Saturday, September 3, 2016

2016 Crop Circle Gallery

               Of all the Mysteries of this World, Crop Circles are My Very Best Favorite

I've been following this phenomenon since the 80's never once loosing interest in what they are, who leaves them and why.  This year...I'm not even going to try to make sense of the season we've had.  The season started later and ended earlier than any year in memory; but don't quote me, memory ain't what it once was.  Most seasons some farmers cut the formations out as soon as it shows up; this year a couple farmers set up concessions & refreshments for a modest fee to see (the crop circle) with all proceeds going to local charities.

As usual, I've omitted basic rudimentary designs; and suspected hoaxes, focusing instead on the more interesting and inspiring formations.  You will definitely want to spend some time on the crop circle websites this year, because the few field researchers still doing the work have upgraded to using high resolution camera drones; and there are very cool videos of nearly every formation.  Loading all those videos into a post is more time intensive than I care to deal with this year, so follow the links provided and you'll find a treasure trove of videos...and Enjoy!

May 15 ~ Germany

June 5th

June 16th

June 24th

June 28th

                                  July 8th (Across street from Stonehenge)

              July 14th ~ Flower of Life

July 22nd

July 23rd ~ 3D crop circle England

July 23rd~Germany

July 24th

July 28th

August 3rd

August 4th

Center Detail
August 8th

August 12th

Detail of Center 
Detail of the Glyphs

Historically the crop circle season always ended with the
largest and most impressive formation, usually in early September.
In recent years this has changed; with one or two additional, but less spectacular 
formations appearing in the days following the "Jaw-dropper" best of season circle.
This year many of us suspected the massive formation above might be the finale,
but it was followed with three fairly impressive formations, leading to wondering
if the much anticipated end of season "masterpiece" is yet to be seen??

August 17, 2016

* * * * * * *
August 24

August 27, 2016

~Crop Circle Researchers~

These tireless Researchers/Investigators are doing a massive job
which deserves our support as much as our attention.  Just imagine if they 
could no longer afford the camera drones and other required equipment
to bring us these amazing images & videos.  The days of cameras on poles are
gone forever, and the new equipment sure isn't cheap.  Please support these people.
Subscribe to their sites, purchase their yearbooks & videos, make donations.
They're Doing it for Us!

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~Other Voices~

There's So Much More!


  1. Thank You! They are really beautiful and such a curiosity. It is exactly what I needed to look at tonight. So, what do you think the message or lesson is? The one with the leaves in the center look like there are star signs and a message about Earth healing. Keep up the Good work! much love- Carla

  2. That August 8 one is really curious. It looks like the patterns in the swirls are kind of Van Gogh starry night with a meteor streaking through.

    Could just be my brain connecting similar images. - Carla

  3. You mention hoaxes. Please either show us which are hoaxed.. with evidence, foot trails etc. or stop trying to sow doubt with the non stop BS we also hear from mainstream.. many may be hoaxes.

    1. Anony@5:10AM~
      I do the legwork to put these images together for you,
      I supply you with several links to follow,
      and you expect ME to do your thinking for you too??

      Just how lazy are you??

    2. Thanks for your awesome website, Chautauqua! No complaints here. Everything I am fascinated by, you have up here. I just ordered an Intrinity from Fred a week or so ago. Can't wait to get it.


    3. Thanks for the input, glad you like the 1-stop shopping!
      Indeed, the Intrinities are truly awesome.

  4. I love the brain dead Zombies explanation that Doug and Dave did these with boards and rope. Yes some are man made, but the majority are from a vastly superior intelligence sending messages with humor and great art. I'm listening. There is a free energy machine in there somewhere.

  5. You all realize that the FIRST photo (later identified as the August 12 circle) is the LOGO FOR A BONG COMPANY!! LOL! The company is called "mothership" and is shown on THIS PAGE! Even the "alien" characters around the edge are from ANOTHER Mothership advertisement!

    1. I offer a different and equally valid observation; and that is that "Mothership" actually stole the image pattern from the original artist...who has left his proof in the field. Hell, you can clearly see the copyright date right around the edge!

    2. Yes this crop circle is not just coincidental but definitely sus. It suggests to me using the principle of Occam's Razor that between the two extremes of theory of their causation People with planks in the dead of night or ET's from distant stars or galaxies....their is a more prosaic group of intelligent humans behind this with access to advanced laser and satellite technology, is my current surmise.

  6. Stunning. Thank you for your efforts to bring these images forward so we may all enjoy and ponder them.

    1. Thank you, for "Getting It" ...
      There is a reason these images are presented without any but the most basic speculation or conjecture, such as with the 'Flower of Life' pattern.

      If one wants to argue and such about this, that or the other aspect of the crop circles, use the links provided...this ain't the place for that;

      So enjoy and ponder!

  7. August 12...I keep coming back to it. There is something in those glyphs - a language I want to know! It looks astrological, those 20 symbols.

    (The glassworks place is cool, too )

  8. I call them "Earth Mandala's " , sometimes it's good just to "stop and stare" and just "be "
    Beautiful things need no explanation , they just "are"
    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of that :)