Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Creeping Blindness at the 5D Portal


It's being one of those dreams that make you want a dream recorder app for your smart phone.  Two nights in a row now, same dream, same dude, same book and I still am no closer to figuring it out.  Makes me feel downright blind sometimes, despite many years of experience and comfort with such things.  On both nights I awake within the dreamtime (lucid dreaming) to see a fellow standing along side my bed, he's pointing to a book on my nightstand (that wasn't there earlier.)  I cannot see him clearly, as he stands mostly in shadow, & seems to be somewhat like an Electron; sort of multidimensional in nature.  Both times I've had this dream, this fellow just points to the book, and says "Be sure you write it down in the book!"  Now...in the dream this all makes perfect sense to me, as the thing needing to be written down is both important and ominous; and I certainly know what it is.  Yet I have awakened these last two mornings with a clear recollection of only the traveler, and his words.  Yeah, one of those kind of dreams that leaves you scratching your head and wondering all day long.

If this was just an isolated dream maybe it wouldn't seem so pertinent; but it's just the latest in a procession of such dreams, and I remember "Mr. Electron" from at least one of them as well, so you could say it has my attention.  It would make more sense if I was writing a book but I'm not, (that I know of) so I continue the search for symbolic meaning while trying to recall the missing elements of the dream, wondering if the same dream will replay for a third night running.  I say that knowing such a thing is possible as it has happened to me once before; and that time it was something pretty important.  Although not the primary message; the dream does serve to remind me that a good many of us of late have been allowing our attention to be diverted from more spiritual matters by the well crafted theatrics being played out on the world stage.  We need to remember that these international dramas are devised to meet several goals at once, one of them being to distract us from our pathway to destiny...the ascension into fifth dimensional resonance.*

This great awakening now taking place has the powers that be on the run.  Each day "our" numbers increase even as still more of their heinous deeds are brought to light.  They are loosing ground just as we are gaining traction & momentum.  It is a very nice thing to see these cockroaches so scared, but it also makes them more dangerous than normal, just so we don't lose sight of that fact!  Every day more people are remembering that the government derives its authority from the people, every day more are refusing to any longer give that consent.  We, who have been programmed to trust our government, are deleting that program, and replacing it with another; and we are doing this not by the hundreds, but by the thousands.  We really need to be doing so in the millions!  Doing this does not require our presence out there in the tear gas & pepper spray zone.  We simply need to consciously choose to stop feeding the beast; as we head for the door on our way to a long deserved vacation!  Let the beast starve, it's time has come, the paradigm of the beast is over just as certainly as the Piscean Age in which it flourished for so long has ended; giving way to a new age, a new paradigm, and a new way of doing things. 


Here we are just four months into this wondrous Aquarian age.  Many have already noticed some of the subtle changes happening within their mind, and soul.  Stirrings the likes of which many have never felt before, and perhaps a nebulous sense as well that something very, very big is about to happen for all the souls now on Earth.  It is!  As we awaken, and in turn awaken still others, the collective harmonic frequency of the collective consciousness increases; ever closer to the threshold of spiritual evolution, the portal to fifth dimensional awareness ~ ascension to the next level.  We might have already been there a long time ago if not for the machinations of those elite few who presume to rule over humanity for all time.  Not content to gracefully take a bow & depart the stage when their time is over; this bunch just decided they could change the course of evolution as easily as they do a river, and keep humanity as slaves - forever below the threshold of evolution.   Now that is arrogance incarnate, and mutated into pure seething, slimy evil which cannot tolerate the light of day, or the love of spirit.
 I see it like this: out of all the souls currently alive on this planet, some are finished with this particular step in the human process and will be moving on to 5D resonance reality.  Others however are not finished here just yet-and will be staying for a good while longer.  To those who are ascending I say don't look back, it's their world, and their fight now; and all we can accomplish by joining in the fight is to miss our ride to 5D until the stay-behinds are finally ready to ascend.*   Nobody can tell you which group you are in, it's something your soul knows.  Those who feel their time to ascend is at hand need to focus on just that...and divorce themselves from the great dog & pony show currently playing to packed audiences across the planet. 

We are being subjected to a hundred little distractions every day, and several giant economy sized ones as well.  Paying attention to all this, and allowing it to affect you only serves to rob you of frequency resonance.  It's kinda like flying; with negativity relating to weight.  If you are loaded down with the weight of the world it robs you of the power needed to lift off and fly free...you're grounded!  When we discard all that excess baggage of negativity, especially self-doubt; taking flight becomes almost second nature.

I know it isn't easy to detach from something so compelling as the train wreck this country is facing very soon, but maybe it helps to remember that the pledge of allegiance and national anthem are lies of propaganda designed to program compliance and separation into you.  The great shining lie seeks to blind us to our true selves, our true history, and our true destiny.  It has been this way for longer than anyone can remember, and now that the 'endgame' is upon us, the terrified elites are pounding on us harder than ever...they feel their control fading, and like I said, that makes them more dangerous, so we all have to be more alert than usual...more focused on our goals.  Imagine a wildfire burning out of control as you're making your way to a boat at the dock.  You want to be aware of the fire's progress, but only so much as it affects your path to the boat.  If you stop long enough to help fight the raging fire, you may look up to see your path to the boat compromised.  It isn't about a dying distorted paradigm which enslaved you, it's about your destiny beyond that. 


Aside from a plethora of pacification technologies which seek to degrade our cognitive functions and health; the powers that be also seek to blind us to our destiny with a never ending succession of diversions, distractions and fake reality.  The same tired old trick which worked for so very long but doesn't anymore, and 'they' are being slow to understand that.  If those in power across this world seem like a soul-less lot, that's because they are.  Time was when they tried so very hard to hide it: to give the appearance of proper decorum, but those days of blindness are long since gone and today we clearly see them as they truly are...cold, calculating and without a soul.   I see a very interesting parallel here to the increasing number of sinkholes manifesting out of thin air, and of course; I have a theory and it goes like this.  Driven only by greed & avarice the great shining lie assumed ownership of all "fossil fuels" then proceeded to drill, pump and Frack every last single drop in order to create their dynasty of manipulation and control.  Now, to be sure there are many things wrong with that whole scenario, and I believe the worst one of them all is now coming home to roost.  Ever hear of plate tectonics? You know, the massive slabs of mantle which support the various continents?  You recall how they slide, causing massively destructive earthquakes & fires?  What if all that crude oil we've extracted from Gaia was intended to lubricate the tectonic plates so they flow more smoothly past one another?
 What's unfolding all around us now is kinda similar.  The power elites have sucked the people and resources of this planet so dry that nothing works any longer unless it is placed on artificial stimulus or bailed out all together, at still further cost to 'Joe Everyman'.  It's time to take off the blinders and stop dancing to the tune called out by those who assume authority over our very souls.  Remember that old bumper sticker from the 60's "What if they gave a war & nobody came?"  That is kinda what I think we need to manifest in the here and now.  Whatever it is they are cooking up for the grand finale, what if we just tuned out and went on about our business of raising our personal vibration.  Oh, you say you feel compelled to help your fellow man in these dark times?  Fine. Raise your vibration, increase your personal resonance frequency because in so doing you are helping all of us to reach that critical mass needed for ascension.
 We feel connected to this dying paradigm because we have been programmed to.  It's where all our memories and best times happened and we are reluctant to give up on it.  If you feel so strongly about the place knowing what you've seen with your own eyes over the last dozen or so years then perhaps you are destined to stay for a while longer and cover our ass while the rest of us take the escalator out of this dystopian nightmare.  Don't think we don't appreciate it either! 

As we make our way in this new landscape of the Aquarian age we are finding to our dismay that some of the knowledge we acquired on our sojourn no longer seems to apply the way it always has.  We find ourselves being constantly surprised by pleasant little things we never anticipated.  Synchronicities are manifesting like fireflies on a summer night in Oklahoma; and old familiar landmarks are all gone now.  We try to get our bearings in this new place but it's hard on account of there being no footprints to follow.  We are out beyond the reach of history now, navigating new turf & making the maps as we go.  I'm not saying there aren't excellent materials available to help us on this journey, because there are.  I wish I could list them all for everyone but unfortunately one size does not fit all...meaning to point you to something helpful I would need to know what 'resonates' or clicks with you, and only you know that.  I make a point of this because as we deal with the creeping blindness of materialistic diversions, the things to which we resonate will guide us in the right direction to discover the portal to 5D.
This ascension business is something very much individualized I believe, and although we are embarking upon a group soul migration* the journey is intensely personal.  We sometimes feel as if we're being pulled in many different directions, most of them with strong emotional attachments; and this too drains our focus as well as our energy.  This is why a regular regimen of meditation is so helpful, it shows us how to remain centered & focused amid the noise and confusion of the material plane.  There is an old Zen proverb which goes something like this...it is helpful to meditate for twenty minutes a day; if you are very busy & don't have time, meditate for an hour!  Meditation will help keep you in the flow & in the know as it teaches you to hear the still, small voice of your soul.
The resonance of unity is the carrier frequency of the fifth dimension and unconditional love is the channel.  Pretty much the opposite of everything ever drummed into you thru school, and life.  Getting out of here thru ascension is exactly like what the driver's education instructor taught you about getting out of a skid...ya gotta turn into the skid!  Yes I am aware that sounds backwards, it also happens to be the only way to pull out of a skid.  If you have been paying attention so far in your life I'm quite sure you have found many other examples of reality being 180 degrees backward from what it is proclaimed to be.  In other words, when in doubt; just do the opposite of what the 'authorities' want you to do and you should stay reasonably on track.  and remember, if you don't know where you are going~any road will get ya there!

Especially these days there is a lot to be said for intuition.  I believe it can help fill in the gaps of our limited physical perception and thus help guide us toward that which we seek.  Eventually we learn that intuition is usually the voice of our higher self, or perhaps a guide or another of our chorus of unseen friends who travel with us thru life as kind of spiritual escorts, and sometimes lifeguards.  So listen to your intuition, you can trust it; after all, has it ever lied to you before?  Learning to trust your intuition will foster greater trust in yourself and your abilities.  If you ignore intuition it will just get louder, so it is best to pick it up the first time 'round whenever you can.

Remember: Everyone should meditate for 20 minutes a day,
                                          and if they blow up the planet, do it for an hour.

"The Frayed Angels"  

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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  1. IT's going to be a day. and there is really no way to say "no" to the morning.-Joni Mithcell.The Sun is on the rise again (anything can happen, see)-Bob Marley. Where are those bodhisatvas of the Earth equal in number to the sands of the Ganges?-Lotus Sutra. All the fireflies working together, would be as bright as the sun

  2. Brian~ Now you're feeling me! That is the whole point; that we live in a universe where truly anything can happen. And I have a feeling it's about to! Cheers brother, I liked your musical references a lot.

  3. Unity is holographic, so it is achieved on all levels simultaneously. The personal level being the key. Hence the need for personal integrity and responsibility. I used to wonder how can unity be realized by emphasizing individuality. Now I know. Thanks! Keep going...

  4. Eagle~ How astute you are being regards the Holographic Universe. The more I read about this whole hologram reality the more I go Hmmmmm {doing that a lot these days] Some very bright people are saying some very interesting things about this. I like the idea of unity also being holographic in nature, I guess I just wish more folks could see the hologram that way. Great comments, thanks for hangin out!

  5. Dear brother of soul Chautauqua.
    As always, follow acute enjoying the intent and reasoning of their chronicles.

    The fact that we are walking in the forest as well as unknown says, is what makes the rise so enormous and challenging I think.
    I think it found the way to make us understand and meet our higher self, because intuitively understand it, our higher self has possession of the road map to be followed with safety and tranquility.
    Thus our main search should be possible to create greater intimacy with our gondolier. He knows all the currents, strandings and curves to be implemented in an attempt to reach the 5D.
    And you are absolutely right when you talk about meditation.
    I also understand that it is one of the safest ways to ensure this intimacy with the captain of the gondola.
    Do not ask me how I know about it, having obtained an awakening so recent.
    How many things I have read, I only feel what touches me or not.
    I think all this knowledge was always asleep in my soul, hoping outward signs that would wake them, bringing them to the fore as my awakening filled me with curiosity and hunger for truth.
    My angels and spirit guides are working at full steam in recent months, and I can almost feel their joy in taking action now so crucial.
    Patience and dedication of them to us, will not be in vain.
    Embrace and respect.

  6. Namaste Brother Wander~
    It is so nice to hear from you again, and I am very glad you are finding my thoughts both helpful and familiar. We are all connected on the unseen realms as if in the same room together. Myself and others are discovering to our joy, that when authentic souls like you share your thoughts, that connection can be felt, the miles between meaningless. Yes, it is all within our soul's blueprint - and we are all slowly remembering our spiritual heritage, and home. Indeed our chorus of unseen friends rejoice with every step of progress we make on this homeward journey. For me the best news is that we are no longer "going" home...humanity is so close now that we are seen as arriving home, very soon now I believe. Don't let the lizards distract you from the divine which is all around us. Peaceful Blessings fellow traveler.

  7. C
    Nightstand?, book? write it down? My guess is the book is a log of your dreams. Do you write down your dreams? I have been doing it for a couple of years now and it seems that I am given puzzle pieces. When I write them down I can remember them but also the emotion of them. I woke up at about 4 AM this morning and wrote a whole page then a couple hours later I woke up again and wrote of another one. They had a connection too. The first one was about the love emotions I felt a long time ago for my soul mate. The second one was about how love never fades away and we never heal from it because "in time" it just happened yesterday. I remembered the movie "The Legend of Bagger Vance" where Charlise Theron says this exact same thing to Matt Damon. Will Smith plays Matt Damon's caddie and also God as the same character. If you've never seen it, you're really missing something good. The book is really good too.


    1. Hey Jeff~
      Ya know...folks already say my handwriting looks either like a doctors, or hieroglyphics, then factor in being half awake & trying to write in the dark, or with a flashlight; I opted instead for a digital voice recorder on the nightstand because it's so much easier trying to decipher the semi-conscious ramblings that sound like a drunk lunatic. Still better than writing half asleep, I could never get the hang of that. Yeah, Bagger Vance was a great spiritual flick; they just didn't beat ya over the head with it...it was kinda subtle, sorta sneaky :) Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hi Chautauqua:

    This is Altea. Beautifully said and thank you. I awoke this morning knowing that it's time, for me anyway, to give the outer "stuff" a miss. I am worn out from the effort of trying to help those who wish to experience further adventures in the Dark. That is their journey and I can no longer say "no" to it. For those of us who feel it's time to direct our energies of love into the Light full-time, it feels right and good to do just that. Today, I choose to "believe in myself" and in my invisible friends, who, by the way, are Arcturian, which I sense you are, too. I am not giving up on humanity (I've been one for way too long to ever give up on them!) and it's my hope that whatever I have done to lighten the load of Gaia and her kingdoms will come to fruition. Love to you, Chautauqua, and thank you for saying so well what is in my heart-mind. If it helps, you just put it in my "book"! And that tunnel with the Light at the end, it's not a freight train! Altea

  9. Hi there Althea~
    Very well said there...it's like we're holding the frequency or something; like the old time crystal radio sets. Actually I feel more Pleiadean, at least that is where I am homesick for all these long years. I'm not giving up on them either...I'm just done waiting for them. 5D is just a stopover on our way home, so those staying behind will meet us in 5D when they're ready, or done with this game. Some I can think of love the game too much to ever risk dropping it for the big fuzzy electron. Thanks for hanging out on the express! Namaste.

  10. Have been reading on your website for past week or so. Your thoughts have a common sense feel that I resonate with greatly. For the longest time I spent a lot of time reading to try to understand what was coming and how to use that knowledge to protect my family.
    though that is still somewhat on my mind, I have also learned that being my 'higher self" is enough and brings me peace, assuredness and more able to love and appreciate those around me and our beautiful world.
    I still have a hard time understanding why we have so much violence and evil in the world. Not quite sure if it is free will or Satanic influence or both. Regardless, thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience and wisdom. all are valued.

  11. * Good stuff as always !...I just haven't felt all that 'chatty' lately amigo.As far as the malcontents at Zen's... I was going to drop some 'pearls of wisdom' but you handled it...Reminded me of the old experiment of placing an (inanimate) Teddy Bear in a cage with a raccoon...then giving the cage an electrical shock>....the coon bites the bear> in reprisal...(lol)

  12. Kemosabe, good to hear from ya. It ain't everyday ya get twin trolls at Zens, and he has more patience with them than I do when they rant their shit after my post. I figure they got banned from all the usual troll haunts and wandered into the garden by mistake. I got a hoot over how the 'denizens' of the garden rallied around that Brian dude & set him straight ever so politely, I think it was after Zens new article today. Kinda cool. Glad the greys haven't abducted you yet...you're still needed here! Cheers!

  13. * I couldn't resist!...better check out Zen again....(lol)

  14. Wow, you gave the lad both barrels right in the face...and were those shiny new dimes I saw spinning out from the barrels of your 12 Gauge?? Even worse, now he needs a dictionary to know what you said. Outstanding!

  15. * ....don't bring a knife to a gun-fight! hahahahahaha