Friday, April 19, 2013

Blackhawks over Boston


My soul was restless all night, like a flat stone skipping over calm water...I just couldn't sink into deep sleep.  Experience has taught me not to fight it if it persists, so I surrendered around 4 AM and got up to start my day.  As soon as I fired up my laptop I understood why my soul was is April 19th, and right on cue, we have an escalation in the Boston false flag bombings...which at this point seem to have been pulled off by seal team members and the FBI, of course.

 I covered the whole April 19 scenario in a recent post, Waiting for the Black Swan, so I won't go into that detail here just now except to say that for several weeks I have had the darkly unpleasant feeling that this April 19 would go down in history as being equal to Waco, and the OKC bombing.  That feeling was amplified greatly when I turned on the TV to follow the "coverage" of unfolding events to see numerous Urban Assault Vehicles prowling the locked down streets of Watertown as Military Blackhawk helicopters circled overhead like vultures searching for carrion.  Sometimes I really hate being right.

 I have been watching these kinds of false flag aftermaths ever since the CIA killed JFK and then hunted down their patsy Lee Harvey Oswald.  I was watching when Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner in Dallas was allowed into the police parking garage with a pistol so he could kill Oswald.  That was the second murder broadcast on live TV that week, and it leaves an impression.  It is designed for that effect.  From so many recent examples, we all know what is going to happen next.  The powers that be will continue to shift the story around many times to cover their mistakes and ineptitude, until it becomes impossible to discern what really happened.  Another built-in design feature of the post-modern, pre-apocalyptic false flag scenario.  You would think that after so many staged productions like this the powers that be would be much better and smoother at this sort of thing, but evidently practice doesn't always make perfect!  Then again, I remember times when they were slicker, and sneakier with these types of black ops; so maybe it isn't that they are suddenly becoming the 'keystone cops' as much as it is they are now so close to the final endgame of their agenda 21 master plan, they just don't care anymore if we can see thru their lies or not.

 Already we have seen several of these mis-directions what with the wrong photos being released of the two dark skinned "suspects" then the totally false report on CNN that they had arrested two "Caucasian" males yesterday, when no such thing had yet occurred. Like they always do, they are stirring the waters and flushing the toilets to create a nasty screen of pure excrement with which to conceal the beleaguered truth.  Earlier this week we had the confusing issue of the "Family Guy" Boston Marathon episode which also changed a couple of times before the 'facts' seemed to settle into place.  This is just another debacle like Aurora and Sandy Hook, where the puppet masters divert and distract with this where's Elmo, whack-a-mole routine designed to make us give up trying to understand what really happened.  Don't fall for it! 

 I am not by nature an investigative journalist, just a digger following the flow of truth and listening to what my gut tells me, so this is more of a rage against the machine because I find it simply impossible to keep these thoughts to myself as this nasty piece of treason unfolds before us, once again.  The air over Massachusetts is full of bovine excrement as well as Blackhawk gunships today.  The talking heads want to talk about everything except those photos showing military seal team members with bulging backpacks, and just what they were doing there before and after Monday's bombings?

In all the hours of 'reporting' no one seems to want to address this issue, as well as several others, such as yesterday's fake arrest report.  Why is there a no-fly zone over Watertown, are they thinking this suspect at large is going to steal an aircraft...or are they just making sure there are no embarrassing videos of them covering up and destroying evidence?  Besides, faking a massive manhunt gives them the pretense to do house to house searches so they can enter & search every  home without a warrant.  This isn't over yet, this is just a dress rehearsal for the feature presentation coming soon to a neighborhood near you. 

 I can just see it all play out from this point.  The current manhunt will conclude with the death of the remaining patsy brother, but the suspected third accomplice will go uncaught so that we all have that boogeyman rummaging around in our subconscious saying he might strike anywhere, any time.  Once things settle down a bit more, we're going to see the same knee-jerk BS as we have so recently seen with the gun control hysteria; only this time it will be cries from every political hack & pundit that we must ban black powder for reloading ammo because the bombs were made with that.  It will go on for weeks getting shriller by the day until the Obama tries to push thru new black powder control bills in congress.  When he does, I hope the quisling cowards throw it right back in his face. 
I just really don't get it.  Israel kills people every single day, but no politicians want to outlaw them, because they are all so protective of that rogue terrorist state.  The Obama administration currently has two separate & parallel drone programs; one run by the CIA and the other run by DOD.  Both programs are actively seeking out and killing scores of people every day, including children, and Obama wants to do the same on American home soil...and nobody carries on non-stop for a week or two over that travesty.  We are to just accept all those deaths as OK because they are not us.  As the old saying goes, if we don't start taking this bastards toys away from him real soon, there will be nobody left to protest when those hellfire rockets are hitting houses in your neighborhood! Something to think about. 

Something else to ponder is where are "they" going with all this emphasis on these 2 brothers being from Chechnya, and making trips to Russia, and recently being "radicalized."  It just sounds way too much like deja vu if you ask me.  Seen it all before and unlike so many of my countrymen, I have a relatively good memory for this type of stuff.  It's the patented false flag formula hard at work one more time.  Only this time I don't think it will fade away after a few dozen news cycles.  This time I think we may see something the magnitude of 911 or even bigger, all the earmarks are in place.  The daily demands for gun control following Sandy Hook continue and grow louder; and as I said will soon be joined by a cacophony of the same idiot politicians wailing for the government to ban black powder, and restrict how much ammunition legal gun owners can buy.  After all we can't have people breaking open thousands of bullets in order to get black powder for bomb making.

 If they are really that determined to save lives how come they don't ban backyard swimming pools because last year nearly 1200 kids under the age of five drowned in backyard pools, so where is the outrage over them?  Where are the emotional pleas for the banning of backyard swimming pools.  In 2011, between Memorial day and June 28th 48 children under five years old died in backyard pools; but we have yet to see such wall to wall coverage of those deaths...accompanied by fervent demands for justice because the government hasn't yet declared war on backyard money in that!

 I'd like everyone reading this to take a good long look at those photos and videos of the urban assault vehicles covered with armed mercenaries, and those military helicopter gunships.  Get real accustomed to seeing them on the streets of your hometown real soon if what I'm feeling is correct.  Instead of winding down as they usually do, this Massachusetts scenario may very well flow right into a larger, more widespread national emergency requiring martial law to be declared; especially so if yet another 'event' goes ballistic at the same time.  For more than a week straight recently we were subjected to around the clock "coverage" of Kim Jong Un's nuclear a launch was imminent...danger, Will Robinson, danger!!  Did you notice how all that BS immediately went away when the bombs went off in Boston?  Did the tiny tyke suddenly change his mind, or was he just telling his servant to re-heat the take-out when he said he wanted the Chinese nuked?  It just seems awful fishy to me, and it should to you as well.

Clearly the last several weeks have seen a significant ramping up of false flag attacks, manufactured fear, constant anti-gun, anti-freedom rhetoric from all the talking heads & Feds across the land.  This is way more than just a little street theater to keep our attention away from the continuing torpedoing of the world financial system.  The pieces are falling into place now and will continue to do so until one day we will awake to find ourselves penniless, homeless and on the way to a FEMA camp somewhere...unless we snap out of it and remove all these psychopathic parasites from power, where ever they are!  Should we begin right now?  Or maybe wait a bit longer, until it is You who wakes up to the sound of Blackhawk helicopters flying overhead some morning in the not too distant future.

" I didn't say it would be easy, Neo.  I just said it would be the truth."

 Until Next time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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