Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Some years back I got stuck in Monument Valley on the Utah-Arizona border for something close to a week.  Try as I might, I could not break the spell cast upon me anew each morning at sunrise.  I was hooked on that first morning, after pulling over the night before to watch the sunset.  It kinda made sense, being that I was on a spiritual vision quest of sorts that summer, smell the flowers and all that.

The sunset had been everything the John Ford westerns promised it would be, and I could certainly see how riding off into it would seem a good idea to a great many people.  The night was uneventful, except for when the local coyote clans began their nightly serenade.  I was sitting outside the RV with my two traveling companions, a mother & son brace of Alaskan wolves, whose four ears picked fast upon hearing the coyote songs.  As the serenade of yips & yaps continued, my companions were anxious to investigate, and looked at me with pleading eyes to please let them go be what the universe created them to be.  They knew that permission would not be forthcoming, so as if in stereo protest they both threw back their heads and howled as only wolves do...nice and long into the night air.  The coyotes were silent as death the rest of the night.

I was awake and building the morning campfire for coffee as the pearlessencent colors of the pre-dawn sky first became visible.  Minute by minute the light became brighter, as tall shadows inched across the desert floor.  Like ancient spirits the stone monuments gradually took shape in this gloaming light.  Many of them the remnants of volcanic lava cores, the towering monuments give the desert landscape a very surrealistic look.  As the eastern sky grew brighter, colors began spreading across the sky like paint spilled on a fresh canvas, and all I could do was stand there in sheer awe of the beauty I was seeing.

"Sunlight fills the soul - but not the stomach"
                                                                                  ~ Les Stroud ~

As the rising sun cleared the horizon it became so clear why so many races have worshiped it throughout time.  The light given off by the nearest star to earth is as necessary for most forms of life here as food and water.  From the earliest hominids to modern man; we've had a relationship with the sun, and light from the very beginning.  Why are children afraid of the dark despite endless parental reassurances?  Could it be because of the genetic memory that bad things come out to feed at night?  We really aren't so very different from our ancestors...we still gather around the campfires at night for safety; it's just that our campfires have become somewhat larger over time.

Not only do we derive an excellent source of vitamin C from sunlight; but we can actually become depressed when deprived of it.  Researchers many years ago realized the marked rise of depression in humans during the winter months when there is significantly less sunlight.  The remedy?  Full spectrum lighting, which mimics the light we get from Sol.  We developed Lighthouses to keep ships safe near dangerous coastlines, we keep hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel; and we tell our dying folk to move into the light

Of course anything done to excess can be equally harmful, as when we get sunburned, or when we amplify light with stimulated emissions from electromagnetic radiation, (Lasers)- or create particle beam weapons and such.  I guess it's all in how we use it, like anything else on earth.  I for one, find it utterly dumbfounding that we can have pocket size communication devices because of advancing technology, but nobody wants to run things with solar energy...at least not until the dead dinosaur residue companies figure out how to own that too.

We can break down the visible light spectrum, and even harness types of light invisible to our eyes, such as infrared, ultraviolet, and such.  Our technology for war gave us goggles which amplify the light from stars to enable us to see in the dark - too bad they can't come up with a mirror that would let us all see the light within us, the most important light of all.  Light, color and sound are used together to affect healing, and to restore balance to the human instrument, indeed ~ there is something very special in light.  We've just figured out how to get by (barely) by ignoring it, so we do.   What do you suppose this place would be like if we used our light the right way, helping others?

Light is both a wave ~ and a particle

Light is one of those things we each take for granted without knowing terribly much about it.  Like space.  If you take an ordinary everyday quartz crystal, and place the base on a spinning grinding wheel, the crystal will light up like an electric bulb.  If you collapse an underwater air bubble with sound waves, Light is created - and nobody knows why.

We are beings of light who have slowed down our vibrational frequencies in order to incarnate into the physical realms of existence and conduct a grand experiment...to see if we can be cut off from the light we came from - in a thick, muddy, negative resonance field...and remember our way back to the light, back home again.  This in not a camping trip or field excursion, it is a long journey requiring several incarnations just to prepare for it, and it's happening now.

Each of us has what is termed our light; and we can do with it as we please, for such is the nature of free will.  We may acknowledge this light because of some experience just too large to be wrapped in denial, or we may ignore it for fear of having just such an experience.  Some pick up their light at an early age, while others wait half a lifetime to do so, and some, well they just never pick up their light to begin with.  Of those who pick up their light, many in time will put it back down for any one of several reasons, and of those, many will never lay it down again!!  A great many who still slumber spiritually are uneasy around such light hearted people, and usually find some way of trying to rain on the parade.  Such people are true vexations to the soul, and it is best to not feed them.

By filling our hearts with love, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness and generosity, we fortify ourselves against those who seek to dampen the moods of all around them.  If we seek to keep our own human instrument in proper shape, making certain our chakras are clear and balanced, your aura becomes like a suit of armor, deflecting negativity and the energy that carries it.  Learn to be an island of tranquility in an ocean of chaos.

There are a great many ways to claim and nurture your inner light, to keep raising the frequency vibration of that light until you literally stand out like a lighthouse to those around you.  The Aura and 12 chakra system is how we incarnate into the physical form, it is our energetic skeleton and without it, we could not exist in this place.  This energy anatomy is also part of our light body, which is by the way, more real than your physical body is.  The physical body you drag around is but the residue of slowing your light down enough to exist in this 3D-4D realm, and the chakra system is how we pull it all off without over-amping the meat suit, and burning it out right away.  Just to shed a little light on the subject. 

The Fountain of Light

Many years ago I learned a very simple way to quickly clean up the old energy system.  It's like a meditation, but call it what ya like if that term is uncomfortable to you.  It's called The Fountain of Light and can be done any where, any time.  Sit comfortably with your legs uncrossed.  When ready, close your eyes and open up the crown chakra, just like the diaphragm on a camera lens.  Visualize now, that a brilliant iridescent light is spiraling in from your upper, transpersonal chakras, into the crown.  Visualize this light coursing down into the brow chakra, then the throat.  Follow the flow of this light as it flows further down into your heart chakra, then into the solar plexus, sacral, and then the root chakra.  Now the energy is swirling & spiraling down into your legs and out thru your feet, right down into the earth.
Allow this running, flowing light to now become faster and stronger, coursing thru every part of your energy system, and on out thru the feet.  When you feel it's time, now cross your legs at the ankles, which is as your sink stopper in the kitchen.  See the spiraling liquid light energy swirling back up towards the crown chakra, filling you as though you were an empty vessel.  Follow the liquid light as it races faster now, whooshing up thru the throat chakra, back up to the brow, and out thru the crown chakra...shooting skyward like an erupting volcano.  Now increase the flow even stronger, resulting in a rainbow of  liquid light emanating from the crown, flowing still higher than before.  When you feel done, you are.  Kinda like cleaning an old bottle, or radiator, the principle is the same.

Light, also relates spiritually to the dignity a soul has achieved in it's travels.  Usually, the more well traveled a soul is, that is to say the more incarnations one has, the more dignity is achieved.  Usually, but not always.  What is dignity?  For many of us it is that part of our soul which is offended by feeding frenzy Christmas commercials three weeks before Thanksgiving!  It is that part of our soul that silently weeps for all the injustice being done to mankind behind the gaudy and revolting excesses of commercialism.  The part of us that feels forced to behave just like everyone else for fear of being thought a heretic, or worse. 

The light of spirit within us recoils away from the dark agendas plotted for us all in those darkened, smoke-filled board rooms, and is assaulted a hundred times a day as even our most cherished holidays are mutated before our very eyes into something not even Santa Claus would recognize.  Some of us even get physically ill seeing the way the rest of you carry on as thou Black Friday and Cyber Monday are cultural traditions to be proud of -  when all you're doing is celebrating your own slavery.  Why not make Sunday another mega-profit day too, might as well because by this time you really can't claim to hold anything sacred.  Not to put too bright a light on things.


Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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  1. Awesome post Chautauqua.
    I've spent time in Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon and the Hopi Reservation and can attest to the beauty of the light there. The only other place on Earth which even comes close are the Greek islands and the ancient Classical world.

    1. EER~ Second mesa is one of my favorite places, hands down. Spent a piece of time there on that journey. Never been to the Med. but worked with a Greek fellow who used to go on about the beautiful Greek islands. Be Well.

  2. Hi Chautauqua,

    In every sense of the Light word, this essay is Brilliant. I have not until this Now moment read such an all-inclusive exploration/explanation of the Light. Interestingly, about collapsing that underwater bubble with a sound wave and Light is the result, seems to me it's 'as above, so below' described to perfection. If we consider that the 'big bang' is real, then we have the Genesis description confirmed, as in 'in the beginning was the word' which means sound waves, which upon expanding away from the big bang formed into gaseous bubbles, and then were hit by the constantly emitting sound waves, and thus exploded into Light. Still happening! About the 'meat suit', yeah, I hear ya! Seems the higher my vibes go, the more my meat suit expands! Physics? Love, Althea

    1. Althea~ Hope all is well in the great North. Sometimes I think what we think we know about the universe is just a drop in the proverbial bucket. We have so much to learn. That sonoluminescence with the underwater bubble creating light when burst with sound is pretty amazing; but not as amazing as the fact nobody can explain why, not even Tyson or Hawking. Hows that for a mystery?