with too much hubris as to his indepndence ended up with a cup of hemlock.

  2. sorry jim yost, you are incorrect. Chautauqua is correct on this one. I know a few things about archons, as i have been battling these creatures for forty years. My first encounter was in my very early twenties. I met what I thought was a man. he wasnt. The psychic power that this being had was incredible. it was like someone threw a wet blanket around me, i was completely cutoff, and this being flooded my mind with psychic images. I was completely overwhelmed. I have more to say on this, but am not ready to talk yet.I WILL categorically say this. YES there are archons, and they are incredibly psychic. I battle these entities on a daily basis, and am not the only one. Shaman around the world are locked in a battle to the death with these things. dont believe me? ask a shaman. a real one. you will be told all about them. we are shaman, and we are united. We WILL prevail.

    1. Yes! Shaman in training here,everyone needs to become their own spiritial warrior,develop our psychic abilities and send any interfering/negative energies packing.
      It goes beyond the physical plane as I am becoming aware on a daily basis now.
      Learning how to protect,defend and transform energy and loving it.

  3. Very good information here, but I'll slightly tweak this a few degrees. mr yost puts a bit to much emphasis on a man made book, keep in mind. that book is a work of fiction as much as everything on this page and the archons are mentioned in veiled references as our brother, that would be Cain. You think they are really going to be called archons? LoL...

    the Archons are responsible for most of what's in the bible itself as their god jehovah lives on violence and the sacrifice of abraham's son is viewed by the gnostic (illuminati) as the most psycopathic thought ever (think that through). if you are programmed so deeply to kill your own kin, who won't you kill? that is the present day roman catholic vatican church.

    No one can speak on the archons IMO without reading john lash. He's the only comparative mythologist who has studied every known human myth. he is also the most deeply researched person on the codices of nag hammadi and no they are not completely intact, john would be a good read. there are portions missing still, especially in the gospel of mary...yah, that mary.

    The real "battle" if you will is the archons and the illumined gnostics who went underground after the brutal murder of hypatia. women save the world keep in mind...after the library was burned to the ground, the gnostics, the modern day illuminati, went underground completely moving at first to France (merovingians) and then on up to the celtic area where they found favor with the druids (ireland).

    They founded the USofA as a giant F U to banking interests and lost it about 11 years after the articles of confederation when this thing called the CONstitution (1.0) was published and we were all programmed to believe a piece of paper protects anything. wake up...you do it or no one does it for you. the abrahamists and the illuminati have come together in private against corporate laws protecting usary on the planet. they just dont know how to publicly announce it...

    a gigantic financial crash is planned and you would be wise to get over the materialism that still anchors you to the present systems teet. its time to build the new one, but first its time to crash the old one...

    sorry for the mini rant.

    peace and love,


    1. indeed. i dig your viewpoint, and thanks for the rant. somewhere in all this lies the truth. or not. by the way, i like your blog patrick.

    2. I was just mentioning that. The archons have manipulated into existence every "popular" religions EXCEPT Gnosticism, which they attack to destroy any chance they get. But how to kill the Truth? There is only one way: Mix it with lies... So they always erect a falsified version of every Avatar's message, including Buddha's, Zoroaster's, Mohammed's, Moses', Laozi's, Mani's and of course Jesus', so as to falsify the Truth and turn it against those who seek it. Of course the LEMMINGS ALWAYS go for the nonsense religions, and their false societies ALWAYS favor whatever the Archons want, and the purpose of this is to draw TRUE BEINGS into the same nets of deception and suffering so as to lead to a net energy gain for the evil archons. Most people who discuss Gnosticism only get as far as some aliens, or else they call them demons (which they in fact ARE) but they don't recognize that MOST HUMANS ARE ORGANIC ROBOTS WITH NO TRUE LIGHT SPIRIT, but only a FALSE SOUL given by the archons like an AI to deceive TRUE BEINGS who are trapped in the same bodies. Most do not realize this and get caught up in a Hegelian Dialectic where they wonder why the masses of people don't get it about chemtrails and aliens and TPTB but they are basically still falling for the SAME TRAP of IDENTIFYING WITH THESE BODIES and accepting as LIKE THEMSELVES the evil-controlled artificial consciousnesses in the great majority of human bodies. This is the SAME FUNDAMENTAL DECEPTION, the SAME MISTAKE, just in a more distilled and stark form.

    3. Afshin, your comments make a lot of sense to me. It seems the majority of the human population are indeed literally mindless robots with no soul, no real emotion, and devoid of any true Divine spark...you can pretty much see it in many as they mindlessly go through the motions of the daily grind.

  4. Gnosticism isn't about your evil inorganic non-human beings. It is about Evil AS SUCH and this may be just one of the forms it takes. Most humans are known by True Gnostics as being programmed Lemmings who are not "true" victims of suffering, but are just recycling stations of energy who are there to create the panoply of falsehood as a persistent backdrop, a web or matrix of pseudo-normality, so that when any of these bodies happen to have REAL Spiritual Beings entrapped within them there can be a net harvest of energy. The same net which deceives also harvests. New Age people don't get this and deny the distinction between Good and evil (David Icke, for instance, and John Lash), so no matter WHAT they uncover about the archons the net result is no uncovering at all because they are not revealed as evil. Anyone else who uncovers anything pushes everyone to believe in an archonic lie, which is that Jesus claimed to be the one and only Son of God and the only way to reach God, which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the Truth. So going as far as you've gone isn't bad, but it isn't good enough unless you take it as far as all the Avatars did and insist on the ABSOLUTE AND FUNDAMENTAL distinction between Good and evil, AND understand that the Gnostics have been behind ALL of the Truth movements on this and any other ball of dirt (planet) but ONLY to awaken Beings of LIGHT, because the rest are just Lemming tools of the archons.

    1. You know what? You have hit this truly on the head. It really is about understanding the distinction between good and evil. It all lies in that.

    2. Thanks! Indeed, we need to understand "good" and "evil" so I wrote about that as well, the post is "The illusion of good & evil".

      Look for it on 'Legend of Augureye Express'

  5. Dear Zen,

    The experience you described sounds exactly like a demonic attack. The Apostle Paul stated that Satan has the ability to transform himself into having the appearance of an angel (2 Corinthians 11:14). The Satanists like to talk about having demons manifest during their 'high rituals' as a bragging point (i.e. bragging about their power). The various and numerous reports say that the demons can change their appearance to look human, to look like monsters, to look like angels, etc., and can appear and disappear at will. The Satanists seek to conjure the demons up because they can impart psychic power to them (and power to hurt people). Google it and see for yourself.

    Anyway, if you insist on calling them Achrons go ahead, but I don't see how anything worthwhile could possibly be gained by it.

  6. One would think, if we are/have been, continuously manipulated by a force, outside of ourselves. A force not of our world, or not of our origins. A force counter to the natural, intended evolution of our species, then there also must be a force in the Universe counter to it. A force with vested interest in seeing our development commence, as planned. What I'm saying is this, lol. If this is true, then we must have a champion, equally difficult to define, understand. In fact, my personal experience with the plant teachers says this is true. The irony is that too much worry, too much focus on the negativity that is supposedly desired by these "Archons", actually feeds into their supposed agenda. One must not forget that we are ultimately free and ultimately responsible for that freedom. Nothing can take that away from us. Beware that which is counter to our nature, but do not surrender to it!

  7. Jason~
    The Universe is not good, The Universe is not Evil, The Universe is Ambivilent.
    How right you are, not only do the Archons feed off the dead & dying, they love those between meal snacks we call fear & worry. Surrender not an option.

  8. You're on the right path. Keep following it as deep as you possibly can. There are multiple "layers" or "densities" of reality that these beings operate within. Most of them are in 4th density, where they can operate in secret. But we can feel them, sense their presence, resist them and even capture them. (Destroying them isn't worth the energy expenditure, IMO).

    I have fought them my entire life, and in other incarnations. I have written about them in several articles. I'm not sure if this will post with links, but I'm about to find out:

    Never Call Them Archons:

    Are There Soulless Beings In Human Society?

    Dream Shielding for a Good Night’s Sleep & More

    To answer the question asked above: YES, there is a positive force in the universe that is tasked with destroying this "infection of darkness" as I call it.


    1. Hi Cameron~ Actually, the best defence is unconditional love. If one radiates that from the heart chakra, no entity of the darkness has power over you, unless of course you give it your fear.


  9. Yo amigo:
    ...Thx for having the 'cojones' to actually 'OUT' the Archons as being the 'preying-mantis' parasitical (inorganic?) lifeforms that they truly are...surprised J.L.Lash(metahistory.com) wasn't mentioned?... as he coined the term "Archon"(much like Richard Dawkins coined: 'meme')....the archons are also being credited for the ongoing creation of the Rings of Saturn as they(archons) are primarily programmed solar-system builders like the Borg(as apparently lacking 'creativity')
    ...Putting one's finger on 'reasoned' coordinates, to 'tie the bow' so to speak, for clarity & understanding, has probably been purposely obfuscated...hence the quandary...if they lack original creativity...how & why are they so clever in manifesting this slave matrix???(little bastards)...I'm thinking Sophia manifested the archons (according to J.Lash's interpretation of the codices) made an error & is in the process of correcting her course due to the present opportunity for re-alignment with the galactic center/photon belt(hopefully)...this info being filtered thru my woefully inadequate 1% portal/perception of ALL the available electro/mag frequencies.
    ...I'm wondering HOW were the the Gnostics able to put these little bastards-(lol) into a box? ...& who let them out hahaha???...thinkin we need to cut our way thru the forest of thorns & find a handsome prince to kiss & wake up 'Sleeping Beauty'...perhaps the Gnostic/Shaman's plugged into a "higher power" that encapsulated & rendered moot, their seemingly manipulative overview....Looking for that to happen again ...but this time-PERMANENTLY!

  10. Alex~ Top Left 2 ya Sir...so many questions indeed, such as out of all the [combined]missions to Mars why have the superior majority of them either failed or just disappeared? Could be that's someone elses back yard. When I think of how much more advanced we might be today if the dark ages had never happened it just makes my head explode. OMG, folks really think some god, alien, angel or whatever is going to come 'save' us? Really?? Oh well, As to who let the dogs out...gotta be Dick Cheney & Karl[the hitman]Rove. Here's an Idea, If we wish to win, we must exploit their strongest weakness, which is LOVE. That's it! If we can keep an open, fearless heart which pumps out unconditional love it creates an environment they cannot tolerate...like a mega-decible car alarm going off as you're driving along wrecking a planet...wham whaddya do; Pull over and GTF outta the car. If you see the Buddha, kill him.

    1. Chautauqua,

      Since u can hang on the archons and you touch on the dark ages, lets see if this rabbit hole can get deeper. Are you familiar with Fomenko?


      The Dark Ages didnt happen brother; they are part of the master myth, the narrative, the story of "who we are." More than likely our history has been time shifted by anywhere from 100-200 years all centered around those "dark ages."

      Does it make sense that we can locate so much historical information going back to "jesus" time and even further, yet we have allegedly NOTHING of the time period called the "dark ages"? Everyone just quit living their lives?

      The vatican archives will help us dispell all the myths surrounding the dark ages. At any rate it was manufactured crudely in a manner used still to this day.

      I'll stop here, but this is tied into a term I'll leave you to search at your pleasure: "media fakery."

      have fun!


  11. Yare Lad! ...The whole world needs a Tsunami of LOVE to wash in & wash away ALL the corruption..... I experienced LOVE (energy?) on one of my LSD excursions back in the 60's...a beautiful energy filled me up & washed away & emptied out ALL of my fears & 'head-locks' & I was transformed within. with an indescribable feeling of love, contentment, peace & knew intuitively what was really going on.....I know now what is possible, because I've been touched by LOVE...that's why the LOVE prescription is not so far fetched..."Are you experienced?"-Jimi Hendrix...& "How can you run...when you know?"-Cheers

  12. * Who let the dogs out?....priceless.

  13. Alex~ As an aging psychonaut I can only say that LSD is a gateway drug for DMT.

  14. * where do I sign up???(lol)!...catch you on your next...cheers


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  16. Surely chemtrails only happen in America because you are a superpower. I believe Ireland is safe or is that naive?

  17. Chemtrails are everywhere just like Savoir Faire is everywhere!!!

  18. Hi Chautauqua :-)

    How were they defeated before? When?

    And yes to unconditional LOVE!

    I hope you are having a great day :-)

    1. Steph~
      For those answers you'll have to look thru the 'Nag Hamadi' & some of John Lash's work. Because that knowledge is so ancient, much of it is speculative at best. My best guess for this hour of the day is that they were defeated before after being discovered at their game of subterfuge, and then dealt with accordingly. I seriously doubt if humans are evolved enough yet to get the whole love thing. John Lennon knew it, but when he began teaching it, they of course killed him. Perhaps the reason nobody is coming to save us from ourselves is that we aren't deserving. Nature always keeps successful lifeforms, and does away with the ones who cannot adapt...seems fairly clear to me what nature has in store for us.

  19. Hi Chaut :-)

    Thank you so much for guiding me to the 'Nag Hamadi' and John Lash.
    So true about John Lennon...
    Heaps of hugs and blessings,

  20. Interestingly enough, chemtrails are NOT everywhere. I have been living in India since 1978 and have never, ever seen anything even barely resembling a chemtrail here. I have contemplated this on countless occasions, wondering what part India has to play in the immediate future, however, as of yet, it all still remains a mystery.

    1. Kunjabihari~ This is very interesting, as I have heard of one or two other locales which for some reason are exempt from being sprayed. It seems certain to me that all of the countries who are members of NATO, are being sprayed. The satellite photos are most revealing in this regard, as they give "the big picture" so to speak. What really gets me is that the U.S. talking heads who steadfastly deny the existence of chemtrails are breathing the crap in as well as their children...so, what, they all have some antidote?? It truly boggles the mind. I believe that the human race will fight at the drop of a hat for ANYTHING except their own continued survival. What Carl Sagan called a type 0 civilization; one which succumbs to their own treachery & technology...destroying themselves before ever really amounting to much. Thanks for commenting!

  21. How to defeat the Archons? Lets see,.....the first thing that comes to mind at chipping away their power might be to take down the USA/Israeli governments and go from there. I believe that this would be a large blow to the current game in play. This would be a good start I think.

  22. the main thing that keeps coming to mind about these archons, is the story of st.george and slaying the dragon..... i cant help but wonder if it is connected? I recomend for anyone who is serious about protecting themselves from this -ve energy, to check out the lesser bannishing ritual of the pentergram.. coming from ancient egypt and possibly beyond, it is a protection ritual that comes from the hermetic philosophies....

  23. Did you know they now have websites dedicated to debunking the chemtrail program and yet an entire industry has been established concerning geoengineering. How is that you can have a huge multi-billion dollar industry that even uses jargon such as Solar Radiation Management (SRM) a fancy name for chemtrails and yet deny they exist.

    You can't have it both ways and the fallacy of the Contrail vs Chemtrail debate defies the technological facts they use to condition us that there is even a debate. One of the most ridiculous arguments concerns the temperature but even at -40º when you walk to your mailbox you don't leave a persistent contrail behind you, it defies logic.

    I have linked your article to one I recently wrote on this Extinction Level Event or Bioterrorism, you're a great writer. When I read your articles it is like we are using the same Source Field.

  24. This article got me thinking about how the Archons were defeated at one point and how the Gnostics went underground. then I went and watched a movie on Netflix and happened to pick Paycheck starring Ben Afleck about a machine (Chronovisor/Tartus/DARPA) that can view the future. At the beginning of the movie he mentions the date Oct. 19th and I just wrote an article about the Flower of Life that has 19 equal radial circles, this movie is about viewing time as a circle. Then he asked what day it is and sees a calendar telling him it is the 22nd, the sacred number of the Pythagoreans and related to DNA/RNA sequencing and the Flower of Life is made up of 22 circles, also the triple octave scale uses the number 22.

    So I began to think what if the subliminal messages in movies is a two way street. You have the obvious Doom and Gloom prophecies but you also have the subliminal symbolism of how the soul/heart speaks to the conscious mind through symbols and synchronicity. What if the underground Gnostics are using movies to transmit the message on how to go about defeating the Archons? Hide the messages of awakening in plain sight.

    Obviously this would require more research but hey I'm not doing anything with the rest of my life . . . ?!