Monday, July 22, 2013

Already Gone !

A few years back I had the job of caretaker at a Llama ranch out near Bodega Bay California.  In many ways it was ideal for me as not everyone wants to rent to you when your room mate is a 175 pound arctic white wolf.  Beyond that bonus, I really enjoyed being there in that remote foothills area and tending to the Llamas.  I was, as they say, in my element, and loving it.  The little caretakers cabin was ideal, if you didn't mind living on the side of a neighbors and a respectable view, who could ask for more, right?


So, there I was one morning, nearly two years into the job; going about my morning chores of feeding the Llamas, chickens, and sheep.  It wasn't unusual for the boss to stroll out to see me if there was something on her mind, and I could tell from the look on her face I wasn't going to like it this time.  I put down the bale of alfalfa I was carrying and walked over to meet her in the driveway.  With arms folded tightly across her chest in the classic 'defensive/closed off' posture, she spoke.  "There just ain't no easy way to say this, but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave - I have to fire you."  I certainly never saw this coming, as I'd been assured several times how much she valued me; scratching my balding head, I asked her, "Wow, this seems awful sudden, did I do something wrong here I don't know about?"  The expression on her face was that of someone trying to bluff in a poker game, with a weak hand.  "No, not at all" she said; "It has nothing to do with you."  She went on to explain how her deadbeat brother was broke & homeless in Vegas, and called her demanding his old job back.  Ironically, this was the very same deadbeat brother who two years earlier had snuck out unannounced in the dead of night, leaving his sister high & dry, so he could go make his fortune in Las Vegas. 
I reminded her of that fact, and that he was also an alcoholic, then asked if she really felt like trusting him again.  She not only answered in the affirmative, saying "Family First, Blood is thicker than water" - but then added that I had to be out & gone in 48 hours!  I knew I was getting shafted royally here, and that a few well placed phone calls would have her answering to the state employment bureau.  I also knew that if I fought for the job and won, I would be in an adversarial relationship with the boss from then on.  I didn't want to leave, especially not like this; but I did, knowing there was a lesson in here somewhere for me.  Usually when spirit uproots you there is something better waiting to discover you; and I tried to keep that in mind as I drove away for the last time. 

The day after my replacement moved into the caretakers cabin a powerful windstorm rolled into the county.  I was staying with a friend who took me & the wolf in, and we were watching the news coverage of the massive storm damage.  The next morning from out of nowhere I got this urge to drive back out to the Llama ranch.  I didn't have any logical reason to do so, but the little voice (I just have the one) was adamant, so I went.  As I made my way cautiously up the private drive I understood why the little voice had been so insistent...the caretakers cabin was now a pile of kindling beneath two large trees!

All the way back to my friends place my mind kept rolling over the many implications of that stunning visual.  I was suddenly so grateful I'd had the wisdom, and faith in myself to just leave instead of making a big stink out of things.  At the time, I was really upset over the 48 hour eviction notice and how it violated my rights as an employee.  It would have been so easy to get more time before moving out, but it would have made no difference, the cabin was already gone!  The weak, tired old trees had been living on borrowed time, standing by force of habit more than anything else.  I had even suggested having them professionally felled, but the boss didn't want to spend the money...typical shortsightedness.  That those trees would fall on the cabin was a foregone conclusion, the only question being, who the occupant of the house would be when they did. 

The reason I share this story is because it is the microcosm within the macrocosm.  The New World Order is about to fall on this country and others just as those trees fell on that cabin in the woods...Actually, we are already gone!  Just like the hapless coyote in the roadrunner cartoon when he runs out of road.


There is  always that long, extended moment of time when the coyote seemed to float weightless, before gravity kicked in; just enough time to cognate his predicament.  That is the moment of time we are all in just now.  The foundations of our freedom have been deliberately eroded and the institutions we thought were there to protect us have all been compromised.  We are in that split second before actual freefall begins; that twilight zone limbo moment when one paradigm is replaced by a different one, and the world seems to change in an instant.  This then, would be a most excellent time to disengage from the dying paradigm before getting 'God smacked' by the one they have in mind for us all.  The case of reality cramps we're about to see is one ride you don't want to take; for those who doubt, or cannot visualize what it would look like, just Google Cyprus, Syria, Turkey, and oh yeah, Geoengineering & Transhuman agenda - just for starters.  While we were professionally distracted, the infrastructure of freedom & liberty has been dismantled, leaving little more than a storefront facade to keep up appearances - for a little bit longer.  The bubble has already burst folks, the only question is,

                                           Where will you be when gravity kicks in?

Detach and disengage as much as you possibly can from the system, government, and the whole nasty paradigm.  Believe me, I know how hard that can be to pull off.  Fortunately for me, I was corrupted by the writings and teachings of Stuart Wilde at a relatively young age, and have been a fringe dweller ever since. 

Obviously most are hopelessly plugged into and dependent upon the matrix, as that is it's prime directive.  Where it might have been 'impossible' to disengage and escape the system several years ago, because this particular addiction is very hard to break, and we all need to earn a living...that no longer applies since the planned obsolescence of the system is at hand, the wrecking ball has already struck ~ we are damn near out of "tomorrows" here folks, so why are you still commuting thru traffic that annoys you to a job you hate?  Can't you see we're all circling the drain here?  Or are you content to go down the tubes along with the great shining lie?

Last week Zen Gardner was on the Vinny Eastwood radio program talking about this very scenario, and I learned something I'd never known before, which is always fun, well nearly always at any rate.  Vinny brought up the old saying about lemmings being so dumb they follow each other over a cliff to their death; and then added the rest of the story...that some researchers had gone down there to study the lemmings, and for whatever reason, attempted to herd, or capture them...resulting in the terrified lemmings running off a cliff, which never seems to get added to the tale, because then it would make way too much sense.  We're a bit like those lemmings, I think; allowing the great shining lie to herd us like cattle to the slaughter house. 

Even though we are witnessing the great awakening of literally millions of people across the planet at this time ~ it is still a decidedly individual event when you are the one with freshly opened eyes, and a mind screaming with countless questions.  The first thing you absolutely need to do, is follow the instructions on the mayonnaise jar lid ~ Keep Cool-Don't Freeze.  It is vitally important to not give in to fear or panic even though the system is being taken down right before our eyes.  If you can maintain your cool when those around you are loosing theirs you'll have an immense advantage.   The next thing you need to do is assess your situation, and see what changes you can make toward better self sufficiency.  It's called risk assessment, and these days it is decidedly a survival skill.  Once you identify the immediate risks you are being exposed to the next step is of course risk management, the process of eliminating as many risks as possible.

There is a growing expatriate movement; folks who have decided to leave the country, for good- and the list grows every day.  My friend Zen Gardner recently did just that.  After years of raising alarms and consciousness on his website, and advocating departing the country for those who could, Zen did what's known as walking his talk - actually doing the thing you talk about, leading by example.  In a way, we face the same dilemma as Japan with its Fukushima problem - We can't ALL leave the country, that simply isn't feasible much less practical.   To those with the means, resources and insight enough to leave the country I say it's worth considering.  For the rest of us, it becomes a choice between staying put, or looking for a safer place to live.  Considering the things we will soon be facing, I think converting one's assets into rolling stock, such as an RV might be a very brilliant move just now, as very often when the fertilizer hits the ventilator mobility becomes the key to survival.  Ultimately your survival plan needs to be as unique and different as you are, it needs to answer your needs; but it all begins with detaching and disengaging from the system, and the great shining lie.  Indeed, the hour is late, but it's not too late to start, and you gotta start somewhere.

"What the caterpillar sees as death, the butterfly sees as birth."

The "Owners" of this country as George Carlin called them; are about to reveal their endgame scenario and are doing many very calculated things to keep our attention & focus centered on fear.  Fear of terror, fear of war, fear of  disease, fear of health care, fear of blacks, browns, yellows, and of course white supremacists.  Because they have been reading our mail and listening to our phone calls they know exactly which fears to promote, and when.  They are really good at this.  The reason for this is simple, and you already know it.  They pump us full of fear & loathing because those emotions cut us off from our true, authentic self, our higher self, and most of all, the fear cuts off critical thought and eventually leads to panic.  Just what the "Owners" want from us.  Fear and compliance.  I say, give them neither.  Give them bloody hell instead.

When we are awake, and connected to spirit,  fear diminishes to manageable levels.  Anything and everything which connects us to spirit, or strengthens that connection is under attack by the great shining lie because that is the way to unity, and reclaiming our true and mighty power.  They are afraid of us for the same reason the zoo keeps that big gorilla in a cage.  "They" want us all terrified, they want us to see things as the caterpillar does, ending in death.  They conceal our true spiritual heritage from us because that leads to our evolution as a species...the evolution taking place as you are reading these words.  The birth of a new species.  Don't buy the Lie!  Don't give in to Fear!  Become what they most fear!  They are losing even now!

Snap Out of It !!!

Cognitive dissonance is what happens when the human brain's capacity to make sense of the world nears overload levels.  In order to prevent this from happening we humans subconsciously use several defense mechanisms such as Denial, Repression and Compartmentalization ~ which is a way of lying to ourselves so we don't have to face the ugly, truth.  Kinda like the mighty ostrich.  That which it does not acknowledge does not exist.  Until it does!  With some help and nudging from the "owners" we have hypnotized ourselves into a state of sleepwalking thru this dystopian nightmare like so many zombies, oblivious to any reality beyond immediate needs & wants.  We do this to ourselves because we have seen the truth, we have done the math, and realized just how Fracked we really are.  Fracked, and helpless to do a single thing about it.  Deer in the headlights, slow suicide on a dying world.  Its already gone.

To disengage from the matrix and the transhuman future it has planned for you, you're going to need to just snap out of it.  Use the daily hammering of the human spirit as a self induced slap in the face, and snap out of it.  We need you out here because in the final analysis it's a numbers game; and  as the prophet Jim Morrison pointed out, "They have the guns, but we have the numbers!" Do whatever it takes to snap out of it; here are some tips.  Turn off your TV, stop taking un-needed medications, Start taking daily supplements like Garlic, Cayenne, Turmeric, Niacin. 

Snap out of your apathetic lethargy, it isn't you...or don't you remember the 'you' before chemtrails, GMO food-like-products and microwave soup in the air.  We are tainted, poisoned & contaminated, but not beyond repair, or hope of recovery.  Many are now feeling the endgame gambit is in the air and afoot already, just waiting for the next false flag moment when the population is frozen into inaction, God Smacked and confused.  When this happens ... remember the advice on the mayonnaise jar lid.  "Keep Cool - Don't freeze"

Can You Hear Me Now?

When the Llama lady fired me I had the option of fighting for something I believed in to stay in a place I was comfortable.  The "law" was on my side, and I could have used it to stay there; but doing that would have been ignoring the message from spirit that it was time to go.  As soon as I meditated on it the answer was crystal clear: leaving when and as requested was the only thing that got passing marks from my heart.  There are considerations more important than being comfortable and right, among them is still being alive.
We must develop a kind of blind faith in the voice of spirit which enables us to act, and respond without hesitation, for he who hesitates is lost.  Is your spirit trying to tell you something?  Are you having trouble making out the message?  Is spirit pushing or prodding you in a certain direction or action you're not too crazy about?  Listen well to that still small voice within:  It has no agenda and will never lie, or send you bopping down the wrong trail.  Listen well and heed the call of spirit. 

Because the next sound you hear will be the sound of gravity kicking in.



Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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Other Voices


  1. Thought provoking as ever. Your ability to describe the moment through anecdote and metaphor captures the unfolding reality beautifully.

    The darkness that encroaches upon us will only deepen with time, that seems clear. How we choose to walk into that darkness is our common concern. Here is our chance to stand shoulder to shoulder as a human family. A chance to stand tall and true in the face of fear. To look death in the eye and take a step towards it in the full knowledge that behind the veil of this reality we are a part of something unimaginably limitless and eternal.

    A thousand thanks for your words.

    1. Your words have pretty good voice as well. Are we ever gonna feel silly when we finally see beyond the veil, and understand death for what it is. Namaste~

  2. All I can say is classic. That has to be one of the funniest picture of the chicken with the alligators, I want that for a greeting card. Where can you find this?

    All kidding aside, the Coyote is always able to get right back up after the fall. Most people after this happens are going to be throughly in deep over their heads. The recovery likely will not happen. The governments have become totally evil and want to control us like in some science fiction horror novel. This is only going to be half the problem, as lack of food and other needs are going to drive so called civilized people into a barbaric state. I can respect many people's views on protecting yourself and weapons, but to save your life and those around you that matter everyone out there needs a firearm or more than one firearm.

    Everyone can say love one another, but there are going to be plenty of wild drugged out rapists with HIV, others that just want to torture you, still others that want everything you have, and some that take pleasure in killing innocent people. Each one of us may, probably will, have to protect ourselves and others or become these monster's victims. Just like George Zimmerman with someone trying to kill him beating his head into the concrete, he had to stop the attack. I don't think George would ever want to have done this, but sometimes it is either them or you. They say to love one another, this also means yourself enough to stop from being hurt or killed. You have that right, and with this catastrophic series of events coming down on all of us, this is likely going to happen.

    Each person has a choice to use deadly force or not against a dangerous thug. Bear this in mind that unless you or someone stops them many more will suffer in a post apocalyptic world without any law enforcement. Many people feel that they just cannot use a gun against another, even a serial murderer. They will be surprised in a terrible situation how they will feel the need for self preservation when faced with this awful reality. People, in just my opinion, all need some type of firearm. I admit it I am pro second amendment as I believe that everyone has a right to defend themselves and their family and friends and their neighbors.

    Many people that prescibe to peace are completely anti-gun and against others self defense rights, and what is coming is so horrible, people need their self defense. In the wake of these demons that shot up children and others, there is a call for gun control and the wiping out of all self defense like many other countries have done. This is wrong and infringes on another's right to protect themselves even if someone themselves cannot hurt even a maniac.

    I can feel it coming, so can so many others, the hammer is coming down on all of us. Maybe it is something is space like a rogue planet, the planet itself, global war, I wish I knew, but it is coming so fast and so terribly. I guess one level of preparing is to get ready mentally and spiritually for it. Like a firestorm, all we can do is try to make our lives as safe as possible and be ready to hunker down for hell rising.

    By the way Chautauqua, how are you doing after your horrid episode of losing your friend from that dope head running him over? I can imagine it is still very difficult. Do you feel his presence or has there been any contact? I tell you, I am so sick of tired of these episodes of misery in life that hit when you are less expecting them.


  3. Just love coming here to read you up! Wonderful you sure are!

    Your sister Martine

    1. Lost you, I thought I had :) Long time dear sis ~ Always great to hear from you. ~ Blessings

    2. You can't loose me!!! You might not see me here and there but rest assure, I'm all ways here and there! :) Hope all is well! Huge hugs to ya my brother.

  4. Hi Chautauqua,

    (Althea here.) WOW on the youtube clips! Yup, Already Gone, but methinks not quite like Zen has. Moving ain't the answer. Grooving is! Timelines ticking, portals opening, minds expanding, hearts afire. No way this Planet is going down! People, maybe! Planet, no. Stick with the Planet and always order pizza from someone you love. Better yet, make your own. And, Chaut, I got to know more about those white wolves. Now, where did I put my beer? Love, A.

  5. Hi Chautauqua,

    I just want to say a big thank you! Reading your blog is such a wonderful help.

    Lots of hugs,

    1. Stephanie~
      You are very welcome; so glad it resonates with your spirit, but sooner or later folks will figure out I'm just in it for the hugs :)
      Thanks for the input!

  6. Your best yet.
    I am feeling exactly those you describe..waiting for the shoe to drop, lonely because no one else I know really sees this coming, paralized because I don't know how to save us other than being in the present when things hit and making the calls to get out of town or stay.
    Your words help a lot!

    1. Tennessee~
      I think by now everyone must certainly see the writing on the wall and the Chemtrails in the sky. The tribe has sensed the imminent return on the folly of our ways and is in full on zombie mode...buying guns because they think that is all they need to survive, sad really, an evolutionary cul-de-sac, a captured species ...

      It depends a lot on your situation. If I was 32 years old, with a family and a future; I'd be plenty pissed right now. I've watched this stuff come to what it has over the last several decades so it's not such a shock, and my expectations are proportional. All we really have control over is where we wish to be, who we wish to be with, and if we face the end with dignity. Namaste Brother,

  7. Dear Chautauqua. Those whom feel that buying guns is "all they need" to survive are true fools. There is a huge number of other items like food and water, along with intelligence that are necessary to survive what is coming. A firearm is but a tool, the same as a knife, an axe, a plow, a hammer, a tool used for self defense that sadly will likely be very necessary. If you look at the mechanisms of a firearm it is really quite primitive. It is basically just a piece of molded metal with springs, firing pin, much less advanced than most tools. The combination of chemicals, gunpowder, is not different from any propellent. People make out guns to be evil, yet it is the people that are evil that use any weapon for evil purposes. The gun itself is nothing but a paper weight to those that either don't know how to use it or are not willing to.

    I personally cannot understand someone that has a family and friends that is unwilling to save them and protect them when certain death or severe injury is imminent. To me they value the attacker more so than the people around them. A philosophy of peace is wonderful, but when the situation presents itself, sometimes a person must defend themselves or at least those innocent people and animal friends around them that cannot. I just don't understand how anyone can refuse to at least try to stop some demonic creature from hurting and maiming those dear to them because they have some commitment to non violence. Just in my humble opinion this is very selfish and a person of such values their principles over the welfare of those that need them.

    I have thought about this much from people such as Gandhi and many other deeply religious leaders and would they stop a crowd of people from being massacred if all they had to do was pick up a rifle and shoot the attacker. To me anyone that would allow this based on a coded type of pride is not really interested in peace for anyone other than themselves. Others' suffering doesn't matter as long as they can retain their belief. In other words life sometimes throws all of us very difficult choices, and when many other people's lives and safety are at stake does a person do the right thing or remain stubborn to their convictions no matter how many die and suffer for it.

    I see too many people just because their lives are rosy, lose touch in reality that others in different very horrible situations are faced with decisions that they say they would never do, it is wrong for everyone they say. No one that is good or decent wants to kill another, but sometimes evil that has no other purpose than evil has to be stopped or it takes over and wins. Whether it be a firearm, a blunt object, a sharp object, a bow and arrow, whatever, a weapon is a device of self defense to stop. At least that is always the way it should be viewed as.

    What is coming we will need everything we can get, including self defense, to see it through to the aftermath of this upheaval. Unless you can shelter yourself in a safe cave somewhere, there will be hoardes of crazies. Your life and those around you are worth way more than their miserable existences. Don't ever forget to also love yourself and remember you matter.


  8. I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited.Thank you.