Monday, April 1, 2013

Deer in the Headlights


When I was young we lived near a well traveled railroad track situated atop a small hill, or large knoll...whatever.  Not that we were living on "the wrong side of the tracks" but back then our idea of fun was to see how much fun we could have without spending any money, (a mindset I think we're all going to have to embrace soon.) so we would flatten old cardboard boxes then use them as sleds to go grass surfing down the hillside.  We of course knew enough to be wary of approaching trains for we'd long since learned that they are as silent as Owl feathers and equally deadly if your back is turned.  Every year a great number of people are killed while walking train tracks with their back to an oncoming train.  You'd think the engineer of the train would see the trackwalker but they don't always do so in time to prevent a tragedy.  That stuff is in my head today because its the same feeling I get when I try to picture the overview of all that is going on, and wrong, with this world of ours.

 Humanity has some rather rude awakenings heading down the track directly behind us, and nobody seems to be turning around to "check our six" as we Vets like to say.  We're about to be hit by this runaway fright train and because the matrix provides so many diversions & distractions to keep us from seeing it...we don't.  It's getting so close now most of us are even feeling the vibrations in the ground, and still, we don't look behind to see the looming dreadnaught.  Stuart Wilde brought an excellent point today in his post "Outside the panic room"* when he says that if everyone awakened all at once as we seem to desire, the result would be mass panic, pandemonium, chaos and so on.  I agree totally, hell, just look how we behave en masse when there's a major holiday sale!  This kind of thing is not supposed to happen all at once, I think it's designed to be gradual, as in the gradual awakening of mankind following the kali yuga.  Unfortunately the design has been tampered with down thru the ages to a point where nothing is ever as it seems nowadays.  The matrix has us, yet they do not, for if they truly had us something entirely different would be happening right now,  It's a M theory thing ~ probable realities, alternate realities, that kind of stuff.
Having my own rude awakening many years behind me now I am accustomed to the ugly truth, but I must say that over the last 15 years or so it certainly seems to have gotten diametrically nastier with each trip around the sun.  I was once in a small hunters cabin the forest service provides in remote places in Alaska.  There were two of us using the cabin that night and long after we'd turned in, we had a visitor.  One of the local grizzly bears had evidently smelled our food and come to investigate further.  We could hear him prowling around out there, snorting & occasionally clawing the side of the cabin.  Scary stuff.  I think it's kinda like that too, in America these days.  There are those people who are truly oblivious to all that is transpiring, and who may just sleep right thru to the next incarnation...not my job to worry about them, to each his own path and all that.  It's the other ones I'm more interested in reaching; those who are just pretending to be asleep, after hearing the grizzly bear growling at the door.  You will recall that neither of us were the least bit interested in opening that cabin door to look maybe it makes perfect sense that the newly awakened ones feel the same exact way right now.

In his post today Stuart Wilde talked about how so many have that blank look, as being in a trance state, and I see the same thing all the time, I think we all see that by now, as widespread as the symptom is.  It's a symptom of the psychic numbing which sets in on the consciousness when things are just too much to deal with.  In Vietnam we called it the thousand yard stare.  I try to imagine what it must be like for those just now waking up to the vaster reality of things, and what leaps to mind is the classic deer in the headlights.  Here they are just living their lives, going about their business, and trying to be a good passenger on this organic spaceship we inhabit...but things aren't right, there are holes in the matrix...they begin to notice other stuff...when suddenly, BAM the harsh light of reality smacks them right in the eyes.  That will get ya some psychic numbing alright!  Factor in the amount and tone of the things they discover once they begin to google; and then factor in the clamor of friends, family or associates constantly trying to get them to read this, watch that, go to this webinar, or that event...and I think I might pretend to be asleep too.

Something we all need to remember here is this: The grizzly bear outside the door will not refrain from eating you just because you did not seek to eat him.  The obsessed, pernicious evil controlling events on this planet cares not what state of awareness their slaves possess.  It doesn't matter to them because they are playing the long game with soft kill.  Just so long as those who are awake & actively resisting this off-world occupation are relatively few in number; we pose no real threat to them.  So we are in a kind of catch-22 dilemma - if we don't get the numbers on our side we will loose, but if everyone awoke simultaneously the ensuing chaos would prevail across the planet.  But wait, I look around and see nothing but planetary chaos, wars, revolts, disease epidemics, poverty, murder, genocide, hatred, fear, insanity... need I go on?  My point is; we are already at the point where folks have bloody well had enough, so all a case of mass hysteria will do now is give things a nice sense of flow and movement. 

Maybe...igniting a planet-wide simultaneous mass riot is the exact thing we need to do right now, because as I said the other day...I can smell the endgame in the air.  It would have the benefit of working more in our favor than the overseers for sure, in fact, a human tsunami might just wipe the overseers right off the planet if it caught them off guard.   Then they might be the ones with that deer in the headlights look on their faces.  Sure a planet wide mass riot would be violent and destructive, but even the Buddha said that if an act of violence can end suffering and save many lives, then one should strike with force and determination.  We are the lobster in the pot I spoke of in my first post to this blog, and I think we are about to be served up;  in my mind that kinda trumps a worldwide mass riot for things we need to avoid. 

My sense of things is that an awful lot of warriors of the light out there are experiencing some rather sharp ups & downs mentally and emotionally just now.  I think some may have expected that reaching the age of Aquarius was the finish line, that the clock would stop and someone would snuff the burning fuse out before it ignited the culture bomb about to explode.  Others, I know, are just weary from being in the fight for so very long.  Some spirit warriors grow disillusioned and lay down their light for a while.  Some warriors are all fired up & full of love and passion but they may lack direction, vision or incentive at the current juncture.  That's part of the mentality we are resisting, they just wear us down over time, again, the soft kill.  That, and keeping the masses distracted with Justin Bieber and the Bachelorette kinda thing.

The way a lot of warriors wake up is because they sense something isn't adding up.  They detect a flaw or glitch in the matrix, or experience the matrix themselves, which tends to open the eyes and senses much wider.  They begin to ask questions and when they get no answers, they keep digging, searching for something which resonates as truth to them.  They begin collecting the pieces of the grand jigsaw puzzle, and assembling them to get a factual look at the big picture.  These warriors are hard chargers, full of passion and a belly full of fire.  I often wonder what becomes of them when society turns their collective backs on them for trying to share what they are learning.   I wonder how they respond when maybe the boss hints at firing troublemakers with 'funny' ideas; or perhaps their significant other remains on the other side of the chasm they themselves have just recently leaped across?  What do these warriors feel when their very own families reject them as mentally twisted and refuse to even examine the evidence that would prove them wrong?

It gets lonely out there in the marginalized zone.  The streets are dirty, it's always midnight, & raining.  Being pushed out to the margins is no fun - it beats you down, wears you out.  At this point some warriors look around and decide that if this how it is why bother waking the fools up.  They get discouraged, they quit their daily regimen too many days in a row, blow off the meditation, who cares?  Right?   That is exactly what the overseers expect, it's why they don't care if a few are awake...statistically insignificant!  Every time a warrior falls, or quits, the archon raise a toast to human nature and genetic engineering. 

 I don't think the overseers counted on the internet becoming what it has; and I think they'd really like to shut the whole thing down forever.  Ahhh, but the backlash of that might just work against them.  Maybe they aren't quite ready yet although I can't really imagine that considering how very long they've been at it.  Yeah, I think the internet is a bigger problem than they anticipated, all the better for us.  Some warriors have expressed the desire to organize some kind of warriors resistance network to better fight this war for everything.  Well, that may not be feasible from several angles.  Firstly I kinda think they expect us to do exactly that, it's what they programmed us to do...or have you never seen a science fiction  or war movie.  We do that circle the wagon routine every single time.  It's time to break out of the fog of subconscious programming and do something totally unexpected.  We must overwrite old programs with new ones of our own.  Get all of their crap out of our heads before we can start thinking coherently, much less critically. 

Instead of banding together as a group of warriors, we must evade that trap and scatter where the internet has never gone.  In this great awakening we are experiencing the time is over for human alarm clocks.  Those still slumbering are doing so for reasons having nothing to do with your path.  Leave them alone.  Let them sleep.  It's simply too late for any more of that shit, wasted energy.  They either get it, or they don't.  As spiritual warriors our task now should be oriented more towards actually fighting the battles, and for that, the warriors must scatter to the four winds, and wait for the black swan.  We have seen how well the Death by a thousand cuts technique works after having it done to us;  Now it's our turn to see how the overseers like it.  Like the Dutch, we must be ready to toss our shoes into the machinery at every opportunity, clog it, break it down.  

"Anyone who thinks they are too small to make a difference has never spent the night with a mosquito" ~ The Dalai Lama

Those of us who consider ourselves as warriors of the light must now turn our focus inward to prepare our energetic selves.  We need to get back to what we know, and then use it to learn still more.  We need to spend more time in the void [meditation] grow stronger, strengthen our resolve and toughen up.  Warriors of the light know that with carnivore & eschelon the matrix reads every email, and hears every phone call - I say let them eat static.  Almost half a century ago Timothy Leary uttered those famous words that ignited a movement, "turn on  tune in  drop out"  But what so many fail to understand is that Leary betrayed every one of us with that patchouli smelling bullshit.  Why in the world would he do that?  Because at that moment in time we could have taken over the entire system in broad daylight, and the cowardly elites knew that.  I don't know how they got to him, or what they said to Leary, but what he was supposed to say out on the lawn that day was "Turn on   Tune In   Take Over!  It would be a much better world today if he had done the right thing; but it's too late for that now.  The overlords are dug in like a tick, infested everything, corrupted everyone...there is no taking over.

The time has arrived for humanity to embrace the horror and 'man-up'.  The whole smelly paradigm is crumbling under the weight of it's own corruption, greed and incompetence.  There is nothing worth saving in this house of cards, what are we gonna do, try to construct our vision of a better world on the crumbling foundations of a dead paradigm?  Hell no.  What we do is stand aside so we don't get clobbered by falling debris & become collateral damage.  We get out of the way, let it all collapse, then scrape the ground clear before even thinking about creating that better world.  Lots of hard, dirty, ugly work to be done, and guess who gets to do it?  Oh yeah, just one other thing, what about Fukushima?  We are going to need to come up with a way of dealing with that.  After all, what are we gonna do, ignore it?  Afraid not!!  If we cannot stop that nuclear volcano, not much else is going to matter in another 50 years.  There ain't no dropping out on a radioactive planet.

These are not pleasant thoughts, I understand that.  You don't want to be reminded of these things, I understand that too.  I'm just unwilling to give you your way!  That's all.  Not thinking on these subjects is what's wrong with everything today, and it is killing us.  You clicked on the link and are reading this for a reason, perhaps you are tired of pretending to be asleep and desperately seek information on how to proceed from here.  We are all seeking those answers together on the same internet, which is just an imitation of the network which connects us all, the etheric realms.  The overseers can control the internet, but they are nearly powerless in the etheric realm where they cannot control us quite so easily.  Even here they are far less powerful than they have you believing.  The archons are pulling a "Fonzie" on us folks -and we're buying into it.  Stop that!  On this plane the only way they can harm you is by scaring you into hurting yourself, stand up to them!  They are masters of disguise & deception.  Why do you suppose that is?  It's because they are the man behind the curtain, they are Galactic puffer fish who survive by intimidation and control by fear...They are the Fonz!  (Did you ever once see him really fight?)   So all you warriors of the light out there, buck up, there is hope in unsuspected places.  You just need to let it find you.  Don't be discouraged by what you see, not everything is as it seems. (very few things are these days) Prepare yourselves for what is coming; chance favors the prepared mind.  Know that your foe hides behind a thousand disguises because he fears you and seeks to take you out with facing you in battle.  Yes, the archons fear us, which is why they have sought for so many centuries to keep us dumb & under the thumb.  Kinda makes sense, doesn't it? 

As warriors we must remember that we have very limited abilities with which to 'sense' the natural world around us... what with being able to only hear and see about two percent of the visible & auditory spectrums.  In fact when you look at the brilliant colors of a rainbow, you're only seeing about 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum.  In the Art of war Sun Tzu advises us to "fight the enemy where he is not" and that is sage advice for today's spiritual warriors.  We resist and push back on the material plane, but we should take the fight to the ethereal plane, where we are not expected, and where the overseers are less powerful.  The other reason for this tactic is that in the ethereal we can construct a network they cannot own, or eavesdrop on.  Where exactly do you suppose all the master shamans hang out?  It ain't at starbucks.  It's time for Earth's spiritual warriors to come out of their shells, and make a stand for what they believe in and love, even if those loved ones all think you're nuts as they assume the deer in the headlights look.  Soon now.

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other