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Some years back I got stuck in Monument Valley on the Utah-Arizona border for something close to a week.  Try as I might, I could not break the spell cast upon me anew each morning at sunrise.  I was hooked on that first morning, after pulling over the night before to watch the sunset.  It kinda made sense, being that I was on a spiritual vision quest of sorts that summer, smell the flowers and all that.

The sunset had been everything the John Ford westerns promised it would be, and I could certainly see how riding off into it would seem a good idea to a great many people.  The night was uneventful, except for when the local coyote clans began their nightly serenade.  I was sitting outside the RV with my two traveling companions, a mother & son brace of Alaskan wolves, whose four ears picked fast upon hearing the coyote songs.  As the serenade of yips & yaps continued, my companions were anxious to investigate, and looked at me with pleading eyes to please let them go be what the universe created them to be.  They knew that permission would not be forthcoming, so as if in stereo protest they both threw back their heads and howled as only wolves do...nice and long into the night air.  The coyotes were silent as death the rest of the night.

I was awake and building the morning campfire for coffee as the pearlessencent colors of the pre-dawn sky first became visible.  Minute by minute the light became brighter, as tall shadows inched across the desert floor.  Like ancient spirits the stone monuments gradually took shape in this gloaming light.  Many of them the remnants of volcanic lava cores, the towering monuments give the desert landscape a very surrealistic look.  As the eastern sky grew brighter, colors began spreading across the sky like paint spilled on a fresh canvas, and all I could do was stand there in sheer awe of the beauty I was seeing.

"Sunlight fills the soul - but not the stomach"
                                                                                  ~ Les Stroud ~

As the rising sun cleared the horizon it became so clear why so many races have worshiped it throughout time.  The light given off by the nearest star to earth is as necessary for most forms of life here as food and water.  From the earliest hominids to modern man; we've had a relationship with the sun, and light from the very beginning.  Why are children afraid of the dark despite endless parental reassurances?  Could it be because of the genetic memory that bad things come out to feed at night?  We really aren't so very different from our ancestors...we still gather around the campfires at night for safety; it's just that our campfires have become somewhat larger over time.

Not only do we derive an excellent source of vitamin C from sunlight; but we can actually become depressed when deprived of it.  Researchers many years ago realized the marked rise of depression in humans during the winter months when there is significantly less sunlight.  The remedy?  Full spectrum lighting, which mimics the light we get from Sol.  We developed Lighthouses to keep ships safe near dangerous coastlines, we keep hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel; and we tell our dying folk to move into the light

Of course anything done to excess can be equally harmful, as when we get sunburned, or when we amplify light with stimulated emissions from electromagnetic radiation, (Lasers)- or create particle beam weapons and such.  I guess it's all in how we use it, like anything else on earth.  I for one, find it utterly dumbfounding that we can have pocket size communication devices because of advancing technology, but nobody wants to run things with solar energy...at least not until the dead dinosaur residue companies figure out how to own that too.

We can break down the visible light spectrum, and even harness types of light invisible to our eyes, such as infrared, ultraviolet, and such.  Our technology for war gave us goggles which amplify the light from stars to enable us to see in the dark - too bad they can't come up with a mirror that would let us all see the light within us, the most important light of all.  Light, color and sound are used together to affect healing, and to restore balance to the human instrument, indeed ~ there is something very special in light.  We've just figured out how to get by (barely) by ignoring it, so we do.   What do you suppose this place would be like if we used our light the right way, helping others?

Light is both a wave ~ and a particle

Light is one of those things we each take for granted without knowing terribly much about it.  Like space.  If you take an ordinary everyday quartz crystal, and place the base on a spinning grinding wheel, the crystal will light up like an electric bulb.  If you collapse an underwater air bubble with sound waves, Light is created - and nobody knows why.

We are beings of light who have slowed down our vibrational frequencies in order to incarnate into the physical realms of existence and conduct a grand experiment...to see if we can be cut off from the light we came from - in a thick, muddy, negative resonance field...and remember our way back to the light, back home again.  This in not a camping trip or field excursion, it is a long journey requiring several incarnations just to prepare for it, and it's happening now.

Each of us has what is termed our light; and we can do with it as we please, for such is the nature of free will.  We may acknowledge this light because of some experience just too large to be wrapped in denial, or we may ignore it for fear of having just such an experience.  Some pick up their light at an early age, while others wait half a lifetime to do so, and some, well they just never pick up their light to begin with.  Of those who pick up their light, many in time will put it back down for any one of several reasons, and of those, many will never lay it down again!!  A great many who still slumber spiritually are uneasy around such light hearted people, and usually find some way of trying to rain on the parade.  Such people are true vexations to the soul, and it is best to not feed them.

By filling our hearts with love, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness and generosity, we fortify ourselves against those who seek to dampen the moods of all around them.  If we seek to keep our own human instrument in proper shape, making certain our chakras are clear and balanced, your aura becomes like a suit of armor, deflecting negativity and the energy that carries it.  Learn to be an island of tranquility in an ocean of chaos.

There are a great many ways to claim and nurture your inner light, to keep raising the frequency vibration of that light until you literally stand out like a lighthouse to those around you.  The Aura and 12 chakra system is how we incarnate into the physical form, it is our energetic skeleton and without it, we could not exist in this place.  This energy anatomy is also part of our light body, which is by the way, more real than your physical body is.  The physical body you drag around is but the residue of slowing your light down enough to exist in this 3D-4D realm, and the chakra system is how we pull it all off without over-amping the meat suit, and burning it out right away.  Just to shed a little light on the subject. 

The Fountain of Light

Many years ago I learned a very simple way to quickly clean up the old energy system.  It's like a meditation, but call it what ya like if that term is uncomfortable to you.  It's called The Fountain of Light and can be done any where, any time.  Sit comfortably with your legs uncrossed.  When ready, close your eyes and open up the crown chakra, just like the diaphragm on a camera lens.  Visualize now, that a brilliant iridescent light is spiraling in from your upper, transpersonal chakras, into the crown.  Visualize this light coursing down into the brow chakra, then the throat.  Follow the flow of this light as it flows further down into your heart chakra, then into the solar plexus, sacral, and then the root chakra.  Now the energy is swirling & spiraling down into your legs and out thru your feet, right down into the earth.
Allow this running, flowing light to now become faster and stronger, coursing thru every part of your energy system, and on out thru the feet.  When you feel it's time, now cross your legs at the ankles, which is as your sink stopper in the kitchen.  See the spiraling liquid light energy swirling back up towards the crown chakra, filling you as though you were an empty vessel.  Follow the liquid light as it races faster now, whooshing up thru the throat chakra, back up to the brow, and out thru the crown chakra...shooting skyward like an erupting volcano.  Now increase the flow even stronger, resulting in a rainbow of  liquid light emanating from the crown, flowing still higher than before.  When you feel done, you are.  Kinda like cleaning an old bottle, or radiator, the principle is the same.

Light, also relates spiritually to the dignity a soul has achieved in it's travels.  Usually, the more well traveled a soul is, that is to say the more incarnations one has, the more dignity is achieved.  Usually, but not always.  What is dignity?  For many of us it is that part of our soul which is offended by feeding frenzy Christmas commercials three weeks before Thanksgiving!  It is that part of our soul that silently weeps for all the injustice being done to mankind behind the gaudy and revolting excesses of commercialism.  The part of us that feels forced to behave just like everyone else for fear of being thought a heretic, or worse. 

The light of spirit within us recoils away from the dark agendas plotted for us all in those darkened, smoke-filled board rooms, and is assaulted a hundred times a day as even our most cherished holidays are mutated before our very eyes into something not even Santa Claus would recognize.  Some of us even get physically ill seeing the way the rest of you carry on as thou Black Friday and Cyber Monday are cultural traditions to be proud of -  when all you're doing is celebrating your own slavery.  Why not make Sunday another mega-profit day too, might as well because by this time you really can't claim to hold anything sacred.  Not to put too bright a light on things.


Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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Future Tense

Standing on the observation deck of the Pleiadean science vessel, looking down on Earth; it was unsettling to hardly recognize the place from the images in the historical record.  The verdant greens once so striking from space are now muted & diluted by the Fukushima Radiation Belt covering the entire planet in a perpetual blanket of death.  It hardly looked like the same planet at all.  As I waited for the scheduled historical tour to begin, I couldn't help but wonder to myself why no real efforts were ever made to prevent the self-inflicted genocide of these people, on what was once considered a rare gem of a planet.  What could possibly have been more important to them than the survival of their species?  Why didn't they act?

From the safety of high earth orbit hundreds of cold & silent satellites appear as a swarm of angry space insects surrounding the planet like a metal mist.  Like their creators, the satellites are all dead now, serving only as tombstones marking the sad absurdity of human arrogance on this toxic & quarantined planet.  Just another fledgling civilization that failed to survive the Drake equation, and who too late learned that just because you can do something, doesn't always mean you should do it. 

The historical record shows that the humans had the technology to save themselves, but chose not to...the why of it being forever just another galactic mystery that may never be understood.  Was it the Archon infestation which drove the humans all insane, or were they able to defeat the parasites only in the death of their entire planet?   The archive shows that in the final years of life left to them, the humans took to spraying their beautiful blue skies with a toxic cocktail of aerosol dispersants which were deadly poisonous to them.  Was this act the height of insanity, or a noble final effort to prevent the spread of the Archon infestation to the rest of the galaxy?  Because there are no survivors, perhaps we will never know.  Their own records might have answered some of these questions, had they all not been intentionally destroyed by the gatekeepers of truth.

The auto-vid-tour will begin shortly but I find myself mesmerized by the view of the dead planet from the observation deck.  How very sad that with so many naturally occurring dead worlds throughout the galaxy, that these humans turned their home world into another one ~ it's simply beyond reason, they had such great potential.  The humans learned the hard way not to take life for granted, and that the universe can be a cold and dispassionate place sometimes.  All that remains of them now is serving as a monument to self-serving stupidity, and perhaps a cautionary tale to other civilizations as well.

The auto-vid-tour begins with a beauty shot of the Earth that was, a blue-green jewel of a planet reflecting Sol's sunlight in the star filled black of space.  It's no wonder so many other races were drawn to this world, populated by those who neither respected or valued it.  In the before times, earth was a resource laden oasis in the cosmos; known as the water world, because few planets could boast having as much of the precious universal solvent.  The humans were rich beyond the dreams of avarice; and what did they do with their valuable water?  They polluted it, along with everything else on the planet; seeing their only home as something to be exploited for monetary gain.  Mass insanity!

The audio track of the auto-vid-tour talks about the earth as it was.  As I gaze at the image, comparing it to the view outside the ship, I wonder once again what it must have been like to live there, in those days long before everything went bad. 

The narrator, (a computer generated facsimile of Morgan Freeman's voice.) 
begins the timeline of earth's demise on 
March 11, 2016 ~ 5 years on:.
"It only took five years to turn earth's oceans into a toxic radioactive soup; the result of the Japanese illegally dumping more than 300 tons of radioactive coolant water Daily, directly into the pacific ocean.  The Thermohaline circulation of the worlds ocean currents took care of the rest.  Sometimes called 'the great ocean conveyor belt'; these currents evenly distributed fukushima radiation around the world.  The initial discovery of ghastly genetic mutations showing up in various marine mammals, including polar bears...and the accelerating die-off of whales & dolphins eventually forced world governments to ban the harvesting or sale of all seafood.  The western half of north america is where the animal mutations first appeared.  Folks tended to ignore stories of mutant polar bears because it was so far off; but when bears and mountain lions killed scores of people in 2014, it was somewhat harder to ignore." 

The narration explained that natural predators affected by radiation in the environment, water & food; became ultra-aggressive, savagely attacking humans when normally they'd avoid humans at all cost, except perhaps to defend their young.  Because nuclear radiation and fallout are so corrosive on the genetic level, it was speculated these wild animals eventually suffered damage to their neural pathways; and went insane; not to mention what other damage done by the radiation.
"Elsewhere, like the seafood industry, the dairy industry died due to extremely high levels of radiation in cows milk across the continent.   Each year more food crops were added to the banned list as the radiation made its way deeper into the food chain.  The ever expanding radiation cloud circling the planet has resulted in massive 'no-fly zones' because the Rad-count is so high that airplanes become flying microwave ovens.  Then, in the winter of 2015 a massive earthquake destroyed the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant in southern California, resulting in two hydrogen explosions, and a second nuclear volcano, releasing massive amounts of radiation, exactly like Fukushima."

The narration paused as several images appeared on the screen: children playing in a playground, a family sharing the evening meal, a herd of wild deer peacefully grazing in a wilderness meadow, children skipping flat stones across a river, Rams dueling in a mating ritual high atop a snowy peak, and a wide angle shot of an historic gathering called Woodstock.  I didn't need or want the dulcet tones of the narrator just now because it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Seeing these images, and the others that followed, gave just the slightest taste of what being a human on the earth must have been like. 
"The 2016 presidential election in the USA was without doubt the strangest in the nation's history as the entire corrupt system was collapsing on all fronts, and the citizens were up in arms...literally.  The all-but-dead Republican party nominated cable pundit Ann Coulter as their candidate while the Democratic nominee was TV actor Peter Dinklage, (Tyrion Lannister - "Game of Thrones") For the first time ever, Americans mostly ignored the entire year long circus that was the presidential campaign, and perhaps to send a message of their own, elected Independent party write-in candidate Stephen Hawking, who unfortunately declined, so the election was given to the candidate with most votes, Peter Dinklage!                                                                               

I remember the story from the archived records of this solar system, because the common consensus among historians was that the 2016 American election marked the time of that country's final descent into chaos and anarchy.  There was much speculation at the time whether this was actually the last official election America would see.  People refused to believe that the system which lied about every single thing before Fukushima & Diablo Canyon, would suddenly start telling the truth now that it really matters; and they turned their backs on that system...allowing it to die from starvation. 

"What you allow ... is what will continue."

The computerized voice of Morgan Freeman resumes the narrative ~ 
"We jump ahead in time to
March 11, 2021~ Ten Years on....
to discover that the radioactive cloud around earth has doubled is size, and now extends well south of the equator, with droves of human refugees flowing south like water, trying to stay ahead of it; as if the radiation would respectfully stop before they hit the southern ice fields...which themselves have been in constant retreat these last ten years. Meanwhile, the concentrations of radiation in the cloud grow ever stronger where it has existed the longest.  Life in these regions gets harder every year for those who cannot or will not migrate.  The number of "No-Go" zones keeps increasing, some due to instantly lethal radiation accumulation, but mostly because of lawlessness, & anarchy.  It turns out that every apocalyptic movie ever made had it pretty much right regarding the behavior of uncivilized humans, and the barbaric harshness of such times.  One by one, the FEMA camps are all being taken over by the prisoners as fewer and fewer people want to be stuck guarding them now that the government stopped sending food and medical supplies to the camps over a year ago.  The packs of starving feral dogs are all gone now, mostly killed off and eaten by the packs of starving feral humans, who continue to be a far worse problem than the dogs.  The Hunger Games, not just a movie anymore!"

 "The radiation takes it's toll politically as well, as the beleaguered Japanese government finally topples and disintegrates...leaving those left alive on the radioactive islands to fend for themselves; pretty much as from the onset."                                                                      
"Each year, more and more newborns exhibit horrifying genetic mutations, and despite the growing trend, officials continue to blame it on global warming, swamp gas or just about anything except the two spewing nuclear volcanoes at Fukushima & Diablo Canyon."  The images now shift to those of the results of radiation on human genetics, and just as the photographs which adorned the walls of the War Memorial Museum in Nagasaki, Japan, to look upon them is to make the very soul weep.  "Seeing the true extent of mutated newborns truly alarmed the authorities, but alas, it was too little - too late...and with no way to put the genie back in the bottle. Knowing  the percentage of deformed & mutated newborns would only increase exponentially with the passage of time only added a sense of desperation to their urgency."
3-11-2026 ~ 15 years on...
"and the first of the 'Nuclear Children' appear on the scene.  These are the children who for unknown reasons are immune to radiation but whose DNA has still been mutated, leaving them with what we would call, 'abilities' or powers that normal humans have never had.  Just as the indigo, and crystal children before them, these nuclear children are smarter, kinder, and more sophisticated than their peers - from any time in history!  In typical human fashion these very special children were all sent to special facilities for study, and confinement upon their discovery; which motivated a great many parents to protect their children by keeping their gifts a secret."  

"Most problems refuse to vanish by being ignored, they just get worse - and the escalating homeless situation was a prime example.  Living without the benefit of even the most rudimentary shelter; homeless people took the full brunt of radioactive fallout, and were among the most advanced cases of radiation poisoning in America.  With debilitating conditions made worse by the invisible death, and rotting flesh falling from their faces, they lumbered about looking every bit like real-life zombies.  Shunned, and even hunted...this growing army of diseased homeless kept to the shadows as much as possible; truly the walking dead."

With no 'jobs' to go to, life for the average american now consists of hunting for food and staying alive, with each getting harder by the day in most places.  No help from anywhere, no national guard...they were all killed in the futile mid-east petroleum wars prior to the Fukushima incident.  Just when you think your area is stable, another band of nomadic scavengers comes thru, pressuring for food and survival.  They are rarely polite, you never know when the shooting will start." 

"Planet wide crop failures increase every season, resulting in all out food riots, and increasing animosity towards the rich elite who continue to grab everything not nailed down or glowing blue in the dark.  Between the radiation & chemtrails, ordinary rainfall was dangerous enough to damage the skin upon contact, and made some nostalgic for the good old days of acid rain.  Then there was the 3 year long winter, ending in 2024 which killed off millions of people, livestock and wild animals.  In that same year there were so many suicides that 'they' stopped officially listing them as such; proving that not even radiation can kill off denial."

"In America, President Dinklage managed to win a second term, mostly on the merits of his repeal of something called 'ObamaCare' and his support of free national health care.  Of  course another kind of health care was becoming such a problem it threatened to bankrupt every remaining nation on the planet...mutant babies.   By this time there were so many deformed & mutated newborns that caring for their medical needs alone required secretly stealing money from the defense budget.  Faced with this dilemma as humanity faced extinction, was simply too much for many in government, and so there was an epidemic of slamming doors as people finally discovered their consciousness, and quit.  Unknown and horrific diseases spread around the planet with the radiation.  In a futile final effort to halt the spread of these diseases the president decreed that all migration within the country was now illegal - all wandering groups of humans were considered infected and shot on sight.  As the 3 year winter ended in 2024 along with the second term of president Dinklage; the congress of the United States disbanded, declaring that from then on, all power would rest with the individual states.  The federal government, was no more!  

3-11-2046 -25 years on:
 "It has been five years since the final commercial airline flight on planet earth.  Repeatedly flying up where the concentrations of radiation are so high finally contaminated the aircraft so badly that just sitting in one for an hour gave deadly doses.  The Black Swan has arrived at long last; initiating a cascading system wide failure, like  falling dominoes.  This  nightmare in free-fall eventually struck down the mighty airliner industry like so many before it.  Governments were by no means exempt from the falling dominoes, as it just got too hard to maintain the facade any longer for many of them.  Countries over dependent on outside sources crumbled first of course, leaving total anarchy in their wake, which in too many instances led to civil wars.  Of course there were still plenty of 'un-civil' wars too; with non-renewable resources dwindling everywhere, some countries resorted to attacking their neighbors, which was why France nuked Germany into the stone age ... ahead of the rest of the planet."

"Between the radiation, disease, starvation and marauding humans; the population of earth was dropping with truly impressive speed.  Those who had taken to living at sea soon found what a great error that had been, as the storms created on earth these days made the old days look tame by comparison.  Most ports of call refused them entry, except of course for those who wished to loot the ship and kill the passengers.  With no resupply of fresh food or water that wasn't deadly radioactive, passengers of these "Oasis ships" as they were called eventually turned to cannibalism.  Survival of the fittest, for a while longer."

"Everyone thought that China had lost their minds when they began building massive empty cities back at the turn of the century.  Nobody could figure out why the Chinese would build replicas of some of the most famous cities on earth...until they opened them all up to refugees fleeing the radiation.  Now everyone had another mystery to ponder, why would the Chinese want to provide shelter for nuclear refugees - and what makes anyone think the radiation would by-pass China??   Mass Insanity!"

"All the while the human die-off accelerates as the sick, weak & frail fall to radiation poisoning with truly frightening frequency, as everyone else gradually gets sicker, and sicker.  As one former blogger said on his deathbed..."Hey, at least we finally got them to stop spraying us with chemtrails!"  About the only corporation still thriving when the states became un-united was Monsanto, and because they had already been doing it for some time, they just continued to operate as though they were the standing government.  Suddenly nobody had any objections to eating GMO food-like-products, when Monsanto began sending free truckloads of the stuff everywhere.  It's all a mater of perspective!"
3-11-2061 ~ 50 years on:
"Except for the 'extremeophile' life forms which inhabit black smoker hydrothermal vents on the sea floor...the oceans of earth are devoid of life fifty years after Fukushima.  Forests, spanning thousands of miles, which once functioned as Gaia's lungs are now countless barren wooden spires jutting skyward, devoid of foliage; like accusing fingers pointing up.  These dead forests and jungles once noisy with the vocalizations of many diverse species now lie silent as death itself -nothing stirs, nothing lives, all dead now."

"Never get locked into a single view of the world."

More photos glide by now as the narrator observes a moment of silence for the dead earth.  A single wet tear escapes my left eye, and slowly slides down my face.  I, who never knew this place or it's people, mourn for them in their abject and arrogant stupidity.

"The major cities of earth have long been abandoned and lay just as empty as those Chinese mystery cities back at the turn of the century.  Humanity retreated to the hinterlands in small groups, with the idea of starting over, because when everything stops working the city is no place to be at all, no reason to even stay there.  Everywhere life reverted to a simpler, less complicated way of being.  The only thing anyone was busy doing, was dying.  Seven billion strong before that fateful earthquake in 2011...earth's population had dropped to less than half that in the first 30 years...after that nobody bothered keeping records anymore, no point to it."

"When the system failed completely; somehow, 'the nuclear children' escaped, or were released from confinement.  After all, it was fairly clear to everyone by then, that if earth was going to have any kind of a future, it would be on account of them.  To everyone's surprise, the nuclear children showed zero interest in saving or restoring society.  Instead they disappeared from view, in small groups here & there, scattered across the planet where none could find them.  In the spirit of universal compassion, eventually all of the nuclear children were invited by various galactic neighbors, to leave earth, and they all did.  With the help of several races, the nuclear children of earth established a colony in the Pleiades star cluster, where the spiritual evolution of mankind could continue.

3-11-2211 ~ 200 years on:  
The historical record shows that even with the extremely well publicized data surrounding the Mayan calendar, and the prophecy that time would cease on earth precisely when the spiritual evolution happened in 2012; people ignored the information, and even worse, ridiculed it because they didn't understand it.  It makes me wonder how the species managed to make it as far as they did without exterminating themselves.  When children play with powers beyond their ability to understand; tragedy is inevitable given free will being as it is.  That the humans would destroy themselves once they split the atom, was pretty much a given; considering the temperament of the species.  Whether the end came from warfare or industrial accident matters not, it's a crapshoot...snake eyes, you lose!

"Historians from various worlds always point to the abundant number of warning signs that humans ignored on their way to oblivion, especially so with the infamous Mayan calendar prophecy pointing to 2012 as the end of an age!  Did the Maya foresee Fukushima, and subsequent nuclear disasters?  Did they have an understanding of how the Archons genetically tampered with human DNA in order to enslave them...was this the great danger to humanity the Maya tried to warn future generations about; carved in stone to survive a millennia?  If so, just imagine their amazement if they were to learn how humanity treated their time capsule warning.  Mass Insanity!"

"Two hundred years after the Fukushima incident, there isn't a single human alive to solemnly observe the moment.  The planet is now a seething, fuming wasteland inhabited by bus sized cockroaches, and a variety of mutated flying rodents who survive as parasites to the roaches, living off their scraps.  The roaches in turn feed on dog sized insect like creatures which developed along with black mold which spread around the globe from Fukushima."

"There is no terror in the bang,
only in the anticipation of it."
                    ~Alfred Hitchcock~

"Perhaps in another few hundred thousand years or so the earth may again be suitable to sustain some form of complex life such as the humans were.  Perhaps some homeless spindrift space faring race will come along and claim this barren rock for their own; if so they will soon discover why nobody else wanted it.  The story of the humans and the world they lived on is over.  Just another failed species in an evolutionary cul-de-sac.  The real tragedy in all this is that the humans failed to live up to their potential, and as a result lost everything they ever were, and were ever going to be, which might have been something to behold.  Instead, they gave away their power to charlatans & thieves who left them as little more than a bad example...which is why the Pleiadeans sponsor this annual historic cruise.  Thank you for attending, and be mindful of the inertial dampeners as we leave orbit for the next highlight on the tour.  Next stop; the Tarantula nebula!

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

* * * * * *
"Leaders? Where is it that you think you're going,
 exactly, that would require you to have a leader?"
                                        ~Larken Rose~
* * * * * *

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The Trap of Time

Back when I was just a schoolboy, my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Sampson hung the classroom clock on the back wall, so as not to distract us from her lesson plan.  It didn't work, because every kid in that room had the swivel neck, looking over their shoulders to glance the time many times an hour.  Before long She added a hand made sign below the clock, in the shape of a bumper sticker.  It read: "Time will pass...will You?"  We did of course, and along with whatever we gleaned from the teachings; we also acquired a lifelong relationship with time, for better or worse.

For some of us, punctuality is the prime directive while for many it remains an elusive addition to our skill set.  For some of us time is a master, for others, a nagging mother-in-law; and some...well they never give time a second thought, they just don't have the time for it.  In 1971, Spiritualist teacher Ram Dass published his seminal work entitled "Be Here Now," which among many other things, extolled the virtue of living in the present moment.  In a very real sense, the present moment in time is all we ever really have.  While living in the past may seem attractive because the rent was so much lower back then, it is essentially a coping mechanism used by folks who just cannot handle the pace of modern day life.  Conversely, living in the future (daydreaming) may seem like a productive effort, but only the very talented manage to make a decent living at it - for all the rest it remains just another defense mechanism...the eternal hope that the future will be better despite reality showing no signs thereof. 

"Time is an Illusion." ~ Albert Einstein

The reason so many guru's and spiritual teachers want us to focus upon, and live in, the present moment is because time is an illusion of our own creation, we made it up, just like we do with everything else.  Humans invented the concept of time primarily to facilitate being asleep within a consensus reality matrix.  Those awake within the dream we call life released the notion of time, knowing as they do that all there is, or ever was or will be...is the eternal Now.  The Point of Power is always in the present moment, never in the past, or future...and that is, the power of choice.    Time is spherical, not linear, and as such it connects every aspect of All That Is with every other aspect...not a single aspect excluded.  Put another way, everything that has ever happened or ever will happen is ALL happening right now in this eternal moment of Now.  Fortunately we have a built in mechanism which acts like a series of step-down transformers to prevent this fact from toasting our grey matter: it's called the 12 chakra system.**

"The reason we have time is to keep everything from happening at once"
                                                             ~Buckaroo Banzai, (Stolen from Einstein)~

We also use time as a convenient scapegoat when we really don't want to do something: "I just don't have the time."  Balderdash!  Each of us has the exact same amount of "time" with which to do things.  The same number of hours in a day that Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking have, we also have; so we either make the time for something or not!  If we hadn't created time then perhaps we'd be less anxious to muck about making periodic changes in it to squeeze every last dollar from each day ~ Daylight savings time!  Twice a year the owners force us to gain or loose an hour every day to accommodate purely commercial enterprises, totally disregarding the sacred sleep cycle.  To make it even worse, last Sunday's daylight savings time shift happened to occur during the current period of mercury retrograde, in Scorpio!  Think of the hundreds of working folk who forgot to adjust their clocks, and as a result rush franticly to make up the lost time.  How many will cause or be included in a traffic accident because of time?  Speaking of working folk; just who is responsible for the 40 hour work week anyway?  What an archaic abuse of time.

Does anybody keep those kind of statistics...about the cost in dollars & lives of this ridiculous mockery of time called daylight savings time?  What then of the additional confusion caused when some communities here and there refuse to acknowledge DST, and keep the same time year round?  Yes it can be chaotic, and often times funny depending upon one's perspective.  Consider the ancient Maya, who were indeed masters of time.  For more than 2000 years their civilization got along just fine with time.  They understood time perhaps better than anyone ever has, and they measured it in cycles and patterns, whether the cycle was Trecena-13 days, Veintena-20 days, Tzolkin-260 days: or the long count of 26 thousand years.  I think the Maya understood the timelessness of time, they understood it in Galactic terms, rather than planetary, I think they could see the eternal moment of time which surrounds, and eventually engulfs us all.

"Time is the fire in which we burn"
~Soran~ [Star Trek Generations]
(Stolen from Delmore Schwartz)


Of course, mankind's tampering with time is as a drop of water in the ocean compared to what the universe routinely does with time.  Thanks to Albert Einstein we know that all things, including time, are relative.  We know, for instance that a space traveler who went to alpha centauri & back would return having hardly aged while everyone they ever knew had long since died.  We know that nothing, including light can escape from a black hole, so what about time...what becomes of it in such an environment?  Kinda gets us back to that eternal moment of Now.  Distances in the galaxy, and universe are so vast we must measure them in terms of time, how long it takes light to travel a year at 186,000 feet per second...or a light year.  for example, on this scale, the light from our sun takes eight minutes & 17 seconds to reach earth.

Because of relativity, time has shown us some marvelous things, for instance; if you set two identical clocks to the exact same time, then put one on a space ship traveling at light speed...you get what is termed spooky action at distance; in other words changes made to the earth bound clock would also appear on the clock aboard the space ship!  Weird enough for you??  Buckle up!!  Scientists are now discovering that even the speed of light may not be a universal constant, as Einstein thought.

Things get even stranger in regards to time when we look at the opposite end of the spectrum, where we find atoms, molecules and such.  Cutting edge advancements in our understanding of the quantum world of string theory show that the laws of physics as we know them work quite differently on the sub-atomic scale.  Electrons behave very strangely, as we can measure either it's position, or speed, but not both at once; the reason for this being partially due to the electron's ability to appear to be in two places at the same time!  Electrons can manifest either as a particle, or a wave...(but once again), not at the same moment.  And what about Tachyons, those theoretical particles which cannot mover slower than the speed of light??  Think of the astonishing potential harnessing tachyons would have.  It would enable and facilitate faster than light communication; such that exchanging messages with both the past and future would be feasible.  You would of course have to in some manner invoke or create a Lorentz Invariance to get around some undesirable side effects on the causality of things, but it could be done, given you could create or collect tachyons.
Don't get comfortable with time just yet because in less than a nanosecond we're going even smaller, and further down the wormhole.  What's smaller than a Nanosecond you may ask??  Have you heard of Planck Time?  Let me put it to you this way...  Planck time is the time required for light to travel (in a vacuum) a distance of one Planck Length:  How small is that???  If one atom was the size of the entire known universe, a Planck length would be the height of the average tree!  I mention this mostly to give some perspective to the discussion of time as we understand and live with it.  If we are ever to understand how we fit into the overall scheme of things, shouldn't we effort to discover how the overall structure of things functions?

So here we all are at the end of time (Mayan calendar) just as world shaking changes are taking place, (as predicted) and the resonance of 5D grows stronger with each soul arising from slumber.  You might expect that time itself would begin exhibiting previously unseen attributes, and you'd be right.  A great many people nowadays are having the experience of elastic time when some hours are much longer than others...and sometimes it seems that time itself freezes for brief periods, and even speeds up.  Just more evidence of shifting realities and paradigms.  Many of us speak in terms of there currently being two earths, of incompatible resonance vibration...so imagine the surprise when I begin to see headlines about the earth splitting in two at the equator this week.*

"Time and Tide wait for no man." ~ St. Marher, (1225)

 Obviously, if we are indeed at the end of time then, by definition we are pioneers ~ being as we are 'where no one has gone before'... and cannot expect therefore to find such luxuries as map, compass or instructions.  We're here on our own kids, and that means it's time to put everything we've learned (spiritually) into play, "It's Showtime!" and the clock is ticking. 

Like uncle Albert showed us, time is relative depending on whether you're using galactic measurements, or Planck lengths: whether you're talking about time on a geologic, prehistoric, or current day scale.  When we humans invent something as cool as time, we sure don't spare the detail...we go all in.  The Rolling Stones may have had time on their side, but then they weren't living in today's post-Fukushima reality where not only is time decidedly NOT on our side, (meaning us, the living), it isn't even our friend anymore. 

There comes a time when no matter how frightening the horror is; you can no longer hide beneath the blanket, hoping the nightmare will get better or go away.  When even the strongest denial syndrome cracks from repeated blows of cognitive dissonance, you simply have to come out and face the monster, and then stare it down, because it ain't gonna get better and it's not going away.  Between the few reports of radiation related deaths escaping the Japanese truth blockade, and the scores of sick, dying and mutated marine life washing up simply everywhere, the Fukushima cows are coming home to roost big time.  The genocide of the pacific ocean from Fukushima radiation is now so widespread that not even the most determined efforts can censor it.  The truth is out, and as usual...it's far worse than we have been told.  Perhaps worse even than we can imagine.

Just this week we have seen several experts and authorities openly admitting to the press that the overall situation is, in a word, Hopeless.  Like the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy, the nuclear volcano Fukushima will just continue to eat away at every single lifeform on earth, until at last the only life remaining will be that which thrives on such extreme environments.  Cockroaches!

"I wish it need not have happened in my time." said Frodo
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times,
But that is not for them to decide.  All we have to decide
is what to do with the time given us."
                                                     J.R.R. Tolkien ~ The Fellowship of the Ring

The point here is simple and easy for anyone to see, and that is, that time is more precious to us now than it ever has been before in the history of our species.  Simple as that.  When it comes down to your final days of life, what memories will you cherish most?  Will you wish you had put in more overtime down at the office?  Or perhaps you'll wish you'd spent more time acknowledging, and being with those you care about the most.  Will you curse yourself for the time you wasted, or be at peace, knowing time spent knowing yourself is never wasted?  Even if every other major crisis on this planet was peacefully resolved with food and shelter enough for every single human, and the abolishment of war, slavery and GMO food-like-products was a fact of life....there still would be NO fix for Fukushima, and it will just continue, long after the last human perishes from this place. 

This then, is the trap of time.  What will we do with the remaining time given us?  Will all semblance of civilized society dissolve into the stuff of every apocalyptic movie ever made...or will we, as a species show a bit of class, a shard of dignity as we go down with Gaia; taking a deep breath and accepting our fate?  Yeah, I know you'd prefer not to think about such things...and that's a huge part of the problem here because it prevents you from finding that peace.  The peace to go out dancing every weekend and follow your bliss as though the world was just dandy and fixin to last a million more years.  The peace that leads to finding the truly precious things about life, before you must release it, once again, as you have so very many times before.

"How did it get so late so soon?" ~ Dr. Seuss

What shall we do?  I rather suppose that we should re-think our priorities in life just now, and take stock as they say.  Make a conscious effort to acknowledge, and respect all life...ALL life.  Maybe dial back the pretentiousness and aggression enough to see that we really are all one after all, and from that, take forgiveness & gratitude...and some humble pie.  There will of course be hoarding and elevated competition for dwindling resources, but I'm really hoping humanity can rise above those levels of barbarism since we are in the very midst of a spiritual evolution, and all.  Perhaps in the final analysis this is what it takes for us to finally begin to truly value one another.  Just as Hunab Ku, the black hole at the center of our galaxy; Time has us in it's grip, which doesn't seem so bad until the corporeal systems begin to fail.  And just like the black hole; Time will have it's way with us - in the fullness of time. 

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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