Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Archon Hologram

The other day a friend and I were discussing chemtrails, as a sub-reference to everything else that's going on these days; speculating as to their intended purpose.   The conversation took a most interesting turn when my friend mentioned a current theory postulating that chemtrails are Holographic Inserts, and not actual physical manifestations of aerosol spraying. 

My initial gut instinct was to question this idea's validity based upon both my own observations, and the fact that I have taken samples of chemtrail residue, and could see that it had physical properties.  However, my mind was quick to point out that said residue was not observed by me exiting the plane...just that it showed up in my yard on a heavy spray day!  Next I thought back to a hologram demonstration I saw at Expo-80 in Vancouver, Canada.  I watched with a couple hundred others as a native Indian shaman spoke about ecology and conservation for 30 minutes.  During the presentation a holographic campfire appeared, along with various endangered species of animals, as the shaman spoke to the audience.  As the shaman finished his presentation, he waved goodbye and vanished in an impressive puff of smoke!  The shaman was a hologram all along, and nobody saw it was just that real, nobody questioned what their eyes were telling them.

Still, something within me does not play well with the idea that everything is just a hologram; but why not, I ask myself, when I readily accept that all this is just an illusion?  Is illusion that much different from hologram?  Could they be the same thing?  Doubtful; but then I don't know for sure, which is what keeps my interest.                                                           

Many embrace the concept that we are enrolled in a full-time educational process with Earth as the classroom; and that while appearing very real to us, it is as an illusion compared to our true nature as beings of resonance.  If one can accept this, why not the concept that the entire universe is a hologram?  For one thing, the illusion serves the soul, while the hologram deceives the soul.   The illusion is a spiritual construct designed to raise consciousness and gain enlightenment; can the same be applied to the hologram?     Could it possibly that each is true?  Doubtful, although they do share some common attributes, such as concealing the true nature of reality.

The idea of a holographic universe is nothing new; one of its first proponents was the late Michael Talbot who published The Holographic Universe in 1991, a year before dying from Leukemia.  Noted physicists David Bohm and Karl Pribram came to very similar conclusions as Talbot, and the theory has been going strong ever since.  I even recall a brief  911 theory involving holographic airplanes or some such.   Right or wrong, good or bad, the holographic universe concept is probably here to stay, and is likely to continue getting the rap for things not easily categorized or explained away.

I remember some folks up on Mount Shasta a few years ago who claimed that if you just ignored the chemtrails, they couldn't hurt you.  Hard to believe, but the Japanese government is now saying the exact same thing about radiation from Fukushima, and in both cases I must call bovine excrement!  Whether or not the chemtrails are holographic inserts, to simply ignore health consequences when they are so well established is, well, silly.  To encourage others to do so is nothing short of criminal, as in the recent propaganda from the Chinese government that smog is good for you!!
When did we slip into the Bizzaro World from the superman comics, where every true thing is turned on it's head, where wrong is right and down is up???  When is it good for us to breathe smog, radiation and chemtrails??  First they say it doesn't exist, then when that dog no longer hunts, they say its GOOD for you!  Whether this "reality" is a hologram or not, you have to understand that these kinds of statements from world governments are decidedly not a good sign.   Of course they don't believe the pure lies they tell, but that they think you will is somewhat worrisome. 

When the subject of large scale holograms comes up I always think back to the many articles etc. regarding Project Bluebeam (see video below) which reportedly is a grand scheme cooked up by NASA, DARPA NSA & a few other alphabet soup agencies to fake an alien invasion using holograms and laser light shows.
When I reflect back on how utterly real and convincing that holographic shaman was over thirty years ago I have no doubt that the current state of the art holograms are even more realistic looking...and it does make me wonder if I have been looking at holograms all my life??  The human mind (influenced by the ego) wants to reject that possibility based solely on evidence received by the senses.  The picture alters somewhat when we consider that our senses are nothing to rave and boast about.  We see very little in the full spectrum of light, and our hearing is downright impaired, compared to many other species on earth.  Mostly we only feel energy when it's either hot or cold....while being blissfully ignorant of the many natural, and manmade energies swirling all around us all the time.

It's one thing to consider that what passes for reality on this planet is an elaborate hologram; heck, we've even taken to calling it the matrix...and the fact that holograms are not naturally occurring (as far as we know, excluding mirages) just makes the conspiracy angle juicer for inquiring minds.  Certainly I could see the possibility that someone has the necessary resources for a planet scale holographic construct...a lifetime of reading Asimov will do that for ya, and yes, the usual suspects immediately come to mind.  But what about the entire universe, or to be even more specific the Multiverse ... how can All-that-is be a hologram?  If it IS, then who created it, what is the source?

From its very inception the idea of a holographic universe was inexorably entwined with quantum mechanics and string theory, as quantum mechanics is the search for an elegant theory of everything.  The current popular quantum model has eleven dimensions; [and here it helps if you think of different dimensions as simply different octaves on the musical scale]; so 11 dimensions and an infinite number of possible realities, probable realities, and quantum allow for all possible configurations & permutations.   How can all of this be holographic in nature, and perhaps a much better question, what is the point?  If All-that-is exists only as a hologram, then what purpose does it serve, and whom does it serve?

                                                    Ponder that for a moment.                                                                         

In a way, it could be said that we're living in a hologram of sorts because the "history" we are taught in school & college bears little or no resemblance to the actual, authentic history of humans on planet earth.  Take the country of Belize, for example; where the number of modern houses is far outnumbered by Mayan ruins reclaimed by the jungle, the vast majority of them unexplored.  Clearly the Maya were an advanced race, perhaps even more so than the Egyptians or Phoenicians when you consider their mastery of astronomy and mathematics.   Few examples of Mayan books survived the Spanish invasion, so who knows what knowledge was forever lost.  A repeating event throughout history...and the history books, as we all know, are always written by the victors.   Far from being as isolated example, the Maya are instead just one example out of many; of advanced civilizations which flourished for thousands of years, then "vanished" the proverbial dog that always eats the homework!?!

Aren't we in a sort of 'hologram' if the powers that be always have a revisionist version of everything that could challenge their authority or power, and always feed us that same party line generation after generation?  Modern science has created it's own sub-category called forbidden archeology and this is where all those penetrating questions go to die from neglect.  Questions about the builders of the Egyptian pyramids, and those who adorned the Nasca plains with giant pictograms only visible from the air.  Questions about places like Gobekli Tepe, Pumapunku, and Machu Picchu... and why so many ancient cultures were focused upon the Orion constellation.  Isn't it a different kind of 'hologram' when we passively allow the unqualified to do as they please with no repercussions of any kind (except in Iceland)   Here's how it works...

Isn't the entire 40 hour work week charade a kind of living hell-ogram?  Think about that the next time you're stuck in the morning and evening commute (Twice a day, you say!).  Haven't you ever felt like a hologram, or maybe a robot...going through the exact same pantomimes each & every day, never questioning much beyond the fact that it is expected of you?  Aren't we all becoming just a bit more holographic with each right or liberty taken away in the name of homeland security, and are you really OK with all this Nazi-like Homeland crap...or do you just pretend, the squeaky wheel and all that.  This job you so highly value; was it your dream...or just what you settled for because there seems to not be anything in place for dreamers and loners; just like there is no accommodation for reform or change.  Isn't that a hologram??

If we don't have our dreams ~ We have Nothing

If the matrix of the 40 hour work week is its own kind of hologram, then certainly so is the entire financial matrix that keeps everything running, including us. 

And here is how that works...

 A brief glance is all that is required to see that despite all the hype, worker drones never really become anything more than worker drones...keeping the old paradigm going is all that matters.  For many centuries it has been the same: the handful of elites promise the working classes a better future but only deliver more poverty and despair...and generation after generation simply accept it as their karmic fate, or whatever, and never seem unhappy enough to do something about it.  The GMO food-like-products and chemtrails are for making sure that mindset never changes.  How's that for holographic?

So, if everything really turns out to be a hologram; what part do our dreams and aspirations play in the overall hologram, are they the point of it all, or meaningless by-product of simulated consciousness?  What then of our very soul, that personal spark of source we all carry within these meat suits; if everything is really just a hologram?  Do those things nearest & dearest to us cease to have meaning if all we are is artificial projections...and from where did we even get the notion of soul in the first place?  Is it just part of the programming?  Shades of Blade Runner.

When first encountering the concept of holographic 'reality' be it on a planetary or universal scale; the human mind tends to dismiss the idea, mostly because it offends the ego.  Spend a little time mulling the idea over, and some aspects of it may even seem plausible, but we still end up feeling that it just couldn't be true.  Is this just clever programming to prevent us from discovering our true nature?  I must say that I remain unconvinced that everything is just a hologram, except of course when I look at the sad state of affairs on earth these days and see them as escalating signs of total system failure.
Now that makes sense!

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other


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  1. Thanks! That was another cool article. I think the thing we're 'missing' about holograms, is we all think of the somewhat new toy ones, or the slightly involved, like your shaman, but the creator of the Multi is far above that and could create something incredibly real feeling, to everyone for eons, on many levels, but what about the bones? Holographs don't need a bone structure. I've always puzzled why everything on Earth gets a short life and the bones live on forever. Did whoever was "grinding them to make his bread" simply vanish? Or try to go gluten free? The hologram does help explain why my days fly by, but not as fast as others, why I do the same basic tasks I've always done, but see many of my friends aging rapidly. I think chemtrails are actual substances. I feel they are "fixing" our atmosphere so THEY can live here. They tell us it's good for us, because many are going to die, while some of us will change unrecognizably. I feel real planes hit the towers, but they could not bring them down though. It really angers me that our broke @ government can't fix itself, while wallowing in unfathomable debt, but manages to keep massive number of jets busy everyday. When I was over in the Philippines this year I didn't see them, but now that the US is back with its "Asian pivot" posing as storm relief, I bet they'll return. As for needing the "job" thing, take it from a man going through a hellish long term joblessness: we all have to find some way to pull some money to pay the bills, but often times a job is the very worse way. Keep up the great thought provoking work!

  2. Charles~ Wow, very nicely said, don't think you left anything out...nothing wrong with your thought management process! I find myself agreeing with all you say, and point to. They just parked a whole fleet of relatively new military transport jets in the aircraft graveyard; yet they want to cut food stamps to balance the budget. I keep wondering a lot about how "they" seem to have bred out of us the genes for civil uprising & revolution, and all these other pacification technologies are just for extra good measure. Sad little planet.

    Thanks for the words, glad you like the resonance hereabouts. I really don't write these blogs to change peoples minds, it's more about letting folks who think similar things know they ain't alone; and to maybe pick up some new input myself along the way. Peaceful Blessings!

    1. Hi Again Chautauqua, Thanks! As for breeding the genes out of us to stop possible positive uprising/revolution, they certainly haven't accomplished this world wide, but too many of the so called revolutions we see are US sponsored and funded. Again, they have the money to manipulate people, but not enough to fix the bridges and roads. So we have to look at how America can de-revolutionized, and I think it's a combination play: In my worse moments I know it was a demonic/archon spell they're pulling, but even without supernatural means: it is poor education mixed with poor nutrition of GMOs and other odd chemicals, add massive tonnages of legal and street drugs, then HAAARP and chemtrails to throw off our natural mental balance, then add lot of distracting gizmos while getting people to be as fat as small asteroids, then the final touch, making it acceptable to worship celebs but snickered at to stand up and being somebody. Then they end up with a small subset of still activities that they sic cyber stalkers, energy weapons and jail time or disappearances on. They created a a meme that history is something old people did back then, when every second is history... Good luck out there...

    2. You Sir, are seeing with the right kind of eyes for sure, well stated over view of the ugly nasty hologram, whatever be it's nature. "Fat as small asteroids" love it, hilarious...indeed, life has been thrown way out of balance - Koyaanisqatsi.

  3. I have always liked your stuff.Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone here!

  4. it is a great comfort to know that

  5. Hi Barb~ Glad to oblige, and thanks for the feedback...I guess it kinda completes the circuit somehow. Thanks!

  6. Well presented, stitched together and stated.

    I especially liked the humor, such as…
    "these kinds of statements from world governments are decidedly not a good sign"
    "consider that our senses are nothing to rave and boast about"


    Again a creative and insightful shot in the arm.

    Thanks for the word-craft.


  7. JJ~
    Ahhh, so glad you enjoy the black humor and midnight personality ... stand by; got some interesting stuff in the pipeline in the weeks ahead.

    1. I look forward to all that you write.
      As I indicated, your word-craft is enticing and a treat for the mind to chew upon. :thumb

      Love surrounds and abounds


  8. There is no reason to accept quantum mechanics as legitimate for the simple premise that quantum entanglement has not been proven to work outside of a cubic lightsecond. Ions must be able to entangle at distances greater than 300,000 Km. This experiment has not been carried out because of the distance needed between the two entangled ions.

    1. Anony @ 11:56- An awful lot of folks would challenge your comments and they all have multiple degrees in related fields. Myself, I have no such degrees. but still disagree with your supposition on quantum entanglements...if what you contend is true, then how do you explain such things as "spooky action at a distance" which IS quantum entanglement? Thanks!

  9. You forgot to mention the ultimate hologram...T.V.

    1. Simon~
      Didn't forget TV - gave it an entire post:


  10. Excellent post..really enjoy all your articles..

    1. Glad you liked it ... really enjoy all you readers!

  11. Wonderful and very thought-provoking, Chautauqua, thank you. What's interesting to me is that holograms, like your shaman, can be disappeared. My sense is that this 3D hologram we're in now is collapsing and slowly being replaced by a higher vibrating one and guess who's building it? We are, BUT those who built the one we're still in (for now) are very aware a new one is coming online, hence the huge downloads of physical fear stuff as in 911, chem trails, Fukushima et cetera. They're real, alright, but in which hologram? Love, Althea

    1. Althea~ I guess it would be the one we feed the most?! Most likely it's like an onion; layers upon layers of illusion, within holographic constructs and synaptic response. Someone once said that we are the universe, trying to understand itself... does that sound like a hologram to you? Unfortunately on this one I have more questions than answers, but am enjoying the ride immensely; doors of perception flung wide open.

  12. I have no doubt that it is all a hologram constructed by the self, under the influence of the collective ego.
    The illusion of life depends on the illusory death of another form of life in a constant cycle of non spiritual being.
    I once experienced (an illusion of ) oneness and it was the most terrifying yet true moment of my being. This is why we collectively construct the hologram. To enslave ourselves and protect our being from its true identity. That of an eternal, single, resonating photon of light.

  13. Hi Terry~ Quantum superposition I think tends to support your point of view. Always a hard thing to wrap my head around that when I'm not looking at it my computer ceases to exist...until the very moment I again look at it. If this indeed be the true nature of the photon, existing both as particle and wave form depending on conscious awareness, then what else would ya call it but a hologram, or an illusion - maybe a dream. Thanks.

  14. Hello there. I am new to the site, but not to this kind of thinking. As a child and like many other children I had fantasies about vibrations. Everything and everyone is moving back and forth like a blur, but never hitting eachother. Very much like the galaxies pass through eachother, but never hitting.

    I dreamed that I fell into a metallic box that was full of white light and the stars were black, as if the universe was inverted. When I fell in, I knew I was dissolving into this place. The whole time I was there, I was at peace and never felt alone or had fear.

    I don't know what this means, but I suspect the universe and the Creator is calling me to wake up.
    I made a pact with this force asking for truth. Well, be careful what you wish you, you just might get it. Call it a Kaliyuga awakening or something else, but my life has been one of hell and hardship,abuse, despair and loneliness. I see things for what they really are and the tribulations I went through are part of my awakening and cleansing.

    Peace to all.

    1. Hi Lee,

      It may have been that your metallic box was the 'void'. If you have read Bentov, the void is a necessity that will be experienced by each of us, but once having experienced it, the thing is we get thrust into dimensional 'realities' afterwards and cannot quite cope. The life of hell and hardship, abuse, despair and loneliness arrives because we have been 'voided' so to speak. We are emptied out and we know and feel there is so much more because we have felt the unconditional love of the void, and yet we return to the dimensions to expand and to bring this unconditional love into the dimensions. Thus the void expands. If you can, please congratulate yourself for having chosen to be here, especially after having experienced the void. Hope you realize just how profound you are. Most are very afraid to even think about the void. Love, Althea

    2. Wow, thank you for telling your story and Althea thank you for explaining Lee's experience. In 1994 I too had a similar void experience. While seeking truth I had a great passion to open up by emptying my mind like a meditation. Was never taught how or even read about it. Just have searched for truth for years. It was extremely difficult to empty my mind but finally I took off somewhere. It was almost like shinning darkness were there was no beginning or end and there were millions or trillions of ones like me. We were like grey small globs or like cells. We were tumbling, swirling and just pure joy, love, peace - - it was the most beautiful thing. People were killing each other, rape, just a lot of horror but we didn't feel anything fear nor did it affect or move us in anyway as we were pure beings of joy. We couldn't touch their heads but would swoop down almost like sending love on each and everyone that was being hurt. It really helps to hear what you said to Lee because I've been searching and searching what the meaning could be and I feel what you have said resonates. People I have talked to have just blown it off and I could never get a reasonable suggestion as to what took place.
      Thanks Chautauque for this site as I've been reading your writings now for about 4 months or so and love it!

    3. Anony @ 7:25 PM~ Many sincere thanks for your input & perspective. Very glad to hear you enjoy the site...I do this for folks like you, and "us" who refuse to be programmed, or remain asleep, or silent.

  15. Lee~ A very quantum type experience for sure. When we peer into the very smallest sub-atomic particles we find that they are mostly empty space. Macro to Microcosmos: the closer we look, the less there is to see - when we begin to look with new eyes, perhaps we will find we were never hear at all. Thanks!

  16. The hologram is imploding under the weight of a HIGHER REALITY which does not brook well this misadventure in deception, fraud, and exploitation to the extreme. For those who initiated this, there will be hell to pay, for those who went along instead of resisting, the same. For those who resisted, and fought the Good Fight, Salvation is possible.

    1. Afshin~ Yes, I have been feeling much the same, especially as the big endgame draws near. What must "die" is the hologram of separation so we may see all of us as drops of water in the same ocean. The older I get, the more I feel that we are all supposed to be helping each other back home again after a very long field trip, leaving nobody behind. After their detour thru hell; those who were the worst of the lot are still part of the whole, as are we all, and we must forgive them...after they balance the karma! "No Violence ~ Know Peace"

    2. I find this to be the greatest challenge; I firmly agree with you C that we are all on a journey together, leaving no one behind and that forgiveness is necessary. Also, completely agree with JP below regarding detaching from the experience and enjoying the ride.

      So here's the conundrum that I will throw out there that has had me personally riding the rollercoaster of the highest highs and the lowest lows - given the above, how to just "be" in the world as people you love and care about are suffering massively, and many of them are the same ones who absolutely refuse to hear the truth of what's happening in this experience, no matter how apparent those truths are.

      It's like a never-ending game of chasing your tail: Speak the truth, but aahhh let it go and no need to speak the truth because it's just an experience, but speak the truth, but aahhh let it go and no need to speak the truth because it's just an experience,'s freakin' maddening. Does it matter, or doesn't it?

      It's difficult to be passionate about anything when nothing seems to change despite millions and millions of good souls, both past and present, seeking and having sought change & millions of those same souls speaking and having spoken truth for seemingly eons now and, well, looka here at planet insane 2013....

      Oh, what I would do to have one of those blue pills for just one more day....

    3. CGF~ Don't exactly know why, but we humans do seem to become emotionally attached to our beliefs, and the longer we have held a belief the more sacred it seems to we are so often reluctant to accept new information which may discredit - we have an investment in time attached to these core beliefs. It ain't easy to pitch something you've believed & depended upon most of your life. This is why people become angry or upset when anyone challenges their belief. Oddly enough, this very defensive attitude is indication that the new and challenging information is valid - it scares people to think everything held so dear for so long might be wrong.

      Indeed, the conundrum can be maddening, and if we're not careful it can even lead to being soul sick, as in the case of having to watch the planet systematically being taken down, and society along with it right before our not nearly enough people are demonstrating their displeasure at the status quo. Deer in the headlights, creeping dread, and the hollow feeling of utter and total helplessness. Chasing the tail, and in the process forgetting it's our tail.

      Agreement; after millions of souls devoting their lives to constant prayer and the beseeching of the creator for peace and blessings...shouldn't we be seeing better results by this time??

      What to tell the confused child who prays in darkened silence every night..."Please God, make it stop."

  17. If this is just one big holographic movement, then obviously the point of it all is to experience it. Finding meaning in an illusion (hologram) and being attached to illusion is part of the delusion within the illusion. This is why people such as Krishnamurti have talked extensively about detaching oneself from the world (illusion/hologram). The experience of this world is what our souls value, not the world itself. Our dreams and aspirations while embedded in this illusion propel us to experience this world in our own unique way. In an 'intentional world' there is no such thing as 'meaningless.'

    1. JP~
      Very nicely stated, and am in total agreement. All the great teachers knew about the power of detachment, and letting go. Blessings!

  18. Glad to see the base touching on Holograms. The more time spent on this Quantum study, the more you will awaken.

    Recently, something happened where I was given a glimpse behind the curtain so to speak and once that did happen, many things came back to memory.

    We are in fact Organic feeling Holograms complete with a pretty good quantum processor and a projection system and sensor points to feel out way around.

    I ran into a video series that did a great job of explaining how the Holographic systems work and the logic set is great. ( Holographic Universe Workshop Series) Really worth a watch. ( all of them )

    There are far too many oddities that happen in life itself to think we are simply born, raised into adulthood and then old and die...that makes no sense or productivity.

    I do want to point out that while it appears Humans created computers, it is really the other way around and we are at a time-point where they (computers) are teaching us more about them. They also have "people" communicate mostly through them now too.

    So as they reveal more about them to us, and "us" becoming more like then in everyday applications of communication, the further your experience can adjust more easily to realization of what you are and where you are.

    We are not just a rat race sitting on some little tiny blue ball... Our little tiny, tiny, tiny spot in this place called Space which resides in this thing called a universe which this universe is a multidimensional platform was no accident by any means, but each one who exists in the holographic machine is living much like the Avatar. Each with our own scripts to experience.

    1. An interesting, and positive observation. I have found that the universe rearranges itself to accommodate our individual 'picture' of reality, like a quantum mirror...and what an elegant teaching device ~ if we would just use it that way. Self knowledge is the only knowledge of real value, the more you understand this, the more you will awaken. Sweet dreams.

  19. Hi

    I had the same idea about chemtrails being holograms.Im a little bit shocked that this idea has came to someone else too.
    It causes the mass to remind how helpless they are.Day by day.You see , everyone believes it.
    My second thought was , this is a phenomena , that we , the people realized through them to see with our eyes how we ar being destroyed.It is our warning to the mass that believes what he sees.
    In this way , this is a hologram too , just a very real , new sort of.The REAL hologram.Real as our everyday life.
    One of two of this that i think we face.
    No matter how huge damage it makes , it can reverse in a second , all it takes is the will of the mass.