Tuesday, September 13, 2016

4 Trips Around the Sun

Some People Think I Say Inappropriate Things;
I prefer to Think of it as Radical Honesty.


  1. Well Chautauqua, we are certainly in the thick of it now. It is breathtaking what is occurring here. The conscious vs the unconscious. Hold on tight, let it reveal and take great care of yourself. We are held, loved and moved in the heavenly realms. Everything we may have taken to be the structures that define our reality have switched and the sooner we conceive of it the faster this lower reality ceases to manifest.

    1. It's like I keep saying...
      Energy Follows Thought.

      It doesn't have a choice, it's just how we manifest.

      Your thoughts create your reality.
      If your reality sucks,
      Change your thinking and the universe
      will rearrange itself to match your thinking.

      It has no choice, but we do!

    2. Chautauqua, I wonder what you perceive will transpire over the next month or so. Not so much from a political perspective more from a dimensional place.

    3. In the original TV series "Star Trek" there was an episode where the crew was being tested by some advanced race; in an old west gunfight at the OK corral setting. Once it is understood they are in some sort of holographic creation Spock must convince the others that the bullets aren't real and therefore cannot kill them - but if they believe the bullets are real they WILL kill.

      I think this dimensional shift is a little like that.

      We are definitely deep in 4th dimensional time-space; and have been for some time now; and the escalating social violence and chaos is a symptom of that. If we focus upon the negative and violent, if we continue to think in limited 3 dimensional thinking patterns, that is what we will continue to experience. In an effort to keep us in that exact place, those controlling the chaos may even pre-empt the looming election with a declaration of martial law...that is how unhinged things are becoming.

      If we elect to "look away" and instead focus on something a bit more life affirming and positive we are elevating our consciousness to a higher level, if only by a few degrees. It is here in this sort of place where perspective becomes less distorted. The voice of our spirit always whispers to us. It refuses to compete with the din of the world around us, so it forces us to pay attention by whispering. If we wish to know spirit's message we must first block out all the monkey chatter.

      Like the Star Trek hologram of the OK corral, much of what we perceive around us is fabricated, designed specifically to lock us into a 'desired' state of limited awareness. If it is a test of some sort then perhaps it is one of our own design somehow?? I have my pet theories and such of course but at the end of the day they might be just and only that; but of one thing I am certain sure of: This isn't the only show, and not the only "channel." The thing is if you're now tired of this show you are required to tune into something different as a conscious choice. Make the choice. Act upon the choice. Simple as that.

      I'm not sure that any assessment of the next few months would be valid without including political ramifications. I remember just before 9/11, there was a pretty widespread feeling of a very hopeful future. One fateful day changed everyone's thinking. Shock & Awe worked cause nobody I know has had a cheery vision of the future since then!!

      I can smell it from here, "They" are up to something in regards to the election, and it's nasty.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Chautauqua!
    Cheers - a fine single malt scotch for the blogger with kind eyes and long white beard :)

  3. Happy Anniversary Chautauqua.

  4. Thanks for sticking around. Been reading you all along, You are a great storyteller. Only commented a few times though, mostly fuck-u-shima related posts.
    Several times recently I was going to post on your more recent articles (well done) but by the time I would get to the end and all the comments, my words just jumbled in my head.
    I remember when you had that surgery. I think you threw a tissue box at a nurse or something like that too. Laughed good on that one. I also believe a mutual friend of ours had a candle burning for you that managed to burn all night.
    In the past I have gone down your list of movie recommendations and watched what I could on netflix.
    I have been able to see Alaska and live with a wolf thanks to you, through your writing.
    I can recall bits and pieces of many of your writings without going back and reading them again.
    Again, thanks for sticking around and saying the truth in your own words, fuck politically correct.
    And most recently, thank you for turning me on to Jackie Greene. He rocks, I can't listen to him enough!!
    I am not a groupie, cult follower person. Just very appreciative of all you write and how you say it.
    I could make a few comments about recent events but I believe you got it covered.

    With gratitude for all that is sacred,

    1. Tammy~
      Much gratitude for the sentiments you express, it's good to get such feedback, especially nowadays.

      So glad you vibe to Jackie Greene; he's really one of the great ones for sure. Man, did he have the perfect cover song for "recent events" or what?
      I believe he will become the 'Bob Dylan' for current generations.

      Peaceful Blessings

    2. Perfect cover song indeed! A reminder to me to not let my heart get too hard.... Love that he is doing music his way.

      Watched a movie on netflix last night that I have watched previously; CHLOE & THEO... If you haven't seen it, I think you will like it in a sad human species kind of way.

      Been watching whats going on with the Dakota pipeline water protectors and the nasty intrusions of even more big oil/banks. The herbal community I am involved with where I live just set out today to help organize and set up a more permanent medical station for the winter and scheduling herbalists and others to help the locals run the place through the winter. Bringing solar to help heat water for teas and collecting winter gear. Gives me hope to some degree.
      Also same herbal activists have brought attention to our state of the damn fertilizer plant whose radioactive waste (why does a fertilizer plant have radioactive waste) caused a massive sink hole on the bed of lime to which we live to spew into the aquifers here and was all hushed up and of course they say the water is fine.
      I just saw where the Orca infant mortality has reached 100% on the west coast as well. My heart breaks all the way around.


      My apologies and thanks for hearing me


    3. Tammy~
      No apologies needed sister: it's called "express" for a reason ;)

      Yes indeed, "They" are in a full court attack against everything good or natural. Bayer just bought Monsanto which can only be really bad news of the nasty variety, and everywhere holistic/natural healers and health outlets are being banned, attacked and persecuted.

      Meanwhile in continuing violation of several international treaties the destroyed nuclear plant at Fukushima continues to spew radiation into the atmosphere, and highly radioactive "cooling water" into the ocean; unabated by so much as harsh language. The bait fish are dead, and everything else in the marine food chain is dying or dead; and lest we forget, Orcas are Alpha predators, and they are dying out, along with the whales and sea lions and humans. Oh yes, we're next on the list.

      And my friends who do not wish to hear or speak of fukushima cannot seem to understand why so many of our mutual friends now have cancer. When my business partner's wife came down with cancer 2 months ago it really hit them hard to be included in the number of cancers among our circle of friends. It might not have been such a disastrous blow if they had just kept up on the subject along with me...but I won't bne telling them that any time soon, it wouldn't be nice, and I hate being right.

      Tams, I simply cannot grok why the hell our species is so reluctant to look reality in the face and then deal with it. My concern is that those not currently aware, never will be and that those who are aware are just those who are somehow resistant to the programming, chemtrails and mind control. We are dying the death by a thousand cuts here; and the privatization of public water is just one of those daggers~and GMO food-like-products are another.

      Everybody knows what happens when your food & water are controlled by the state. They become weapons of compliance with new policies being trotted out...tightening their control to the line marked 'total'. If ya want to eat or drink, your compliance is mandatory !

      Brave New World

  5. Belated Anniversary Mr Chautauqua,
    I too found your site long ago via funnily enough, a recently ousted liar.
    I found myself reading your articles and resonated with the truths and your perspective, while throwing the other plagiariser with the luke warm toilet paper down the gurgler.
    Here's to sticking in what you believe no matter what the consequence. Bravery does not go unnoticed here in this hologram.
    You will be remembered for what you did.

    1. Hey Patrick, yeah there seems to be a 'full circle' essence to the energy in the wake of those recent events. Seems a good enough time to take a break from the blogosphere; perhaps a long one, and yet the muse whispers "There's so much more"...

      Mom was an English teacher who often told me "always speak the truth, because you don't have to remember what you said." Much of what is of value on my blog is because of her demanding that I respect the language. So a lot of the credit must go to mom.

      Thanks Brother!