Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Waiting for the Black Swan ~ Update

~With many recent indicators that "something big" is soon to happen; along with the approach of that nefarious April 19th date, it seemed a good time to dust off this post from a year ago, 
as much of the data is still quite relevant.  C.H. ~

It is a stormy night sometime in the winter of 1694 off the poorly charted western shore of Australia.   The Dutch trading vessel Ridderschap Van Holland is foundering in the heavy swells.  She is the flagship of the Dutch trading fleet and had sailed from Cape of Good Hope on February 5th with 300 crew and two passengers; they never arrived and were presumed lost at sea.  Two years later the Dutch sailing Captain Willem de Vlamingh went searching for survivors with an expedition of three ships.  The mission was a failure as no survivors or clues were ever discovered.  On the return trip the expedition charted the western shores of Australia thereby improving navigation on the Indian ocean route to the Dutch east Indies.  On January 10th of 1697 de Vlamingh ventured up the swan river; they were the first Europeans to ever do so.  He named it Zwaanernenriver, which is Dutch for Swan River....after seeing huge numbers of Black Swans, which until that day were considered an impossibility since all swans are white.

Following this discovery the English coined the term "black swan" as a statement of impossibility flowing from the assumption that all swans are white.  The importance of the simile is it's analogy to the fragility of any system of thought.  Any set of conclusions are potentially undone once any fundamental postulates are disproved.  The Black Swan Theory was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his 2004 book, Fooled by Randomness which was primarily concerned with the world of finance.  His next book in 2007 expanded the Black Swan Theory to encompass societal & political realities on Earth as well as the financial angle.

Identifying a Black Swan Event

 Taleb's general advice is to not so much try to predict black swan events as it is to prepare and brace yourself against negative outcome events.  Taleb saw the black swan as something different, and set aside form the ordinary unexpected events which occur across our world with ever increasing frequency.  The black swan is in fact; a set of circumstances which must all be present for it to be considered a true black swan event.  Taleb lists three conditions that identify a true black swan event. [BSE]    
1. The event is a complete surprise, taking everyone off guard,
                                       such as the sudden failure of Lehman Brothers, or the disaster at Fukushima.
2. The event has a major impact on the world.
3.  After the event, it is rationalized by hindsight as if it could have been expected.

 Taleb says that all banks and trading firms are extremely vulnerable to black swan events and are exposed to losses far beyond the normal, expected range.  When dealing with this subject we must also take into consideration Counterfactual Thinking which is the tendency people have to imagine alternatives to reality.  Humans are predisposed to think about what might have been.  This is why, as a counselor, I would always tell my clients to never finish a thought beginning with the words "what if" or "if only"- because those thoughts seldom produce a positive constructive resonance, and tend to be a waste of your time.  It is an altogether different thing to do such musing before, rather than after some important event in your life. 
The Usual Suspects
Once we know what to look for we can easily identify some of the major black swan events of the past as noted above.  With that perspective we can also take stock of the current state of the human condition, and make some educated guesses as to the identity of possible future BSE's.   Listed here are the eight leading contenders for a world changing black swan event:

1.  Severe Pandemic

2.  Accelerated climate change

3. Collapse of the Euro zone economy

4.  A Democratic, or collapsed China

5.  A reformed Iran

6.  Nuclear war - WMD or Cyber attack

7.  Coronal Mass Ejection from our Sun

8.  America falls.

9. Fukushima irradiates Earth

Although some of these scenarios are being currently discussed these days; which is what makes them the usual suspects, we must remember that by their very nature BSE's possess a magnitude which surprises even those who were clued in.  In other words, it's only a black swan event for the turkey, not the butcher, the trick is, don't be the turkey!

To give you some perspective on just how strange things have become.  When I moved to Alaska to live in the remote wilderness it was because I sought to isolate myself from the madness of modern life, and prepare for some very uncertain times ahead.  My family and friends called me a survivalist and thought I was nuts for doing it.  Today we see so many people doing exactly what I did in 1979 they even have their own TV reality show.  They call them preppers and  these days my family and friends think I'm nuts for not doing it!  Been there, done that!  The idea is to make sensible preparations and contingency plans for yourself that work for your situation.  What works for one may be unfeasible to another.  Furthermore, since those days so long ago I have come to see and know so much more than I did then.  I still see Earth as a very dangerous place to get along on but you cannot focus on the negative so much you become obsessive.  It blinds you to other, more spiritual awareness's which I believe are as fundamental to survival as food and water, perhaps even more so.  Never get locked into a single world view.

 In the case of widespread severe pandemic there is little one can do beyond some rudimentary precautions and living a healthy life style.  This potential BSE has the ability to wipe mankind from the face of the Earth in a worst case scenario.  Once released it could race across the globe with every transcontinental airline flight and be well established by many days or even weeks before we even knew it was there, depending on whether it is Ebola, Sars, Hanta virus, Avian Flu, or any one of a hundred genetically created "viral agents" that Darpa has secretly cooked up. 
Accelerated climate change is already well upon us now and from what I've been seeing and reading, there is little confidence that the current cycle won't somehow hit a critical mass sufficient to snowball out of control, (pardon the pun.)  Of course our dutiful masters want us in a constant state of fearful apprehension which is why they pre-condition us with a plethora of climate themed disaster films such as "The day after tomorrow" and of course the blockbuster "2012."  We are just so much easier to manipulate when we're always afraid of what might be just around the corner. Just last week I watched an incredulous TV weatherman doing a remote broadcast covering the highly unseasonable snowstorm in New York.  The signs of climate change are all around us, all we have to do is look and be willing to see.  Of course, as with everything else, the powers that be seek to hide the truth within an artificially constructed bubble of controversy over climate change, trying to get us to believe it's all an internet hoax.

As for usual suspect number three all I can say once again, is look around at what has been happening in recent weeks; in Greece, and of course in Cyprus.  It's the bailout boogaloo song & dance, just another scheme to grab simply everything before the bell rings and the balloon goes up. It's all a contrived carefully orchestrated scheme to not just steal all the money, but to leave millions of people broke and powerless in a most dangerous point in our history.  You may have noticed how "they" are also suddenly obsessed with confiscation all our weapons too.  Hmmm  People who are broke, starved & unarmed might just hop on those FEMA busses a lot more quietly and passively, especially if promised food.  History shows us many examples where those in power use food as a weapon of mass compliance.  It works!  So, if the EU collapses, as it certainly appears it might, don't you believe for a moment it won't impact the entire world, as the dominoes continue to fall. 

Black swan suspect number four, the China card.  Over the last several decades they have been spending themselves into contention as a world power first, then an economic power.  Clearly they have their eye on the long game, inscrutable as ever including a desire to assimilate the west, and especially us here in America.  The people of China, weary after generations of austere totalitarian rule, are slowly starting to gain influence as the communist party continues to erode, it's days clearly being numbered.  some experts predict China could go democratic within ten to fifteen years.  It's hard to say what would have the biggest global impact, China going democratic, or going under.  Each would present it's own unique results, and I believe could be equally devastating.  The Chinese hold no desire to be one among equals, the seek to dominate. Period.

A reformed Iran could stabilize the middle east, possibly even uniting them under a common goal, pushing the United States completely out of the region altogether.  If this were to happen it would not only impact global economy, but could lead to a conflagration we humans have never witnessed before.  There is a reason why the US seems so hell bent on painting Iran as the evil empire and it has nothing to do with Iran's ability for self defense and everything to do with them being one of the few countries left who refuse to be controlled by the Rothschild's monetary system.   Wars have been started over much less, which makes this number five on the list of usual suspects.

For number six we have to look no further than what is currently unfolding in the Ukraine with rootin-tootin-Putin destabilizing the area for a power grab.   As we all know by now wars do not just happen spontaneously out of thin air.  They are designed, crafted and choreographed like Swan Lake to achieve specific political goals of conquest and resource control, and this most recent Ukraine debacle is no different.  Last year this time it was the crisis in North Korea, stirring the pot, keeping things at a constant boil.  Any one of these politically staged military scares could "accidentally" slip out of control, resulting in an all out nuclear war.  As if total annihilation isn't bad enough; we're also under constant threat of WMD attacks; which could bring about the kind of widespread disaster associated with black swan events.

As for number seven on the list; we know the sun goes through cycles of roughly eleven years, culminating in a time of peak activity called the solar maximum.  Science is discovering that the sun also has other cycles, as all stars do, which are on an entirely different timetable.  Like living organisms, stars also have a life cycle, and while ours is relatively young and robust as stars go, it is this very robustness that has it in seventh place as a suspect BSE.  For many decades now we have witnessed and recorded things like dark spots, and solar flares across the face of the sun.  These solar flares sometimes cause interference with our satellites, and we must plan human excursions into near space to avoid them as they can be dangerous.  In another category of magnitude all together is something known as a coronal mass ejection, or CME for short...which is where massive globs of the suns surface are exploded violently out into space.  The reason Earth has seen some of the most amazing aurora borealis ever this year is due to increased solar activity and electromagnetic storms, only partly due to the eleven year solar max cycle.  A while back there was one of these CME events on the sun; it spat a fiery glob of plasma and star stuff way out into space.  About that last event there is both good & bad news.  The bad news is the mass ejected from the sun traveled nearly the entire distance to Earth.  The good news is it wasn't pointed our way...that time.  A CME is what they call an ELE, or Extinction Level Event, a kill shot which destroys all life on this world. 
  Any Questions?

 Our eighth BSE candidate is the one closest to our hearts, the fall of America.  We see her already dying the death of a thousand cuts, and we wonder in the dark part of our minds how much more can she take before falling to her knees to await the inevitable stroke of the sword.  We try to not think of it, to not dwell on it but that becomes harder every day as new affronts to our sanity and spirit march in with blood covered boots, waving their deeds in our faces as we loose money faster than the BP oil spill.  America is hobbling along on broken crutches & broken promises as the banksters & butchers prepare to serve up whatever is left to the highest bidder.  We don't see this here in America because we choose not to see it: the rest of the world can see these facts, and in many cases are in line to feed off our proverbial carcass with the other vultures.  Remember, it's not a black swan event for the Butcher!

Not to put too fine a point on it; but just this week in Arkansas, on the same day, 40 miles apart they had a nuclear accident and an oil spill.  They used to say "You just can't make this stuff up" but any more; that certainly isn't the case what with the track record humanity has for false flag events.  Speaking of which, I said more on Korea so here we go.  Just like we are supposed to, I pretty much ignored the ravings of North Korea's Kim Jong Un for the first few days, considering that I wouldn't even know they existed were it not for the broadcast media...which kinda begs yet another question regarding whether our controlled press is being truthful as they so often aren't.  But anyway, today I hear two things on the same newscast that jabbed my psyche like an olympic javelin.  The first was the new, latest wargasm teaser from the young 'un - saying he has given his "final approval" for a nuclear attack on America's west coast: (where I reside) and going on to mention his array of suitcase nukes.  Minutes later I hear that San Francisco international airport (50 miles from me) is shut down pending the arrival of air force one with Obama aboard who is in town for a $34,000 dollar a plate fund raising dinner!  I don't know about fundraising but that news sure raised the hairs up on the nape of my neck as an arctic chill raced down my spine, and I overheard my subconscious screaming; "This is it, Dealey Plaza all over again and this time my ass is on the X."  I was a bit more relaxed about this before the game was moved into my back yard!

After what we have seen our government capable of; and by this I of course refer to the entire 911 false flag attack, nothing they do now that they are desperate would much surprise me at all...sad to say.  In my minds eye I can easily see the whole thing at work; a masterpiece of simplicity.  Kim Un plays his role by behaving badly on the world stage because they told him doing so would help bolster his power.  Then they send Obama to raise funds in San Francisco,(a city 'they' loathe) as if to wiggle the fresh meat under Un's nose, adding more drama to the street theater of the absurd.  My minds eye can also easily see the possibility that Kim Un might never have said a single word they say he did, and that the same entities who killed JFK are about to sacrifice another presidential martyr to their cause...using the same tired old "wag the dog" gambit.

As for number nine in our roundup of usual suspects; Fukushima is definitely the elephant in the room that nobody wants to think about or discuss, because there is nothing we can do to prevent it from killing us all in due course of time.   

Some say that another nuclear accident like Chernobyl was foreseeable, and indeed there was that underlying fear.  What wasn't expected or anticipated is that Tepco and the Japanese  government would do nothing to stop or contain the release of radiation into Earth's ecosystem.  The pacific ocean is dying as it's food chain dies.  Those life forms still alive in the ocean continue to suffer, and mutate, and cook from the inside out.  They say that the areas around Chernobyl will remain at deadly levels of radioactivity for several million years, and that is with the fission process stopped (for the most part) and entombed under tons of cement.   Fukushima has been spewing radiation into the atmosphere; and Tepco has been dumping extremely radioactive 'cooling water' directly into the Pacific, for three years plus!  I just gotta wonder what the half-life on that is!

On all counts, Fukushima certainly qualifies as a major black swan event when you factor in the long term effects of irradiating the planet, and every life form upon it.  As far as I know, only cockroaches are immune to the effects of radiation, but because the media refuses to cover the on-going Fukushima disaster, many humans are carrying on as though there is nothing to worry about.  Granted, it all comes back around to the chilling fact that nobody has done anything to stop that nuclear volcano because nobody can stop it.  Period.

I was out at the pub for lunch with my business partner the other day, and I thought it a grand time for a little social experiment, so I brought up Fukushima.  The reaction from those within earshot wasn't quite like the old E.F. Hutton commercial, but it was close.  As I posed a couple of obvious questions, those nearby looked at me as if I'd just said aloud the name of that which must not be spoken!  As if it were sacrileges to ever mention Fukushima in polite company.  The looks I received reminded me very much of the looks one gets when speaking ill of the dead, and I thought that was darkly appropriate to the situation.  The big problem with all this denial is that it prevents us from preparing to deal with the long term ramifications of an irradiated planet.  Maybe we cannot stop the nuclear volcano from erupting but we can begin taking steps now to deal with the inevitable tsunami of affected humans who will appear in numbers that'll stagger the imagination as well as the economy. 

That Whole April 19th Thing
Over the last couple of decades there are certain things I've learned to pay close attention to; and one of them is that whole April the 19th thing.  The elites, powers that be, whatever we call them, they have an obsessive penchant for specific number sets and dates.  An excellent recent example is 9/11/01 and 3/11/11, you see?  It goes on and on like that with this bunch however for today we shall confine our selves to just the April 19 thing.  Certainly the number 19 is of some significance although I have no clue as to exactly what.  To gain a better perspective on this notion that significant events happen on that day let's have a look at the record, as these events ...
All happened on April 19th.

1939 - Connecticut finally ratifies the Bill of Rights. [148 Yrs. late]

1941 - Bulgarian troops invade Macedonia.

1943 - Jews attack Nazi forces in Warsaw ghetto.

1944 - allied fleet attacks Sabang, Sumatra

1948 - Chiang Kai-Shek elected Nationalist China's president

1948 - ABC Network begins

1951 - General McArthur Quits

1962 - NASA takes the experimental X-15 prototype to 46,900 miles

1967 - Surveyor III lands on the moon

1971 - The USSR launches 1st manned space station. Salyut-7

1971 - Charles Manson sentenced to life

1972 - United States detonates a nuclear test device at the Nevada site.

1973 - USSR detonates a nuclear test device at Semipalitinsk

1975 - India launches its first satellite into orbit

1978 - Yitzak Navron elected as 5th Israeli President

1983 - France detonates a nuclear test device

1985 - USSR detonates another nuclear test device

1985 - NASA's 16th space shuttle launches into orbit

1987 - USSR underground nuclear test conducted

1989 - Gun turret aboard the battleship Iowa exploded killing 47

1993 - The Branch Davidian WACO massacre

1995 - The Oklahoma City bombing

2005 - Pope Ratzinger [recently resigned] elected to office

2006 - Han Myung-Sook elected as South Korea Prime Minister

2011 - Fidel Castro quits as Cuban President.

"Be Prepared!" -  Boy Scout Motto

 For many years now the elites have favored building sophisticated underground bunkers, vaults, and in the case of the ever more mysterious new Denver international airport; entire underground cities.  (Care to guess which airport Obama flew in from?)  Why would they spend so much wealth & treasure digging all these bunkers like the one at Mount Weather?  Because the elites know something totally devastating is about to happen.  The pace at which these projects are undertaken has quickened considerably in recent years, and in fact I believe they were renovating the white house not too long ago, I recall the newscaster said something about putting in a new wine cellar for the president.
 The prepper movement I mentioned earlier is truly at epidemic proportions for a country which has traditionally been rigidly convinced of its own integrity.  I wonder why that is?  I think it's for two very sound reasons.  People can sense the approach of the black swan, and they feel utterly powerless to stop the insanity they see with their own eyes.  Maybe mitigating factors prevent them from saying anything about such things, but everyone sees them just the same, and it's eating at us like a cancerous growth in the soul. 

Ascension or Assimilation?
Among the good news; and there is actually a lot out there, (it just gets swept under the carpet) is the fact that the entire government isn't all evil.  There are authentic human beings quietly working within the system, who do what they can to slow it down, de-rail planned events, toss a shoe or two into the works.  Remember a few years back, the story about how nuclear arms were almost flown cross-country, without orders or authorization; under the wings of an aging B-52 bomber?  Recall that one? I do.  the whole nasty mess was being done under the 'radar' so to speak because Cheney & Blackwater wanted to kick start a nuclear war in the mid east.  Those nukes weren't going overseas folks, the bastards intended to use them right here on American soil, just like 911, to justify starting the world on fire.  The reason the whole plan failed was on account of an airman named Blue, who refused to be intimidated, and blew the whistle on the whole nasty mess.  A while later he died under very unusual circumstances; just like all those witnesses to the JFK murder, and all those microbiologists who have mysteriously died since 911?  How about the suspicious 2002 death of  senator Paul Wellstone? Or Lee Oswald & Jack Ruby; and the beat goes on, and on just like that.  Take solace in the knowing that each one of these silent, invisible warriors within the corrupt system might just be a kind of black swan themselves. (Note: I speculated that a year before Snowden came upon the scene) Things are not always as they appear, especially nowadays.                          

In the silence at the heart of things we humans are embarking upon the homeward bound leg of a journey lasting many thousands of years.  The things we are facing now are but the final exam for that homeward trek.  Some will remain here, on this dying 4th dimensional Earth to work out their karma or whatever, waiting for their time to be right to leave.  Others are ready now, and preparing themselves for the next step in human evolution, ascending into the fifth dimension.  Like so many other things, it is a simple choice, and each will decide according with the needs and dictates of their soul, and higher self.  Each persons choice will be made in accordance with what that individual soul needs in order to remain fluid within the eternal order of procession.

There is no them or us, good or bad, right or wrong in all this, it just is!  Those recently awakened ones have it the worst I think, having to grasp so many huge, convoluted subjects & ideas so quickly, then to process & integrate the new knowledge on the fly!  So when you meet one, stop and welcome them to the world of the fifth sun, help them if you can and if you can't don't stand in their way because you just never know...   

Bob Dylan once taught us that those not busy being born are busy dying and I for one am glad he is around to see what that really looks like, because we may need him again before we're done with all this.  A good friend of mine in Alaska has a big poster over the fireplace mantle that says, "My life was half way over before I figured out it is a do-it-yourself kind of job."  I'm remembering that tonight I suppose because it kinda describes the way out of this place.  We certainly need to avail ourselves of the very best information we can find, add that to what we already know; and then try to intuit our way along.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the final exam is going to be heavy on intuition, so never discount or devalue might just save your life someday. 
In the year since I originally published this post I've become more convinced that we are no longer waiting for the black swan; she landed in Fukushima Japan some three + years ago and, as is her way, she will drastically change the landscape of everything before she's done with us.  We of course cannot overlook that Fukushima happened during the current spiritual evolution of humanity.  This will challenge our race as nothing ever has and before it's all over & done with we will see for ourselves whether it causes us to embrace or reject our divinity ~ will we come together as one, in unity, or splinter apart in chaos & depravity.  It's a simple choice really, Sovereign or Savage ?  Pick one !

May the Source be with You!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Roadside Attractions

Since just before the recent solstice it sure seems to me that quite a few very odd and interesting things have been going on in the world, and indeed continue to do so on a daily basis.  As I wonder what the muse will have me write about I find that my mind's random data buffer is crammed full, and the cognitive dissonance compensator has failed, leaving me with a whirlwind of events in search of a pattern, and meaning.

Well, let's see here: entire herds of buffalo are leaving Yellowstone Park as if they all know something we don't.  A massive killer landslide in Washington state, Big earthquakes in Chile, and Los Angeles, with LA getting hundreds of aftershocks and Bill Maher breaks the silence barrier on our oceans now contaminated with Fukushima radiation.  And those are just a few of the recent highlights.  In addition to everything else going crazy in this place; it now seems the ring of fire may be rumbling a precursor warning of still more eruptions to come, and the Yellowstone caldera may erupt as well. 

For the second time in five years we see a deranged shooter killing people at Fort Hood, Texas, and several school shootings since the first of this year, still our minds cannot fathom the how and why of such deeds, or how to prevent them; but very clearly something is terribly wrong.  If you're not sufficiently convinced of this, then I suggest you google teenage suicide statistics just in America alone for an eye opener!

Despite tons of evidence against it, as well as tap water you can set fire to; Fracking is still not illegal, but they are sure worried because now we're seeing all these comforting pro-fracking commercials trying to put us back to sleep.  We need to stay awake here, and stop this fracking crap before it contaminates the ground water, and destabilizes the earth itself, which experts claim can lead to swarms of earthquakes! 

Speaking of commercials, I thought it was a parody skit on a comedy show when the commercial came on about young boys growing breasts!  As it turns out it wasn't a joke and isn't funny.  Evidently a drug called Risperdal used on children with Autism, ADHD and bi-polar disorder is causing the condition known as Gynecomastia, where boys grow female breasts.  And I thought I had a challenging childhood!  Depravity craves innocence.  Yet another commercial for the new Johnny Depp movie, Transcendence promises us a transhuman future where we can just upload our tortured & tired souls to the mother of all clouds or somewhere. Maybe that's what the GMO food-like-products are doing; Terraforming our bodies for the shift to transhumanism.  

Of course it just makes all kinds of sense to me that Ukraine announced it will be hosting the upcoming NATO war games... is this really such a great idea what with Russia poised and ready to spring across the border with a full on invasion?  What could possibly go wrong?  It's almost as if they are deliberately setting us up for the tipping point of no return:  WWIII in the Balkans!!  This is something that only makes sense to those who believe stupidity is a virtue!  Like building the pentagon in a place named "Hell's Bottom."

Did you know that both Oil & paper money are 140 years old this week?  A handy coincidence I suppose; one having nothing to do with the other.  Jeopardy turned fifty this week, which is a sort of comforting idea, something of the past that is still around.  A daily 30 minute sanity break from the world of spin doctors who twist the truth to the point of torture. 

Another thing we are seeing, is the ever increasing militarization of municipal police departments.  It's to the point now where policemen are nearly impossible to distinguish from combat troops, which means we now officially live in a police state where the penalty for everything is the same, the cops get to empty their guns into you. Increasingly we're seeing reports of unarmed civilians being gunned down for the lowest of misdemeanors.  Unfortunately, we've been so mentally pacified that most folks will refuse to believe they live in a police state until they see 30 storm troopers doing the Groucho walk across their front lawn with full auto weapons at the ready.  Remember Boston

Of course we're quickly approaching the mystical date of April 19th which as history shows us is something of a harbinger; which I wrote about in a post last year - Waiting-for the Black-Swan
Something else which caught my attention recently is this huge scandal over GM and how it refused to replace a faulty fifty cent ignition component for 13 years, because the recall would be too expensive.  After 13 deaths and numerous accidents with injury, still GM is squirming on the hook like a bleeding night crawler, trying to avoid being held responsible for their product; and guess what?  The bankruptcy bailout they recently got left GM not financially liable for deaths caused by their products!   How much longer will we tolerate being crushed by the greed of old fat white men who believe in nothing?

Not unlike the coyotes who survive on the scraps of humans in the LA outskirts, urban youths across the country are making a very good living by scrapping.  In cities like Detroit, Cincinnati, Chicago, Atlanta, and Milwaukee, the old abandoned buildings and infrastructure of a dying paradigm are being torn apart and sold for scrap.  This grand scale recycling is often times the only income for many.  Even though these buildings have been long abandoned, wanted by no one, it's still illegal to scrap them, even for survival money.  Sadly, an all too typical scenario in today's world.    

We continue to see mass animal die-offs such as the recent mysterious death of over a thousand birds in South Dakota. Marine mammals up and down the pacific coast are washing up dead or beaching themselves to escape an increasingly toxic ocean.
 There are numerous sightings of wild bears showing open sores, loss of fur and erratic behavior.  I don't know about you, but when I look around and see all these mass die-offs it makes me just a bit concerned.  Did you know the baitfish are all gone?  The fishermen who make a living catching herring & sardines etc are all docked after repeatedly coming home empty.  These baitfish upon which the marine food chain depends, are dead, littering the floor of the Pacific ocean because their small, fragile life forms cannot tolerate radiation.  Have you noticed how for over a month now nobody can find that missing jetliner...can't tell wreckage from garbage!!  That is how polluted we have made our oceans, using them as a refuse dump for hundreds of years.  I can't wait to see the mutations spawned by all that garbage mixing with all that radiation and black oil.

It's like humanity is caught in a feedback loop of stupidity; by continually allowing all the horrendous non-life-affirming things to not just continue; but to fester and grow even worse.  For example, take the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland for example.  Here a couple hundred scientists gather to smash atoms together trying to create a black hole!  This is exactly what has gotten humanity into deep manure time and again: Doing something just because we can!  Nobody ever seems to care about the worst case scenario, just can it be done, and how rich can we get from doing it.  Maybe we should have figured out how to control nuclear fusion before we came to rely on it for so much cheap power; and perhaps we should figure out how to un-make a black hole before we start making them.  Just sayin'.

The increasing frequency of distressing, strange and truly bizarre events unfolding around us all of late should be a warning sign that something, somewhere is about to give; and some are even talking about alien full disclosure, or perhaps an invasion.  What a grand show it would be if the Russians invaded Ukraine just as the Aliens invaded earth, and the ring of fire erupted all around the pacific and the Yellowstone caldera blew it's top, which turned fracking operations into earthquake machines to distribute the damage from coast to coast.  I personally favor this all-in-one scenario because it's most efficient in the long run, therefore less expensive.   Clearly things have become so FUBAR that nothing of value can be salvaged from this dying paradigm we see all around us.  Many of us are aware that something entirely new must be installed if humanity is to survive our rush to idiocy thus far, and yet we also see that the new paradigm, whatever it will be, cannot be built upon or from the rotted foundations of this foundering system.  Gotta take it all the way down to clean, bare earth; and then build anew from there.   Better dreams, better people, is what the world needs now; it's our turn.

The Great Awakening has begun a groundswell of consciousness raising throughout all of humanity, which only grows stronger each day;  just as each day it seems for many to be harder to stay on their spiritual path with so many diversions and roadside attractions everywhere.  It can become difficult to hold your personal vision strong & bright in such times, but remember it was such times that your light was intended to shine in.  We are now out beyond the reach of history, evolving into unknown territory where there are no familiar landmarks by which we might judge our overall spiritual progress.  How close are we, really to raising our vibration to the desired point?  How does one measure, or even know such a thing.  Like everything else in life, the answer to that question resides within each of us.  You can seek all the outside verification you desire, but the answer is within you.  So, How do you know if you're making progress? 

Simple: Each morning when you awake, are you disappointed, or grateful?

May the Source be with You!

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