Thursday, September 1, 2016

What Lies Beneath?

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Here's my point, Exactly
Jeff Rense wouldn't touch the Zen Gardner pedophile cult story, 
but when it's the Hillary "pizzagate" pedophile cult,
Rense is all over it like a cat on a June bug 
while screaming "Pedophiles" thru the rafters.
Shame on you Jeff, just shame on you!
                                             ~ Chautauqua  Jan. 10, 2017~ 
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  1. <3
    Truth is beneath, above, below and everywhere in between, and if hidden, always comes to light!

    1. Adaline~
      Truth and old tires have something very interesting in common.
      When you bury either one...
      both have a way of working their way back to the light of day;
      It just takes time. The ZG website is down, the domain has been sold.

      Little victories for the little ones.

    2. Nice to know justice does exist somewhere

  2. Like i said from the 1st comment..."one big shit show" why are Jeff and Dave avoiding the topic ? snake oil click and $

    1. Hmmm maybe somebody should dig deep into Jeff & Daves past; since they seem to be protecting pedophiles.

      Icke worked at the BBC the same time Jimmy Savile was there, everybody knew what Jimmy was up to; but Icke pretends he didn't know for 20 years!!

      Lying scum!!

      You sure nailed it, alright!!

  3. well here's my call.. The zg site was down and now back up , as i was telling ya .. i think zen-bullshit is hoping after enough time and the dust settles he will have his ' back story " in place for any one that brings up his sick past annnnnnnd he will have a whole new group of weak minded suckers to keep his click bate flowing ..or his so to rig a new site up under a new name uses his Jeff and Dave pals to promote it .

    1. I think you are right, and here's why...
      He needs the income cause he has no other marketable skills
      So of course he is gonna re-invent his site and go for the gusto.

      Watch the documentary on netflix called "Holy Hell" about another fake guru like dirty donnie. Every time it got too hot for him he changed his name and moved his cult to another country. It's what "They" do because they're narcissists and cannot live without the adoration of their devoted followers. Dirty donnie is so mfull of himesel he is even holding onto the 'zengardner' name. That will prove to be a huge mistake, but his enormous overfed ego cannot see that just yet...but he will.

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