Saturday, September 22, 2012

Surfing the Kali Yuga

I was waiting for my ride out in front of the San Francisco VA hospital a few weeks ago, passing the time by indulging in my lifelong hobby of people watching. I was perched atop the cement retaining wall taking in the warm sunlight when I first caught sight of him just stepping off the bus, and heading my way.  He was old, and slowly ambled along hunched over behind a walker.  At first glance he seemed no different than the scores of other wounded warriors seen at any VA hospital; but there was something different about him, something demanding a closer look to discover.

His weathered round face looked like a roadmap, framed with silver grey hair.  As he neared I could see he was wearing the kind of black baseball cap favored by a great many veterans, the kind with the emblem of their duty station on the crest.  He was just close enough now that I could read the emblem on his hat, and my skin rippled with goose bumps as I read: USS Indianapolis CA-35. (1) A ship made famous by a scene from the movie Jaws; it was perhaps the most inspiring, and terrifying survival at sea saga of modern times.  And this guy survived it…and everything after right up to this very day, and here he was sharing a sidewalk with me!   As this old warrior approached, some dormant reflex of respect automatically took over my body and I slid down off the wall as he made his way up to me.  Our eyes met briefly, and what I saw will stay with me for a very long time.

In this broken old mans eyes I saw that peaceful spark of conscious awareness.  Like he had taken everything life had thrown at him, and was still here, doing his thing in spite of it all.  He nodded slightly as we broke eye contact, and as he passed, my eye was drawn to the adjusting strap on the back of the hat; which simply read, Survivor.  As I watched him amble his way on down the sidewalk; that still small voice in my head remarked that there were at least a couple of good lessons to be integrated here.

So here we are in the final years of the Age the Hindu called the Kali Yuga, a time defined by increasing chaos, flux, and change.  As old unsustainable paradigms and systems continue to falter and flounder; we may all come to feel our ship has sunk in shark infested waters…and nobody is coming to help.  Life never seemed to be quite as complicated as it is these days.  Beyond the hazards and pitfalls of mundane everyday life there is a growing list of things we must avoid at all costs, for the sake of both our health and sanity. So, how to navigate our way through this gauntlet of adverse times?

  A good start might be to take the advice of Socrates, “Know Thyself”.

There are of course any number of ways to go about preparing yourself for turbulent times, what I am suggesting here are some basic concepts that many schools of thought integrate into their teachings, primarily the human energy system.  In future posts I will cover the human energy system in detail, but for now we are just primarily concerned with the heart charka. Being ‘centrally located,’ so to speak, the heart charka tends to export its current energetic state to the throat charka above, and the solar plexus below.  The heart charka is the center of unconditional love, every level and aspect of love resides somewhere within it.  Below it is the solar plexus which is the feminine or Yin energy center covering the full range of human emotion.  Above the heart charka is the throat charka, a masculine, Yang energy center covering the full range of human expression.  The point here is that a healthy, well balanced heart charka will quite naturally impart those same qualities to the charkas nearest to it.

 My suggestion would then be to add a bit more focus on the heart charka during whatever discipline or spiritual practice you are already doing.  There are no dogmas, no single path or technique, only intent.  By working with and knowing your own heart, and what it shows you about yourself, you become stronger, and more confident.  With a little effort and a little maintenance the heart charka will bestow clarity and balance to your emotions and how you express yourself.  A most valuable asset whether the world goes to shit or not!  So, as in real life, the first rule of surfing the Kali Yuga is Balance.

Next comes attitude; this simply cannot be stressed enough, attitude is everything.  In a time when our very minds are under assault by those who seek to enslave us, and break our spirit; (2) our attitude can easily determine our destiny.  We need to have the right kind of attitude about both ourselves, and the nebulous uncertain future we are moving into.

I believe that when we argue in favor of a limitation, we make it ours.
If you really want to know yourself better I suggest weaning yourself off the TV and other weapons of mass distraction, as they are heavily invested in subduing and programming your mind, and sovereign soul.

If you take the time you’d normally devote to such devices and spend it instead doing any life affirming activity of your choice, you might be pleasantly surprised at who you find waiting there for you.  Many of us may soon be facing challenges we never thought about dealing with.  When this happens, whether on a global or personal scale, going into it with a strong positive attitude just might be the edge that helps see you through it. 

Our minds are the surfboards we’ll use to ride the waves of the Kali Yuga.  Like the surfers board, our minds need to be in top condition for top results.  Just like the regular maintenance we do on our computers to keep them operating at optimum levels; our minds too need regular maintenance and monitoring to flush out errant thoughts, ideas and beliefs which do not serve us in any good way.  For some time now subliminal messaging has been used in a holistic way to assist with a number of personal issues. (3) Unfortunately, subliminal messages and programming are also capable of embedding thoughts and ideas into our heads which may not be our own. (4)  When we cut off the signal for a while, things can have a chance to sort out, and foreign thoughts which may not be our own begin to stand out more, if we are looking for them.  We should be the only ones programming our minds, as ‘system administrators’ we need to remember to not believe everything we think!

Just as rocks, shoals and other hazards exist for those surfing the ocean shore; there are many hidden and unseen dangers awaiting us in the “undiscovered country” we call the future.  We must train ourselves to be quick to recognize dangers ahead, and agile enough to avoid them, or go through them.  Just as many are now seeing the benefit of “prepping” for anticipated future chaos, by stocking shelters with provisions; we must not neglect to also prepare our spiritual and energetic selves for the same.  Be flexible, be adaptable, be resilient, and most of all keep your balance.
The next important aspect to surfing the Kali Yuga is timing, more than ever before, it can be ‘everything’ in these uncertain days.  Many people have taken the basic precaution of packing a “Go Bag” with provisions for making it thru an emergency, and having it in the trunk of their car.  This is a great first step.  Better still is having someplace in mind to go to if staying in a big city becomes unsafe or untenable.  For those who have or know of such places the over-riding question becomes precisely when do you “bug out” for safer shelter?  I don’t believe in such a thing as going too soon, since we are already seeing ominous dark clouds on the horizon. Already we’re seeing the signs of diminishing returns nearly everywhere we look.   The sooner you can detach yourself from the grid, the more time you will have to acclimate to new surroundings and lifestyle.  The more time you will have to prepare yourself spiritually and energetically, the better.  The one thing you don’t want to do is waiting too long to make whatever moves you’re planning.  Doing so could place you in a picture similar to this one from the evacuation during Hurricane Rita (5) following on the heels of Katrina, in 2005.

It is always better to have a plan of some kind when dealing with such contingencies, however it also seems true that the more complex and detailed your plan, the greater the possibility of something happening that you never accounted for.  The fact of the matter is that very few of us have the contacts and resources necessary to allow for every single possible threat we may face during this shift of the ages.  We have to do the best we can with what we have to best provide for ourselves and loved ones.  As we have seen in the wake of Katrina, and other disasters natural and man made, we really cannot count on the government or any of its agencies to ride into the rescue.  For further confirmation we need only examine what transpired during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. (6)

When the fertilizer hits the ventilator we are all going to be on our own to deal with radically shifting realities.  The more dependent we are upon the collapsing system and its eroding infrastructure, (7) the more difficult our surfing, and survival will become. 

 With balance, attitude, maintenance and, timing we can become much more self sufficient and self confident as those dark clouds on the horizon loom larger and closer.  Perhaps the most valuable lesson in all this is the one I saw in the old mans eyes that day at the VA hospital.  He just never gave up, no matter what, and that I believe, is the master key to surfing the Kali Yuga. 

Never give up because tomorrow is another day,
                                         and you never know what the tide will bring you”                                                                                                    ~ Chuck Noland, “Cast Away.”

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