Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life Consumes Life

A Photo Essay


Parasite Alert
Legend of Augureye Express

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other


  1. reminds me of my last red light camera ticket

  2. OMG... The one with the surfers and the waves of sharks! O.o Eeek!

  3. I'd go swimming with dolphins any day, they're actually pretty evolved beings compared to humanity! Of course, with Fukushima radiation poisoning the Pacific ocean, who knows what truly cool mutations might evolve!

  4. (Althea here.) Wonderful collage, thank you.

    Joseph Campbell in The Power of Myth:

    "Furthermore, the serpent represents the primary function of life, mainly eating. Life consists in eating other creatures. You don’t think about that very much when you make a nice-looking meal. But what you’re doing is eating something that was recently alive. And when you look at the beauty of nature, and you see the birds picking around — they’re eating things. You see the cows grazing, they’re eating things. The serpent is a traveling alimentary canal, that’s about all it is. And it gives you that primary sense of shock, of life in its most primal quality. There is no arguing with that animal at all. Life lives by killing and eating itself, casting off death and being reborn, like the moon. This is one of the mysteries that these symbolic, paradoxical forms try to represent."

    And Campbell also said:

    "The illumination is the recognition of the radiance of one eternity through all things, whether in the vision of time these things are judged as good or as evil. To come to this, you must release yourself completely from desiring the goods of this world and fearing their loss. "Judge not that you be not judged," we read in the words of Jesus. "If the doors of perception were cleansed," wrote Blake, "man would see everything as it is, infinite."

    Yes, shocking, but okay! I am coming to understand what Icke means when he says, "Infinite love is the only truth; everything else is illusion."

    Infinite Love to you, Chautauqua, I hope you are feeling better now. It's been more than rough lately, but it's just an illusion. A.

  5. Althea~ what with Joseph Campbell being one of my all time favorite souls, you made my day, sister...and the quotes are perfect as can be...
    (whispers low...those quotes by themselves would make a shiny response to Elva's piece up in the garden today) Indeed, infinite love, infinite illusion!
    Much love sis.

  6. (Althea here.) Thanks, Chautauqua, for posting over at "the garden". You see, for me I think the animals and all those wonderful kingdoms that eat of each other without regret, including the worms the robins extracted from my garden this morning, KNOW they are connected to Source. They live in the moment and they understand what the illusion is all about. We humans don't know that connection to Source, we're getting there, but until we do get it, we will continue to beat on ourselves and upon each other, unfortunately, about what is right and what is wrong and who is more and who is less, when in reality, the animal/bird/insect/fish/vegetable/fruit/grain kingdoms don't need to forgive or question, because they already know their connection and are not too concerned with being eaten up at all. When we understand and act upon the unconditional love that is the base of all other kingdoms, except the human one, then we will be who we have always been and the honouring of each other will return. Hope that made sense. Love to you, Star Bro. A.

  7. On viewing-feeling your latest creation, the image came to me of dandelion breezing in the field, unflinching; yet so healing and valuable to us all. Most are not aware…and yet,
    The dandelion spreads far and wide, softly. Touching a few who resonate and pass on the truth…
    And it builds.
    You are inspiring, in-deed, bro.
    Thanks for sharing.

    old naughty