Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Game of Life

I remember so many times my old man would head out the door to work saying something like... "gotta get back in the game"  or "The rat race never ends" as if to brace himself for something unpleasant he had to face yet again.  Being a youngster at the time; I of course lacked the understanding of what it was like for him to enter that daily grind, but over the years the cumulative effects were clear enough to see.   With a few added years under my belt I realized just how wide spread this notion was; of life being just one big game... and it bothered me a bit on account of all the years of hearing how precious and sacred life is. This duality continued to perplex me as I made my way in life and in the fullness of time I came to understand why so many feel like they got thrust  into an endless game called life; with no referees, no owners manual and rules that change without notice.  The Rat Race.        
I had come to see that not only did most folks buy into this 'game mentality', but that society itself is designed to reinforce that notion in nearly every application.  Consider how we are programmed to embrace competition as a way of being superior to others.  Consider the many verbal ways we mutually reinforce that mindset with comments such as; "Life is a game and whoever has the most toys at the end wins" or the idea that something you want is "Fair Game"... and then there are even mantras of competition in romance & love what with the ideas of "Starter Husband"  and "Trophy Wife" added to our lexicon without so much as a murmur of dissent.  The parameters for this game are established for us, and we have no say in that unless we become so good at the game we actually become one of the elite gamesters, but that is a really exclusive club, with membership currently new members are being considered at this late stage of the game.  See what I mean about it being embedded into our everyday language.  It's so subtle, and the programming so pervasive that most folks go their whole life without noticing any of this.  They just keep on playing the game hoping to grab that brass ring!   See, It's everywhere once you train your mind to see it;  It's everywhere, it's an artificial, fabricated reality, which we've been conditioned for generations to only see it as normal. 


In 1860 Milton Bradley introduced a new board game called The Checkered Game of Life, which over time became shortened to just "Life."  The game is so popular it is still in production today and continues to be among the most popular of  parlor games, especially in North America.  When you pause to think about it, aren't almost all games we play designed to reinforce this notion of separation and competition?  Even in solitaire we are competing against ourselves.   I cannot think of many games humans play which are based on cooperation and unity.  Some might suggest that this spirit of competition is good for us, and in some ways I suppose it is, but  mostly it is just another mechanism of control by those who seek to determine our collective destiny without our collective consent.  To maintain this control over so many people it takes constant indoctrination and reinforcement at every level of society, and a show of force to ensure compliance; which exactly describes the world we live in today.        
Of course the rat race becomes more complex the longer one plays it.  When engaged with so many others on a daily basis who are blindly locked into the game, you get sucked into playing along, forming a consensus reality collective where each member has to keep playing the game by whatever set of rules are currently in effect. Before you know it you become leveraged into continuing to play the game, because everything in the rat race is crafted intentionally to do just that.  Job, house, car, family, school and so on to infinity & beyond....once you're hooked, they got ya. 

 As we have seen in recent weeks, the great shining lie pushes back against the great awakening now underway by trying to pull us all back into the fear mode.  To be sure, the non-stop saber rattling over North Korea and raging gun control 'debates' are designed to keep our collective minds off of what 'they' are doing to the world banking system; but they are also intended to draw us back into that mindset of fear now that the game is coming to what many are considering to be the final phase before the introduction of an even darker game just down the road from where we now find ourselves.  Just like in the Matrix movie, the game of life is all around us, it is every where, and nowhere.  We can see it everywhere we look, yet never find it if we search for it.  Also just like the movie, the game of life is a deceptive fabrication pulled over our eyes to prevent us from seeing a vastly different reality which can free us from this game.  All we need do to find the exit from this game is to pay attention to the things the powers that be don't want us knowing about.  Just like to find out who controls you, just look to see who you aren't allowed to criticize. The Rat Race abides.
With the frequency of false flag events increasing, and the eerie similarities to 911 what with the deadly poison Ricin allegedly  sent to several government officials right after the Boston Marathon bombing; I think it is now safe to say that the dreaded endgame may be upon us.  You see, the game isn't going exactly the way they want it to just now, what with this spiritual revolution turning into a raging prairie fire under their collective asses; so they are turning up the heat in every way they can to beat us back into submissive compliance.  Remember, it's the nail that sticks up that gets hammered down.

  Don't know about you, but anymore I get a bit nervous whenever I hear of another government terror drill planned, as that seems to be the first best way to detect a coming false flag attack.  And did you get a look at Obama's face at the press conference after his gun control issues were all voted down?  There simply was no concealing the anger on that mans face as the elites continue to be exposed for the parasites they are.   Over the last few posts I have been saying that I feel the endgame is very near.  Are you feeling me now?  I think we have just turned onto that dark country road where the lights all go out and the scarecrows come to life...does anyone else hear the banjo music?  
Once fully awake within the game many people find continuing to play it to be an intolerable situation and begin searching for the aforementioned invisible exits.  Of course the exits are few, and well concealed from normal view which often ushers in the element of depression when the thought keeps coming around, that there may be no way out.  The great shining lie wants your desperation and fear, it feeds on that stuff with an insatiately growing appetite.  When we are not timely or forthcoming with our fear and despair the great shining lie must elicit it from us or perish, which is why there will always be alcohol, drugs and TV with which to feed your depression... and that, my friends, is the exit from the game.  Refuse to play, refuse to feed the beast, starve that sucker out.  Once you see the game and the beast for what they really are and the destiny they have in mind for the rest of us; playing the game is no longer an option.* 

It is said that most humans will not change until the pain of remaining the same becomes intolerable, and that is as good a definition as I can think of to describe both the "Arab Spring" revolution and the revolution of consciousness currently unfolding across Earth, with the demise of the Kali Yuga.  This time of chaos and turmoil is a normal and natural thing occurring as Earth passes from one great age to another, as we just have done. 

 It is the time when the pain of remaining the same awakens us to the vaster spiritual realms in our search for an exit.   Alas, many discover upon embarking on the spiritual path, that it also is very complex, and having rules not readily discerned by the casual observer.  Beyond these discoveries are a myriad of aspects of Self which we must also meet and contend with; such as our inner child, ego, critical parent, nurturing parent,& higher self not to mention, spirit guides, guardians, Angels & the occasional demon or two.  Naturally it doesn't end there, as to gain any footing or progress in our spiritual quest, we must also embrace our shadow self, which can be among the most frightening encounters some will ever have.  

Indeed at times the spiritual path may seem to be just another game we bought into playing, but the difference lies in making actual progress as an authentic human being, which one never quite accomplishes in the rat race game.  Yes there are diversions to tempt us off the path, and pitfalls to teach us what we thought we already knew; but just remember in this game your energy and effort are feeding you, not the beast! As you do this you become more confident and grow stronger. On the spiritual path you have escaped the hamster wheel of the game of life and entered into a labyrinth of self discovery where true progress can be seen & measured; and you now have a sense of where your destination is.  As your perceptions change you will see the counterfeit reality for what it is, a dying fabricated system of enslavement, and this will fuel your determination to never be pulled back into it.


The exit from the game of life is never free, or cheap.  Your ticket out may well cost you everything you have clung to up to this point.  Waking up and opting out of the rat race will usually take your job as it's first payment, especially if it a particularly nasty job which demeans and robs other people or just feeds the beast and nothing more.  When you begin pointing out things like chemtrails, stolen elections, a growing police state and GMO food to your family & friends it will make them nervous, it will alienate them from you.  It may be that those closest to you will be unready or unwilling to exit the rat race game of life.  How's that for some pressure?  Like I said, it's everywhere, and the tendrils of control have had a very long time in which to totally ensnare us in this make believe world.  You are going to have to want out very badly in some cases before breaking free of the game, you may have to release loved ones to find their own way in their own time.
 Upon the spiritual path to enlightenment we learn the importance of doing things at the right time and for the right reason.  So when you locate this exit from the rat race game of life, don't expect it to instantly usher you into the winners will still have to work to get there, and by the time you do, you will realize that the game of life cannot be won, only played.

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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  1. How true. I will not say for one instant that I have lost everything. My guides have remained true despite my sins against myself. In the end, and the beginning, the only sins any of us bear are against our self. There is only one judge, and only one to provide forgiveness, and that is our self. We are It. I Am He. I Am.

    I Am surrounded by mammon that most on this planet do not know, and while it is not opulence, it is riches beyond compare to many. In the capitalist society, it is barely nothing, but in the darkest ghetto it is a ticket to heaven that cannot exist except in a fantasy world of mammon and materialistic pantomime.

    The walls of life are monumental, and at the same time the crumbling remnant of Jericho. As we fight to defend the borders of the cave of a skull we look out of, we find that the meaning behind it all is driven by an insidious black hole of pain, fear and death.

    There is a dark lord with a spiritual wireless connection into the minds of all men. It has bypassed firewalls, it has injected into all that are willing a viral poison of foolish greed and pitiful pride, and it means to suck the life out of life until there is no life left to suffer.

    Death is seeking death, and life is seeking life. They dance, the two, yet not in a concerted order. One mimics the other in a play that can only be called the mirror. It doesn't have to be this way. Man acts as a reflection of what He is shown, or as singular mechanism of the Creator, and the Divine.

    Regardless of the playing field, we are all still given a choice of who I Am. It all comes down to who we as men believe in. The belief in fiction is the belief in death. The belief in Self is the belief in life.

    1. ChewyBees~
      You are on the correct wavelength. Indeed; I AM may be the most powerful words we have to work with. Thanks for riding on the express!

  2. Excellent article - I very much enjoyed it.


    1. Hey hey there no hanky panky on the express unless we get a video out of it :)

  3. Ida~ I am so glad you enjoyed this, as I have enjoyed your work as well. Thanks for the feedback. Peaceful Blessings!

  4. :D indeed brother. and yes chewy, the dead have come for the dead, and the living have come for the living. truly an astonishing period in our evolution. your site is looking great chautauqua, and your writing gets better with each piece. meanwhile, i struggle for words, and am left with silence. got any gum? :D

    1. ZShaman~ always love hearing from you Bro; and yes indeed we got some very good seats for the consciousness revolution now playing on Earth. Appreciate your comments on the new look for the blog...kind of a happy accident...Someone somehow got into Blogger & screwed up my formatting & settings, so I turned the recovery into a facelift. Guess not everyone appreciates my point of view. Always back up everything :) Got no gum just now, how about a nice non-GMO peach, compliments of PeekCrackers?

  5. What a Genius piece of writing - thank you - peace

    Ken -- AKA -- Took the Red Pill

    1. So glad you liked the piece Ken...not sure about the genius part but will try to live up to it in the future :) Namaste!

  6. Love it .... Mr Grove-master Fresh Chautauqua . ( peek leaves some Peaches on the Augureye Express reception counter ) with a Note that read , Top left !

  7. G'Morning Peeks~ Love the home-grown non-GMO peaches ya left; what a good breakfast, and the kind words wend down nicely as well. With so many writers writing so many good things these days, I feel amazed & honored that so many are reading my 'Brain droppings" (Love & miss ya George Carlin). It's great to have ya aboard the express.

  8. * It seems to me, we are crystals tuned to the same resonating collective conscious frequency...echoes of 'like-mind' have led me to the same tentative & yet undeniable eclectic conclusions of our present sad & sorry state of affairs.
    A festering boil of burgeoning truth,straining against impacted evil & mendacious constraints, will not be denied & desperately needs to be lanced... as the pressure is becoming too painful to bear.
    To have 'awakened' amidst such a dire existential ontology of circumstance, is bewildering to say the least...How could the perceived universe be this flawed?...I'm hoping this ENDGAME routes this vile & parasitic error... forever & is never ever manifested anywhere again...Thx for the echoes...Cheers

  9. * P.S. I've never played a video game or gambled, in my entire life! one can get be to play ANY board games & I refuse to play cards, as viewing it ALL as predictable, closed systems of wasted time...but hey!...that's just me (lol) You don't have to play the's a gamble just the same.

  10. So happy to be echoing your vibes Alex, I know just what you mean...its worse than waiting for the ketchup to pour while hearing Carly Simon singing 'Anticipation....' Wait till you get an eyeload of today's post, "Blackhawks over Massachusetts". I just calls 'em like I sees 'em and I am really sincerely hoping I am wrong this time...but it isn't looking (or feeling) at all good just now. Times like this I like to remind myself that anything is possible! Cheers & top left brother Alex!