Monday, July 1, 2013

Death by a Thousand Cuts


We are bleeding to death here little by little, a bit more each day.  Every day we come closer still to succumbing to death by a thousand cuts in this place we allowed to become a prison planet with a captive population.  The chaos, confusion and cognitive dissonance we are all experiencing is intentional.  It is a design feature of the 'master plan' as some call it...the plan to subjugate humanity forever below the threshold of evolution.  Those who claim to still not see "it" have intentionally blinded themselves to the truth to preserve a belief system they still depend upon despite it's ongoing collapse.  They will defend the glory of that belief system, and those who programmed it into the death.  Time to disengage from those dear souls before you cannot, and end up sharing their particular destiny with them. 

We are knee deep in the thick, muddy morass of 4th dimensional timespace just now, which is a great opportunity to dump the dead weight you won't be needing for the rest of the trip.  Remember, neither the balloon nor submarine may rise until they cast off dead weight; that's what it's there for~ therefore, thank it, bless it and have done with it, if it no longer serves or supports your ongoing spiritual sojourn.  This process begins with belief systems, moves thru belongings & possessions then starts to work on the people in your life.  It's really a shame we have been conditioned to attach so much sentimental & emotional energy to things which in the end are only going to cause us problems if we are unable to detach from them; causes a lot of pain, but also a lot of learning.  Sometimes even healing.

For those who have only 'recently' awoken to the bigger picture it must seem like when they weren't looking the whole place became a dystopian circus within an Orwellian nightmare, written by Poe.  The first thing these folks need to detach from is any and all mainstream "news" and this brief list is why.

          Things You Should Know About           ~             Things the Media Tells you About
                 The Geo-engineering of Earth                                           What you need to be sexy
                 Chemtrails & Climate Change                                      Policy made with bronze age logic
                  The Transhuman Agenda                                                 Oprah Winfrey Makeovers
                 Why Whales are beaching themselves                                     The Bachelorette
                 Why Bats are dying by the millions                                      Who got Murdered
                 Why Bees are dying by the millions                                       Lyndsay Lohan
              Why bird populations are plummeting                              Who said what that doesn't matter
              Why Pacific Marine Mammals are Dying                             Anything but Fukushima
                The Murder of the gulf of Mexico                                         Atlantis resort promos
                    Ocean Acidification                                                    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
                       Melting Ice Caps                                                             Car Chases & crashes
                        Deforestation                                                                        Justin Beiber
            The dangers from Natural Gas "Fracking"                               Who is getting divorced
             The Dangers from Tar Sands pollution                                  Michelle Obama's workout
                   Mountaintop Removals                                                             Sex Scandals
                   Monsanto GMO poison                                                           The Stock Report
                The Privatization of Water                                                   What car to buy to be cool
                 Potential food shortages                                                               Who is Gay
                 Polluted & depleted aquifers                                                        Drama in D.C.
                     How to grow food                                                                    Sports Drama
                    Unity Consciousness                                                              Fear, Hatred, Separation 
                         Agenda 21                                                                             21 Jump Street
                    Operation Garden Plot                                                                Family Values
               Obama's Drones over America                                              How to improve your golf game
              Hazards of industrial pollution                                                    Lies about our History
                     The Truth about 911                                                                       90210
            Lies your government is telling you                                                      Boner Pills
            Lies the financial system is spewing                                                Courtroom Dramas
                 Lies about the tax system                                                                    Gas Prices
                    Lies from NASA                                                                    Never A Straight Answer
           How your rights are being taken away                                            "Reality" Show Drama
         The true facts about Fukushima Radiation                                            What is being built
      Aging, damaged & leaking US Nuclear plants                                Whatever subtly perpetuates fear
                   The Realities of War                                                                Travel & leisure fluff news
      Depleted Uranium Residue spread by weather                                Who bought something expensive
           Growth of the US Prison Industry                                                   What haircut or suit to get
              Lies about the "War on Drugs"                                                 Stories about sexism & racism
           How to disconnect from fossil fuels                                            What Corporate products to buy
           Permaculture & Sustainable Living                                                      Who had a baby
           The importance of Organic Food                                                   Whatever will keep you tuned in
         The truth about the Archon Overlords                                                    Men in Black

As I said, it's a brief list of things that just ain't right in the world, and with life upon it, look around you. We are all dying here, a little bit more every day, dying from a thousand cuts by hands unseen, or even believed to exist.  All the more perfect, for them. 

"This great evil, where's it come from?
How'd it steal into the world?
What seed, what root did it grow from?
Who's doing this? ~ Who's killing us?
Robbing us of love & light.
Mocking us with the sight of what we might have known
Does our ruin benefit the earth?
Does it help the grass to grow or the sun to shine?
Is this darkness in you too?
Have you passed thru this night?" 
~The Thin Red Line~

Once awake to what is transpiring, after getting our wits about us, the next obvious question is,
what to do about it? 
 How do you defeat something like this,
 much less fight it back? 
You don't ~  and that is the key.
When ships at sea sink, the passengers who survive are willing to climb aboard just about anything that floats.  It's the same way when paradigms & belief systems fail, then begin to collapse altogether.  We tend to look for the next thing still afloat...without much concern for how much longer that belief or paradigm may remain afloat.  We could join that frantic bunch seeking last minute salvation from a life spent giving their power away, or we could do something else.  We could excuse ourselves from the table, pick up our 'winnings', and opt out entirely.  Refuse to play the god damn game anymore!  Just get the hell up, and walk away...and quit feeding the damn monster.  We forget that we have this option because we also seem to have forgotten that in the beginning, we agreed to do this, and in this way.  I believe it is covered by several of the universal laws under which everything operates, that we actually must give our permission to experience certain undesirable things, in order to learn those lessons.  This is why so much of this is so confusing to us...we have forgotten so much from giving our power away for so long, most have no idea how to reclaim it.  The first step is, don't play the game anymore.  Quit feeding that which is killing you with a thousand tiny cuts.  Walk away.   Without looking back!

That's my take on it anyway, take it or leave it!  It's pretty obvious by now there is no regaining 'control' of this dying paradigm, why would we even want to; it was never of our choosing or making.  Let it die, quit feeding it, walk away, it was never the path to home, so let it go, and come join those of us refusing to play the game any longer.  One of the pillars of the 'master plan' is the transhuman agenda; whose goal it is to transform human DNA into something decidedly non-human. 

If you want to see what this is all about and where 'they' are taking it, just spend an hour with Morgan Freeman as he earns several new freckles on the latest episode of "Through the Wormhole" (S4~E5-"Will sex become obsolete") explaining how 'they' are planning to create new children with three or four genetic parents, and genetic material from still other people.  Oh, and Morgan gets a really big new freckle for explaining how 'they' don't intend on stopping with creating Stepford children...they fully intend to recombine genetic material from the animal kingdom, to enhance & improve the human species even more.  If this sounds like the future you wish to live in, then by all means, sign up and enjoy the ride.  For those who don't wish to live on The Island of doctor Moreau, now is a really excellent time to quietly excuse yourself from the game, and duck out the back door when nobody is looking. 

The reason why now is an excellent time to disengage from the matrix has to do with the splitting of timelines which is an upcoming event you won't want to miss.  The splitting of the timelines is a bit like cell mitosis...after the timeline splits there will be two distinct 'Earths."  One will remain in 4th dimensional timespace for an indefinite period of 'time' continuing on the current course of chaos, death, and destruction.  The other earth will witness the spiritual evolution of humanity, as those who choose it will continue the long journey homeward.*  In the final analysis, it's all about choice.   What will YOU choose: Destiny, or Destitution?  The time is drawing near when you will have to pick one.  Not choosing, is still considered  a choice, (the weakest one) so in the end it remains an individual responsibility, your destiny is literally in your own hands.  The power of choice may be new to some who have seldom used it before, but it is empowering.  Just try saying "NO" the next time you feel someone is exploiting you, and see how empowered it makes you feel!  Like the brain, the power of choice becomes stronger, the more we use it.   As we prepare to celebrate yet another birthday for this land of the Free and the home of the Brave, perhaps it is a good idea to reflect back on what this country used to be, and what it has become today.  We have nothing to celebrate, here in this place, except another day of survival as we all die the death of a thousand cuts.          

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other 

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  1. This is where the title I choose of "Realist" really comes into play. Three words to describe the problem with this planet, TOO MANY PEOPLE. This planet can hold about 2-3 billion people on it with the resources available. People can talk about vertical housing and growing all their food on roof tops. In reality there is ONLY so much to go around.

    People use energy, water, food, need to clean up their mess, shelter, etc. and all this takes resources. Even to recycle this takes a lot of energy. The oceans are fished out, there is not even wild salmon anymore in the Atlantic. I watch these people that are sadly disillusioned going around picking up trash and thinking that they have actually made some huge difference. In reality it would take millions of people working every weekend to do any good, and that would be limited. Yet people still fail to understand the problem, stop banging out more people.

    The planet is being poisoned with carbons not seen in millions of years this high. China, India, Brazil, and many others continue to poison the environment without any safeguards, especially with dirt coal. This is because they are producing products for again, TOO MANY PEOPLE. This planet will reach a point in which the Earth will have to react to this abuse. Not because the planet has some sort of sentience, but because it is a physical mass that behaves on the same physical laws of the universe that say when you change something it reacts. Push and it either retreats or pushes back. Dump toxins into the planet and it will attempt to equalize itself, the more severe the poisoning the more severe this reaction will be.

    Many people get into the metaphysical aspect of this, and it is not that complicated. You only have so much of something and then it runs low or runs out and people starve or fight a world war over what is left. When you add something to cause a disbalance then the physical body tries to seek an equilibrium. The human species cannot continue the population explosion without extremely catastrophic consequences.

    1. Just so you know, you can give every man , women and child on this planet a 1/4 acre of land and you would almost fill Australia. You still have a lot of land left over. Pretty much the rest of the world. Too many people that is ridiculous.Do some proper math. To many people that is a good one. Pendejo

    2. I Don't agree with your math Amir, but let's say you're right; there are two obvious flaws. You put 7+ Billion humans in Australia and it would screw up the planets rotation sending us sailing off either into the black void of space...or into the sun. But before any of that could happen, you put 7+ Billion people 4 to an acre (anywhere) with no food, no work & no hope, and they would kill & feed on each other straight away. We're talking 'Habitable' space here, to peacefully sustain the entire population of Earth without conflict over food or resources. In the end, it isn't so much about the numbers as it is the temperament of mankind toward his own kind, and his ability or inability to co-exist in peace and harmony. Nobody seems to have any hard data, as it hasn't been tried in....oh yeah, FOREVER; so maybe we should 'Give Peace A Chance' and see how that works. Because what we've allowed to happen in our names over the last few hundred years is clearly not ever gonna work.

    3. Hi, Doug here.

      @Realist -

      Wow, somebody has been eating the worldview poison in huge helpings here! Overpopulation myth. Scarcity conditioning. Global warming myth. The fact is none of these things are true.

      I agree we can't live the way we have been, but the solution to these 'pseudo-problems' is...MORE PEOPLE! You realize that the next Einstein is purely a function of the number of people. That kind of genius comes along maybe every million or billion people. If you have 10 times the population, you get 10 times the genius individuals being born. Simple math.

      We face a scarcity of applied genius. There is actually plenty to go around, and anyone who has driven cross-country knows what I mean.

      Society does need to change to be less wasteful, less consumption-based, but those changes require solutions, alternatives, before folks can switch over to a new way of living. Solutions that have yet to be invented and widely dispersed.

      This is important, because the genius working on solving energy abundance has yet to be born. Some claim Tesla. There are others now. But until enough folks independently produce the same energy solution (ala Wright Brothers and others all inventing flight at the same time) so that it can't be suppressed by the old energy dominators, it won't be available to solve our current abuses.

      A world teeming with caring, loving individuals, focused on solutions (instead of pouring energy into death, warfare, artificial scarcity, energy suppression, etc.) could easily support 10 or 100 times the current population.

      I suggest asking yourself what you can do to create a better future, and get busy turning this place around. If you don't like what you see, it's time to become the solution.

  2. Realist~
    Like one of those 'nesting dolls'- there are many interconnected reasons for the rampant overpopulation on spaceship earth. I was going to add "Georgia Guidestones" to the list, but ya gotta draw a line somewhere. You bring up many cogent points to support the too many people fact. Well said, thanks.

  3. Hi Chautauqua,

    (This is Althea). Excellent article and fabulous pictures. It is definitely choice time. To quote my favourite psychic/astrologist, Denise LeFay, "The Light has hit the fan." And because the Light has hit the fan, the Dark is being exposed now at an unprecedented rate. Your picture of the Earth as one Cell splitting describes what I have been sensing has been happening and is now on a fast track. At first I didn't want to read your comparable lists above as it is shocking, almost to point of hysteria, how far apart the two Earths have become, but your list is a super summary of exactly what each and every one of us will now have the opportunity to choose between. And just a note to 'Realist', metaphysically, it is my understanding that Gaia is always able to look after her own and it is the Elite who would cull the population, and secondly, that we are all here to experience going to that time/space version of Earth timelines which now calls us. No judgments, neutral observer, though those of us who have made our choice of 5D spent a long hard time learning and becoming aware in order to make it. Thanks, again, Chautauqua, for this brief history of the world to date and for getting it out there that it's time to choose. This summer just might be the last wake-up call we'll get. Love, A.

    1. Many thanks for the input as always, Althea; and indeed the photons have hit the oscillator and continue to do so. Like trained athletes we must keep our focus on where we wish to land, not on what's behind us...or happening around us. I have several times refered to this place as "the Earth School" because I always have this mental image of the big exam just before graduation; and in this case here & now, it is our score on the exam which determines whether we remain here to do it all over again~ or graduate to the next higher grade level...which is still a long way from being back home again. "Time is the fire in which we burn"

  4. Hi my good friend Chautauqua.
    I hope your health is good.
    I missed talking to you.
    So much has happened since our last conversation.
    Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, and not forgetting Syria of course.
    I see the news about America and Europe are at least surreal.
    Seems That the energies are funneled.
    Thus become clear options. Sides or choices as you so aptly put it ..
    Evidently only managed to see clearly who is not with the head inside the ring or the hole, regardless of whether or not it is by choice. This is the nature of the game. Like it or not.
    The advantage is that seeing clearly expands consciousness, allowing us to make wiser decisions.
    And we make hundreds of decisions every day, hour, minute and second.
    Trust my friend.
    Be at peace, with health and with the blessing of the font.
    Big hug.

    1. Hi Wander~ I also have been wondering how you have been! The chaos you speak of is as the flotsam & jetsam blowing past you in a hurricane: If you stop too long to look at it on your way to safety (5D)something is gonna smack you upside your head. :) Like I said to Althea, try not to get distracted by the chaos, keep your personal focus, whatever that is, and like the man said... "Keep your eyes on the prize"
      Peaceful blessings, brother

  5. @ Amir Rey. (Realist here) It is extrmely sad that people have absolutely no concept of math and no geographic knowledge whatsoever in so many places in the world. I totally blame the schools. You can fit 7 billion people on the face of the moon no problem, but even with an atmosphere there is a net need for water, food, energy, etc. I saw something on the amount of arable land available on another web site that made so much sense to those that don't begin to understand just how tiny the planet is.

    As I understand it there is maybe 5-10% arable land for most countries, not 100% or even 50%. When you factor this to the population you usually get over 1500 people or many more per square mile. You try to grow food for 1500 on a sq mile of land. There is 640 acres per sq mile of land. This means by "your math" that a person needs 1/4 acre of land. This is 2560 people per sq. mile of arable land. EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN WHICH THERE IS MORE THAN 2000 PEOPLE PER SQ MILE OF ARABLE LAND THEY EITHER HAVE TO IMPORT FOOD OR THE COUNTRY STARVES. PERIOD. This is true real raw math. Unfortunately your math is like trying to jam a bunch of people into the Sahari desert and say be happy and magically crops will go without water in sand.

    I personally find the breeding mentality of these individuals in so many 3rd world countries sickening. People are not flies and breed without thinking in countries that proper. India has the 2nd most arable land in the world and they starve because there are TOO MANY people. I do raw math with all the variables, not just people jammed into some slum and die from lack of food, clean water, and proper trash pick-up.

    I am so sorry that people with this breeding mentality in places like India don't see the mass suffering that people behaving like rabbits bring about. Every single panademic has spread like wildfire through people jammed into a city like cards stacked upon themselves. Death comes to EVERY single life form to those that overpopulate their surroundings, this is just nature.

    The world right now from what I read has about 1500 people per sq. mile of arable land as there is about 4.5 million sq miles of arable land on planet Earth, that is it. You cannot grow a carrot on solid rock. If there was 100 billion people on this planet the suffering that would happen would be misery unimaginable. This is the true math of it when someone plugs in the true factors of population, not just numbers on uninhabitable land and then hope the magical pixies will wave their hands and food will appear. Unfortunately real life doesn't work that way. Wish it did.

  6. Hi all i am Divona, yes we are too many, but if we were 7 billion aware and awake people we could be even 15 billion and we would be able to have a good life cannot blame all on the controllers even if it is extremely hard to wake up and not everybody is here to do so in the first place this round at least-all it is interconnected same as on mother earth, there is a reason why we chose to be here at this time in this hellish reality, i have chosen long ago to be in high vibration, but not much changes because of it, you still have to live with the zombies and pay the rent and constantly live with the knowing that all around us is just plain wrong, the only thing that changes is that you do not judge the people.i do not want to wait until others will tell me "what is happening" as time splits, change dimensions, NWO,disclosure, God changed is mind or other, so i can change my destiny and have the life we were all thought we can experience here,we saw many here came before with vast wisdom and nothing happened because of it, just a fragment in time they lived all their life trying to change things here, what make us think this time will be different?

  7. Dear Divona. I have an opinion on higher vibration and it goes like this. If people are at a higher awareness and understand, then there is absolutely no reason to have such an intense number of people. Reproduction and breeding is one of the most primitive states of being. A fly does in droves, a rat or other rodent will have litter after litter. It is an instinct, not of a higher mind and spirit. Most people are just like the common cottonwood tree that spreads millions of air borne pollen, trying to spread its DNA into a favorable location. This is extremely low vibration. This is why overpopulation is a result of this very low, if any, vibration.

    I have seen people that claim to be of higher vibration and they have 8 kids. To them they are breed and would be perfectly ok bumping into each like that Old Star Trek episode that this planet had trillions of people living on it. People have minds and when they use them the notion of primitive reproduction does not make sense. There is only so much finite space and resources available with any planet. A species cannot continue to use up what is there. The country of Haiti is a good example of what happens when an overpopulation uses up what is there. The hillsides have no trees, used for firewood mostly. When the rains come the mudslides are devastating. Reason for this problem is overpopulation and not enough to go around for the people or the animal life there.

    Too often people mistake love for lust and lust for love. There brain chemistry sees pleasure so it must be love. Wrong. Lust is simply the body's pre-determined genetics that say save your DNA and that means breeding as much as possible. Two very fat people can enjoy each other's company as they gorge themselves to death on toxic food filled with enough MSG to cause a heart attack. The brain though of those people eating themselves to death says pleasure, no reasoning, just it tastes good. Doesn't matter the consequences, just the moment of pleasure. This is the same low vibrations that occur with wild overpopulation, no clear thought of what this means.

    Wisdom and higher vibrations go hand and hand, and most people on this world don't have it at all. They function on 90-100% instinct like most bugs do. The first course of being in a higher vibration with the universe, galaxy, solar system, and Earth is knowing the difference between right and wrong, and this starts with free thinking and not ever allowing the human society to drive a person into that primitive state of following the school of fish swimming right into the nets of despair and disaster. The day of paying the piper for being stupid and animalisitic is rapidly approaching for the human race. Realist.