Monday, July 8, 2013

The Simplest of Things

Somewhere around two thousand or so years ago an ascended master incarnated on earth.  He brought with him just a single teaching: "Love One Another."  Ever since we have been killing one another over how he said it...after of course, killing the messenger.

 Is it just me, or doesn't it seem like we should have come a bit farther along the evolutionary path by now.
Am I the only, or last person who thinks we are destined for something far greater than perpetual warfare?

Love One Another, seems fairly simple and straightforward to me;  Zero distortion.  It is a message and teaching that can only lead to unity consciousness, and the acknowledgement of the divine within us all.

 Everyone alive wants to give and receive love, it's a basic human design feature; we're hardwired for it.  To be sure, the desire nature in some is perverted and anti-social, breeding psychopathic personality traits; and those are always the ones who seem to slime their way into power and authority.  Why do you suppose that is?  Why do we permit & support this?

We have ignored, belittled, and devalued the concept of "Love One Another" to a point where it is considered the favored mindset for hippies, new agers and small children.  Greed, perversion, and psychopathic lust for power have done all they can to kill this message, and yet it persists. Timeless.

Every so often another messenger sprouts up, and begins the teaching anew ~ "Love One Another" ~ such a simple thing, and yet we continue to struggle with it at every turn as if it was calculus or algebra.  Just in my lifetime alone, there have been several messengers, and we killed them all for trying to teach love to a warlike race.

But, are we really a warlike race by nature, or have we been genetically altered to accentuate our more primeval aggressive tendencies.   Maybe that is why we seem to encounter so very many truly angry people.  Maybe on some level we remember that this is not who we are, that someone, or something has long ago hijacked our original destiny and imposed one of their design.  That will get you some latent aggravation.

The year I was born they killed the messenger Gandhi for teaching love, non-violence and forgiveness.  No matter how many messengers we allow to be killed it seems we have yet to learn that you cannot kill an idea.  "They" certainly permit many contrary points of view to exist without killing those bearing the message; so why do they seem to fear a simple thing like Love One Another?

Twenty years after Gandhi, the messenger Martin was gunned down in broad daylight, as if the sheer brutality of that act could silence the message somehow.  His sin was not only teaching us tolerance and love for each other, but also how to resist, and overcome.  He had to go, of course, yet his message remains in the hearts and minds of millions.

Why do we continue to tolerate those who oppose this simple yet powerful teaching; Love One Another.  Could it be that within this simple message is the power to transform humanity to once again be in harmony with all that is?  Makes you wonder.

There was yet another messenger emerging from Martin's time who captured so many hearts & minds with his message of All You Need is Love, that he of course had to be killed, and even though his music is banned across many airwaves, the message lives on even now.   Love is All You Need.  We sure miss you John.

What persistent evil is this among us that wishes this message silenced?  Why do we always look the other way as the very best of us are gunned down for spreading the concept of Love One Another?  Perhaps many have forgotten, but I haven't...This is not who we are!  It is, however, who we have been turned into.

How many more prophets & messengers must die before we rise up as ONE and put a stop to it for all time.  We can, you know...anytime we really want to badly enough.  When the pain of remaining the same is no longer tolerable; we will change.  There is no law saying we must wait that long; in fact just now would be a most excellent time to make the change. 

We've been sold a "a bill of goods" as the saying goes.  We have bought into the great shining lie of separation, limitation; and consensus reality.  We have been taught to let others do our thinking for us because we somehow lack the ability for self determination.  Our egos have succumbed to the constant barrage of marketing, that we "aren't good enough" no matter what we do. 

It has always baffled me that as persistent as they are at killing every messenger who teaches Love One Another, they sure don't mind having all those churches of various denominations around.  I wonder often about that.  Maybe the churches aren't teaching us to Love One Another anymore.  I wonder about that as well.

Why do we humans continue to have so much trouble embracing the concept of unconditional love?  It would seem to be the simplest of things to understand, and practice.  Along with separation we've been conditioned to embrace the "there isn't enough for everyone" mentality, which validates & perpetuates the need for competition, and adversity.  We have been programmed, conditioned and reinforced to see others as somehow less important than ourselves, instead of seeing them as equal sovereign souls.  That is the path of separation.

Separation has an ugly sister, her name is Resentment, and she knows how to dissolve the strongest of emotional bonds.  They're a 'tag-team' kind of dynamic duo and between them they have laid waste to the human psyche.  These sisters have most of humanity feeling alone and hateful at a time we are supposed to be celebrating "The mind's true liberation" on the path of unity.  Resentment has crept into the very fiber of our being, and you can smell her stringent perfume simply everywhere.  

When we truly begin to Love One Another unconditionally we first see that "I'm another you ~ You're another me."  Then, in the fullness of time we see at last there is no distinction, and that we are indeed, all one.  This then, is the path of unity.

I guess in hindsight they had to kill John and Martin, because they were the vanguard of the movement that promised to put us all on the path of unity.  And then, they killed that movement as well, for even daring to make such an absurd promise.  How's that for tolerance?

If we are a race cut off from our destiny, then we have also been cut off from knowing our true past.  Why is so much effort put into obscuring the past and re-writing history?  What is it they are afraid we will discover?  For thousands of years the elite have promised better lives for us all, and for thousands of years they have given us only intolerance, oppression and intimidation...and death to anyone who dares teach the doctrine of Love One Another. 

Does it seem at all strange to you that here at the dawn of the Aquarian age our self appointed rulers are making policy decisions with Bronze age thinking?  Think back to the life you thought you were going to have.  How close is all this to that image in your mind?  This isn't what it's supposed to be like, and this is not who we are! 

The key to unlocking all of this, is the very first thing they bred out of us.  The capacity for self-love.  It has been suggested that we cannot love someone else more than we're able to love ourselves.  Therefore, if the ability for self-love is crippled, so will all love based relationships likewise be crippled.  Unconditional love means just that, unconditional, which translates to loving ourselves without limit, restriction, or condition.  Do you love yourself that way?   Who was it that first convinced you that you "aren't good enough?"

Every atom and molecule in your body was created billions of years ago by the explosion of a supernova.  You are stardust!  You are a timeless, ageless, immortal, multi-spectrum consciousness expressing yourself for a little while in an environmental encounter suit made from star stuff!  And you've been tricked into thinking you are a hapless earthbound mudpuppy unworthy of love.  Now, this is all fine and good if you chose these experiences to further the knowledge and progress of your soul...just so long as you know the power to change it lies within you...unless you've been tricked into giving it away.

Love One Another ~ sounds kinda absurd when you look around at the state of humanity on this planet today.  That state is best described as Upheaval as the populations of several countries are continuing the domino effect of the Arab Spring revolution across the globe.  Humans are pushing back against the all pervasive pernicious evil running things in this place, they're tired of the constant lies and bovine excrement...they're acting out a bit, letting off some pent up rage.  They're re-learning who they are and taking their power back from those who stole it.  Good entertainment.  Even better when it arrives here! 

Over the last few thousand years it seems that we have tried every conceivable mindset except Love One Another... maybe it's time to give it a try and see how things go; I mean what's the worst that could happen, right?  Sure arms sales would plummet, but on the bright side, toga and jell-o sales would be through the roof.  What if they gave a war and nobody came - it was a great bumper sticker back in the day and would make a great liberation cry these days.  Like Bill Hicks said, "It's just a choice, between love and fear."  Simple is true, and there is nothing more simple than that choice, between love, and fear.  The simplest of things.

So, how about it, got all the fear you can use, check.  How about love, is there room in your life for more?  I know you love your family, wife & kids...but how about that terrified father in Syria trying to find food to feed his family as he seeks to protect them from the war raging all around.  You got room to find love for him too, you'd better, because he is you, you are him, we are all one.  It's as simple a thing as that.

Does it bother you that gays can now legally marry?  If so, Why?  How does the affirmation of their love threaten you in your life?  Answer, it doesn't, and if you think it does then you have an awful lot to learn about love, life, and being alive.  You probably also have an enormous amount of room in your life for love.

Love One Another, man that sounds just like chocolate ice cream for everybody!  A pure, simple thing like love.  Universally unconditional love, not one single human being excluded.  How many hearts would it take to trigger the mass effect across the planet?  If just one million of us could hold Love One Another in our hearts for a full day, think of the effect that would have on everyone else.  It might just get them hooked...what a lovely and overdue addiction that would be.

The power of love usually doesn't get a lot of positive press, but it did this week  when a young child was brought back to life by her mothers loving embrace. (1)  This is exactly why the message of Love One Another has always been persecuted with such fatal zeal; because it is the key to unlocking the cosmos, and all that is.  The power of love transcends the matrix, and is not bound by those artificial reality rules of conduct. 

The power of unconditional love can heal our souls of all that has been done to us; through the magic of forgiveness.  Just as we must fully love ourselves, we must also learn to fully forgive ourselves if we are to escape the destiny the unholy alliance has planned for us.  Want a sneak peek at just what that destiny will be?  Look around yourself, just look at the mess everything is in.  Now imagine that father in Syria, being you sometime very soon.  How does that set with you.  Will that destiny contain all the love you need?  If not I suggest you get busy conjuring up one that will provide all the love you require - how about a world with all the love everyone requires!  To those who say this line of thought is unrealistic, I suggest that you are still the victim of limited, and programmed thinking.

Look at the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto proving that verbal and written expressions of love have beneficial effects on water, our food and our bodies, and how expressions of anger or hate produce the opposite effect.  This is a repeatable experiment anyone can do which shows very simply how powerful things such as love and intent truly are.  The science of Cymatics shows us that the higher the resonance frequency, the more complex & beautiful is the 'medium' in question, be that sand, rice, or the human body.

We respond so favorably to love, and high, positive vibrations - it makes me wonder why we always seem to gravitate to the opposite end of the spectrum...or have we been led here against the counsel of our better angels?  Maybe that is why we avert our gaze with each new crime against humanity, because we quietly know in our heart of hearts that humanity is way the hell and gone from where we are supposed to be, and that the lunatics are running this asylum. 

Love One Another ~ it might be the only thing that can save us now.

Until Next Time ~ Be Good To Each Other




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Other Voices


  1. Very good piece! But it's not in the genes (genetic), it's in the memes. Thanks to TV, mass media, and pop cult-ure, everything perverted and sick, is now slick and hip.

    TV puts the brain into a light trance so that it's perverted messages of violence and cruelty can stream into the subconscious, where like weed seeds, they can begin to take root and eventually take over.

    Don't believe me? Have you been to the movies lately and been subjected to those HORRIBLE previews? DON'T LOOK! Look at your shoes or meditate. Nearly everything is dark, dark, DARK!

    Don't believe me? Stop watching the TV for six months, then sit down to an evening of "wholesome entertainment." Between the 200mph commercials, perverted sex humor that isn't funny, and outright meanness, your mind will be blown. But you won't "see it" for what is is until you've been away from it for a time.

    The new mass media, pop cult-ure, delivered in Hi-Def is THE vector point of mental contamination of our alleged modern, advanced society. Pull away for a period of time, then go back, and it'll be as clear as the light of day.

    1. Hi Scott~
      In this case it is definitely 'genes before memes' as the genetic manipulation I refer to was originally done many thousands of years ago when humans were much, much fewer. The social memes, GMO food-like-products and all the rest are merely control mechanisms to maintain dominance over all of us. What are you doing still watching their movies and commercials...don't ya know that stuff will rot your brain. Try the DMT channel if you want to see some real truth.

  2. A very important message - thank you for putting it out there.
    "If we are a race cut off from our destiny, then we have also been cut off from knowing our true past.  Why is so much effort put into obscuring the past and re-writing history?  What is it they are afraid we will discover?" 

    I believe we have great powers and abilities.  All of this has been hidden from us, via hiding the past, rewriting history, altering our DNA, blocking the sun, calcifying our pineal glands, adding fluoride to the water, pushing so many drugs on us.  They do this because once we discover who we are and what we're capable of, their power will be gone.

    The ultimate lesson we learn from all of our lifetimes and experiences is unconditional love.  Who are we?  We are god.  That is so powerful.  Of course they want that hidden!

    Much love,

    1. Always good to hear from you Clarity, am glad this struck a positive vibe with you. Indeed "Forbidden Archeology" is one of the most important areas of research and disclosure. Check out the combined works of Graham Hancock, and his peeps...some astounding implications.

    2. Thank you, Chautauqua - I enjoy reading your posts.

      I appreciate the suggestion and will be checking him out for sure!

      Much love,

  3. Thanks friend for the inspiration.
    Feel embraced and loved.

    1. You Are embraced & loved my brother! Be well, and tell the trees hello from me.

  4. Hi Chautauqua,

    (Althea here.) Excellent summary again, Chaut, thanks. Seems to me Love One Another has been so far pushed onto the back burner, we have to keep moving the pots to find the elements! But the fire never went out. Just want to say it's getting easier these days to unconditionally love and perhaps that's because we're not floundering quite as much in 4D, but hitting the low-fives now. Or is because we're detaching? Certainly, the energy that's coming our way cannot be denied. Instead of evolution or revolution, how about a Lovelution? What is good these days is that instead of just one lone messenger, we now have millions. Always thinking of you and like Dr. Emoto I'm sending you high vibes that all liquid systems are working better. Love, A.

  5. Hey Althea, hope you're getting clear blue skies up there in BC. Indeed, the message prevails, always hoping to ignite human hearts into action. Life was never intended to be a spectator sport...we're supposed to jump in feet first. Sad more folks don't know that by now. Detachment is critical just now, which is why I always advise folks to keep the eyes on the prize. Energy flows where thought goes, so keep focused on that arrival in 5D.

  6. Greetings Chautauqua,

    You are right, Love is the glue for the entire cosmos! It is our Lord's Love, His Word, that gave life to this universe. A vibration of thought to which began it all. No human can stop what is about to occur to this world. The time of judgement is upon the human race NOW!

    Those responsible for this evil will be vanquished by HIS LIGHT, which is the brightest and most powerful. It was prophesied long ago by the ancients. The history of your planet is not what you think. You will soon learn of your true beginnings!

    Just believe in ones self and look inward, for one who looks outside of himself only dreams, but one who looks within awakens.

    Yes, the darkness is here, and it will become darker as these evil entities try their best to keep the human race in slavery, the system of usery. It will only be up to our creator to restore harmony, no one else!

    There is coming a great shaking of this planet, not ever witnessed by the human race. As it was 6,000 years ago when the great flood cleansed this world, so shall it be now. Most will not make it, they will have to stay for another go around or two, but some will be in store for a most wondrous journey.

    God's door is parting open, and a great light is starting to shine thru, and it will cover the dark veil that is decsending upon this planet. It is His way of saying enough is enough. God created this world as a sacred place, a library for the cosmos, one of learning. It holds the secrets of the universe, which also lies within every human being. For as you have said, the All is ONE, it was all created from His thought.

    It is time for change, the law of the universe. From chaos begot harmony. From darkness begot His Light, and it all changed!

    I am but a messenger bringing forth His WORD. As He gave it to Noah, so He is giving it to me to tell all of you. There is no time left. If I could tell you one thing, it would be to look inside of ones self, and see the fire from within, His Love. If you can SEE it, then He will see to it that you are looked after.

    God created the human race for a reason, for no other sentient being in the universe holds the key to it ALL except the human race. It lies within the human heart, LOVE. That key opens HIS DOOR, and you become God-like. Beings of Light, immortality! Of HIM!

    For when that door opens, you will know where to go! The wonders of the universe are within you. He made you in His image! To look after HIS library, GAIA, stewards of this planet, and to share the Love and Compassion that lies within all humans.

    There will no more wars, no more killing, no politics, no greed, no corruption. Those human contrivences will be swept out of existence! It is time to wake up to the sounds of the wind rustling thru the trees, and the birds singing. It is time to be truly FREE, FREEDOM of the human spirit!

    Become one with yourself, and one with this planet, she holds the power, God's Love, His LIGHT.

    They want you in fear, that is how they control you, BELIEVE IN ONES SELF, THEY FEAR YOU, they know YOU HAVE THE POWER!

    They know that if they cannot control you by fear, they lose. It is time to look inside!

    The real journey is about to begin. Get your ticket and buckle up! ITS GOING TO BE QUITE A JOURNEY!!!!!!!

    All the Love,


  7. Hard to live in a state of love when we have fear and anxiety shoved in our faces. I believe the world is a better place each is just hidden from us,so we have to look harder.

  8. You are right, Love is the glue for the entire cosmos! Lighting For Artwork