Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lull before the Storm

A few years ago, in the final months of the Bush presidency; some friends and I were discussing the perils and dangers humanity was facing.  Someone made the comment that if the psychopaths continued to rule, before long we’d all be sitting around campfires telling stories about how nice electricity used to be.

 Even a casual look thru the headlines on a single news website this week, is enough to give us all a moment of pause, and wonder just how close to that prediction we might actually be.

It’s bad enough that we have all this saber rattling about eminent war on Iran; I can’t possibly be the only one who remembers the last time this happened and how well that all turned out. Then factor in that congress and the senate have all adjourned and left town until after the election.  This mass departure is fairly normal, except this year they’re doing it much earlier than usual.  Maybe that’s why it seems so much like rats deserting a sinking ship.(1)

Factor in stories of many military vehicles being ferried towards D.C, (2) and Police departments being told to expect civil unrest in October, (3) and truckloads of FEMA coffins seen on the highways, (4) … the words “Martial Law” come to mind. 

Then of course is the unfolding revolt in Spain, (5) which could turn out to be very pivotal.  Workers are also demonstrating & protesting in China this week, which might affect more than our ability to get that new iphone.  

Now to be sure, we've all seen this kind of stuff many times before, which of course has the effect of always keeping the populace just a little uneasy, and perhaps even a bit uncaring, in the greater scheme of things.  Yet beyond their reliance upon the problem, reaction, solution paradigm, there is still something off-putting about these particular stories, and the period of time we’re entering.

Not only are we coming up to yet another predetermined selection of our next president, we’re also coming up on the controversial end of the Mayan calendar/2012 scenario. Now, my thinking says that even if there is absolutely nothing to this whole Mayan/2012 prophesy thing; there has now been more than enough coverage of it for the powers that be to seek to exploit in ways that aid their agenda and the covering of their tracks. 

So I’ve had this kind of “Lull before the Storm” feeling this whole week, like that at any time the shoe might drop as the next horrific thing unfolds, ripping great holes in the fabric of our consensus reality.  Wondering if it will be the final injustice to humanity that finally sparks to life, the humanity within all of us, everywhere, no human being excluded.  That’s a lot to expect, I know, and yet I shall persist in holding that vision because to do so is to create that reality.  

                                                             Give it a try.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Surfing the Kali Yuga

I was waiting for my ride out in front of the San Francisco VA hospital a few weeks ago, passing the time by indulging in my lifelong hobby of people watching. I was perched atop the cement retaining wall taking in the warm sunlight when I first caught sight of him just stepping off the bus, and heading my way.  He was old, and slowly ambled along hunched over behind a walker.  At first glance he seemed no different than the scores of other wounded warriors seen at any VA hospital; but there was something different about him, something demanding a closer look to discover.

His weathered round face looked like a roadmap, framed with silver grey hair.  As he neared I could see he was wearing the kind of black baseball cap favored by a great many veterans, the kind with the emblem of their duty station on the crest.  He was just close enough now that I could read the emblem on his hat, and my skin rippled with goose bumps as I read: USS Indianapolis CA-35. (1) A ship made famous by a scene from the movie Jaws; it was perhaps the most inspiring, and terrifying survival at sea saga of modern times.  And this guy survived it…and everything after right up to this very day, and here he was sharing a sidewalk with me!   As this old warrior approached, some dormant reflex of respect automatically took over my body and I slid down off the wall as he made his way up to me.  Our eyes met briefly, and what I saw will stay with me for a very long time.

In this broken old mans eyes I saw that peaceful spark of conscious awareness.  Like he had taken everything life had thrown at him, and was still here, doing his thing in spite of it all.  He nodded slightly as we broke eye contact, and as he passed, my eye was drawn to the adjusting strap on the back of the hat; which simply read, Survivor.  As I watched him amble his way on down the sidewalk; that still small voice in my head remarked that there were at least a couple of good lessons to be integrated here.

So here we are in the final years of the Age the Hindu called the Kali Yuga, a time defined by increasing chaos, flux, and change.  As old unsustainable paradigms and systems continue to falter and flounder; we may all come to feel our ship has sunk in shark infested waters…and nobody is coming to help.  Life never seemed to be quite as complicated as it is these days.  Beyond the hazards and pitfalls of mundane everyday life there is a growing list of things we must avoid at all costs, for the sake of both our health and sanity. So, how to navigate our way through this gauntlet of adverse times?

  A good start might be to take the advice of Socrates, “Know Thyself”.

There are of course any number of ways to go about preparing yourself for turbulent times, what I am suggesting here are some basic concepts that many schools of thought integrate into their teachings, primarily the human energy system.  In future posts I will cover the human energy system in detail, but for now we are just primarily concerned with the heart charka. Being ‘centrally located,’ so to speak, the heart charka tends to export its current energetic state to the throat charka above, and the solar plexus below.  The heart charka is the center of unconditional love, every level and aspect of love resides somewhere within it.  Below it is the solar plexus which is the feminine or Yin energy center covering the full range of human emotion.  Above the heart charka is the throat charka, a masculine, Yang energy center covering the full range of human expression.  The point here is that a healthy, well balanced heart charka will quite naturally impart those same qualities to the charkas nearest to it.

 My suggestion would then be to add a bit more focus on the heart charka during whatever discipline or spiritual practice you are already doing.  There are no dogmas, no single path or technique, only intent.  By working with and knowing your own heart, and what it shows you about yourself, you become stronger, and more confident.  With a little effort and a little maintenance the heart charka will bestow clarity and balance to your emotions and how you express yourself.  A most valuable asset whether the world goes to shit or not!  So, as in real life, the first rule of surfing the Kali Yuga is Balance.

Next comes attitude; this simply cannot be stressed enough, attitude is everything.  In a time when our very minds are under assault by those who seek to enslave us, and break our spirit; (2) our attitude can easily determine our destiny.  We need to have the right kind of attitude about both ourselves, and the nebulous uncertain future we are moving into.

I believe that when we argue in favor of a limitation, we make it ours.
If you really want to know yourself better I suggest weaning yourself off the TV and other weapons of mass distraction, as they are heavily invested in subduing and programming your mind, and sovereign soul.

If you take the time you’d normally devote to such devices and spend it instead doing any life affirming activity of your choice, you might be pleasantly surprised at who you find waiting there for you.  Many of us may soon be facing challenges we never thought about dealing with.  When this happens, whether on a global or personal scale, going into it with a strong positive attitude just might be the edge that helps see you through it. 

Our minds are the surfboards we’ll use to ride the waves of the Kali Yuga.  Like the surfers board, our minds need to be in top condition for top results.  Just like the regular maintenance we do on our computers to keep them operating at optimum levels; our minds too need regular maintenance and monitoring to flush out errant thoughts, ideas and beliefs which do not serve us in any good way.  For some time now subliminal messaging has been used in a holistic way to assist with a number of personal issues. (3) Unfortunately, subliminal messages and programming are also capable of embedding thoughts and ideas into our heads which may not be our own. (4)  When we cut off the signal for a while, things can have a chance to sort out, and foreign thoughts which may not be our own begin to stand out more, if we are looking for them.  We should be the only ones programming our minds, as ‘system administrators’ we need to remember to not believe everything we think!

Just as rocks, shoals and other hazards exist for those surfing the ocean shore; there are many hidden and unseen dangers awaiting us in the “undiscovered country” we call the future.  We must train ourselves to be quick to recognize dangers ahead, and agile enough to avoid them, or go through them.  Just as many are now seeing the benefit of “prepping” for anticipated future chaos, by stocking shelters with provisions; we must not neglect to also prepare our spiritual and energetic selves for the same.  Be flexible, be adaptable, be resilient, and most of all keep your balance.
The next important aspect to surfing the Kali Yuga is timing, more than ever before, it can be ‘everything’ in these uncertain days.  Many people have taken the basic precaution of packing a “Go Bag” with provisions for making it thru an emergency, and having it in the trunk of their car.  This is a great first step.  Better still is having someplace in mind to go to if staying in a big city becomes unsafe or untenable.  For those who have or know of such places the over-riding question becomes precisely when do you “bug out” for safer shelter?  I don’t believe in such a thing as going too soon, since we are already seeing ominous dark clouds on the horizon. Already we’re seeing the signs of diminishing returns nearly everywhere we look.   The sooner you can detach yourself from the grid, the more time you will have to acclimate to new surroundings and lifestyle.  The more time you will have to prepare yourself spiritually and energetically, the better.  The one thing you don’t want to do is waiting too long to make whatever moves you’re planning.  Doing so could place you in a picture similar to this one from the evacuation during Hurricane Rita (5) following on the heels of Katrina, in 2005.

It is always better to have a plan of some kind when dealing with such contingencies, however it also seems true that the more complex and detailed your plan, the greater the possibility of something happening that you never accounted for.  The fact of the matter is that very few of us have the contacts and resources necessary to allow for every single possible threat we may face during this shift of the ages.  We have to do the best we can with what we have to best provide for ourselves and loved ones.  As we have seen in the wake of Katrina, and other disasters natural and man made, we really cannot count on the government or any of its agencies to ride into the rescue.  For further confirmation we need only examine what transpired during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. (6)

When the fertilizer hits the ventilator we are all going to be on our own to deal with radically shifting realities.  The more dependent we are upon the collapsing system and its eroding infrastructure, (7) the more difficult our surfing, and survival will become. 

 With balance, attitude, maintenance and, timing we can become much more self sufficient and self confident as those dark clouds on the horizon loom larger and closer.  Perhaps the most valuable lesson in all this is the one I saw in the old mans eyes that day at the VA hospital.  He just never gave up, no matter what, and that I believe, is the master key to surfing the Kali Yuga. 

Never give up because tomorrow is another day,
                                         and you never know what the tide will bring you”                                                                                                    ~ Chuck Noland, “Cast Away.”

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Homegrown Drones

In a darkened underground room 35 miles Northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada US airmen are controlling the unmanned drones which might be looking at you this very moment.  Creech AFB, (formerly known as Indian Springs), is but one of 63 such UAV command centers across America today.  Now not all of these are military; with increasing & alarming frequency such sites are run by your local & state police, as well as Darpa, homeland security and the usual alphabet soup of domestic security agencies.  As if the patriot acts, echelon & carnivore, and more surveillance cameras every day weren’t enough for them, now our government is spying on our every move with armed combat drones. 

Does this seem right to you?  Just exactly how is this O.K.??

Stationed at Creech AFB; homeland security and the US border patrol operate drones of various designs to monitor activity in the land of the free, beginning with the massive Global Hawk which can loiter on station for days, recording and transmitting its data to multiple agencies, as needed.  There is some speculation that a global hawk was what hit the pentagon eleven years ago.  The original predator combat drones proved to have a few serious limitations, which of course begat the next variant, the MQ-9 Reaper drone, which is now the workhorse of the UAV fleet. 

There wasn’t an awful lot of protest here at home when these drones were only being used overseas to persecute ‘the war on terror,’ killing scores of innocent human beings in the process.  With the help of a compliant media our government had little trouble touting the myriad benefits to using these unmanned killing machines, and our slumbering population barely raised a whisper in protest when it was announced a few years ago that homeland security would be using drones to protect our borders from terrorists.

Under the umbrella of our compliant silence, the psychopaths in power very quietly moved their drone agenda into high gear.  Last February congress passed H.R.-658 under the name FAA modernization & reform act, perhaps better known as the Skynet surveillance enabling act of 2012.  This 60+ billion dollar program gave the funding and green light to having some 30,000 drones authorized for use in American skies.  

       Take a minute; let that sink in…thirty thousand drones.   

Why?  Might this in some way be connected to the ludicrous amount of ammunition DHS has recently ordered, again, for domestic use? Will these drones be used as air cover for the IED proof armored assault buggies recently seen in several parts of the country?

Almost overnight it seems, second and third generation drones like the military grade yet street legal Honeywell T-hawk were being deployed by domestic police and federal agencies.  Naturally, at first we were told such drones would only be used to fight crime and evildoers on our home soil, and because we wanted to, we believed or ignored the lie, again.  They allowed us to sit with the new status quo for a little while before ever so casually announcing that it was now going to be necessary to arm these drones with rockets & missiles, you know, because of the terrorists everywhere.

Nowadays these domestic drones are coming in smaller sizes, with hovering and tracking capability.  The ShadowHawk is a little thing not much larger than a basketball which can silently hover over a neighborhood, or a single residence, with high resolution cameras, microphones and who knows what else?  And not all these new drones can fly; there is a whole sub-species of unmanned drones designed to enter buildings and kill people.  Such things were just fine and dandy in Iraq and Afghanistan…not so much when it’s us they’re spying on. With the ever widening definition of who is a terrorist, I think we all have a great deal to be concerned about with this issue.

Yet even with this, the powers that be were not satisfied (they never are!) and began the next phase of the domestic drone program; mini-drones, and micro-drones.  These newest generations of drones are so incredibly sophisticated, and small you’d think they were right out of a science fiction movie.  When it comes to homegrown drones the rule of thumb is the smaller, the scarier!  They now have a fully operational “mosquito drone” capable of actually injecting whatever they wish into a person.  

George Orwell must be break dancing in his grave!

On the one hand this would all seem to be just more big brother mentality from the police state, seeking greater and greater control over all of us.  It is, after all, what they do. 

These last few years it indeed seems “they” are trying to become Darth Vader, or some equally frightening specter of death.  There is a reason for that, and it’s the exact same reason they feel they need 30 thousand drones; they fear us.  If their lock on everything was air tight there would be no reason for drones overhead or storm troopers on our streets.  They fear us!   

                                 Take another minute, let that soak in too.

Their world is dying just as certainly as did the dinosaurs from which they built their empires.  The signs of this are everywhere for those who have eyes that see and ears that hear, and it’s becoming more and more evident with each passing week.  I believe it was George H.W. Bush who once said something to the effect that if we ever caught on to them, they would be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.  They fear us all coming aware at once, they fear what we might do to them.  For those who profit by the selling of fear are not exempt of its influence, no matter how rich, no matter what bloodline.

The drones are just another symptom of what the Hopi call Koyaanisqatsi, or “Life out of balance.”  Just one more thing on a long list of things we should have never allowed to see the light of day, things we turned a blind eye to, thus giving our collective tacit approval. The drones remind me of another Hopi word, Naqoyqatsi meaning “Life as War.”  I just can’t help wondering where we’re going to draw the line, and when.

Anyway, that’s my rant on drones, at least until my cat catches one and brings the trophy home.

A much better one is this video, “Murder by Joystick” by Zen Gardner and Snordelhans.

 ~Until Next time - Be Good to Each Other~


Monday, September 17, 2012

The Mayan Countdown

It won’t be long now.  Just over 90 days until the end of the Mayan calendar arrives.  Normally such well publicized “apocalyptic” dates come and go without much serious notice from me.  My friends all warned me not to buy a ten thousand dollar computer software program in 1999, but I did; just wasn’t too worried about Y2K, and was, by that time, immune to the media hype which always swarms around such events.

It’s different this time

The Mayans were all about TIME, hence the infamous calendar getting so much press lately.  I began studying the Mayan calendar some 15 years or so ago, by reading the works of Jose Arguelles, especially a book called “The Mayan Factor”.  Over the years Arguelles and other Mayan experts have added greatly to our understanding of this lost culture.  The one thing I brought away from these studies was that all the chaos and destruction were side effects, and not the whole deal…which is all about the evolution of humankind from childhood to adolescence…not the end of mankind, but rather the end of doing all the wrong things for the wrong reasons; the end of greed! A new great Age.

 The calendar speaks to the ending of one cosmic era, and the beginning of the next, and all the changes, including earth changes that will result from it.  This era change has been going on for some decades now, with the last 25 years seeing most of the eye-popping stuff, a time known as “The Quickening”.  Now the lamestream media knows one thing better than anything else, and that is how to sell fear…and the 2012 Mayan Calendar is like Christmas to them.  As is their style, they will milk it for all it’s worth, and then some.  What they won’t tell you however are two things.  First that it isn’t at all about the end of everything…and second; the year 2012 is the year the calendar ends, not us.  The year 2012 was marked as the time when all these changes that have been happening for decades would culminate, not begin.

So, the calendar is all about the evolution of mankind, a time when humanities spiritual vibration hits critical mass, and we are on our way to the next step, the next phase of our evolution as a species.  The problem is that the psychopaths in power have spent the last 25 years or so tirelessly coming up with various nasty ways to “arrest” humanities collective vibration, preventing us from reaching that threshold of evolution; and keeping us as their economic slaves on a prison planet.  Chemtrails, GWEN towers, HAARP, and at least a dozen other DARPA programs all designed for that one goal.  (Then came the news that DARPA wanted to assimilate Google.) 

If you only look with attention span of the average news cycle, you naturally will come to the conclusion that yes the world is about to end.  (Isn’t it always?) Only when we look with new eyes, taking in the broad landscape of time, do we see all this escalating chaos in proper perspective.  You’re gonna need that to deal with what all this chaos is leading up to.  An entire paradigm is collapsing under the weight of its own corruption, and unfortunately most of us are more dependent than we like upon its decaying infrastructure.  The trick, I suppose, if there is one ~ is thru awareness; don’t be there when the heavy stuff comes down. 

The Mayans were onto something

The Mayans were obsessed with time.  They charted the heavens for countless generations to arrive at mathematical solutions as accurate as any modern technology. They knew what they were doing.  Being able to accurately predict the current state of the human condition wasn’t really so difficult when you understand as they did, that such chaos, violence and upheaval always occurs at the end of every long count, like clockwork. Cycles and patterns: Creation ~ Chaos ~ Renewal.

It’s quite likely that they also knew something else that we have only recently come to realize. Five times in the last 500 million years one catastrophic event or another has wiped out the dominant species on Earth.  Like a cosmic shuffling of the deck, to give other life forms a shot at the big chair.   Roughly every 100 million years or so, the Earth is hit with some form of extinction level event.  The most recent of which conveniently wiped out the dinosaurs, leaving the way clear for us mammals to get a foothold, then a stranglehold on this planet.

That was 65 million years ago

The first five of these great extinctions were all naturally occurring events.  There is mounting evidence and concern that the sixth extinction will be manmade, and thus could manifest any time after the tipping point is reached.  (Does anyone have a tipping point app for their iphone?)   The thing is, and this is key…”It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”, and as we learned in ‘Jurassic Park’, Nature will find a way….a way to facilitate humanities spiritual evolution despite all that is being done to stop it. 

Enter Fukushima!

The accumulated radiation and fallout from that still erupting nuclear volcano is going to have its worst & longest lasting effects on our children, and their children, and their grand children many times over. There will be cancers, leukemia, and God only knows what other insidious diseases in near epidemic numbers as the years go by.  There will also be birth defects, deformities, and genetic mutations. Infinite diversity with infinite complexity.   Then there is the impact on the global food chain to consider after the untold millions upon millions of gallons of radioactive waste water being dumped directly into the Pacific Ocean for 18 months now. 

Consider what the future of Japan will look like as the health care costs start piling up and the cost of caring for the deformed, mutated children further burdens an already crippled national economy.  It is an economy which can no longer feed itself from the sea, nor export radioactive goods and products.

Now, extrapolate these effects to the rest of the world, because what melts down in Japan doesn’t stay in Japan.  The computer models for the global distribution of just the airborne radiation are frightening…which is precisely why they are always scrubbed from the net, sometimes within minutes, (no doubt by DARPA and Google.)  I doubt if we’re going to see a real life “Godzilla” as Fukushima radiation permeates the ecosystem we live in, but I’d give good odds that “Nature will find a way…” and somewhere, sometime, the cosmic dice are gonna hit, allowing humanities DNA to adapt, overcome, and evolve ~ Maybe.

So here we are 90 some days out from the end of the mysterious Mayan calendar, and the end of The great Age of Pisces ~ the time referred to by the Hindu as the Kali Yuga, Translated as “The Age of the Demon” & “The Age of Vice.” 

Personally that sounds pretty good to me, the end of demons and vice at precisely the point where all the really cool things associated with the Age of Aquarius are supposed to begin.  This is the show I signed up for, and I managed to get a really good seat.  What is about to happen is epic in the original sense of the word.  All these powerful forces of the universe showing up on the same stage at the same time.  Yeah I know, its gonna get noisy, some fights will break out, and there’ll be a hell of a mess afterward; but things are going to work out alright.  You may ask “How do I know that?” Well …Nostradamus said so!

Till next time ~ Be Good to Each Other

Friday, September 14, 2012

Aquarius Rising: Crossroads in Time

The Earth and all life upon it is a product of Resonance Vibration.  It is a Resonance Vibration that is increasing in dramatic fashion, as “The Great Shift of the Ages unfolds around us.  We currently find ourselves in a state of accelerated growth & learning, which forces us to adapt on the fly as massive changes sweep into our lives, and across our planet. 

We see the effects of this in the world around us.  Nations, politics, Institutions and traditions are all changing, Society is changing: and not always smoothly or peacefully.  We, as individuals, are also changing; on multiple levels…all at once it seems.  As we attempt to understand the changes in our lives, and the effects they are having upon us; the larger scale global changes serve to add a nebulous sense of doubt, confusion and urgency. 

Everything is connected on the great medicine wheel of life.

To better understand, and Exploit the energies sweeping into our lives at this time in history, it is necessary to understand exactly what is happening to the Planet.

Just what is this “Great shift of the Ages all about?

Well, it’s all about opportunity and choice.  We now have the opportunity to manifest whatever we will into our lives, with our imaginations being our one true limitation.  We must now choose, as individuals, and as a species, to step beyond what has been, and to create what will be.

To better understand the stage upon which all this is being played out we must look first to the science of Astrology, which in basic form, is the study of cycles, and the relationships between the cosmic and individual cycles.  Astrology offers us both a history of humanity’s evolution, and a roadmap of where this evolution is taking us. 

For this we look to what is known as The Great Year: the span of approximately 25, 935 years it takes the Planet Earth to travel through all of the constellations of the sidereal zodiac.  Since this represents the Sun’s passage through the zodiac (moving backwards) it is considered as the Great Year, where the Sun’s position in a constellation represents the Great Month, often referred to as an ‘Age’, lasting roughly 2,150 years.

Because the Earth is not a perfect sphere; and because of the Moons gravitational pull, it must make a wobbling motion to maintain its position in space.  Due to this effect, known as Precession, The Earth “looses” or regresses approximately 50 seconds of arc on its yearly sojourn through the zodiac

 So, The Earth comes up short of its point of departure at the end of every 365 ¼ days.
Its point of return is actually almost one minute of arc earlier.    It is this constant regression of the interception point, or the Spring Equinox, which causes the changes in the Great Month, and the World Ages.

In natal astrology, the demarcation line between each sign is known as the cusp. That narrow zone where one sign ends and the next one begins; where the energies and attributes of the two signs blend and meld together.

Earth is currently transiting such a cusp, between the Great Month of Pisces, and the Great Month of Aquarius; hence, The Great Shift of the Ages…. From the age of Pisces, to the Age of Aquarius.  Unlike Natal Astrology, where a cusp is transited in a matter of a few minutes: It takes as much as one hundred fifty years to fully transit from one Great Month to the next in the larger cosmic cycle. 

The acceleration of The Quickening is but one indication that Earth is nearing the end of this transition period.  Common consensus, from Nostradamus to the Aztec, Anasazi, and Mayans holds that the transition into Aquarius will be complete and total in this current year, 2012. 

We begin to see the true significance and impact of humanity’s evolutionary process when we realize that riding the cusp of the ages isn’t all that is going on right now. The Great Month of Aries, just before the now ending Great Month of Pisces, belonged to the previous Great Year!   With the onset of the Piscean Age, some 2,149 years ago, humanity began a whole new phase in its collective evolution!

So we see that we are not just transiting between two great months, but that they indeed are the first two ages of a new Great Year; The beginning of a new evolutionary cycle.

Still, there is something more going on which makes this a critical time for humanity.  There is yet another evolutionary cycle overlapping the Great shift of the Ages, and it too, is unfolding right now, at this very moment.  Simultaneously with the shift of the ages, the Earth is progressing out of Third dimensional density resonance vibration, and into Fourth dimension density resonance vibration.  What this means in a nutshell is that Earth’s resonance frequency is increasing to a less dense and more spiritual vibration in the space-time continuum. 

It also means that recess is over.

Until now we’ve had the luxury of putting off those lessons we chose not to undertake, both as a species, and as individuals.  We have now arrived at the point where childhood ends and adolescence begins.  Just as the child eventually must outgrow childish ways and selfish preoccupation, humanity now must accept greater spiritual responsibility and discipline.  As third dimensional reality gives way to the ever-increasing emergence of fourth dimensional resonance vibration, we find ourselves at a crossroads in time.

 We watch the world change around us, from what has been into what is becoming. In the past, major life lessons sauntered in every so often like lone vagabonds: Nowadays they are showing up regularly, in surly groups.  We feel an increasing restlessness that is nothing short of a spiritual imperative.  There is the sense that those things, people, and institutions that cannot or will not keep pace with the changes by adapting to the higher, more refined frequency vibration; just might not get to complete the journey! Think for a moment of the wondrous opportunity we have before us right now: To be able to shift from third; to fourth Dimensional Consciousness,   in the same lifetime!  This has never before happened in the history of humanity; and brings in the law of forced change; represented in the Tarot by the Tower Card. 

In the book of the Tarot, the 22 major arcana cards represent universal archetypes, which function as a kind of subconscious language for humanity.  The 16th card is the Tower, which symbolizes the spiritual law of purification.  It is nothing less than a revolutionary cleansing on all levels of our being.  It is the purging of our impurities and the burning up of our dark aspects…and it is exactly what so many are now doing, consciously or otherwise.  The imagery on the card shows a lightning struck burning tower, with a human figure jumping to earth from the top.  The symbolism whispers to us that we must choose to jump into fiery transmutation, rather than cling to the eroding walls of tradition.  What this means to us in our current reality is simple.  We must choose to evolve into fourth dimensional reality along with mother Earth, or else be phased out when the third dimensional paradigm matrix no longer exists to support us.

The time is not near.  The time is Now!

So, you may be wondering, just how does one go about this personal transformation?      Well, it’s simple really, and must begin with a brief review of some metaphysical precepts we have learned over the last 30 years or so.  The reason for this will become apparent when you realize that much of what most folks take for granted about their existence, is in fact, backwards. For instance: we’ve learned the Soul has a body, not the other way around and that body serves the mind, not vice versa. We’ve learned our waking world is just an illusion, but that our dreams are doorways to the real.  We’ve also learned that the reality we perceive is created by our thoughts and intent … and that we have the power to design our own destiny accordingly.   So, do not think it too awfully strange when I tell you that your auric field creates and maintains the physical human body, NOT vice versa!

We are NOT human beings having a spiritual experience…
We are spiritual beings, having a human experience!
Everything is energy, and energy follows thought!

It is through our aura & 12-chakra centers, that we are able to exist on this planet, and to manifest our thoughts and choices into physical reality.  If our choice is then to raise our vibration to keep pace with the evolution of humanity, it must be through the accurate understanding and proper use of this human energy system.  Our aura and charka system is the very foundation upon which our spiritual and physical existence is built, and maintained.  Unfortunately it is also one of the least understood and most neglected aspects of our collective spiritual development.  To heal the physical we must first treat the etheric, because all disease and discordant frequency vibration begins first in the human energy system before it manifests in the physical.  Therefore when we embrace a spiritual practice which returns the aura & charkas to “manufacturers’ specifications” the physical body reflects such attunements as healing.  It has to, it has no choice, but you do!

As I said before, we’re living in a time of great opportunity.  Just one of the many benefits of the quickening is our enhanced ability to program and direct our thoughts into physical manifestation... even by accident!   A more troublesome effect of the quickening is that it greatly amplifies whatever our basic energy and tendencies are, making them much stronger and more pronounced.  This explains why such things as greed, violence, intolerance and negativity are doing such a land office business nowadays. 

Humanity IS evolving. I believe that most of us now incarnated on the planet are each in our own way, a spiritual master. I simply cannot endorse the notion, that at such a critical point in our history on this planet, the God force would entrust the stewardship of Earth to any lesser group of beings...Too much is at stake

“We must dream the future,
because only the dreamers can change the dream.”

As the Piscean Age slowly withers away beneath the ever brighter rays of the Aquarian dawn, we are at the crossroads of time, on the cusp of all things new…with the knowledge and tools to create all we might imagine.  If we can know courage amid the darkness and tolerance amid the ignorance; if we can teach Love in the face of hate and learn faith in the face of doubt…then, by example we can show the way, and help lead the tribe of man homeward.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lobster Tales: The Boiling of America

I remember as a young kid how on Saturday mornings I’d be there in front of the big black and white console TV, just before they began their broadcast day. 

 The static became a test pattern with an Indian chief in the center of a crude compass rose.  Then, I would stand, hand over heart as they played the national anthem and showed “Old Glory” flying proudly beneath clear blue skies.  A military General was our president, but nobody much questioned that because, well, the government said it was a good thing.  Just as we were given enemies to hate as if served up on a plate, we were also given our patriotism, and to question such things was just not patriotic.

I remember when the weekend cartoons were over I was back in the classroom at school where they drilled us on how to survive nuclear explosions by hiding under our desks and covering our heads with our arms.  They also taught us to think, act and fear alike. We learned to conform, work hard (for someone else) and to not ask uncomfortable questions.  Most of all we learned to not question authority with such mantras as…“My country, right or wrong” and “You can’t fight city hall.”   And of course, perhaps the most obvious example: “to get along, go along.”  That was over half a century ago, and I was one of those on whom the programming never worked.

I remember waking up in the dream and seeing all the sleeping dreamers around me going thru their lives by rote; hypnotized, complacent and happy to settle for what they had.  Happy to stay within the boundaries set for them by the nameless ones in the smoke filled rooms.  One of the gifts I was born with has to do with the ability to see cycles and patterns in the world, and for most of my life I have focused this gift on information, and society.  As far back as I can recall I have compiled databases of information on a variety of diverse subjects.   Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings gave way to years of magazines, books and photos; before the age of the computer, and digital video.  I am an Auger…I dig for information, seeking not only knowledge, but primarily truth.  This is who I am, and this is what I see.

I remember when others immune to the programming rebelled and the counterculture of the Sixties emerged.  Under the mantra of “All you need is Love” the movement began.  Fueled by free love, Pot and LSD the national anthem had been replaced with “Aquarius” for millions of disaffected and disenfranchised youth.  The common dream was an alternative to a world of war and death.  It was enough to qualify the entire movement as a direct threat to the establishment, and their great shining lie.  No alternative way of life to be tolerated. I watched the great lie defend itself by killing not only the Kennedy’s, and Martin Luther King, but also those kids at Kent State, and Jacksonville, Malcolm-X and the kids they tossed into the meat-grinder called Vietnam.

I remember how every peace march was met with violence as the awake and outraged filled the streets in protest over the war.  They were marginalized and ignored, and the war went on, as always.  Those conscripts who survived the meat-grinder were also marginalized and ignored; by society, and by the government that sent them there.  Everywhere you looked was the overbearing influence of government extending its endless tentacles deeper and deeper into every possible place; accompanied always by corporations of endless greed and power. 

I remember when they passed laws against telling the truth.

I remember when they forbade God in schools.

I remember the foreign policy that installed and supported dictators.

I remember watching as every good and true thing was suppressed, denied, ridiculed and perverted by the exact same Military-Industrial Complex that old general/president tried to warn us about in his farewell speech, and I recall wondering why he waited so long to issue the warning, just who was this warrior-president afraid of?   

I remember when they made it a crime to discipline your own children; and when the establishment assumed ownership of your offspring.  When they passed laws saying what a child could read, and learn and what was forbidden.

        Nobody seemed to notice ~ Nobody seemed to care ~ Business as usual.

I remember watching as inflation, soaring prices, and taxes – along with a hundred other insidious pernicious factors began splintering families with the twin sledgehammers of poverty and injustice.  Suddenly a tsunami of homelessness swept over America bringing a whole new set of issues and problems with it.  

Food stamps were created to help feed the needy…but just until the next allotment.  Gradually the ranks of the middle class shrank as the ranks of the impoverished lower class swelled.  It was almost as if all they were allowed to do was eat and breed. 

Meanwhile the upper class became wealthier and more powerful.  With so many so preoccupied with staying out of the lower class the military-industrial complex continued it assault upon the Earth, seemingly obsessed with owning  and extracting everything of value…and again, any voices of protest were dealt with in the usual manner, and marginalized.  

Year after year the corptocracy grew greedier, and deadlier, always behind a smokescreen of deceit, lies and disinformation.   By now it was clear their goal was simple; Complete control of everything, and everyone, and each day, and law that passed brought them closer to attaining that goal.

I remember well when the final phase began, the culminating grab for totalitarian control and dominance, it was when they began spraying chemicals and poisons in the sky, right over our heads, in plain view of everyone.  It was 1997 when I saw my first chemtrails, forming a giant cross-hatched tic-tac-toe pattern in the sky above Kenai Alaska.  In a year or so it became obvious this was being done on a planetary scale over every country. What worries me more than the toxins being pumped into the ecosystem, is the totality of the silence on the subject across the spectrum of officialdom.  Not even one local weatherman or elected official will say a word, no one: just those of us who have to breathe it. 

    I remember when they quietly began introducing genetically modified foods.

I remember when they began closing and/or restricting many national parklands.

I remember when they began systematically destroying wetlands, & whole forests.

    I remember when they began privatizing ownership of public water supplies…
             (and now collecting rainwater is against the law in many States)

I remember when our roads and power grid were in good shape, before they were left to rot by owners too greedy to spend money on up-keep, and up-grades. 

Nobody seems to notice ~ Nobody seems to care.

They don’t want to know, because then they would have to act, to do something to try to change it back, to save themselves.  I wonder why that is, selective breeding?

Or, perhaps the mass brainwashing has worked its magic on the population, with the chemtrails, and poisoned food an added assurance of urban pacification, along with the microwave burst transmitters and other sonic – electromagnetic weapons used in every major American city.

           I remember how the pieces fell together on September 11, 2001

Instantly I understood what all the various urban pacification programs were for; so that we, the people would be to sick, lethargic, apathetic, and fearful to rise up in a spontaneous revolt.  So we would not question or confront the illegal occupant of the white house as he and his henchmen lied us into a pair of grisly quagmire wars with the goals being that of destroying the armed forces and national guard of America while stealing the oil we covet.

I remember how the rules of the game forever changed on that infamous day.  No longer did “they” even attempt to conceal their actions or motives, those days were over.  Suddenly the coin of the realm became overt force, lies and intimidation.  By this time the American Government existed only in school books, having been replaced by criminals and corporations…who very quickly began destroying the constitution and replacing it with a police state dictatorship.  Nobody seems to notice or care anymore.  They are too poisoned and fearful.  Perfect slaves.

I remember thinking in 2004 that these fanatics couldn’t possibly fix that election too, but they did, and the one after that in the 2008.  It matters not what “party” someone claims to be in, it has been the same party for a very long time, putting on just enough street theater and tinsel to keep the unwitting slaves thinking they are free….that’s why the TV is right there in every house, to let you know what to think, and who to “vote” for.  TV Pumps that fear and loathing into your brain non stop, 24 hours a day, every day. 

It’s clear to see that what’s being perpetrated here is a methodical and intentional Death by a Thousand cuts, the gradual, long-term attrition of America from a once powerful Nation to the status of a third world country”.  

Perhaps a more accurate analogy is that of cooking lobster.  If you toss the lobster into a pot of boiling water he will resist, freak out and attempt to escape, rather vigorously.  However, if you place the lobster into a pot of cool water, then gradually raise the temperature to boiling; he will happily cook to a turn without so much as a whimper.  

Have you checked the water temperature lately?

I suppose that somewhere on Saturday mornings, young children across the land stand for the national anthem, hands over hearts, feeling fortunate to live in such a wonderful country. 

Till next time ~ Be Good to Each Other