Monday, November 3, 2014

Reverse Engineering Humanity

When I was very young I came to the conclusion that nobody else in the world but me had this silent stream of thoughts going thru their head. 

For reasons long forgotten now; I also briefly thought that I arrived here as an old man who got younger the longer he lived...until one day soon I would just pop out of existence.

My earliest memory is of getting a bath from mom, looking down at my baby feet and recognizing what that meant, thinking to myself, (in babyspeak) "Oh hell no, not again!!"

Looking's a way of assessing how far we have come in this sojourn.

The flood of memories released by a certain song, letting me know I'm still alive in here somewhere...changed, different from that old me, still here just the same.

Evening news shows aerial view of the rush hour crawl...looking very much like blood flowing thru arteries & veins...The arteries are clogged with mindless congestion -

We're dying down here.

But it's a good death.  Death by non-involvement.  Not showing up for our lives.

The latest school shooting happens in the town I used to live in, affected people I know.  Talking head reporter says "It's the worst school shooting since earlier this year".

We're inhaling fear & exhaling anger in a paranoia cocktail of sanity resistant fear and apathy; staring into the faceless waters of oblivion.  

11 million defective airbags, with insufficient replacement parts.  Overshadowed by the earth shaking news that the queen is now on twitter...and they even faked the photo op of course.  She was supposedly sending out her first tweet from a tablet, but the messages were sent from a smart phone.  Fucking amateurs.  You can give a queen all the gadgets you want...doesn't mean she's in touch with shit!

Another white house fence jumper, an attack in parliament and a hatchet murder in NYC.

We're all just telling ourselves a story 

Six years of smelly, stagnant gridlock and obstructionism then chocolate freedom sends our national guard to Africa !!  What the Fuck??

Mexican drug cartels in the Emerald Triangle protect their marijuana grows by cutting the rattles off of rattlesnakes; then tying their tails to shrubbery...turning them into deadly security guards.

Space station re-supply rocket explodes upon launch, three days later, spaceship2 dies in Mojave: as I watch the videos I can't help thinking how symbolic...

We're going backwards.

A home run with bases loaded in the world series brings 100,000 fans screaming to their feet.  Too bad we cannot manage that much passion for things that really matter. 

Postal service wants to stop Saturday delivery; & begin delivering on Sunday; despite delivering my mail 12 miles away...       

Humanity in retrograde.

The exaltation of ignorance demands the demonizing of science; denial of truth.  False equivalency masquerades as intellectual process to obscure the truth from sleeping fear is used to herd the human cattle in the desired direction. 

It's a shame they never see sham

This year the salmon runs are the lowest in nearly 50 years.  The fishing fleet moored, the bears and eagles are starving...  Media inundates with torrents of zombie movies and TV shows...programming the masses to de-value human life.  Doesn't bother me nearly as much as how many people resonate to such a low vibration.  

Jesus said "Love One Another" - We're being taken in the opposite direction.

We used to follow the Grateful Dead back in the it's the walking dead...

Going backwards.... by conscious intent.

I have this list of friends who have all departed this realm...It seems to get longer every year.  I've added three names this year.  Life in retrograde.

Compromise eventually becomes selling out, & every time we do it we sell off a piece of our soul; which explains why there are so many soul-less zombies moving thru this dystopian landscape.

The world is drowning in profits yet there's no prophets to be found anywhere.
World's leading manufacturer of pesticides also making the genetically modified food-like-products we consume; all while waging war on American farmers and natural crops.

Food should be ethical as well as edible...GMO'S are neither!

Just saw this years first commercial for Black Friday: They've turned getting trampled and beaten up in a rush for bargains on cheap junk into an annual blood sport the running of the bulls.  Pathetic.

As if we need any further evidence that humanity has now reached the lowest possible common denominator of social interaction:  I give you twerking!  Like most social fads I totally ignored twerking until I saw a story about a woman being assaulted while doing it.  A brief visit to YouTube answered most of my questions except why she wasn't arrested; for inciting a moron?

We're not just going backwards; we're falling head over heels backwards over a cliff. 

We're in freefall...the twerking dead

I have this recurring nightmare which comes around more frequently these last few years.  I'm walking down a long sandy beach on a beautiful day, with hundreds of people doing all the things we do at the beach.  Looking into the water I can clearly see a  great many shark fins plying the waters.  Suddenly swimmers are being pulled under screaming, and eaten alive.  The lifeguards are all asleep, or showing off for the girls, or just MIA.  There are a few others who see the same things I do, and we begin yelling at everyone, SHARK, SHARK, SHARK, but everyone just ignores us as if they are deaf.  People walk right into the same surf where they can see others dying, convinced that they are somehow immune from disaster.

I think the next time I have this nightmare I'm gonna start rooting for the sharks.

Earth will have over 11 billion inhabitants before the end of the century; even at the rate we're presently being killed off.  Look out, here comes cloning and transhumanism to save the day, and finally erode whatever may be left of our collective souls. 

Resist the chip !

Researchers say that 3% of the population are psychopaths, lacking empathy and compassion: psychopaths who prey upon the rest of humanity without remorse.  Sound familiar?  It's because so many of them have risen to positions of power & authority.  The "system" is designed to reward and promote psychopaths & sociopaths.

This new age of Aquarius is supposed to be all about the evolutionary advancement of humanity; which pretty much calls for the dismantling of the system in favor of something which promotes the well being of 100 % of the population, not just the 1%.  Unfortunately for the majority of us the psychopaths in control play by their own rules and the thing they have most in mind right now is depopulation.

Stay tuned-in and follow the instructions when they show up on your TV !

I stare in sad disbelief as I watch that aerial view of the freeway at rush hour on the evening news.  Sad that so very many across this land are captive in the same gridlock quagmire of drive time...the same exact scene around every major city, every day, every year.  Disbelief that so many people are still sound asleep dreaming that American dream as their efforts prop up the facade for one more day, for one more week... 

After all these years I am now of the notion that of course we don't age backwards...
But sometimes I still wonder if I'm the only one with this silent stream of thoughts in my head.

© 2014 full re-post with permission only

May the Source  Be With You


  1. Nice post. You presented it extremely well. I grew up in a rural setting. One of my first memories was waking up in the morning on a warm summer day and pissing off the back porch. My body has gotten older, but that thing that I was then hasn't changed. Whatever that thing is, it doesn't seem to age. :)

  2. Around the time of the Aquarius Age was getting popularized, progress in society began to focus on and veer off towards self improvement through technology in effect hijacking the new age of awareness to microchips and bionics. They are still in charge.

  3. Greetings,

    Your thoughts Chautauqua ring true in my heart. Unfortunately this civilization is imploding upon itself, as most of the world has been brain washed into what is not important, which is materialism, sports, and TV, which de-sensitizes the killing of another human being,

    But, it was meant to be, one cycle ends, and another begins. As humanity has gone from a once Golden Age, where time basically stood still, to the Silver Age, to the Bronze Age, to where we are right now, the Iron Age, where time is moving so fast that matter solidifies, and there is despair and darkness. Humanity has gotten away from the one source that provided all the sacred knowledge, and that is our Mother, Isis, who birthed this planet, and the human race into existence.

    The first and utmost priority is taking care of our Mother, our sacred planet. But humanity has put the importance of money before anything else. Humanity was taken over many thousands of years ago by the darkest of entities, and they have ruled humanity and this planet to its demise.

    It is in this moment in time that humans are here for a purpose. The purpose is to transform from this existence into a butterfly and let the human heart open up a new reality, one of compassion and Love!

    The Source of all Creation is about to bring forth His judgement. It is time to look within and discover the power that God had put there, As Above, so Below, for His power, His Light is the most powerful Light in all the universe. Once one discovers the Truth, and Lights the eternal lamp, One becomes One with God, and then One discovers immortality.

    A wondrous journey awaits for those who are ready. A journey that most cannot even comprehend right now. I have walked on this Earth long ago, when gods walked this world. The history of this planet is not what has been told to most.

    It is time to leave the fear behind, as one who loses the fear will be unchained from this system of usury. It is time to unfetter from these carbon based capsules, and let the human spirit roam free. To become of the LIGHT. To let balance and harmony bring in a new age, a Golden Age, where time no longer exists as humanity knows it to be.

    It comes down to one thought. As it was when nothing existed except the ether, then a thought, a vibration, His Light started it all, and the basic elements of life were born, and the universe came into being. Everything is of a Oneness. Everything is made of the same star matter. From the source came a thought, then it flowed and manifested into energy and then into matter.

    There is no snowflake which is the same,yet they are all connected. One lives their own reality, yet all is connected. That's what makes life so wondrous. It is time to breakdown those conscious walls and awaken to a new spirituality. To explore ones self. For each soul has their own journey to fulfill. Time to look within. Self-realization.The whole cosmos exists within yourselves. It's really very simple.

    There are mysteries that await to be discovered. The purpose of existence is to follow your heart, and let the virtues of the heart lead you the way, and one day His arms will be open and waiting for all the knowledge he provided for you to learn and share with others. The human race is a sacred race. God made us in His likeness, we are all gods, we are of HIM!

    Believe and LOOK within and discover the TRUTH!

    The magic bus tour is about to begin! Grab a seat and enjoy the ride, I guarantee you it will be worth the ticket!


  4. Ah, ain't life among larval consousnesses at the bottom of a gravity well grand! Don't let it get you down. For me it wasn't the baby feet, but those big oversized catcher's mit hand gloves that couldn't move or feel anything as the post-primate nervous system still hadn't formed properly yet, even after birth. Those people who believe in intelligent design or a creator need to show why we should't string up the 'intelligent' desgner. Keep up the Great Work and thanks again!

  5. Hi! I always look forward to your posts since I came across your blog this past January...last week my boyfriend and I were talking about reincarnation and I told him that I remember thinking when I was very young "No! Not this again!" :)'re not the only one...

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  7. Enjoyed this one Chaut,

    And no, you are not the only one who thinks those silent streams of thoughts. While you are writing about them and getting them out into the blogosphere, they don't remain silent for too long. Some of them catch in the minds and hearts of others, triggering genetic memories and spurring them into creative response. So keep the current flowing.

    To Time Traveller above: Some interesting points made there, but what makes you so sure that the creative force you write so eloquently about is male?


    1. Hi Mike~
      Many thanks for the input brother. Check out the YouTube vid after "Lighten Up" ... You'll know which one