Friday, July 3, 2015

Morning Doom

Coffee to wash away the morning doom.  
This is how it is each morning and I bet I'm not the only one.

The hardest time of the day is watching the morning sun.  Not awake yet, it is the border between the sleeping me which has traveled far but not remembering while the body lays at rest just before the light of day summons us to take our place, to get ready to rumble.

 It's daylight in the swamp. 

 I reluctantly rise, not wanting to let go of the only free time we have which is when we sleep.  We've got it ass-backwards.  The night isn't scary, it's our friend and our spirits are free to roam.  Maybe our spirits visit those better timelines where John Lennon is an old man who no longer writes songs and nanite bioweapons don't exist.  Or maybe we visit with people who already left, but we can't stay and the gravity well will not allow us to remember where we went. 

The morning is when we have to remember that our rulers want us dead.  
It wasn't a dream, they really do.  

That is the morning doom, remembering that we are in a silent war against silent but very real weapons.  You look up to see how bad the spraying got while you slept; already there are trails dissipating and on the horizon a couple more are headed your way.  

It's daylight in the swamp. 

But after two cups of coffee and a few smokes 
I am ready. 
Bring it.

July 4, 2015


  1. speechless. inspiripainstaking...

    1. thanks, Pandora, yeah...what you said, at the very least!

      Maybe it's time to just drain the swamp...
      and get some nice alligator boots too!

      Peaceful Blessings Sister

  2. Last night some people celebrated The 4th by lighting sticks of dynamite. Walls shook. Beams creaked. Dogs ran into closets and shivered. Someone had a shotgun, someone else a semiauto. At 11 pm the thermometer read 102, humidity 48 percent. The air thick with sulfur, brimstone on my mind. I looked for stars, saw the dome of white above. Cough. Sneeze. Hack.

    The evening followed on the heels of a crappy day. I had watched some videos that made me want to gag. Stupid thing to do. One about Agenda 21 and the takeover of California. Another about child sacrifice and human flesh in 90 percent of American fast food restaurants. Buffer zones and wildlife corridors, things a government man had shown me back in 2000.

    I used a canon AE1--analog, not digital. Wiolawa had demonstrated how to detect implants using photoshop and unsharp mask. It worked. I took front face pictures of all the local honchos. Which became an obsession. I visited the fish hatchery just below Hoover Dam to find out why razorback suckers and chub, both prehistoric fish, were to supplant bass and trout. Got him on film too. He had a lot of implants, that one. In unsharp mask, he looked like The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Once they remove us from the land, panthers and wolves can return.

    After they drop the dams.

    One month into my three-year stint along the river, they sent me to 29 Palms to get my mind right. An afternoon with some other desert reporters, led by a female photographer, a veteran of Columbine. She administered trauma-based mind control on me and her handler backed her up. It worked. Fortunately I didn't pee my pants. But it didn't stick.

    Upon my return, the editor stepped into my broom stick closet office and shut the door. He looked at me and said, "I'm a fascist." I sat, waiting, silent. "I want you to hang out in Laughlin and find out where the bodies are buried." More mind control. I said, "Okay."

    Over the next three years, bodies needed burying. It got spooky. I wrote features and a few weeks later they were dead. It happened way too often. One year, three of the five city council died of natural causes. No details, no coroners report, just natural causes. They weren't very old.

    One day I asked world champion boat racer Mike Hoban why they didn't wear seatbelts. A week later he died in a crash on Lake Havasu. His body skipped like a rock. Stan the Piano Man in Oatman died three weeks after our interview. Two months after I interviewed the manager of the Gold Road Mine, he died while driving when a hammer sitting in the back seat levitated and made contact with the back of his skull.

    My dad, a marine who broke his back when a kamikaze blew up the deck of the ship below where he sat drinking coffee, never made it onto Iwo Jima. He told me, "If you keep looking for what is wrong, you will always find it."

    That has always been my problem.

    1. Holy shit - I see what you mean!!
      The "Karen Silkwood" thing took place like five miles from where I lived at the time; and it was what inspired me to a career of turning over rocks, etc. They came for me one night camping in the desert near Sedona because they thought I'd gotten something on video I shouldn't have. Hairy night, and the next day or so wasn't much fun either! The worst part was I didn't get the shot they thought I did.

      Your experiences remind me of the growing list of dead micro-biologists who mostly have died from mysterious circumstances. Somebody is covering their trail, and making sure no antidotes are created. Ugh, how this place sucks. Remind me again why it is we are still hanging around??

      My old man used to say
      "There are more injustices in this life than there are flies on a horses ass."
      A real urban poet he was ...

  3. I keep hearing that I came here to help raise the vibration into 5th density. Not sure I'm that heroic

    My grandfather was a farmboy poet from Minnesota: "There are more horse's asses than horses."

  4. I've always had issues with that damned 'mandatory memory wipe' protocol prior to incarnation, that and how many little surprises they failed to mention we'd be encountering.

    Never Volunteer !!

    They tell me that the memory wipe and scant details are because it isn't enough to do the right thing. We have to learn to do the right thing, at the right time, and for the right reason. Gotta say I must agree with the logic cause if I knew from 'Day-1' what my purpose and mission was- I'd go do that straightaway, just to have done with it and get outta here!! :)

    No matter how much they entice and compliment you...
    Never volunteer

  5. I understand it takes the soul a while to stabilize after leaving the body. As it heads toward the light, the last thing it needs is a familiar face who says follow me. What's the rush? We on a tight schedule? I will say, "Hey, let me just hover right in this spot for a while, and when everything stops spinning, I will follow you." The moment their back is turned, I will hit the afterburners, out through the side of the tunnel, and gone.

  6. A shaman of my acquaintance many years ago; told me that the key to shifting between the various realities, was to shift SIDEWAYS as opposed to 'up' or 'down'. I've tried it a few times but never seemed to get the timing just right. Same shaman said there are twelve different 'states' we each must go thru following an incarnation. The first six are 'after death' states where you first relax, then begin your assessment of the just finished journey. The next six states are called 'pre-birth' states and deal with the various aspects of choosing your next incarnation; so I'm with you and aim to get off the reincarnational merry-go-round once and for all.

    Just waiting for the right stupid alien to abduct me; then I got me a spiffy ride!

    (PS) the aliens are freaked out by black lights!

  7. Ah, the memory wipe.

    Sounds sorta like brainwash to me. Both require a justification since something which belongs to us as sovereigns and immortals has been taken. Do we have a right to know our own past lives? Does an ape have an ass? So a lot of time went into justifying this grand theft. It is hoped we will believe it, even though, as Huck Finn might have said, it sounds like a stretcher. You said it, Chautauqua. Knowledge is power, ignorance is bliss until it gets you killed. If you got blown up by a landmine in WW1 or 2 or Korea or Iraq or Afghanistan or...

    ...and remember,

    ...I bet you wouldn't join the military ever again, not now or in ten thousand years. Or so I believe.

    Who's to decide when's the right time or what's the right reason to learn something new? An open mind never stops learning. Every moment something is learned. So as a justifier, this lacks the ring of truth and it sounds like an outright lie. What's up with all that junk DNA? Junk? Another lie. It is there for a reason, but someone switched it all off. Because knowledge is power. Eve got demonized for biting into an apple. Damn her! Step away from the apple.

    Shakespeare, greatest playwright ever, introduced humanity to the concept of the "willing suspension of disbelief." This is a gussied up form of denial. And now more than ever, we live our entire lives willingly suspending our disbelief.

    As above, so below

    So we've had our memories wiped and another life begins. We get to learn everything all over again. What a waste of time. We get into school and our wiped minds get filled with a lot of things which are not true. History? That got wiped too. But here's what we came up with and please memorize all of it. Especially dates. That's very important.

    Is it coincidence that between lives our memories get erased, then when we incarnate, we are taught nothing but lies? Or does it suggest a correlation? Why would our spirit guides above and our leaders below want to keep us in the dark?

    Deep down, we all know why.

    1. Einstein I believe sought to discover a single, elegant theory to explain the quantum universe we think we inhabit.

      The same kind of quest can be undertaken to understand and explain why we must deal with something such as 'morning doom' -some simple, elegant theory, or reason why things are the way they are, why it's been going on unabated for thousands of years without significant change.

      Archon engame, baby. It's the Archons!! and even if it isn't, it probably is, the bastards are such masters of subterfuge and obfuscation.

      The one thing I can conjure which would semi-elegantly explain the world we live in is that it is a prison planet, with us, the population being little more than cattle. They pretty much do as they please with us, and we've been genetically altered, and programmed to either not notice, not care, or both.

      We, who insist upon calling them out and pointing to all the horrors are just the small percentage who for whatever reason are 'awake' to the scam. We're that percentile of the total group who the shit does not work on - and 'they' really don't perceive us as much of a threat. Who knows, maybe everything we think we know is just more programming, more behavior modification. either way this shit is getting old now and I wonder if maybe the little slimers are just tired of us, or finished with us.

      The only weapon we have is the power of love, unfortunately mostly, we're blind to that as well. I've been ready for some time to bail on this whole star system...just need that one grey to get careless or sloppy, then I'll have me a ship!!

  8. My computer has been under relentless attack since morning doom.

    Archon works for me. Google mail doesn't like me typing that word. Check. Truthsense resonance says yes. Check. Gnostic slaughter throughout history. Check. Relentless psychopathic footprint. Check. Agendas which last beyond single human lifetime and last thousands of years. Check. Destruction, fear, and hatred of nature and humanity. Check.

    I don't think they're tired of us. They need us. But once again, we are too many so it is time to cull the herd. Big feast planned. This time, why don't we throw our wooden clogs into the machine and see what happens?

    1. I've had a couple of weird happenings in the past after posting previous Archon pieces; but nothing strange so far in the wake of morning doom; unless you count the odd taste in my coffee or the oddly mechanical looking grasshopper outside on the window ledge.

      They're a hard bunch to understand, I can't figure what their beef is with you, or even me: as this site ain't exactly a mega-site with thousands of hits a day, in fact it remains a pretty obscure corner of the interwebnet...they get more enjoyment out of laughing at me.

      Clogs at the ready!

  9. Earth, like a single grain of sand at the outer rim of the Sahara, should be overlooked; instead, it attracts more than its fair share of multidimensional power mongers like my tenderloin dog attracts fleas. They just love him. Whatever we give off, it must be tasty.

    I have always found insects mechanical. They give me the willies, I have never learned to love them, and I think the archons brought them.

    1. It's the natural fear we give off.

      They feed on it,
      they thrive on it
      just as the vampire fleas
      on your dog thrive on blood.

      Perhaps it's time we dump the fear
      I know that's asking a lot
      of humanity, especially now

      It's the only way...
      turn INTO the skid...
      when loigic fails,
      do the unexpected!

  10. boots are for the web.~.birds.stretch till 99...don't wish evil even on greed?
    yes, love is the best defense on earth, agreed, as is bravery in the face of stupid jealous evil
    the bastard entitiesssss are just entertained that's all, it's pretty siimple, no?
    just ponder the preponderance of the evil/ they inserted into Hugh Manatee's collective brains like a plutonian or plumbers' asswhipwhopnipple
    not all insects are bad. the Grasshopper can be a cute green meal for a kitten, or a terrible swarm of disaster for an area...Not all this's or that's are this/that or that/this as what seams. sew.
    where's that beloved question mark...oh, here by the golden specs...?
    all fractals are connected
    thx for another great piece of Pi n coffee
    hundredth monkey principle...goes for women in dis country pol i ticks @lso.
    soooooo sorry and please want some of this moldy water gently sent
    to the cally of our dreams: peaceful and like-minded
    protection for all 1, even the good/bad/ugly

    1. I've had cooked grasshopper before, not a bad snack for human too. A swarm of them just means more food for everyone! When asked a yes or no question, the Inupiat Eskimo will often times answer "maybe"- because that is more often the correct answer.

      Unfortunately that answer will never be accurate for any question regards Fukushima...
      No maybe about it.

      We're Goosed !!

      Any consideration of our immediate and long term future on Earth that does not factor in Fukushima, is totally invalid and in need of re-thinking.

      Any thinking that excludes the Fukushima factor, is delusional.

  11. There are insects and there are insects. I have watched certain very small spiders that move so fast they go from here to there with no motion detected by the human eye. When they move slower, it is not fluid motion, but jerky straight lines which defy my interpretation of natural. Then there is the preying mantis which I believe is a sentient being. Very intelligent, very aware. It's the exoskeletons that creep me out.

    Yep, fear is the mind-killer we must overcome. Our multidimensional parasites intentionally elicit it, then feed. The ability to overcome it, is a litmus test for connection to spirit in this material plane. The spirit knows no fear as it knows what it is.

    And love is all there is. All else is clutter.

    Fukushima and every other nookular facility were intended and are time bombs. Fuk u already went extinction level. That almost no one knows it illustrates the truth that life is awareness and perception and there are levels of how alive you are. If you don't know fuku you are already half dead.

    1. Respect, oh, //whoa// beloved Californians. with all sorrow set aside for a moment, while the wounded lay bleeding in the battlefield, we must keep stitching up the guts of the wounded. the risk of sounding polyanna?-ish, and yes, i'm on the east coast, but please, don't lose all hope in the face of this terrifying evil. remember one thing. Please. The power of new generations and their abilities to, with strength and resilience, overcome. Adapt. Change. We have the technology in place to heal this evil: robots. Now lets put the fu**ers to use. Sorry. It's ingrained in this old mean-mouthed beach to have a defiant positive attitude in the face, even when the evil ones are trying to kill off me and my kind, it has been this old granny's survival mechanism.
      archons' or whatever they all are, are ON THE RUN. The tide is definitely turning, D-'friend'.
      peace to good folk, xo

    2. Hope can be a tall order for some.
      especially against the fuku monster who will respect no national boundary
      or latitude line on the map.
      Google the 'Ocean Conveyor Current" and you shall see
      how the radiation will be carried to all equally
      in the fullness of time.

      Humanity has a very loaded gun to it's head
      and pretends not to notice
      like they pretend not to notice so much
      that is evil and nasty about this place.

      We must RISE !

  12. A note to doctors

    If you are pushing vaccines, you are on the slippery slope to hell. Like soldiers, you took an oath. Yours was to do no harm. Now I understand that the Hippocratic oath is no longer required, it stands whether you take it or not. So you better think this over carefully. Because your deception is far more heinous. We at least know what a soldier's job is, but yours is supposedly to heal. Your medical license isn't worth being a part of genocide. You may have conned yourself into believing you won't be held accountable, but we are all held accountable for what we do in life. It will be a hell of a price you will have to pay.

    Anti-vaccine doctors are starting to die. The number is now eight. They paid the ultimate price for standing up. They found the courage to overcome their fear. Those of you pushing vaccines do not have such courage, but you might consider a career change. Do you really want to be a part of this? History won't forget and neither will eternity.

    1. Very nicely stated!
      And so very, very true.

      We're ALL on that list...
      somewhere below doctors
      & microbiologists.

      Before long WE will be
      the soldier's job....

    2. i loathe to let any beloved 4 pawed critters mingle with the traumatic stabbed...not happening.
      we already are warriors, fighting blatant covert war on you know manatee whooooooo.

  13. All practitioners under the American Medical Assn, the American Dental Assn, and the American Psychological Assn umbrella are committing crimes against humanity. I wonder how many "awakened" souls are willing to admit this.

    Three days ago, I had three teeth pulled. Soon they will all be pulled and I will be wearing dentures...because a long time ago a dentist put mercury in my mouth. That dentist is no doubt long gone, but a new generation of dentists are still pushing amalgam fillings.

    That mercury is a poison has been known for a long time; it is also a neurotoxin, so not only does it break teeth over time, it also causes insanity. Let's put it in their mouth!

    After the Big War is over, after the Pole Shift, after Niburu has come and gone, after all the nuclear reactors melt down, after the smoke clears, the crime against humaniteers, if any are still alive, will wish they weren't.

    1. Hey hey, don't sugar-coat the issue; How do you really feel?