Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Archon Agenda


Late in the afternoon of Friday April 24, 1964 New Mexico police officer Lonnie Zamora was in pursuit of a speeding car just south of Socorro, when a loud roar and flash of light off to the right caught his attention and he broke off pursuit to investigate, thinking perhaps a dynamite shack had exploded.  Being as the hilly landscape obscured his view, Zamora drove his cruiser as close as possible, then climbed a small hillock in search of the source.  Cresting the hill the experienced police officer saw he was a hundred fifty yards from a car sized, egg shaped UFO on the ground with two occupants outside, apparently making repairs.

I have a vivid memory of that day, back when I was just fifteen years old; listening to my transistor radio & shooting hoops in the backyard when the announcer read the story of Zamora's encounter in the nearby desert.  As I listened intently my skin became rippled with truth chills.  Everyone else calls them goose bumps which is just nonsense.  I call them truth chills because it is how your soul lets you know you are in the presence of some core truth...and I had a major outbreak that day!  I was already quite interested in the subject of UFO's to begin with before the story broke and hearing of this close encounter so close to home was like pouring gasoline on a smoldering camp fire.  That was it, I was hooked for life on the subject, and anything remotely connected to it.

 During the ensuing years the pursuit of this subject has been the carrier frequency for my research and education about the real world behind all the lies we're constantly fed.  As a general rule of thumb, the amount and complexity of official denials is usually pointing to exactly what is being hidden in the first place.  It certainly didn't take too long for me to understand that this particular rabbit hole goes way, way down there where the darkest and dirtiest truths are concealed from view.  When I finally found that core truth, it reared up and bit me right in the subconscious.  I was more than prepared to believe my government was lying thru their teeth about UFO's, but it backed me up for a moment of pause when I realized the government wasn't only lying about alien presence on Earth but was indeed being totally controlled by that alien presence. 

I saw my first alien spacecraft in the skies above the southeastern Oklahoma town of Hartshorne in the summer of 1966.  I had traveled there with two friends from high school because the town was in the news as a hot bed of UFO activity.  As it was, the residents of this tiny rural town were logging daily low level daylight sightings of flying saucers for a period of many consecutive months.  I would have walked there if need be.  My friends and I stayed there for several days, camping out under the stars at night watching the skies.  To be sure, we had seen several strange lights far off in the distance or at high altitude, but nothing more, and we were feeling a bit gypped.  The daylight sightings seemed to have stopped during our visit, which made me somewhat suspicious.  The things we saw at night just weren't close enough, and we feared we might end up returning home with little more than mosquito bites.

It was July 26, and our last night in Hartshorne, and we were depressed at striking out on the close encounter sighting we'd hoped for.  That evening there was a community sky watch in a huge open field on the edge of town.  The visibility was excellent and the weather perfect, nary a cloud in sight.  Because we were 200 miles from the nearest large city, the night sky was spectacular without all the washout from artificial lighting.  There were maybe 25 or 30 people present for the event, including the town's leading UFO enthusiasts, Mrs. Alta Claire Morgan, & Mrs. Bob Bookout, who owned the land we were on.  My friends and I were determined that if there was any activity we'd see and photograph it.  This was our last chance.  Some of the folks trailed off home after a couple of hours, and eventually it was just about a dozen of us true believers left.  About midnight or so Mrs. Morgan asked me if I thought 'they' were just sitting up there watching us and laughing.  I didn't share her degree of humor.  After so many hours of watching the night sky over this town it somehow looked brand new each time you looked up.  Suddenly someone yells out, "Hey look, there's two of them flying in formation!"  When we looked up sure enough there were two tiny white lights slowly moving together directly over the field we were in.  After a few seconds, we could tell the lights were getting closer, because they were getting bigger and brighter...when I looked thru my 10x50 binoculars I could clearly see both lights, one at each end of a massive cigar shaped "mother ship" type craft!!  Each light was illuminating a small area of the hull around it, and it looked like seamless pounded aluminum.

By this time everyone else had also realized this was one huge craft because there was not a human sound being made, and no one moved a muscle.  We watched as this huge ship floated silently down closer still to our position. Now we could see the whole thing clearly with the naked eye.  There was no thought of getting a picture, no thought at all as I just watched this thing come within 50 feet of the ground and fly slowly toward the distant tree line some 300 yards away.  As it headed away from us we had a stern view, with just the aft light visible.  When the ship arrived at the tree line, it pivoted 90 degrees to the west, and just hovered there above the trees for a period of five minutes giving us a wonderful side view profile of the craft.  Thinking back on it I suppose the twelve of us must have resembled the people on "Close Encounters" just standing there in silent awe in the presence of this otherworldly craft.  When it decided to leave, it again pivoted, back to the original heading, and just vanished!  It took less than 2 seconds for it to escape eyesight flying at treetop level.   
When you see something like that it instantly changes your entire world view.  You can never un-see the thing, so you have to make friends with it or it will drive you insane with cognitive dissonance.  Mind you this event took place several years before I discovered the truth and learned that the alien species controlling events on Earth are known as Archons.  We might not know of these Archons were it not for the Gnostic writings which originally described them in the Nag Hammadi.*  These 13 ancient codices somehow managed to survive totally intact despite repeated purges of information and knowledge down thru the ages.  You see, these Archons are masters of deception and manipulation, having created the artificial reality we currently live in; not entirely unlike the Matrix movie fact there are many who believe that those movies were made specifically to reveal this artificial matrix like reality.  As with any takeover, whether it be bold or surreptitious, there is always an agenda in place leading to the ultimate desired goal.  The reason the Archons have gone to such monumental lengths to conceal their presence & agenda, is because it's decidedly nasty, as in the permanently extreme. 

Just like Chinese nesting dolls, the Archon agenda has concealed the truth of things by shrouding it with layer after layer of lies, deceits and obfuscations.  The Archons have captured the human race.  Let that sink in.  They captured the entire population of this planet.  It was done so gradually, with such expert nuances as to be considered a masterpiece; that's how good their creeping assimilation is.  Researchers like John Lamb Lash believe that the Archons were present in this part of the galaxy even before the Earth was fully formed, and that seems to coincide with other lines of research that lead us into the part of our history that is the darkest and best kept secret.  That secret is that back when mankind was very, very young visitors from other worlds decided to 'uplift' our species, to accelerate our development by genetic intervention; they mixed their own DNA with that of early humans.  This was not done for the purpose of lifting us up to their level, but rather to create an entire race of slaves, to further their unholy agenda.  Now, all of this did not just happen in a vacuum so to speak; as there exists a kind of confederation of sentient, space-faring races in this galaxy.  Just as in star trek these various races sometimes are at cross purposes, and conflict ensues.  The ancient Indian text the Mahabharata relates the story of a massive war fought in the skies by star beings in flying ships called Vimanas. There were descriptions of terrifying  weapons sounding exactly like nuclear ancient India


Some of the accompanying artwork leaves very little to the imagination as to what the story was referring to.  The point is I guess that some of these races seek to do whatever they wish at all times, and other races resist them when possible.  Turf is carved out, boundaries established and rules of engagement agreed to.  In the beginning this confederation of races decreed that Earth should be left alone to develop however it would, but the Archons had different ideas, and pushed the issue.  We of course have all come to know of races such as the Pleiadeans and Arcturians who seem to be peaceful, advanced and benign, and yes, they also operate upon this planet on this plane of existence, mostly as allies to us beleaguered earth folk.  Unlike the Archons, these other races tend to play by the 'rules' and are thus unable to just step in, although I cannot for the life of me see how doing so could possibly make things worse than they are now.
The reason the Pleiadeans and Arcturians don't come rolling in to kick some Archon ass is because of the universal law of non-infringement which demands non-involvement unless certain conditions exist.  I am fairly certain that one of those provisos is that we humans stand up for ourselves, and begin the fight.  How can we realistically expect these older, more advanced races to come to our aid when we won't do so ourselves?

Kind of a good question, huh?  Makes sense too!  Maybe in the silence at the heart of things, if we don't rise up in defense of ourselves and our home world we don't deserve to keep it??  Let us not overlook what I think is a very key issue, a single question; why have the Archons worked so tirelessly to fool, deceive and hoodwink us?  To my mind it would have just been way easier to show up seventy or a hundred years ago and just take the place by sheer force, wouldn't you think?  So why all the bullshit matrix holographic reality crap, why all the tricks & mind games?   What if this is the only way they could take us over, by manipulating our emotions, brains and reality?  What would the Archons do if everyone suddenly saw them for what they are and began kicking some ass?  Is it conceivable that is something they cannot deal with?  I think it may be possible.  I think the Archons have pulled a galactic "Fonzie" maneuver on us, and we bought it just like Ritchie Cunningham. 

What is the Archon agenda?  To answer that question you have only to take stock of everything you see going on around you in the world today.  As Jeff Rense concluded in a recent video, "We are being attacked from all sides."**  This presentation really sums it all up in one rather nasty eye opener, and is a must see in my humble opinion.  The Archon agenda can still be stopped because what they fear the most is exposure & disclosure...they can only win if we do nothing and give them what they want.  When you look at it realistically we really have no other option but to stand up and fight like only humans can because we already know what the Archons have in store for us if we don't.  So what do we have to lose by picking a fight?  What's the worst that can happen?  I don't know about the rest of you out there but I would rather fight like hell and lose than just roll over & play dead.

Maybe the genes needed for that kind of courage have been bred out of us by our Archon overlords over the generations, leaving us with just enough to be efficient at killing each other over resources and treasure.  Perhaps we cannot exceed the limits of the genetic engineering which originally spawned our particular race of beings to be slaves, maybe it's expecting too much; they tell me I do that a lot.  I am not about to lower my expectations of humanity to comfort its deafening silence over these issues.  You see, we are made of sterner stuff than we think, and the Archons know that, and keep it from us at each turn of the screw.  Look around you...wouldn't you say humanity as a whole is behaving with a slave mentality...just like the elephant thinks he cannot roam free when tied to a lawn chair!  We have been conditioned and programmed to be passive, and submissive to authority for generations, and it's a hard thing to break free from, but not impossible.  We must try.

 I know this does not paint a pretty picture to match with humanities residual self image but remember, "I only said it would be the truth."  Of course we don't want to believe that we were genetically engineered to be a slave race.  It revolts us to think that we have been slaves for generations, and will continue to be until the moment of our final breath.  Our ego resists such thoughts and immediately dismisses them, and that might be OK until you pause to remember who it was that created and fed that ego...who conditioned it to think a certain way? 

The truth is that we are stronger than that.  Humans have a strength these Archon parasites lack, its why they are here doing all this crap in the first place, it's their plantation and they're harvesting what they need from all of us.  Trouble is, the game has been running for so long parts are breaking down, revealing the darkly sinister machinations behind the facade of the illusionary world pulled over our eyes.  The slaves are waking up right on schedule at the end of the Kali Yuga, awakening to find that while humanity slept; parasites invaded, trying to steal our world away, and our very souls along with it, a package deal.  If the Archons had the wisdom of the Maya or the faith of Quan Yin then they would just know that you cannot hijack the eternal order of procession.  They would understand that as humans we are merely a physical manifestation, a vehicle as it were for a timeless, ageless, undying spark of Christ consciousness, and as such can never be enslaved, without our consent.

Once fully awakened and aware of the dire straits we are now navigating, the children of the fifth sun will unite with a single voice, a single purpose; and rise up in a furious rage against those who would be our masters for eternity.  Those who cannot abide the light of day exposing their agenda cannot stand against us once we are ONE, which of course is an anagram for NEO, because in this matrix, each of us has to be Neo.  Every one of us who knows the truth of this matter needs to pick up our light and join the fight.  Others have been fighting for us for decades, and when those warriors fall, it diminishes us all.  The world seems a colder, more distant place without it seems this night.

The truth lays bare before us, we are out of time, and we can see what needs to be done.  Yes, it's a decidedly nasty job that will throw lives into upheaval and chaos.  This struggle for the future of humanity will ravage us to the core and shatter most of our strongest held beliefs, let it!  Most of those beliefs are either backwards, or lies anyway so have done with them and rise up!  You can bet your paycheck that the Archons won't just pack up and leave without a fight, and they have avoided that fight because they know they can't win it!  Does that give you any ideas?? 

The only way the Archon agenda can prevail is if we fail to rise up to our highest potential, and aren't you tired of all the help the Archons give us in that regard?  These guys are cheap bullies because they use advanced mental abilities to accomplish mind control.  If you should ever encounter an Archon, he may well try to 'hypnotize' you by getting close and gazing directly into your eye.  The way to defeat that tactic is to stand your ground, and project all the love you can muster as you gaze directly into the Archon's left eye!  By doing this, you prevent him from taking control of your mind.  I know what you are thinking, and you are takes a certain kind of courage to stay that cool in a face to face encounter, if it helps, just remember he fears you!  That is the key!!

I don't go off chasing UFO's any more as I did in my earlier years for the same reason folks give up chasing tornadoes.  You get the same exact thrill every time you see one, but sooner or later your luck might just run out.  When you know that what is flying the craft you are seeing is dark and sinister, it takes a bite out of the thrill and replaces it with foreboding.  I can do without that feeling, don't much care for it.  Still, when you least expect it you catch a glimpse of another ship every so often.  For me the thrill of seeing them has been replaced by the constant reminder of who really controls events, and lives on this planet.  A real buzz kill to be sure. 

 So, follow the bread crumbs, perform your due diligence, and decide for yourself which reality is real, and whether you will have the red, or blue pill.

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other



  1. Ain't that the truth, great piece about those bastards and the tricks they use, like matus said in castaneda's work, 'they gave us their minds' luckily we can evolve beyond their mind with our own, that's one of their greatest fears.
    and like you said, they dislike love but also the ones with a stronger mind and shapeshifters, like the old shamans, which they got rid off with so called religion...

  2. "never call them archons"

  3. Indeed an excellent piece on encounters with archons from Cameron Day; which was linked to following my earlier post on the subject, "Archons & Chemtrails"
    Many thanks!

  4. It's the "archons" - the demons who brought us the Internet - the battlefield of Armageddon - the battle for your souls. they brought us the Internet to manipulate our minds, stir us into a frenzy, and turn us away from, or make us doubt God. Only THEN they can have your souls - the "operating system" for the slave "bodies" that await. It's all fair in the Divine chess game - People make their choices on who and what to wor$hip.

    We've ALL lived MANY lives (reincarnation - it's their secret they've kept from us) and many people made their choice long ago to spit in God's face. They've been keeping their earned souls (the blasphemers) "close" (especially in this life) until the final judgment which will be very soon.
    It's why they HATE God, Jesus, and Christianity. Because they ARE the Way, the Truth, and the Light. And they attack the strongest of faith the hardest. Everyone else are easy pickings.

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  6. The internet is the medium by which we have been able to discern what is going on. The internet has destroyed the carefully controlled, pablum producing main stream media hold on our minds. The internet is now in the process of being brought under control, however, it is too late. Those who have been liberated will never go back. The contagion of truth, once ingested, changes the individual forever.

    Our enemies are striving ever harder to use the old forms of control to ratchet up the pressure upon us. Look at what Obamacare has in store for us in 2014. Look at what politicians like Bloomberg are attempting to do to personal choice for those who live in NYC. Look haw hard they are trying to legislate away the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of the USA. If the internet were a mechanism by which they control us, then they would not be scrambling so hard to cheapen it, to fill it with disinformation and useless fluff.

    TV is an invention that has paid off handsomely for those who would steal our very souls. TV is what makes us docile and stupid, not the internet. The internet makes us realize how they have been fucking us in the ass for generations.

    If Cliff High and remote viewers like Dick Allgire are even 50% correct, we are in for some "very interesting times" to borrow a Chinese euphemism.

    Learn the kinds of skills that will help you survive in a world without electricity, internet, TV and all current forms of authority. We are less than a month shy of the beginning of what can only be described as a giant cosmic shit sandwich - we are all going to have to take a bite.

    Adios, Muchachos!

  7. Hi 'Chautauqua',

    Great article!. I've been reading some of your articles lately, they're very inspiring.

    However, unlike you, I'm a newbie when it comes to UFOs, ETs & got interested on the subject 4-5 years ago, although on a philosophical level, I always had declared their existence.

    Anyway, I've been reading 'Alex Coolier's' material recently (yup, I knew nothing about him also, except for the past 2-3 months -- shame on me! :D) and he also had said than the 'Andromeda Council' had a bit of a discussion whether to intervene or not, but at the end, decided to do so, given the situation, here on Earth & the first stages of the war was carried out in space (I know you know this mate, but I just want to compose a decent comment)).

    But concerning this war on space between the benevolent & malevolent forces, I couldn't find any new material on happened or the outcome of the war.

    So I searched a bit and then I found about 'Tolec'
    , who also claims to be an Andromeda contactee, I was skeptical, I mean, there's a lot of misinformation out there, I was warned!!, by many.

    However, I found his info and the info of 'Alex' pretty much resonate with each other, & when compared to other sources that I trust (David Icke specially), the description concerning the Earth's situation given by the 'Andromeda Council' seem to fit-in, I mean, I don't know mate ... but ... anyway.

    In some of his interviews & his blog, he says that the war on Space has been won by the benevolent beings and the Draconian, Orion, the Greys etc ... were defeated (around late 2010 or beginning of 2011).

    He says that a technology that was founded by the people of 'Procyon', that can scramble thought sequences of these 4th density reptilian entities, was of great help as well.

    Then as the second stage, the benevolent group concentrated on their underground bases on Earth, and that as of now, they're all gone.

    But he status that, according to the 'Andromeda Council', the Archons still have control of the planet, in terms of politics, economical means, media etc and that, there are few reptilians left, who disguise themselves by using 3D human looking hologram bodies.

    So he says that, we're in the finial stages of this battle & there are few events need to take place, before the Andromeda Council & few planet members can openly visit us, the Earth people.

    I'm not going to say much, I just wanted to know what you think of these information ?

    Thank you!.

  8. G'Day Mate!~ Well you certainly created a cogent comment and did find me unaware of the Tolec data regards the Andromeda council. I too have found an overwhelming lack of reliable data Re; current events in this sector of the this data you brought with you is most welcome indeed! The part about the war's current status really vibed strongly with my inner tuning fork; and that scenario is way more than likely to also help explain & account for so much of this "shark feeding frenzy" chaos we keep seeing on a daily basis recently. We all have to keep very focused on this fact that the slugs are run, desperately trying to keep power even as thousands more human sleeping dreamers "awaken" every day. The slugs are gonna try to pull the big "Fonzie" routine on us; masterful intimidation convincing everyone they are too powerful to defeat while all the time...they are panic driven as their matrix crumbles around them. We must resit them at every opportunity, and refuse to be intimidated. Many thanks for your input. Check into a site called Gravatar, where for no charge you can create your cyber ID and your custom thumbnail image, which will show up wherever you post comments and such. Lots of folks are using more and more, it's a Gr8 service...just trying to remove 1 more anonymous user on the interwebcybernet. Cheers Brother and thanks for the info!

    1. Hi 'Chautauqua'

      ' ... that scenario is way more than likely to also help explain & account for so much of this "shark feeding frenzy" chaos we keep seeing on a daily basis recently' exactly!.

      The so called 'powers that be', seem to be really scared of something & are having the worst timing with their current 'events'.

      BTW: I'm the above 'Anonymous' commenter and the real name is 'Gayan'. Thanks for the 'Gravatar' suggestion.


  9. We are kicking archon ass 24/7. Open war with these bastards is on. And, we love it! Though we are tired.....but we will not stop for humanity is at stake. Great article and i thank you for it. love you!

  10. man you are so right up my alley everyday since 2012 I always look at the sky and where I live, the days were mostly grey blanketed skies (depressing 2012) and you can tell it's not natural (a bit o HAARP?). And when we came through the portal of Dec 21-21 2012 intact I noticed a BIG change because almost from the end of January to May we had this period of fantastically deep blue skies, unbelievably incredible deep blue sky, even at night the skies were so clear you could see everything that just enveloped you, I'm amazed at how the constellation moves, it was so close to you. Cameron Day pointed out that one should take camera shots because of these changes we're going through and oh yeah I have taken thousands of amazing displays... so now it's getting more weird I notice there seems to be, well it feels more like a battle going on or is it these pesky dark ones being pushed out of our conscious hanging around up there. There's white puffy clouds (that's the Light doing their job) and then these shapeless really dark-wispy clouds floating under the white clouds, sometimes this darkness would try and take over the puffy white clouds and you can see they trying to push out towards the sun to cover it up (and they're supposed to be going the other way, for goodness sake!) man I get mad point my thoughts & my finger right at it and verbally tell it to piss-off, and I make sure they get a good dose of it. You know I would sure love to give Cameron Day a helping hand in clearing out these ankle-biters but this meditation thing is really hard for me. I can go on and on but I'd better cut off here... great article though oh Wilhelm Reich's invention of a device a rain-maker or somethin' he pointed at the blinky red star apparently shot it (Sheri Shriner) and that moon, now days it does go all over the place, not like how it use to back when.

  11. I have photo shots of the moon either behind the sun or just above it, and it's huge. Made me wonder, if it's here sitting behind the sun, why is it not on the other-side of the world, is there more than one moon? For years we've been led to believe there is only ONE moon. I remember it riding high up in the sky during the daytime and not questioning what's it doing there during the daytime, shouldn't it be on the other side of the world? Just as the sun goes around the earth so should the moon, opposite each other so we were led to believe. Read that it could be a satellite,a spaceship or a hollowed out moon. I know that David Icke has his points on it, Tolec even..., even these scientists who said that it rang like bell when a couple of nukes were exploded upon it. Who was it who said that there would be no more moon trips to it after that first trip, NASA? If there is MORE THAN ONE, who would be operating these things? I am suspicious that when these CLOUDS race over to cover up the sun completely, which is most of the time, something is going on. I like to think that it's those 'noddys' up there UP TO NO GOOD and when I get up THERE, there's gonna be BIG CHANGES up there! I'm not the only one who says when they get up there, THERE will be changes. Interesting to find out why we see only one-side, of ONE moon?

  12. I think (the moon)is there to 'wound' us up during the day (It's Huge!) 'full-speed ahead'. Not so much at night, but when most of Us are busy out and about during the day BEing & DOing, to get as much 'negative energy' out of us as possible. Perhaps also to beat down the frequency and to keep it down even more.
    When we sleep at night, we're in their realm (more-like, hi-jacked me thinks!)Well if those lucky enough to have a lovely dream, great!

    One moon on this side of the earth and at least another on the other... who knows how many more there are... on all sides of the earth? no one's ever checked and you would certainly get no-joy from NASA.

    (these videos merely point-out there are these reptilians & other creatures occupying the White House)

  13. Don't think you would call this Geo-Engineering, but what ever it is it's been going on for far too long. As for these ETs? well I call 'them' 'noddies' whoever 'they' are. When we do eventually get up there 'they' will truely get their asses kicked! OK...

    Saw last night how 'they' actually cover up our sky (South Auckland, NZ continuous gray clouds we're always getting). Don't ask me who 'they' are, as far as I'm concerned 'they're ET-MORONS', and NO not an airplane on earth would have been able to do this. This thing is vast. Tried to take photos of the amount of stuff they were shooting out (thick and fast), far out into the atmosphere (couldn't see it, this 'lit-up' thing, but this white stuff being shot out was coming from somewhere), of course my camera being just small Fuji 10.2 mega pixel (can't produce clear night images), but I did manage to get this photoshot of this 'Lit-up' thing: - In the mid hours of the morning the sky became patched with small clouds, for as far as I could see. Woke up again at 7am skies blanketed in gray clouds. Rainy days are back.

    For the past 2-3 days we've had these beautiful blue skies day and night, and then these morons came along just to spoil it all, crapped on it. They've been doing this for such a long time, far too long, now it's time for them to CLEAR OFF!
    Next time once these gray days clear up and we get our blue skies with clouds, you can bet I and my little Fuji camera will be there snapping plenty of photos, day & night. You'd be amazed at what's up there. Most people just laugh and think it's funny. I think with the veil thinning and when you do point out in the photos to these people of what actually is there in the sky (it's just teeming with eye-opening stuff) they just hurry away from it, don't want to know, oh well, their loss...

  14. Did you not read John Lash's book, 'Not In His Image'? Because he carefully explains that the Nag Hammadi specifically states that the Archons tried to mate with humans but failed. We are not products of Archon DNA. That is a lie from the ancient Sumerian texts.