Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sweeping Changes and High Strangeness

The Grateful Dead played their last concert ever in the bay area the other night; and it seemed fitting somehow...as the long strange trip on planet earth gets stranger by the day, and a procession of the known & familiar heads off into the mists of history.

We're way out beyond the reach of history now which is why so many seem confused; it's because all the solutions we've learned from history are outdated, as we scramble for fresh understanding amid rapid changes and widespread cognitive dissonance.

Things nowadays are seldom as they seem, or as some would have us all believe them to be.  We don't see the entire scope of things, many unknown factors are swirling about in the winds of change; much is being crafted and scripted, and everywhere we look we see that which we call the matrix tightening it's oppressive coils of control like an evil, wounded Anaconda.  

ObamaCare has now survived a second supreme court challenge and with experts doubting there will be another challenge; it's likely here to stay.  Other new legislation addressed inequality in fair housing, gaining ground on that issue as well. 

The same court also handed down another historic decision the same week; declaring that same sex marriage was now legal in all fifty states.  Of course this had to share the limelight with the aftermath of the latest incidence of racial violence which sparked backlash against public display of the confederate flag nationwide.  Too bad people can't manage the same levels of passion over Fukushima, or fracking as they do flags and sexual preference.  Unfortunately, the court also ruled against protecting the environment by dialing back industrial emission laws.

Then there is the story about a white woman masquerading as a black woman, and the other story about Bruce Jenner's sex change into Caitlyn Jenner, hot on it's spiked heels.  Amid all the hyperbolic coverage of all these stories comes a sinister push toward mandatory child vaccines, just one more unwanted thing we have no control over.  Also, as the country was distracted by all the street theater, Obama quietly passed legislation on the TPP trade fiasco; which is just one more thing that may not be as it seems.  However on the positive side there are now costumed, masked crime fighters prowling the streets of Seattle!
While on the surface these historic changes seem like long overdue progress; we will do well to remember what I previously mentioned, much is being crafted and scripted.  Just as these historic steps caused millions to rejoice, their detractors are bound to be equally passionate in their scorn.  Passions which those in the shadows would just as soon see boil over, and as we all know by now, they just love lending a "helping" hand in such matters.  Pitting opposing factions of belief against each other seems to work every time.  When do you suppose we'll catch on and quit acting out the roles scripted for us to play?

At their core, these kinds of changes are about humanity and dignity, and perhaps elevating them above petty partisan politics and prejudice; at least for a while.  But why not as a society, seize this forward momentum to push thru even more long overdue changes favoring humanity over the corporations.  Then again, as the matrix continues to falter and fail, maybe some of its members figure it would be good to win some of us over before the final crash.  Just because the powers that be have an ulterior agenda at work doesn't mean we cannot capitalize on the push for progress. 

This week saw the list of 2016 GOP presidential candidates bulge to a record breaking bakers dozen; with the actual election some 18 months away.  An unlucky 13 of the biggest lunatics, whack jobs and all around pandering mega-flakes ever to disgrace this country.  You listen to any of them; and its just the same exact tired old white guy mentality rattlesnake poison they've been spouting the last fifty years.  How about maybe we ride the tide of recent historic changes and keep up with the upgrades.  Maybe we start by sending all those hateful, prejudiced old white men packing once and for all?  How about a clean slate, with young, progressive thinking people from every walk of life being in charge? 

The ongoing financial crisis in Greece is affecting American 401K plans, spreading fear and apprehension into financial markets an ocean away.  We would do well in this country to heed what is transpiring in Greece, and just maybe try to emulate what has been going on in Iceland.  As this is happening the FBI announces a cancellation of all leave or vacations over the 4th of July weekend.  In Maryville, Tennessee over 5000 have been evacuated after a train derailment resulted in a poisonous toxic plume blanketing the area.

Meanwhile reality TV shows are getting closer every season to attaining their ratings smashing goal of actually killing a contestant, and they've already come close.  Here's something to wonder about; there currently are around ten shows in production which focus on surviving in the wilderness; why?  Is this some more subliminal predictive programming?  Does someone somewhere know something we don't?  Inquiring minds want to know, and then there are those who don't. 

The pope recently went public with his edict on global warming & climate change; citing that it's a problem for all of us to address together; that it is our responsibility to the future to address this critical issue.  This is another solid win for agents of change, because now that global warming is part of an official church edict it will automatically increase awareness, maybe even result in some authentic concern as well.  Whether or not we actually act on the behalf of our progeny, well that is another thing entirely.  If the past is truly prologue, then I'd hazard to guess that when all the rhetoric finally fades away we won't have much to brag about.

Elsewhere, in the natural world: raccoons are cruising around on alligators, weasels are hijacking woodpeckers, crows are surfing eagles, and grizzlies are accosting tourist cars; not to mention serial shark attacks on both coasts.  At the Kruger game park in Africa A leopard attacked a safari guide in a vehicle; just months after another fatal lion attack nearby.

Two news crews covering a San Francisco murder were robbed at gunpoint; the thief making off with their camera equipment.  In Germany a robot killed a worker at a Volkswagen plant; and over 300 wildfires in Alaska have turned baked Alaska into a reality.  Wildfires erupting in California are more foreboding than ever what with the epic drought here.  As arid California burns, Texas is being deluged with record rainfall, causing record flooding.  Elsewhere, tornadoes are roaming about the Midwest in surly mobs heading eastward, as the UK suffers under an unusual heat wave...and everywhere you look it seems airplanes are falling out of the skies in record numbers, including in my old hometown of Ketchikan, Alaska.

All of this chaos and turmoil is the trademark signature footprint of fourth dimensional timespace resonance; and it denotes both the death of third dimensional reality and the transition to higher, more stable frequencies.  Even bigger changes await us just around the bend, and not all of them will be for the betterment of all.  Things won't be this chaotic and turbulent permanently; we're in a transitional phase which may last a few more years at best before things begin settling down to a new normal for humanity.

 Depending on where your energy & head is at, as the intensity begins to fade you will either perceive a thoroughly dystopian society around you, or one that is licking its wounds and actually embracing the evolutionary track. 

Whether you believe in reincarnation, or yolo, (you only live once) this life on this planet is not a spectator sport; we have to contribute something, some effort, some commitment to the kind of future we want to see.  Haven't we learned by now we simply can't trust our future to greedy old white men any longer? 

The trouble is that we've all taken shelter from the swirling winds of change within our own personal belief systems; and as long as we refuse to operate beyond the confines of said belief system, no growth or progress is possible.  Energy follows thought, which simply means that we tend to create what we think about the most.  If all one's time and energy is devoted to resisting the matrix, that will become your reality, intended or otherwise.  We must guard against becoming that automobile mechanic who fixes other people's cars yet never has time to work on his own ride. 

We must learn to detach from the struggle against the matrix frequently enough to make sure our own vehicle remains in top shape for the journey ahead.  If we don't focus on ourselves as much as we agonize over the state of the human zoo we're destined to remain a part of it.  I'm pretty sure you don't want that any more than I do. 

When I made my living as a drug/alcohol rehab counselor; about 90% of my clients were court referred DWI cases, which meant it wasn't their idea to come see me.  Many were antagonistic and uncooperative, and a few showed up who refused to even speak during their mandated hour with me each week.  My reaction to this hostility was putting a plaque on the wall,  just beneath the clock which read: "Never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig."  It was there to remind me that one cannot teach to minds which arrive closed and locked.  I am sure that many of my clients back then thought the sign was for them because that is the nature of the self-centered.

Not my circus, not my monkeys.

I eventually had to let that job go because it was a permanently negative environment, resistant to change, which was just helping the system to function, nothing more.  I'd become a well paid cog in the machine, performing a rote function that was eroding my soul a little more every day, while not making a bit of difference.  I tossed that job, but kept the plaque and the philosophy.

When things created in 3D begin breaking down in 4D - don't waste time or energy attempting to make things as you remember them; just bless it, release it and move on.  Learn to recognize when something has served its purpose for you, and just let it go.

4D is not 3D, and the reason so many are dealing with cognitive dissonance and fear right now is because they're still carrying on as if we're all still skipping along in 3D reality.  There is a reason why so many things and institutions and governments are breaking down just now: their time is done yet they continue thinking and behaving as if all the same old "rules" still apply.  They don't.

The rules have not only changed, they're in a kind of fluid state where they morph abruptly without notice or warning, into something entirely different; forcing us to be vigilant and cognizant of our surroundings day to day.  No, things definitely are not as they seem much of the time these days, because of conflicting world entities who are at cross purpose with one another.  Leaves the rest of us in the unenviable position of being caught between them as they grapple. 

If you like; you can of course stick around until the final bell to see who "wins" but of course by that time you'll just be part of the crowd trying to find the exit to the parking lot.  Perhaps it is a wiser move to realize that all this conflict is kind of negative, kind of counter productive, and quietly leave the arena well ahead of the final blow.  

So, if you want to make progress in these times of sweeping change and high strangeness, get out of that comfort zone of yours and shake off the stagnation.  As any baseball fan knows, you cannot steal second base while your feet are stuck on first.  A conscious decision to act is required if progress is desired, simple as that.  Life should be about expanding our comfort zones to include more and more things, ideas and concepts; not just clinging tightly to the old and familiar, as they march on into the mists of history. 

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"Every day is judgement day ~ The best you can do is forgive"

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  1. This is in response to what you just posted and Archon Endgame from last year. It is all connected, and we are a bit further down the road toward...something. Curt Vonnegut was very insightful but he struggled to identify why we are here in the books he wrote. In one, "Venus on the Halfshell," written in pen name Kilgore Trout, the protagonist ends his quest for the meaning of life in the presence of a giant cockroach who happens to be the Supreme Being. No answer came forth other than "just because," and just because is where Vonnegut finally abandoned his quest for the answer. After Vonnegut passed away, his son offered an attempt to answer in lieu of his father, "We are here to help each other through whatever this is." I guess he had to say something, but you see that the question goes unanswered.

    In Archon Endgame, you laid it out very well, the big picture, that is. All the dots we are trying to connect. Of course, at the end of all the years of connecting those dots, we each want to know why. We want to know who and what we are, where we are from, what we are doing here, and what comes next. What we need but lack is a reference point from which to anchor ourselves in order to know what is the right thing to do. How should we spend our days and what future are we handing to our children?

    All the dots you mentioned are self-evident regardless of how few people admit to seeing any of them. How many times do you try to convince your friends and loved ones of what is right in front of their noses before you say to yourself, enough? And we need to factor in the notion of non-interference in other peoples' lives too. Do we, the awakened ones, have a right to convince anyone of anything, or is attempting to do so a violation of a cosmic prime directive? I don't know.

    How many bullitt points should I repeat here? Such as Fukushima, the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, GMOs, mercury fillings, vaccines, chemtrails, constant warfare, divide everything and everyone and conquer, religion, the Bomb, HAARP, CERN, the NSA and all other alphabet agencies, and on and on. I think that anyone who still has the ability to think critically and has an open mind can see that all the bullitt points indicate self, societal, and species destruction. We have been trained to shit where we eat and the future be damned.

    Today in Northern California is will be 115 degrees. The water is disappearing and the governor is bringing up the notion that maybe we all need to get the hell out of California since others in the past had to do it. Mull that over for a moment. Many US citizens are secretly glad that California is taking it up the wazzoo and when the desperate migrants (think "Grapes of Wrath" only way worse) come seeking a new home in their state, how do you think that will go? Right.

    What Vonnegut illustrated over and over, the theme of all his novels, is that we are all insane. He may have been right, but what is insane? The problem with human discourse, verbal or written, is that it can be hijacked into rhetoric. Words can be linked together in such a way that a cognitive knot is tied that cannot be untied through words alone. And we are left with what we know to be true in the marrow of our bones.

    But we can't prove it, so ha-ha.

    Are we living in an artificial matrix, or perhaps in a really shitty timeline? Maybe, but does it really matter? Are we only as real as an alternate versions of Eddie Dean and Jake Chambers at the end of "The Dark Tower?"

    This post of mine leads nowhere. I have no answers for I am every bit as blind as you and everyone else. Do we blame it on the "gravity well?" My solace is this: We either exist in a realm or multiple realms for a higher purpose or we don't. If we do, the answer will come someday, and if we don't, then nothing matters anyway.

  2. If you haven't already, you should do a blog yourself; nothing wrong with your thinking, and most of the time I do believe that indeed, "We're all mad here" as you speculate. You hit squarely on all the right points with great input, so hey...thanks, it went down well with my first cup of coffee today. Yes, we are in just one of many parallel/alternate realities, and yes thus is a really shitty timeline. When things feel their darkest I meditate on that other me who got the really swell timeline, I go visit him a while and we exchange notes & guess what, no drugs there...nobody wants or needs 'em!!

    Allow me to suggest a movie I think you will totally enjoy, called "Zero Theorem"

    I think we all have a spiritual responsibility to try to warn friends and others about the horrors at hand and the really crappy looking future; and what they do with that information is their deal, not ours. I think what is wrong, is to interfere with something they're doing because we think we can help them. It's called the cosmic law of non infringement, and it simply states that maybe people are doing, going thru whatever THEY NEED for their path on this life; and we do them a disservice by trying to "help." Now if they should come asking for your input or help, that's different, and permitted, but mostly these days it's still a huge waste of time and effort. It's a singing pigs kinda thing, you see?


  3. Good article Chautauqua,
    You covered a lot of ground . As for your previous comment, I've been thinking along the same lines regarding trying to wake friends and family up when they're not ready. Our personal experiences are our wakeup calls. It's up to the individual whether or not they're ready to listen.

    That's why I enjoy the various perspectives found in cyberspace. We never know how we can touch those who are ready for it. We also never know how someone else's perspective can touch us. As I see it, truth all comes from the same Source anyway. It's foolish to take too much personal credit for it as this only obscures our receptivity and limits our growth.

    BTW, just posted an article on the ZG site that I thought you would appreciate.


    1. ff~
      Yup, we can only be expected to try just so much and beyond that, well, guess it's on them to balance out. Indeed there are some most excellent new horizons in cyberspace, ya just gotta go find them, they won't always come to us. Always enjoyed the concept of honoring truth so highly we defend it with a ring of lies. Not to mention all the other monkey chatter which seems to obfuscate the truth even more. I hardly ever claim credit for one truth or another, just a subscriber of that which resonates as true.

      Very good post there, and as odd as it may sound to some; I agree with about 99% of what you say~ I just don't think I'm ready to discard symbols which represent ideas worth spreading, such as 'peace', 'infinity', 'Om', to name a few. Perhaps we still have a use for those types of symbols.

      Bullseye; all flags of nationality, sovereignty etc, etc are indeed there to keep the sheep in line; and in that possible reality I referred to of a wounded world getting back on the path of evolution - I saw no flags of that kind of all. For quite some time I've flown the "Earth" flag on my property, though I'm certain there are those who would belittle that as well, it just represents something we all have in common, every last one of us. I'm with you, let's dump everything that separates us from one another.

      Peaceful Blessings

  4. Chautaqua

    Those of us who love life, or just love, we do what we can regardless of whether or not it is enough.
    I appreciate the compliment.

    Once upon a time I got paid to write, for newspapers, magazines, and an advertising agency. In each instance, I ran afoul by crossing the invisible line we must never cross. The Smothers Brothers used to lay it between the lines, or so they claimed, but it only got me in trouble. For example, as a reporter and features writer for a publishing company along the Colorado River, a sort of fallback position or so I believed, I created a persona by the name of The Ramblin Guy, who rambled through the Mohave Desert overturning rocks not meant to be disturbed, as a travel writer. I soon had a cult following, which didn't bring in any more advertising money, but it did make the invisible power structure comprised of masons, shriners, mormons, organized crime, and underground military installations quite nervous. I found it necessary to become the invisible man and vanished into thin, hot desert air.

    I thought about writing some books and have considered doing a blog, but something compelling holds me back. It has to do with a well developed survival instinct combined with a need to be around for my kids. My wife, who contracted Morgellons in the desert and passed away five years ago, constantly told me to not stir up trouble for trouble would certainly find me. I think she was right about that, and yet trouble found her instead of me. Perhaps she was the price I paid. So the occasional response to a well thought-out post is all the writing I intend to do. I am no longer who I used to be.

    1. I too spent some time living the desert southwest, and turned over a few rocks I should have let be. Tarantulas, scorpions, and rattlesnakes are great motivators to just lit it be as the Beatles suggested.

      I used to write for some of the leading "new age" publications in the pacific northwest, but soon grew weary of their editors cutting and diluting my words to suit their particular world view, or protect it, either way it sucked so I tossed the lot of them into the void from which there is no return.

      The tragedy which claimed your wife is yet again proof that the 'universe' is not a touchy-feely, warm and cozy kinda place. The universe is cold and uncaring, and every so often sadistic as well; as many of us have experienced the hard way. The eternal price of speaking truth to power & prejudice is that we must always balance our need to do so with our equally vital need to protect ourselves and loved ones from cowardly retaliation. Fair is someplace they judge cows and pies, don't look for it where humans, or even nature is concerned.

      None of us are who we used to be, or were supposed to be. We're all somebody else now.

      But dude, what about that awesome pic of the raccoon riding the gator.....
      ~ Do notice the parting shot pic to see how shortcuts ain't worth it ~

      Peaceful Blessings Brother ~

  5. Chautauqua

    I might have guessed. You remind me of...me. I love the raccoon riding the gator. I love this world and everything natural of it. But there's the rub. I sometimes feel Vonnegut's frustration and his need to beat the daylights out of the creator, until something a lot bigger than I gives me a nudge which I take to mean, "You ain't seen nothing yet."

    We from the late 20th century got spoiled by the calm before the storm. We got lulled. We got soft. Now, for the first time in our lives, we get to share in the hardship many other parts of the world haven't been so fortunate to avoid. And we will have to take upon ourselves our fair share of the burden which awaits. I am not screaming "Unfair!" But I don't have to like it. Whatever my attitude may or may not be, I will be here to meet it. All the shortcuts are gone.

    1. Yeah, I often think Kurt was certainly one of this worlds frustrated genius's- him and McKenna both. You're so right we got spoiled, lazy and content. My first tour in the navy sure opened my eyes to the kind of misfortune so much of the world lives in, alongside the skyscrapers of affluence in nearly every case. Didn't mean to put words in your mouth, the 'unfair' thing I tossed in because it is something we see, and sometimes think all too often.

      Maybe that's why so many reality shows about wilderness survival; because we are about to reap the whirlwind, baby. The previews of coming attractions are over, the curtain is going up, perhaps sooner than many of us anticipate. The only shortcut now is the old zen thing about not being there when the knockout punch arrives; a "Celestine Prophesy" kinda thing.

      I'm still trying hard to sneak away into a better alternate reality, the one where the hippies turned it all around, and old fat white men went extinct. The one John Lennon wrote about.


  6. Before you sneak away, as I've been trying too, share the secret if you discover it. If I find it first, I will tell you how. I have a feeling that the how of it is so easy that we miss it.

  7. Coffee to wash away the morning doom. This is how it is each morning and I bet I'm not the only one.

    The hardest time of day is watching the rising sun. Not awake yet, it is the border between the sleeping me which has traveled far but not remembering while the body lays at rest just before the light of day summons us to take our place, to get ready to rumble. It's daylight in the swamp. I reluctantly rise, not wanting to let go of the only free time we have which is when we sleep. We've got it ass-backwards. The night isn't scary, it is our friend and our spirits are free to roam. Maybe our spirits visit those better timelines where John Lennon is now an old man who no longer writes songs and where nanite bioweapons don't exist. Or maybe we visit with people who already left, but we can't stay and the gravity well will not allow us to remember where we went.

    The morning is when we have to remember that our rulers want us dead. It wasn't a dream, they really do. That is the morning doom, remembering that we are in a silent war against quiet but very real weapons. You look up to see how bad the spraying got while you slept; already there are trails dissipating and on the horizon a couple more are headed your way. It's daylight in the swamp. But after two cups of coffee and a few smokes I am ready. Bring it.

    1. Elegantly stated~
      Can't add nothing to this, it's perfect!
      from one wordsmith to another.

    2. ...So good in fact I'd like to re-post (as is) at some point in the near future:
      Would that be OK with You??

  8. Chautauqua

    You have my permission to repost, and thanks.

    High Strangeness

    I felt the energy change around 1986, give or take a year or two. About the time Raygun got shot and Poppy Bush and his sickening shark grin stepped in. People I knew seemed slightly different, but I wondered if it was them or me. The change was everywhere and in everything. The world didn't feel the same. It felt more dangerous and at the same time more sterile and less alive. The ground felt dead and I could no longer see the auras around trees and other living things. The magic was missing. People less genuinely demonstrative and ever-so-slightly counterfeit, less warm, less open, more covert. People I had known all my life. I sometimes felt I had lost my mind. So I made a determined effort to "nazi" the changes anymore for the sake of going along to get along. This would later change because you can only lie to yourself for so long before the rivets start to pop ;-) The sun looked different. Less yellow, more bleached. And the sky, less blue and more pastel.

    In 1992 I drove to Lake Mohave to commune with the old ones. I did this as a child, up in the dunes atop the hills when the sun drew low. The old ones had welcomed me even though I knew I was trespassing. They had been there brooding for a very long time. But they had a sense of humor. The old ones were gone in 1992. No hint they had ever been there. Very unnerving but you can get used to anything when you have no choice.

    Don't ask me why I just posted this because I don't know.


    1. stranger still;
      1992 was when I took my personal vision quest into the desert southwest as well!

      Many of us noticed the same kind of changes you spoke of. I was living in Alaska at the time (1975-1982) and I even noticed the difference there. It has only gotten worse over time; and now it really feels to me that the endgame is at hand.

      Of course that is exactly the goal of the programming,
      to keep us all feeling as if the end times are nigh.

      Who is burning the black churches in south Carolina since the shootings; rednecks, or government black ops ninjas?

      They're about to set fire to the swamp.

  9. Damn their eyes! We know who the firebugs are.

    I spent my childhood summers camping on Lake Mohave for very long stretches. Despite the two dams and the wounds they inflicted, the spirit energy permeated the senses and healed all wounds. Something beckoned me up the hill at the age of seven, or let's say I found it impossible to resist the urge to climb up the steep embankment. The old power still held sway and it became my place too. My parents and siblings wondered why I went up there each early evening, not returning til after the sun had set. I couldn't say that I belonged up there, but "chasing lizards" satisfied their curiosity.

    The old ones wouldn't have left. This I know. Which can only mean that this is not the same world I lived in as a boy. They are still there, right now. It is we who left.

  10. I went to a lecture back in the 90's given by a professor of South American cultures. The lecture was about the Mayans. He talked about how the 2012 world ending prophesy was all a load or rubbish, and that the Mayans never said this. What he did say is that the Mayans arranged their celestial time around spiritual vibrational cycles (taught to them by visiting gods-aliens perhaps) , and that this last cycle to end was the time of separation. The new cycle the Mayans said would be about unity and spiritual brotherhood. What stood out in the lecture more than anything was that the Mayans said mankind had to prepare for the new cycle before it arrives by finding our spirituality, and letting go of disunity, conflict and the need for self to be above the whole. They said if mankind doesn't achieve this in the time prior to the changeover then the world would literally become hell, as everything created with the energies of the previous cycle would fall apart, and madness would ensue.
    I remember these words because I am now watching the madness 'ensuing', and our beloved earth becoming hell. I personally believe it is linked to earths magnetic field. Russian studies have shown that as the magnetic field decreases in strength it is harder for brainwaves to stay in coherent patterns, causing mental unbalance. I believe it will only be those who are living in their spiritual bodies who will be able to remain relatively unaffected as the earths magnetic field continues to drop. Definitely a good time to keep your chakras balanced!!

    1. All you say is quite true. Especially about the Mayans; I think the cycles they were talking of correlate to both the Kali Yuga, and the shift from 3D, thru 4D, and into 5D resonance vibration.

      Yes, it all has much to do with the planetary vibration known as "Schumann's Resonance" which the 'owners' have managed to alter, which is affecting all of us, every day. That is but one of several "pacification technologies" being used, such as the chemtrails, etc.

      Absolutely an excellent time to keep the one's aura and chakra system in top shape.
      Meditation might be something to consider as well, they kinda go hand in hand.

      You aren't the only one watching the death by a thousand cuts demise of our beloved earth, with a tear in the eye. Remember, we all came here to bear witness to these times.
      We're the lucky ones who got to actually incarnate now.

      Thanks & peaceful blessings

  11. Just finished my morning doom rinse. Game face on. As the commercials tell us, "Let's do this." Like we have a choice.

    I put chakra awareness right up there with brushing your teeth. Maintenance of mind/body/spirit cannot be ignored lest we certainly will go mad. Meditation is also a part of my staring down the engineered apocalypse while the sun rises. I have to do this for the sake of sanity every day.
    Vibrational awareness too. When you find yourself suddenly bathing in a pool of fear or bewilderment, you have to move to higher ground. The Schumann resonance has been sabotaged for a long time. I have some audio tapes which seem to help in that regard but I can't play them all the phuquing livelong day.

    We do have a lot on our plates, do we not? Reminds me of the oversized patrons in the casino buffet line hee hee. I think a sense of humor needs to be in our toolbox. If you can laugh at the insanity something good happens. You can feel it in the tips of your toes. Laughter kills fear. So does love. The fact is, we are masters of our thoughts if we choose to be. It is a matter of focused intent.

    About our filled plates, we can speculate til the cows come home, which is what I and everyone else not sound asleep seem to have been doing since the towers fell. It isn't nearly enough. All it means is we are trapped in a guessing game called Who Stole My Planet and Why? Think about it. We don't even know what to call the evil bastards who most likely "did it." Nor what exactly it is they did. Did they beam us all into a nightmare timeline, or did they just screw up the one we have always been in? I have my own opinions based upon intuition and dormant knowledge deep inside, but no authority figure is going to give me an A+ for getting it right. There are no manuals for dealing with what confronts us now, and we are finally finally discovering that everything we thought we knew is wrong. The world isn't what we thought it was and neither are we, but what it and we are isn't exactly clear.

    Chautauqua, I am not convinced that I chose to come here and watch the world go to hell; in fact, I seriously doubt that is true. I am more inclined to believe I am here against my will and my presence is a result of gross deception that I am having to deal with the hard way. I don't intend for it to happen ever again.

    Peace, brothers

  12. [mankind had to prepare for the new cycle before it arrives by finding our spirituality, and letting go of disunity, conflict and the need for self to be above the whole. They said if mankind doesn't achieve this in the time prior to the changeover then the world would literally become hell]


    This is how "they" did it. Divide and destroy. There aren't enough of them to put a dent in all of us, but they found a way for us to destroy one another. Were there any global unity among the masses, we would be living in paradise. The good news is you just pointed the way out of hell on earth. The question is, how do we stop picking fights with the wrong people? Awareness of who the enemy really is. If moms and dads would stop encouraging their children to fight in stupid wars, the machine would fast grind to a halt. They know this, however, and so the race is on to bring in terminators should we ever get our global act together. The race is on.

    Any suggestions?

  13. I have one.

    The external material world represents who we are inside. Who we are inside has to change or nothing else will. Matter is created by our thoughts. Change our thoughts and new matter is created. Our thoughts follow the frequency we resonate in. So it seems we the human race first must understand why we are presently in a destructively low vibration. Because we each have the ability to govern our thoughts and vibration, we can, on an individual level, raise our vibration.

    In "Atlas Shrugged," John Galt invented a transmitter which overrode all global broadcasts. Thus he made contact with most of the human race. In "Ben Hur," Marcellus asked Judah how to defeat an idea then answered his own question: "With another idea." These are hints hidden in plain sight. We (humanity) are needing an idea transmitted to everyone. Do that and things change.

    We also need to accept the sad fact that a significant portion of people now walking the earth are probably beyond redemption and no transmission, no resonant frequency, will have any effect.

  14. Good grief you two, that was an amazing multi-day dialogue. Fabulous. Turned my crank and dialed in every facet of my 1975 to present lessons learned in Texas to Alaska similar path you Boomer wordsmith Truthers. Thankyou....I feel---not so alone.

    1. AK grrrl~
      Yeah, nice thread; they just happen that way sometimes, I think it's a resonance kinda think, like attracts like, maybe. These days I no longer waste time or energy when things don't work as expected. too much is in a fluid state just now for that. We must remember to "Be in this world, but not of it..." as the old teaching goes.

      In these 4D times of rapid, negative changes it's easy to feel isolated and alone, even with our cyber connections, because we all understand that the internet can go away with no warning.

      Nobody is alone because we're all in this mess together...
      When we come to really understand that, TPTB are in for a shock.


  15. It's better to not expect anything but more high strangeness. We are all experiencing displacement at the very roots of our being. Even the sleepyheads know there is nothing to hang their hats on anymore. Their beer and TV shows have grown stale and the churches are schizophrenic. So a reluctance to go online and speak your truth is to be expected. The truth is suspect. I know mine is. On the flip side, there now exists a great opportunity to jettison all the lies, which leaves a vacuum. Since nature abhors a vacuum, we must wait for something new to fill it, and it is not the NWO.

  16. I agree that the "more high strangeness" is the proverbial piece of gristle on the edge of our plate: we know all this simply can't be flicked off the plate politely, and we certainly don't want to re-chew the same stuff (now that we know what we know). However, in asking of elders about the progression of how the world changes(fast)in a lifetime and how one's thoughts/philosophies (thus-- activities) change with that...its my understanding that our introspection and, um, disclosure of all manner of truths, is cyclic. I would really like to be present, to see that a NWO will fail to grip this planet in total. My personal intuition tells me, that the current rate and scale of happenings will really sharpen things in the next 5 months. I'm thinking that everything you gents describe so eloquently during this last 100 year segment is laying heavy on the planet.I read that from those in the Zgarden over the last years. Other sites as well. How cool is it, then, that we chose to BE HERE NOW? I will really be surprised, if the unfolding of the year fails to change how we think about how things "are", and (really big) changes fail to occur in how we live. There are just too many aspects (that you both covered so succinctly) for the universal mind to avoid much longer. Its time to get up from the table with a cleared plate.

    1. AK grrrl~
      Well said, sister -glad you enjoyed the thread of high strangeness.

      At this point I guess our options are limited: one can either engage, help to clear the table and see what happens next. Or - one might just as easily push their chair away from said table and slip quietly away to a higher plane of existence.

      I have a hunch that both paths lead to the same destination; just with different scenery along the way.

      Peaceful blessings

  17. "What you do in life echoes in eternity."

    --Maximus, "Gladiator"

    I can only imagine how eternity weighs what goes on right here right now. Yikes!

    The three of us know damn well the center cannot hold. There will be a reckoning and soon. You do not abominate creation with impunity, not in this or any other universe.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree

      It does something very unpleasant to my soul every time another dead marine mammal washes ashore. Here in Calif. last night the news reported a dead dolphin, and several dead sea lions had washed ashore overnight- then the talking face stated so authoritatively, that scientists said that slightly warmer sea water had caused the deaths.

      Yup, that one had me screaming at the TV,
      and trying to keep my head from exploding!!!

  18. In an Asian country, Uzbekestan?, two days ago, 150,000 Llamas were found dead and more were expected. That's a big number. Wish I had the link. If this doesn't sound like an alien plot, you are eating the wrong cereal.

  19. The clowns and the demons keep putting on the dance while the politicians and the pedophiles are busily adjusting their pants. The strings are now so visible on this old and worn out stage, actors dancing from those strings as we turn another page. I wonder where is dignity that we need again so bad? What is now preventing us from knowing we've been had. Are we but simple Lemmings as we gladly follow along? My God what has us so blinded, when we know we've all been wronged?

    1. Perhaps, we are all mad here.

    2. As High Strangeness sweeps through July and August into September, the pitch and swells find many of us barely head-above-water, and gulping for air. I see minds and hearts and lives bursting like dropped melons on a hot sidewalk. The shift, the process, the changing paradigm----whatever the label, the apex is surely closer. If we are all not mad, how do we get off a sinking ship without looking for exterior aid to keep afloat? The "dog eat dog" paradigm, the "survival of the fittest" memes, and "might makes right" philosophies appear to be in high gear. Even some once-calm "spiritual" academics I know are recently frothing and folding up. Grrrrrrr