Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What's Growing in Zens Garden?

One nice summer afternoon when I was about ten years old; my twelve year old sister and I were aimlessly killing time in our suburban backyard.  Dad was out getting the essentials for a backyard barbecue and mom was next door visiting with our neighbors.  Hearing an odd whistle we looked toward the gate to see it was the local paperboy, wanting our attention.  My sister walked over to talk to him, to see what he wanted.  I ignored them and kept playing with the dog.

Just a few minutes later I heard my sister scream loudly, and not a good scream either.
Dashing around the corner of the house I could see the paperboy attacking my sister, and ripping her clothes off as she desperately fought him off the best she could.  I understood all I needed to in that moment, and without thinking much about it I grabbed a stock of firewood off the woodpile and ran to help my sister.  So intent on his goal, the paperboy never saw my approach, or what hit him.  I smacked him as hard as I was able to with that piece of firewood, right up alongside his pervert head, laid him out like a wet sack on a slab.  Just then, the kid's luck ran out as our dad walked around the corner to see what all the commotion was about on this nice summer afternoon.  We didn't have to tell dad what happened, he could see for himself.  I'll never forget the look on that kid's face when he looked up to see my hulking father standing over him.

I was certain sure he was gonna kill that kid and bury the body under the woodpile, but he didn't.  In fact, he didn't even call the cops.  He knew this kid, and his parents, so for reasons I didn't understand then, and still don't; it was all hushed up, and nothing was ever done about it - like it never happened. 
But it did happen, it's happening still; every day around the world.  Whether its teachers having sexual relations with our children, or pedophile priests abusing & violating young boys with the tacit approval of the pope; child abuse in all of its ugly forms is rampant throughout this world and for the most part the subject is still being ignored and swept under the carpet, and I still don't understand why??

Perhaps the very worst form of pedophilia is when it is done under color of authority or assumed righteousness; such as with teachers, pastors and priests.  Those who hold themselves up to be admired and respected in positions of trust: who then prey upon our vulnerable, defenseless children are the very lowest and despicable form of the deviant pedophile.

"See the paid off bottom feeders
Passing themselves off as leaders"
                                                  ~Bruce Cockburn~

It was thru my morning emails the other day when I first read about what is now a breaking story across the alternative media world: Zen Gardner's admission that for nearly thirty years of his life he was one of the leaders of the child abuse cult known as Children of God, aka The Family, aka The Family International.  It's now been disclosed that Don Ferguson, aka "Zen Gardner" rose in the ranks of the cult being one of it's leaders, and their media chief in charge of "Image Management" and public relations, in other words, a professional liar as well as pedophile.
His job was to conceal the ongoing child abuse, and paint a rosy picture of the cult as wholesome.  It appears that he did such a good job he even forgot the depth of his own depravity because he now claims to have had no knowledge of the child abuse, and claims he himself is a victim.

 C'mon Don, that's just cowardly dude!  

You don't rise thru the ranks over 30 years to become one of the leaders without knowing exactly who was doing what to whom and when.  You don't become media chief in charge of image management unless you know the ugly truth being managed and are in fact totally complicit in it.  Your job was to hide the truth from the world, dress it up as something healthy & wholesome.  If you are now admitting you were there for all those years, fess up in full, it's good for the soul brother; and right about now I'd say your dark soul needs all the help it can get!

With a background in cult child abuse you'd be prone to think such a person would do his best to limit public exposure of any kind; but instead Don learned a few new age buzz words & catch phrases, maybe thumbed thru "Be Here Now" & turned himself into Zen Gardner.  Then went hunting on the internet's alternative media circuit with his so appropriately named website; Just Wondering?

I'll bet a whole lot of people are doing just exactly that right now, wondering WTF? 
It took me a little while to get my head around it the morning I first heard.  I'd just opened my email after pouring my first coffee of the day.  Still rubbing the sleep from my bleary eyes, despite what I read, my mind was seeing that Zen & family had been captured by some south American cult!  I guess that's how much I didn't want to believe it.  You see, almost four years ago now I was contemplating starting a blog, and was a somewhat frequent visitor to his site.  After I'd commented on a few articles here & there, Zen emailed me saying he liked my style.  When I told him I was thinking about writing a blog, he encouraged me to write something, and submit it.  He posted my first article, and many more afterwards; he sent my stuff to other editors, I got noticed because of Zen. We became friends.  In time I had to walk away from Zen, as I could no longer overlook his loose affiliation with the truth in a few matters; & now I wish I'd never heard his name because then I wouldn't have this ugly feeling about one who was once a friend. 

That happens a lot with this guy.  For a while there, a nice little cyber community seemed to hang out at Zen's site, and it was kinda fun.  Then gradually I noticed some old timers just dropping away into oblivion, even as new personas would crop up to exchange thoughts in the 'garden'.  I dropped away as well, so did a lot of others.  This one troll would show up real brash & bold, and funny at first.  Before long he started making comments that were beyond rude, they were sexist and possibly even racist in nature, and Zen encouraged him, they became buddies.  That's when I left, when I saw thru a crack in Zen's facade and caught just a glimpse of the man behind the keyboard.
The Zen Gardner franchise is little more than an online cult.  He has his favorite followers who adore him and keep his commercialized website active with mindless chatter.  It was a while after I cut ties with "Zen" that I began to notice that he never really writes anything new or significant.  Every post he 'writes' is just re-hashed variations on stuff he's already posted.  He moves the paragraphs around a bit, sticks in a different image or two, changes the title; and that's about it.  He churns out a steady concoction of pop-new-age-psycho-babble mixed with noble sounding but meaningless tripe.  Always running about yelling "Shark, Shark," but never gets his feet wet.  His tirades have no substance because it's all a front.   There's no "there" there.

He's not the top cheerleader for the age of Aquarius; he's a cyber pied piper preying on the recently awakened spiritual seekers hungry for knowledge and leadership; and he is abusing & exploiting them as certainly as he did those children of god all those years ago.  It kinda makes me wonder just exactly what Zen is growing in his garden?
Just wondering!
I spent a while reading thru 75 some odd comments following his "My missing years" post and as expected, all but one lone commenter only had words of love and forgiveness for their spiritual guru.  That says a couple of things.  Obviously Don is only posting the favorable comments from selected followers, with but a single dissenter.  Seems kinda suspicious.

 Beyond that however lies a much deeper truth about how cults work and perhaps reminds us that the word Fan derives from and is a shorter version of fanatic.  There was a very rambling comment from a woman who claimed to have been born into the COG cult which seemed to be her way of claiming impartial status or something, yet even she echoed the diluted admission that not every child was abused, and not every leader knew.  Brainwashing, simple as that.  Happens all the time.

 It happened to someone I love, so I know very well indeed just how twistedly convincing pedophiles can be in justifying their diddling deeds. They are masters of deception, like a chameleon; blending-in to seem part of the normal environment, so their prey never sees them for what they really are until it's too late.  Predators.
I don't care if the man walks on water or feeds the starving; doesn't erase what he did in his past, doesn't make up for or balance it out in any way.  As one of his adoring fans put it "Your karma is clean Zen".  Do you now see my point about the brainwashing?  I wonder how many of his avid followers spent a single hour researching the COG, looking for the complete truth.  The first few minutes was enough to turn my stomach; how much could an avid fan tolerate?  Probably not much would be my guess.
Child abuse is a stain on your soul that may just be permanent for all I know, but I'm reasonably sure that coddling comments from the brainwashed kool aide drinkers won't balance that kind of karma.  Almost a third of those 75 comments seemed to come from other cult abuse victims who totally understand and forgive.  I told you is was rampant all over the world!!  They have to live in their little bubble world of "it never happened" in order to function at any level day to day.  I suppose it is the only way they can keep a bit of sanity about them. 

Using their own words, those 74 readers with positive comments seemed to say with a sense of unison, that "what Zen has done for the spiritual community makes up for all those long years of committing child abuse, and covering it up."  Where do these people acquire their sense of values from?  I am all about the power of forgiveness as a tool for spiritual growth and development.  Forgiveness; as in a victim of child abuse may choose to embrace the vibration of forgiveness, is kinda up to the individual who was abused to hold any value or merit.  Forgiveness by brainwashed fans holds neither!  I'm just wondering how quick to forgive those fans would be if Zen sexually abused their children.  Would it be OK on account of how much Zen has done for the spiritual community online?  Or is it more a factor of time, as in it was all so long ago who cares?  I suspect that for every life he helped ruin, someone somewhere cares, damn it!
So, the story is out there now, Zen Gardner used to be a leader in a child abuse cult. It is simply never OK to sexually abuse children, ever, period.  Everyone knows this!  There are some who will attempt to convince us that pedophiles have an illness.  Bullshit! Pedophiles are sexual predators who prey on every child they are able to.  There is no rehabilitation or healing from that mindset because every one released from prison offends again.  Predators, simple as that. 

Do you know what happens when a child abuser gets tossed into prison?  They are pariahs who are subjected to random beatings around the clock by other inmates; and that's just for openers, it gets much worse.  I understand they get a vivid idea of how it feels to be helpless and abused in all the worst ways.  What goes around-comes around as they say.  Even societies worst criminals hate pedophiles, because they're predators, not just ill.  Pedophiles in prison are so outcast they often must be kept in solitary for their own protection.  I say they deserve NO protection, toss them all into gen-pop, then put it all on pay-per-view.  That includes Zen Gardner.  No sympathy for the devil here.  I sometimes catch flak for speaking my truth without filters, "it's just how I roll."  When it comes to those who prey upon children, the gloves come off, especially in Zen's case . 
As far as I am concerned "Zen Gardner" is a confessed child abuser, liar, a fraud, and a deceiver who re-invented himself as a star to take his lifelong predation global via the internet.  Zen Gardner, global predator.  Has kind of a ring to it.  If it were up to me I say he's lost his Earth privileges, and needs to be immediately put aboard a rocket and shot into the sun; then he'd really be a star!

At the very least he should scrub his site from the web and surrender to authorities!

Alas, that is unlikely to happen as the halls of power here and abroad are filled with sociopathic pedophiles &  no matter how much exposure the subject gets they almost always stay in power, nothing much ever happens to any of them.  The same exact crap with the clergy.  It's as if they're under some kind of protection.  See what we get for sweeping it under the rug for a couple generations; it becomes close enough to normal that people just don't seem to care; and if that isn't just a little spooky to you, I submit that you need a checkup from the neck up real soon!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Debra; and if you haven't yet be sure to check out the links in other voices. "The cult of Zen Gardner: A Monster in disguise" post is where all the documentation is; those folks deserve the credit for all the fact checking and hard work, and I stand with them; defending the truth from a ring of lies.

      Indeed wow- I have known of this for a few days and it still wobbles the mind. What an incredible learning experience, it's just a shame the lesson comes from so much suffering for so long by so many, at the hands of a few.

      Time for my next steam cleaning & sand blasting session

    2. I also used to comment back a few years ago on his site. But stopped around the time Sir Peaks stopped. I was Just Wondering why all of you left. Now I know. So thanks again. Hey may I have permission to post this full article on my site?

    3. Indeed that's why most of us left. Peakster drove quite a few off

      Yes dear, permission gladly granted
      If others would like to partial post with a link back, that is encouraged as well, this needs to get out, and it is.

      Many thanks deb.

    4. LOL did i really drive a few off Chautauqua? I dint know that ..I had blast getting all the up tight over sensitive bloggers worked up. I dint know i drove you off too ? news to me ..for what its worth Chautauqua never meant any harm ya.I was just being jack ass trolling some of weirdos . looking back i am very embarrassed to even have been on the ZG site.

    5. Hey PEEK~
      Yeah, ya kinda did. For me you were just the final nail in the coffin for me hanging out there. Like you, I saw some things I didn't think were kosher about zen and how he was tending his garden. You didn't offend me directly, but several of the ladies sure felt you did (them), you were pretty brusque and in the face for some of those more timid denizens of zen's. Not that having their caged rattled wasn't maybe a good thing. You can see how they are all now, right? Scary shit or what?? Yeah dude, they were a pretty sheltered bunch for the kind of trolling you brought to the garden. You were kinda like the cartoon Tasmanian devil, let loose in what a lot of them think of as a church.

      I had this huge problem with Zen preaching to stand up and fight the matrix; while he bugs out to south America to hide from whatever is chasing him. Didn't feel like taking him on back then. Now I DO!

      Good to hear from ya, always wondered what became of you. When I left I didn't look, or go back so was blissfully unaware of goings on in the garden. Shit, that seems like such a long time ago in a galaaxy far, far away.
      Blessings dude

    6. After Captain Creepy "Zen" block me from the site for calling out his bullshit lies and poking fun at his cult following. I never looked back back just like you.
      I just gave up on all the crap of youtube and "copys rights " along with the religious groups sending me threats. It never my intent to even make videos till Yourself and Zen where asking me to post my thoughts , I just wanted to have a good laugh and call out some of the complete bullshit i was reading .I had a bunch of other sites ask me to post get involved making videos etc. I could careless its just a shit show all of it.Just a bunch of cons looking for so called " donations" LOL on other peoples weak emotions and yes even the so called "BIG Names" in this " truther world" one big fucking scam if you ask me.
      I'm doing doing good thanks for asking. I moved out to the country a small farm , it keeps me busy along with work . Your so right it seams like such a long time ago .

    7. Moving to the country sounds real good about now. I could use a few weeks vacation in the deep woods, near a lake with no wifi, no internet, just nature. I used to have all that in Alaska. Trying hard to remember why it was I gave it all mupmand left...

  2. and thank you also! I must admit I am still in the stunned phase of assimilation. YIKES!

    1. I can certainly relate; which is why I'm still awake answering emails & watching the Olympics, mind is locked in the paralysis of analysis, and then there is the whole "Godsmacked" sensation which kinda numbs the cognitive function as we try to assimilate the news. Nasty stuff, but we can't fix it if we don't face it.


  3. I stopped reading Zen years ago after he blamed the younger generations for all the problems in the world. So, I guess it makes sense he'd be a child molester, as he had a disdain for people younger than he.

  4. Pretty straight logic indeed. The rabbit hole goes very deep with this one, but believe me, he is squirming now. This has just begun, grab some popcorn and a big ass barf bag.


  5. Oh my freaking god, C. This sucks. I do follow Zen's website, and comment from time to time, and am definitely not one of his favorites. Am I that naive that I trusted this man? I'm so confused. This is sickening. This may be why Elle left him? Mind f*ck tornado...

    1. Adaline~
      Sister you are not alone; a good many around the net are having the same exact feelings, thoughts and emotions as you and I are.

      No you're not naive, he is a master manipulator & wordsmith with decades to perfect his hunting skills. He fooled a lot of people in high places in alternative media.

      He created his own online cult right under all our noses, and today everyone wants to know why they didn't see it.

      That Zen, he's a slippery one, and crafty too.

      Oh ohh, time for another skin peel and steam bath to just feel clean again.

      Blessings sister, don't give up

  6. When I first started reading your blog, I noticed you took off Zen's link in your list of 'websites I like'. That always stayed in the back of my mind, which is numb at the moment...

    1. Good eye! I was simply following his lead, when he removed all reference to me from his site. Seemed only fair!

    2. Chaut, you're still on there...
      clicked on his name on the home page, under one of his posts, and the list of all commenters/writers is listed on the right column. Peak is still there too. My head hurts...

    3. Well that is a new development, as for a long while there was nothing at all; likely will disappear when he gets a snoot full of my post. Haven't been to his site in a long time, until his recent confession.

      A whole lot of folks have a hurting head just now, cannot be helped, it's an ugly, nasty business for sure

    4. His site has been up and down twice tonight, and as of 20 minutes ago, I am again scrubbed from his site, totally absent, when a few hours ago there were several of my older posts up there, I looked after your message, and sure enough they WERE there and now are not.

      It shows that he is scurrying about trying to do 'damage control' and a touch of revisionist history; anything to make his accusers look bad. These pedophile predators are masters of manipulation, able to twist the slightest thing into an attack upon detractors. Think "Artful Dodger"

    5. Adaline ..Hi ..if you don't mind a request from me because i am blocked from making comments on the Zen-Didllers cult site can you please tell the fucking loser to delete any of my name or post .Idk why he keeps my post up after i have bashed his work and name on every blog hes on.

    6. Sure Peak. I'll send him a direct e-mail, for what it is worth. I'll let you know.
      Hey, I didn't know he had blocked you. I thought you had left on your own.
      On his site there are only a few dissenters among the throng of adoring followers on that 'missing years' post, and then as well on the following 'All the World's a Cult' post. Just a few asking WTF.
      And Chautauqua, you are still up there as well.
      Crazy world

    7. What a hoot! I'm up, I'm down, he cannot make up his devious little mind! The other night I had two separate verifications besides mine, that my stuff was scrubbed-now it's back up there. OK Zen, let's see you put up THIS POST of mine, eh, how about that. Actually I's prefer if he's take my stuff down and leave it that way. I got zero affiliation with him, and he knows it!

  7. There are SOOOO many good people/writers/commenters that contribute to that website...pass that big ass barf bag...

    1. Yes there are, and that's just where he tries to KEEP them, on his site, earning click money. He doesn't like when they stray.

      Have put on notice that they're about to get a run on big ass barf bags from all over the world. David Ike and some others have real friendships with ZG who are very soon gonna have to figure out where they stand. If they stand withn him, they go down with him.

    2. Adaline~
      Dear one, the link you had in the comment you just posted, is parasite journalism posted by a click bait artist scamming fake stories to make money off of this controversy. Due to the nature of that post, well, I don't allow that here. YOUR thoughts and comments are always welcome here but I just cannot abide sleaze artists like that creep. sorry sis, just how it is. That guy was trying to say Icke is equally guilty just thru his association with zen, and that is just bullshit. Hope you see my point sis!
      Peaceful Blessings

    3. Thanks for *not* posting it, C. Sincere apologies, I got sloppy!

    4. No Worries at all, there are traps & tricks everywhere
      except of course for me ;)

  8. Lifetimes said...
    After reading your article and having been an occasional visitor to Just Wondering, I thought I would visit and try to read his 'confession'.... only to find the site is now blocked and being re=directed... not sure to where! Have passed your article on to a few friends. Seems the word is now well and truly spreading on the internet
    Thank you for this information..... seems the changing world energy is uncovering many things that have been hidden. Keep up the good work. Bryan

    1. Bryan~
      Thanks for the feedback; second time tonight I've heard the ZG site is down. I know that's what I asked for, but Gee, I really didn't expect any results so soon;)

      This is one big stinky shitstorm, and folks everywhere are simply stunned. Yes the information is getting out there, at a trickle. These predators are among the craftiest weasels going, and slippery too. This one made it a point to befriend all the big heavy hitters like Rense, Icke, Waking Times, etc- so now all of them are in the position of wondering where they are gonna come down on this expose.

      The only reason "Zen" posted a Mia Culpa was because he was given an ultimatum by Steve Seymour, editor of Philosophers Stone & Phoenix has Risen websites; confess or it would be done for him. He wrote a very watered down version of his 27 years becoming a leader, played the victim I said, slippery.

      This ain't going away, HE is !!

    2. His site is back up, the link at the end of my post will get ya there if you want to read his "confession".

  9. Very interesting, I never clicked with the guy or his teachings, guess my intuition was working

    1. Spot on Steve;
      Just proves the old adage that you can't fool all the people all the time.

      An awful lot of folks got fooled including some very intelligent ones; keep the popcorn & barf bags ready, and lots of single malt scotch!

  10. I've been reading Zen's site for years and while I never liked him personally or his writing all that much, and was very turned off by his cult of worshipers, I very much enjoyed many of the articles written by others. I am truly stunned by these recent revelations, but I'm even more stunned at the reaction people are having, at least the ones I have talked with who know all the players involved. They seem remarkably unaffected, with a "it was a long time ago" attitude, and "Zen has obviously changed into a good person, the past is past and should be forgiven."

    I am aghast at this for a number of reasons: would they think the same if he had been serial killer? Or if you or your child was a victim? Surely the victims are living with their experiences today.

    They (I'm talking a few friends here) also seem to believe that what happened in his past does not reflect on who Zen is today. Really? Does that hold true for all of us? I think not.

    I was rather surprised at the strong emotions I felt upon reading My Missing Years, but now I am struggling more with this attitude than the original revelations. I felt the same kind of physical illness Steve talked about, a deep ache for all the people involved, none of whom I know. Very sad situation.

    1. Anony@9:28 AM~
      You very articulately address some very key points in this dark expose, things many of us wrestle with; you keep us pointed at what matters. IMHO, no amount of published feel-good messages can ever balance out a crime against children.

      As a spiritual person I am conflicted between forgiveness and the whole rocket into the sun thing. In this case it is not our forgiveness which is required here, only our acceptance-and I am struggling with that as well. It's a bit like the Bill Cosby thing- when that story broke I felt like burning all my memories of having liked his body of work. OK do the scales of justice thing, body of work balanced against sexual predation...oops, doesn't quite work for me. The scummy shit keeps catapulting the body of work right out of the room!!

      Someone once said:
      "If a person's actions do not match their words; disregard the words and make your assessment on their actions."
      I think that could apply here as well.

      Yes, very sad situation indeed
      Thank you for your words!

    2. True, about actions vs. words for sure.

      This issue of forgiveness, it's a hard lesson for all humans. In the case like this one, we're not supposed to forgive the abuser, that's up to the victims to do, for their own peace of mind, if they are able. It's not our place to do so because it minimizes the deed and that further harms the victims.

      What I really find hard to understand is why I freaking care so much! Yes, I'm empathic and I feel actual pain over this, but I did not get this upset over Bill Cosby, barely gave it a thought, probably because I am not a TV watcher and didn't really even know him through that medium. Perhaps it's just related to Zen being "one of ours" who fooled us again, and we're all just sick of being played and fooled by liars, occultists and sickos. As usual, we focus on the perp because we don't know the victims.

      It helps to talk and hear what others are feeling and thinking, and thanks for allowing this on your site. I guess, for me it's time to put it down and let karma deal with it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    3. I think you are spot on point for point and I agree with all you said. I'm still bracing for a surge of negative comments; which will get posted as long as they aren't abusive in nature, cause "Homey don't do abuse" but so far it just what we see here, and that's why this place is here; so we can all Express!


    4. I forgot... I meant to attempt a possible answer your question about why your father did what he did... to protect your sister from further trauma and embarrassment. For some strange reason in these situations, the victim is usually assumed to be guilty until proven innocent, and this can be even more harmful long-term than the crime itself.

      Your father's duty is to protect his family, he had no duty to worry about "the next victim," and perhaps he worked out a deal of some sort with the kid's father. But in the end he saved your sister (and your whole family) a lot of grief and embarrassment.

      Was that the right thing to do? It's what my father did for me when I was 12, and looking back on it as a parent, I would say yes.

    5. Many thanks for the insight. Over the years I have just assumed it was something like that...or maybe he was gonna let it blow over till everyone forgot ;) but seriously, yes he was doing his duty, evidently so was I cause he called me 'slugger' for about 100 years after that. He was happy I defended my sister, and so was she. The paperboy, not so much.

  11. I found you through your comments on his site long time ago. I stopped going to his site long ago as well since something about him spooked me. After a while I started noticing his repetitive articles appearing on other sites I read and also alerts about his radio appearances (or podcasts? don't remember exactly). Never listened to any of them but when I saw his face in those posts, I knew exactly what drove me away. His aura wasn't right. There was also a kind of bloat to it like he was hiding something under it. I see that also in the photos you posted of him in your article.

    This blanket of darkness is overwhelming.... I keep wondering if this is how day feels when night comes...

    Love you for your courage.

    1. Hi Lata~
      I think I remember you from the old days at the garden, perhaps you commented here before; thanks for dropping by!
      Yes, it's all in the eyes; they are after all, the windows to the soul!
      Having to deal with this for days on end now is exhausting; like wading chest deep in Satan's excrement.

      I like your way with words!

      Peaceful Blessings

  12. well looks like he shut his site down. pretty cowardly imo.

    1. Debra~
      Indeed, his site has been going up and down like a yo-yo since last night. Whole blocks of posts disappearing, re-appearing, then disappearing again; he's in panic mode, damage control. Maybe he's getting targeted by a cyber attack or something as well, hard to know. In hopes that he now wants to do the right thing, I'm trying to get NASA to fuel up a rocket to the sun for him, but yeah, pedophiles are by their very nature, COWARDS because they target only the young who cannot defend themselves. You recall what they say about cowards dying a thousand deaths? wonder which one he's currently on!

      I know I may sound angry and vindictive; I'll give ya that. Someone I love was trapped for years by a sadistic pedophile who got her pregnant, then years later proceeded to abuse their own children. so, yeah, I have zero tolerance for child molesters, pedophiles and predators because I have a deeper understanding of what they really are. If that dims my spiritual light at all ... I'll deal with it just fine.

      Peaceful Blessings

  13. People need a real lesson in critical thinking. Do people think that one can really throw their karma out there and not be held accountable? No, all is good, you had a contract prior to your life-that will absolve you of all justice and accountability. The people? who continue to comment on Don's site are either completely ignorant or are complicant. But who knows what lies beneath the commenters. Thank you for having a place to express our loss, anger and sorrow.

    1. Anony@7:14 PM~
      Yes, this would be the place for that. As word of this expose gets around there will be a growing morphogenic field of concentrated loss, anger and sorrow floating over the planet because he reached out to and touched millions of people. It's the unknown number of children he touched that worries me. How the flighty have fallen.

  14. wow .. what a chuck of shit that loser is .,..I am so glad i told that asshole to fuck off ..I know he was hiding something you juts take off to another country and hide for no reason

    1. That is exactly what I was thinking Peek. So many lies, so much deceiving and obfuscation. All a Lie. So much...a psychopath in action. Still trying, even now. Don...shut the shit down.

    2. I had fun there back in the day Like Chautauqua said .. But I stated calling This jerk out on his new age bunk and bullshit along with more and more of these weird writings he was putting up . So he booted and bared me from the site 2 years ago.for calling him out on his lies and questing why he took off to south america . It was a quick lived year on that site .

      Chautauqua Hope your well .

    3. After I split, I never learned what went down after; He really banned you? Not for offending his women, but for challenging him...right? What a turd blossom he is. If he'd just kept his face off the web we might never have known, he can spin all the shit he wants to but he just can't hide his lying eyes. First time I seen his face I could tell he was into some dark shit; didn't know what it was, but I knew it was dark.

    4. Yes he block me from the ZG site lol 2 years ago @ " his women " It was because i was calling him and all the rest of the twisted fucked partridge family out on the new age bullshit and why hi ran off to hide in south america .. I think it was more " his men " that were complaining about my brash call it as I see it post . There was some whacked out " life coach" women that i really called out and i think he wigged out about that LOL. she was trying to sell her sake oil bullshit and called her out on it. Not sure if my 1st reply made to you on this .

    5. I was out to dinner last nite, working from phone to get stuff posted, plus 'blogger' has a butt-load of quirks and bugs that sometimes vex!

  15. Sir Peeks! I always wondered what happened there with you and why you were no longer posting. I miss your crazy shit! lol but his site is up and running again. Lots of interesting comments. take care Peeks! Skyz :)

    1. Hi Ya Ms. Skys lol and thanks . I just got tried of all the crap and Youtube blocking my videos all the religious nutterz blaw blaw....They blocked 80% of my vids I took down all of them , I just had enough of it . I put my time into more positive things in my life , it was fun for a bit . Hope your well say hi to The rest crew for me .

  16. Say PEEK,
    If you still have my email, drop me a line, OK?

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I figured Zen was a fraud when I commented on his plagiarised work of Rik Clay without reference regarding the London Olympics. That brave young man informed us all of the meanings behind London 2012, only to be suicided shortly thereafter. Psychopaths certainly know how to capitalise when opportunity presents itself. Rik, some of us know what good work you did.

    Zen always decorated the problem but never gave a real solution. I bet he loved the resurrection of his new facade and enjoyed every minute of its slippery reflection. Only feels bad now he has been caught out. SCUM.

  19. Dirty Don should now go and do the decent thing and take a final walk into the nearest swamp.

  20. Greets Chaut ( where did you actually got your name from and what does it mean if i might ask?), old bulldog warrior :-)
    It´s horus again.
    After i spent a good chunk of my yesterday with wading through the crap of mister Don ZG Ferguson (or is it Fergerson as Steve wrote?), trying to drop some more or less( more less) polite comments at his site and seeing them all vanish. Well, what did i expect?
    Actually: nothing!
    Just wanted to see what would happen and wanted to purge some steam where it belongs.
    Well Steve has his own blog and can write open letters to Donnie but i can´t and even i just sent him the beneath standing letter, i´d wish i could make it public.
    So i deliver it to your hands( which i´d like to shake one day if there was a possibility) to at least post it publically in your comment section.
    I guess that´s fair and is okay with you, isn´t it?
    So thank you in advance, old warrior.
    I really call you this out of reverence.
    There´s too little good old man around these days- and you are definately one of my favourite- to teach us younger ones what it means to be a man and this might be one point why fucker Ferguson had got so much traffic.
    I´ll read your Alaska story again very soon, the one with the drink turn into salty water and the cabin with the holes from inside out.
    I love it and never had a single doubt. The world is magic and life is a myth.
    Sincere hugs.

    I just found out that I only can deliver 4000 and some letters once in the comment section, so I split it into parts.

    Hey Zen,

    i´d call you Don, but that´s an honourable term in spanish and unfortunately i can´t find that you earn it.
    Maybe i should just call you Ferguson or even better: Fuckuson.
    I really was malevolent in the matters of your "missing years" up until i realized how professionally spindoctoresc you twisted the whole story to make you look like the victim and whistleblower, because i have my eyes on Soren´s, Ida´s, Chautauqua´s and Steve´s sites ,too ( which you loved to quote at some times, but sure enough with the intent to blind into the community and create clicks).

  21. Part 2:

    Now i see the comment section of your site being handled without any free space for real truth, for "negative" feelings or else.
    You even got the fucking hairy balls to pity those who turn away in disgust and even uttering it very mildly, while backslapping them like stupid children who have gone wrong.
    It´s awful to see you acting like this, but not the least surprising... unfortunately.
    I spent my yesterday´s day to go throu all that crap and the REAL truth info on other sites, being shocked and sickened by the tremendous damage you and the likes did to great numbers of children and covering it up to even do more of that fucking sick perverted shite!
    To my surprise i felt relief from the first second i read all that stuff and i realized, just how much i was spiritually woven and caught up into your online cult, based on the sympathy you knew to create about yourself and the following dimming of critical and independent thinking in some terms.
    I felt my energy rising from solarplexus to heart and there´s no space for you left, little manipulative, sick, perverted, lying, pedophiliac tyrant.
    Now you show your true face for all to see and finally a lot of stuff makes sense in different ways from you moving south, hesitating to show yourself over several details up to the fear in your eyes and the cold of your aura which i neglected because i was stuck in the ZEN-CULT.
    Your plan was brilliantly acted out by the masterdeceiver that you are, childfucking trickster.
    I heard Elle left you and suspect i know why. She found out...Poor lady. I hope she kicked your groin before she left. I wish her well.
    On one hand i feel a little pity about all those who you conned( not to mention the victims of you and your SICK cult-buddies), but actually the whole scene is very symbolic and encouraging, because it correlates with the overall process of Revelation/ Apocalypse going on within and without and now even reaching the depth of the spiritual deception for everyone to see.
    You´re now in the crosshairs and you panic, but you´re hunted down anyways, because you failed to turn around to reveal the truth and to step down dignified- if that was ever possible.
    As Steve said: the wheat is now seperating from the chaff.
    You just fell into the catagory you belong to, pornopenispredator :-)
    Pray that you´ll never cross my way!
    As the fairy tale goes: the evil witch is returned his/ her curse sevenfold.
    And so the cosmic gardener is weeding out.......

    never to be seen again

  22. horus here.
    By the way...
    The censoring of comments at Donnies "missing years" article got loose and a lot of the seasoned ones are uttering disgust and are backing out of there.
    "Zen" all the while has lost all sense of reality, speaking of "gossip" concerning the issue and diminishing it all.
    Guess what:
    I think he really believes what he writes about that because otherwhise he could only kill himself.
    I can´t imagine being in his skin and living a day longer.
    What good old Bill Hicks advised to the the advertizers and marketing guys is certainly appropriate for guys like Donnie,too.

  23. Hello Chautauqua, I finally had enough after watching the HBO documentary and commented on Don's site. Much to my surprise it went up, low and behold it was scrubbed this morning,this guys a joke and he's totally controlling the narrative and people are swallowing his shite hook line and sinker. Unreal I'm really disappointed not only with his previous actions/non action but the slimy deflection that's going on it shows his true colors
    Peace chris

  24. Hello Chautauqua

    Darnell from B.C. Canada
    I have not looked at this website for quite a long time......I still remember your 2 stories true stories. I think it was last year some time....The one about your experiences with the dogs and wolves. I still recall when your dog was taken away from you, by your ex wife/wife...Also the one about you being on the boat....I really enjoyed those.....
    Now for this crushing exposure about (Zen)/DON...honestly I can't stand to type that name.....I just read about this yesterday morning...I am still trying to process this.....I do literally feel sick in my stomach, still...sometimes also like bawling my eyes out...I have read all the comments here....I'm glad I came to your site, through Ida/Soren....It seems this is the right place to share thoughts feelings about this whole shit....disgusting deceptive betrayal....I have to admit that I did fall for his act quite a bit. I first saw the link to "Missing Years" (a big clue right there in the title, that part of me ignored/did not truly see)so I read it...and all the comments. There were a few actually that were not supportive of him...This is the one of them: Kitty 13/08/2016 at 10:42 pm
    "Eevie. This was a confession based on the premise that either Zen confessed or it would be done for him . It wasn’t sharing .
    This is the original article . Maye you should read this ."
    After I read all the comments. I posted my comment...I am embarrassed to say that I ended it with this:With appreciation for You for choosing to do this and recognizing the courage/guts that it took
    Wish that you one day You receive genuine hugs from all your children and grand children.....though naturally that would include tears as well.....:)) smile not meant lightly.
    I would show you my whole comment but it is quite long....
    After that having copied and pasted the comment from Kitty with the 2 links. I decided to read them....Then it was like holy f..k..oh my god.....I could see that what Steve had posted was not a "Smear Campaign" it could not be written off like I went back to z site. and posted this comment: i sensed i better not be too harsh as then it might not get posted....So this is what i decided to say one thing that was missing in the comments was Zen/Don's children and grand children:
    "For a balanced perspective it seems the right thing to do to post this as well as another commenter did. Don Ferguson????? I always thought that Zen Gardner was not a real name….
    Also if one wants to look into TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL. Research Cathy O’Brien…
    The hat….the shades……see if this comment is posted?????

    Let there be no Followers of any Kind.. including Zen Gardner FOLLOWERS....after all Followers can NOT truly resonate with Truth Seekers or Truth does wonder what the children and grand children feel/think about their Father/Grand Father......would be very enlightening to hear what they each have to express about their Father and Grand Father"
    My comment was awaiting moderation for awhile, but it did get posted.....
    There is soooo much i have to express about this whole thing...and i really don't have anyone else to share it with...i first became aware of Zen Gardner back in late 2011.

  25. CONT. from Darnell
    i still have all the email exchanges...saved them all..i'm glad in a way as they are evidence of how i was deceived/by him and myself....though there was a small part (a seed of doubt)i definitely played a part in feeding his ego, for sure..."You are the Battlefield" video was one the first i saw....
    due to the fact that i was experiencing a re awakening of sorts including and all that entails...including Relationship Challenge that i was experiencing....i was drawn to him for sure..He would often reply when no else did....I'm sure he could sense my weakness...but he always offered a supportive comment...not too long...and then of course his trademark "Much Love"...and also the way he would write about Synchronicity...
    When he started being interviewed on radio shows...he was always shown with his trademark Hat and Shades.....something inside of me started to question that....???my mind saying to me: Why is he hiding....why can't i see Zen Gardner without his Hat and Shades....So i started asking him kind of like in a teasing way. I still have the email exchanges...When are we going to get to see you without your hat and shades? i admit part of it for me was a bit of a flirting thing...(yeah i know it is disgusting and pathetic to think i still don't think it has truly sunk in yet..i mean really really sunk in in my heart and soul...which is why I'm again crying and i don't cry easily...
    Also when i heard him say that he had 8 kids and 11 grand kids....i though it was kind of he didn't seem like the kind of guy to have that many kids...such a big Family (little did i know)being from the 60's...part of me did always question a little his philosophical views...a little light and airy...Deep inside of me i would never support anyone who would treat and view child abuse/satanic ritual child abuse/trauma based mind control as just some kind of Karmic experience not truly evil as it is....As Soren Dreier said that's where i draw the line....also sexual Perversions/Pornography as well i draw the line with that as well...but due to my mental/emotional attachment to Zen...i did not do it immediately after reading his "Missing Years"But once i read what Steve Seymour posted....then i started to become quite clear...or at least much more clear than when i posted my 1st supportive comment to Zen....i am 49 years of age....and it was only later in life that i came to truly realize and accept that it's not right to have an affair with a married man...and casual sex is not the best thing to do...long story...the reason i express this is because i knew that Zen had a wife/Elle (actually he had another wife prior to her according to what i heard him say...that's why so many kids/grand kids)so to me he was off limits...sometimes i used to try and get him to tell me something about his i do like to know about who it is that I'm communicating with (that is true still, though it might seem hard to believe )i often asked him questions as i am inquisitive by nature...i also wanted to know his what his birthday i could know what his Sign was...i guess you could sum me saying that i was someone looking for someone to communicate with someone awake like minded if you will...but still being i considered myself to be quite discerning about who i chose to communicate with (little did i know!!!!)he did play on what i would express...though he probably found me quite annoying at times...sometimes i could sense it in his replies my inner voice....this inner voice of mine was always there...though i often wrote it off/ignored it...I really better end this as I'm starting to feel like a witness giving her testimony in a T.V. Cop show..

    1. Thank you Darnell
      And Yes, this is a place where former Zenophytes may come to 'Express' what it is they are feeling. So long as it's understood that I'll abide with zero trolling, haters or abuse. If you can play by those ground rules even staunch supporters of Don may post their comments here without censorship. Actually I am rather surprised there has not been a single negative, spiteful or hateful comment so far. Shiny

      Peaceful Blessings

  26. horus here

    Hi Darnell,
    i saw your comment on and Don´s afterwards, diminishing the whole issue to be a gossip, a "revelation" (quotations by him) and making fun of you, calling you ungrounded and so forth.
    Disgusting this guy.
    I wrote a spiced up response on that, but without surprise i can´t find it there.
    It was a couple of minutes ago and THAT was definately the last time i checked in there EVER. I only wanted to track the process rolling out there to the end, but there´s no further movement thanks to buddy Zensor, who´s trying to hold it under the carpet.
    I was a visitor and commenter there for years( different name) but now i turn away. Will not even give this guy a single click any more or ANY kind of attention.
    I can understand that you are messed up now.
    You invested a lot and opened up to that monster.
    You have to find a way to take your power back from him and cut all HIS ties to you energetically.
    Carlos Castaneda has some good advice on that.
    A technique called recapitulation.
    Quite easy and very effective.
    Let me know if you are interested.
    I could describe it or give you a booktitle.


    1. horus~
      Great call Re" Castaneda; excellent advice.
      OK guys, here's what I'm willing to do.
      Given it some thought, you two guys each have something to say
      I believe it should be heard.
      I said I was done writing about this subject...
      Never said I was done~ Big Difference!
      Each of you are articulate and deep thinkers from what I can see...
      If either or both of you would like to write something like an open letter to beady weasel eyes: I will not only post your essays, I'll send them to a couple other editors who may also decide to post them.

      Don is done controlling THIS dialogue

      I'll be checking my email with restless anticipation fellas.
      Send your articles to:

    2. Let´s see if i can find anything valuable to add to the discussion.
      I doubt because you, Steve, Ida and Soren nailed it well and long from different perspectives.
      Besides there are some little dudes who call me "papa" that are alive and here and now.
      If i find i find anything to add worth tiping and reading, i´ll let you know and soon.

      What doesn´t leave me in the process is my sense of empathy and will to understand.
      Who is Don?
      What made him so?
      What drove him then to leave?
      I want to know what drives people, all kind of.
      One of my hobbyhorses so to speak.
      And furthermore i´m an emphatic man. I had traumas and complexes to release myself.
      I don´t buy that he would be one of the born psychos.
      There´s sometimes so much sadness and fear in his eyes.
      I can´t help to feel pity also for him in this whole tragedy we call civilized Cult-ure.
      And even if there can be no weighing in the good for the bad,
      you can say he did his chunk to help to expose some serious stuff to a big audience.There´s more to the story than "He´s a monster!"
      I refuse to see the whole issue including the "beast" one-dimensionally.
      Call me a weirdo, i´d be fine with that.


    3. horus~
      I see the same fear and sadness in those beady little eyes of his that you do. I think he has been haunted by the memories of what he did, and allowed to happen by others in the cult. I see something else in there as well: A monster? well that depends upon whose perspective you view the situation from. It is not our assessment that has weight, it is the opinion of those children whose life he destroyed-you never outrun THAT shadow whether victim or perpetrator. Ask the children now grown if the terms "Beast" or "Monster" apply to donzen ~

      Their answers may just illuminate and terrify all of us.
      Pity for child molesters is something that simply isn't in me.

      People keep saying 'look at all the good he's done since then'
      I say, look again, Has he really??
      Or is it more a case of wrapping himself in the banner of a spiritual warrior to fool the followers?

      In this life one must do the right thing, at the right time, and for the right reasons. Anything less than that is self serving at the very least and at the worst manipulative deception of a born sociopath.

      We will certainly have additional answers after pouring over recordings of him speaking; with a reverse speech technician pulling out all his speech reversals. Reverse speech is the best lie detector in the world.

      the 'stuff' he exposed the world to was almost never his own original work; He took the work of others and wrote blogs about them, infused with his own brand of showmanship.

      Indeed, I agree that there's more to the story than 'hes a monster' but I for one, cannot grok how anything healthy or wholesome could be residing underneath what we have so far seen of the man.

      What we 'know' might just be the TIP of the zen iceberg!

  27. Don/Zen being in a known pedophile cult in a leadership role for 27 years and not knowing what was happening to his own and all of the other kids I call total bullshit on. So I do understand the righteous indignation that is being shared.

    Some of these guys are so obvious as to their games they play.... Zen's wasn't. It was hidden and then forced out into the open. His reactions seem smug and insincere which only adds fuel to the fire.

    Well at least he can always fall back on the methodology of control he used in covering up child rape at his job during his missing years. That skill should come in handy for him now as he tries to cover and spin his "truth".

  28. Microcosm/ Macrocosm. WOW what a ride.

    all these puss-filled, long festering sores coming to a head. souls like zg/ souls like Killary/Trump. the global "elite" trying their damnedest to control ETERNALLY MAGICAL SPIRIT SOULS, including GAIA herself. they are all busted now and the veils are coming off FAST!

    in alchemical energetics, we're passing through the NOIR/the dross into our new amazing awesomeness. 'twill be awesome what shines through as the wheat separates from the chaff.

    having been abused throughout life,stumbling through life with depresion and PTSD. (THE SPIRITUAL GROWTH HAS BEEN PRICELESS, though.)

    at age 29, ending up as a 'lower end of the totem pole' participant in a 'spiritual' cult for six years, i feel for all the 'lower end of the totem pole'folks of this cult he was in. Chronic lifelong stress and trauma are our constant companions.



    OKay, he suffered abuse growing up. most all of us have, whether at the hands of local folks, or government or whomever.

    Many of us find a way to grow through and heal. he seems to choose a different way.

    HE WAS THE FUCKING SPIN DOCTOR for a sexual abuse/mind control cult! He has MINDFUCKED so many souls for many decades--globally.

    HOW MANY CHILDREN DID HE HAVE SEX WITH??????? how many women?????? and anyone else????

    df/zg, buckle your seat belt, get ready for the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE! as you are catapulted beyond your wildest dreams, of who knows what the Universe has in store for you. in this life and the great beyond.

    and may you choose a different way of treating others on your adventures.

    not sure how you'd ever be able to make amends as you are showing yourself to be quite the ego driven maniac.

    (i was a visitor to his site, yet saw the shallowness of his repetitive writings. I found most of the rest of you's sites/blogs through's articles page. AND Mike, there is continuing keep the world updated about this exposure of an abuser.)

    MUCH GRATITUDE TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE COME FORTH TO EXPOSE THIS RASCAL. my deepest heartfelt thanks to you. may we all continue to grow stronger togehter on these amazing adventures.

    OUI. are all magical
    OUI. are all amazing
    OUI. are all powerful
    OUI. are all LOVE

  29. I was in a relationship with a psychopath for 5 years. I was in my 20's and did not have any awareness regarding them. Only after did I do the research and sure enough, he exhibited all of the traits. I always suspected something wasnt quite right but could never put my finger on it. They take your goodness, your trust, your open mindedness and open hearted-ness and claim it as their own. Then they give you all of their shit, and tell you its yours. Yuk! I was blessed because I knew that I was a decent and moral person, and so whatever garbage he was projecting was his, not mine. I had to look at what was in his life without me, and there was nothing of value. All pain. They will Never, Never truly and honestly face up to the light of truth. They can't. The lies, the deception, the masks-are all they have. It is very heartbreaking for those who feel, and much harder for those who feel deeply to witness because it is truly abysmal to behold. In the end, it is best to be as far away from a psychopath as possible upon discovery. If you have the strength in numbers, to call one out, that is as far as I can see the only way to deal with them. It takes support. They always reap what they sow, that is what you see in his eyes.

  30. horus here...
    Never ever would i begin to excuse what any pedophile did to anyone.
    Just trying to understand, but now....maybe i can´t.
    Actually that´s the case with humanity throughout history:
    The lack of imagination that ANYONE could be evil enough to plan and do certain things because those things would be so beyond human nature and experience and therefor a healthy human would find it hard to detect psychopaths in a way.
    Might be that i mix the terms psychopath and sociopath, it´s the same to me, but i´d be greatful for being explained the difference if there is any.
    Kinda funny i find myself hopping in that trap, too, although i knew about it all along.
    Might be that i so got used to that guy that there´s still a residue of companionship in my emotional field, a leftover enough to be empathic.

    But isn´t it so, that if somebody feels haunted by his deeds, there must be a consciousness of it and a kind of remorse, or could it always only be the fear of being detected?

    Abuse is a fucking vicious cycle spanning generations.
    It´s beyond me to being able to grasp what that means for the victims and also the exact mechanic how EVER they can become the perpetrator themselves no matter how hard i´ve tried.
    That´s what i meant with pity. I pity the whole existence of this sick reality in this world. Basically the whole issue of man hurting man in ANY way.
    It might seem weird to some but i already shed quite some tears about this abstract condition in my life.

    Well, i certainly can´t wait seeing the results of examining Don´s Reverse speech.
    It´s a fascinating topic in itself, so deep and so revealing.
    As i said, i want to know what drives people, their insides, the whole story.
    I am one of the kind who looks at stories and images of massmurderers and all kinds of people, attempting to do just that.
    I also did it with Dawn of the Tony Robbins vid( i am going to watch an aditional interview with her because of that and i watched the video of Ricky Rodriguez before murdering one of "the family") and many other victims of crimes, even with people in the moment of being murdered.
    It has been a fascination for me since my early childhood.
    May feel strange to some but that´s the way i am and i came to the conclusion that nobody is born as a killer or pedophile, well except the born psycho/ sociopaths- so much i learned too, but also that it´s not only them doing vile deeds and that those who are human enough to not fall into the catagory of psychos always do their best in life in relation to their evolution, no matter what it might look like.
    There are all kinds of people in all kinds of lifes.
    I mean there are soldiers, bankers, criminals and so forth, even doctors who do vile things they think are right in the moment the do them from the perspective they are in in that certain point in their lives.
    Again, not trying to apologize any demonic behaviour nor pointing fingers, only explaining where i come from in terms of understanding.

    There´s certainly a good thing about the ZG issue.
    People are being shaken to the core to understand that ANY guru figure is a potential threat to their integrity. It is a huge mirror for thousands of people to see themselves in a situation where they now can grow from...


    1. horus~
      Very well said indeed, I detect some depth to your thinking which is pretty insightful, yes, there is room for empathy, even towards some poor misbegotten, twisted soul who has lost his way.

      That category does not extend to DonGardner because in this world there are humans in which a soul is absent. Not lacking, weak, or sick-MISSING! These types of souls are known as "Empties" in that there is a meatbag with a brain running about without a spirit or soul to guide that human. They are a kind of clone that has zero idea of what it is to be HUMAN and they spend their entire lives learning how to chameleon themselves into our population. They are mimics who learn exactly how to manipulate every situation or person, the must, their very survival depends upon it!

      "But isn't it so, that if somebody feels haunted by his deeds, there must be a consciousness of it and a kind of remorse, or could it always only be the fear of being detected?"

      BINGO, horus; its the fear of exposure.

  31. HA!
    I like the term "meatbag"- there are certainly some candidates i can see who fit the description.
    Your comparison to clones i read just after i thought, that "meatbag" would fit the description of a driverless biorobot.

    I´ve often wondered where it is where some people get such precise information from.
    I mean, in one way you can certainly tell by observing a behaviour but then, the specifics about it concerning the soul and so forth...
    where exactly does that come from?
    Is it from the people who gave you such an intriguing name, a tribe environment, an ancient culture of a kind?
    Or have you made that insight yourself by let´s say mystic experience?
    And what makes you sure, that ZG is not a "simple" egotistical, pedophiliac moron but a "meatbag"?
    What´s the trait that reveals him being one?
    Can i learn to discern that myself?

    I am naturally familiar with the concept of "soul" and have personal associations with it but in a way i handle it as a model, not a certainty- although i would tell that i have one, speaking in terms of that model.


    1. Anony@ 4:40 pm
      The information you refer to was a lifetime in acquiring
      Some of the talent comes from native ability, a touch of psychic attunement, and oh yeah, being a full on empath does not hurt at all.

      My name was given me by an old Indian medicine man of my acquaintance
      many, many years ago. He made me look it up to know what it means, and that was a bit before Google ;) - He taught me a lot as well.

      Zen is a sociopathic pedophile and a professional liar
      How is that not clear to all by now??

      You ask of the trait which reveals him as one...
      there are several traits involved, facial microexpressions,
      refusal to admit ANY wrongdoing, his need to control the narrative,
      as well as a few more. But skip all that, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and his beady, shifty little weasel eyes tell the whole story.

  32. there was a 'guru' last name of Cohen (?andrew?) who was busted and disappeared in 2013. decades of manipulative actions.

    if in doubt of the mind of a meatbag, do a search adn read what those who departed his flock have to say.

  33. Holy cow, I reckon I should feel a little guilty myself, having used Zen's site to promote the Vedas and Puranas. Naaaw.

  34. I used to comment on ZG's site as Rollo and had several run ins with Peak Crackers and Alex, and was subsequently banned for questioning the " strange " manipulation of the comments.

    1. Hey 'Rollo"~
      I do believe I recall that avatar moniker from the old days when we all just thought ZenDon was some kinda wunnerful

      Before we discovered what really is.

      Oh yes, although he openly & often tossed me compliments in the garden;
      Eye 2 gradually discovered his subtle comments 'moderation'! Just a pretty term for censorship.

      On my blog and most all others this common practice is simply screening out the crazies, trolls, whackadoodles, and those seeking self-promotion.
      (Seriously, how lame does somebody need to be to think "Oh man, I'm gonna bomb every comment page with my links & get some business...")
      But with the shifty eyed bastard it was 100% his narcissistic need to control the conversation, making his devious little machinations for those so full of zen cool aide they've lost the ability for critical thought.

      That's just how diabolical he can be, (Like stealing the name zen)
      He would rant on and on about he was training his zenophytes to be such world class critical thinkers.

      Well now we see just how well that worked out for everyone

      In time we'll look back on this and feel really stupid. But not me.

      Once or twice I tried to bend an ear, voicing my concerns that ZenDon was
      a pathological liar. People just thought I had an agenda or whatever they may have thought, and dismissed me as perhaps being the way I tend to be.
      I tend to never "filter" my words to avoid hurting feelings or egos -
      I like to keep it 100% and let the chips fall where they may.
      Next time they'll listen, because I was right. "Zens" big mistake was showing that albino weasel face of his, and those incredibly tortured eyes of his. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and his eyes show a calculating arrogance that is rather telling.

      The word eye in Augureye is not there by accident, mistake or luck.

      Peaceful Blessings

    2. Comforting to know that others finally saw through this
      "snake oil salesman". I still wonder how many of his regular commenters are actually him ?

    3. Hi ya Rollo ..I am in the ban list , ya Rollo i have no beef with you were just way tooo fun to troll as you did to me also BUT we one thing that we did do together was fire tough questions the fuck heads of " love and light bullshit" and all its brainwashing. Zen ban me after I called him a "bullshit new age leader" and question why he took off out of the US.

    4. Which 3? I am interested to see how Icke is going to handle this. I lived on the Isle of Wight for 6 months and the place is a mecca of Freemasonry, and I just know he is one. Check out what a Wight is.

      Peek, I had nothing against you either, but I seem to remember that you had some questionable responses regarding my agenda concerning the Amanita Muscaria. I have done extensive research on the subject, and this is a serious serious substance.

    5. Peek ...
      " ... after I called him a "bullshit new age leader"..."
      Strangely enough, I had made a comment regarding my thoughts on many of these internet gurus being nothing more than a modern day rehash of the Jimmy Swaggarts, Oral Roberts', Benny Hins, Jim Bakers etc. etc. instead of Televangelists .... Intevangelists, it was not posted.

    6. Rollo~ I have no idea which 3, but "Lavender Rose" would top my list!

      As for how you got into all this: You or someone impersonating you-
      sent in a comment which was posted which seemed to be in support of Creepyhands McWeasel Eyes. Oh ...and for the official record: every single comment received was posted. This was because most all were just fine, and those that weren't, weren't all that trashy, so they got to be heard. I can tolerate opinions other than mine, but I will not tolerate abuse, & so far every one has been civil, including all the Rollos out there. :)

  35. Chautauqua,

    thank you for your response and your shared experiential insight.
    The sum of observations on beady weasel eyes are clearly nailing the conclusion of his nature which you stated.

    Being a visitor and commenter on for years until - well, some days ago!- i´m still in the process of gaining distance to the whole issue, still being partly blinded by a habitual mist built over those years that is now lifting more and more since the revelations about Don. It´s not a sudden thing. In some ways it takes time to recognize and loosen the ties, which i myself unconsciously but voluntarily held on one end.

    Glad i can use a search engine nowadays, although certainly not GOOGLE ;)
    Surprised that it only took a couple of minutes.
    Spacy times we live in.
    I can remember a time without personal computers. Few people had telefones were i grew up.
    Thanks again for lending me your sword of discrimination.
    Quite sharp.
    I like sharp swords!)


  36. Hey brother, I too thought well of him until he fucked up. I suppose he was pursuing some angle of manipulation on me or whatever; but he kinda casually asked me one day to send him a head shot photo of myself- said he just like to have a face to connect with. Wasn't suspicious back then so I sent him a recent snapshot and thought no more of it.

    Then a day or so later, he emails me a photo of him, sitting at his laptop, pointing at the camera. When I saw those cold lifeless eyes, (Like A Shark)
    I knew I was dealing with somebody you simply do not show weakness to,
    or turn your back on. Psychopaths are charming and engaging because THEY HAVE TO:
    They are EMOTIONLESS and must learn how to get by, by watching "normal folks"
    and then mimicking (Mimic King) the appearance of emotions, empathy and love. Mind you they have no idea how those attributes FEEL, and THAT makes them very dangerous.

    Take it easy on yourself brother. It might be a good idea to just back away from the shit storm for a breather. Let your spirit process, then later, integrate what you've been thru. Don't expect it to be a quick process, it usually isn't.
    You and a whole lot of other good people are going to begin suffering bouts of spiritual PTSD. There will be self recrimination for having not "known better"-
    Don't listen to it because that fucktard sicko IS quite intelligent, and smooth as well. Nasty combo. He easily managed to fool and bamboozle some of the smartest people I know. So just remember when you have those feelings, you don't deserve them-so dump 'em cause there will be other, bigger issues gnawing at your soul, like trust issues, etc.

    Meditation always seems to help. Lotus if you must, but just remember a 'meditation' is any practice that allows you to let the everyday world drop away so you can commune with your higher self.

    Hang in there horus, it's gonna take a little piece of time, but when you are thru this process, you're gonna be a way more confident & self-assured person.

    Peaceful Blessings on Ya Brother

  37. The Black Magicians

    By freefall

    They spin their web so slowly
    You don’t even get the feel
    That something is approaching
    You’re asleep behind the wheel

    Waving their wands at the evil world
    To hide malevolence within
    And even when they’re finally caught--
    They’ll just give the web another spin

    But they can’t see that what they’re spinning
    Is becoming worn and thin
    “More information coming shortly”
    As they spin it yet again

    I’m so tired of these sick bastards
    These liars, cheats and thieves
    Our hearts and apprehensions
    They take as they receive

    But think how unfulfilling
    The emptiness inside
    While karma is approaching
    From the One that they deride

    From bitterness to sadness
    Not sympathy or shame
    To watch a soul approaching
    Then slowly drift away

    1. Just in case someone missed it, the last paragraph of my poem has to do with those of us with a conscience and the process of getting past the betrayal. We will move on at some point and we will grow from this experience.

    2. There is a loving community All Ways around. Calling and beckoning for truth. I hear you.

    The express has been having some rather unusual 'glitches' with the comments application. Several readers have emailed me that the app. is not allowing them to leave comments; some have tried multiple attempts with no success.

    This has happened only once or twice in the distant past.
    This sounds just a little too familiar to me
    that I should be experiencing the same exact problem
    people are having at the ZG site.

    I tried to paste in a lengthy comment in 3 segments, but the system allowed only one segment to go thru...then it just vanished a few minutes later.
    THAT shit has never happened before, so it just makes me wonder if perhaps someone is showing their appreciation for the work I've been putting up on the web?

    Please do continue to post your comments, (system permitting) and also;
    The system has a maximum limit of 4000 characters, including spaces.
    With the nature of what has been revealed it's understandable that many readers
    have a good deal to say, as the comments are running long.

    I suggest writing your comments on your computer's word processor, use only minimal punctuation, and work it up to a 4000 word entry; then past it into the comments box all at once. If you have more to say, rinse & repeat.

    Apologies for the problems
    Thanks for your Patience!


  39. And what your doing here is a good thing? Coming from love? Is he abusing now? Has he ever? I'm sorry you don't allow for people to change. I'm sorry you have no forgiveness but to slander someone else because you are able to 'write'. This negates all the people who have come from a dark place and turned their lives around. Judge not lest you be judged. no different here than stoning someone. You must be the troll.

    1. Coming from love ?
      Did 'Zen Gardeners ' actions come from 'love' ? D'you understand the kind of tainted love the leaders of the COG promulgated and practiced?
      This man was a leader , not a follower , he worked his way up the ranks
      which means he made a career choice based on ambition , in other words he liked his job.
      There is darkness and there is darkness .
      This man came from the deepest darkest recesses of the darkest place possible and sold it as enLIGHTenement.
      Before we can turn around , firstly we have to accept wrongdoing , take responsibility then make reparation .
      There has been not one indication by Z that he is sorry .
      You sound like him
      If you aren't him you're being played because that's what he does .
      It's his job.

    As a result of recent posts of mine this site in now under a cyber attack from none other than ZEN GARDNER who so far has managed to stop all of your comments from getting to me since around ten last night. Oddly enough, the one, lone, single comment to get thru arrived about an hour or so ago, from "Rollo" one of those darling Zenophytes still drinking mthe cool aide. Hey Rollo, Google "Jonestown"! And thanks for the comment because it just illustrates my point rather PERFECTLY!

    So folks, that is what's going on. Along with my regular activities today, I'm taking the time to do something I promised I would NOT do, and that is to write any further posts. Wasn't gonna do it zen, I was happy to walk away having said my piece, but you ain't having any of that so, you have forced my hand ~ exactly as you did with Steve. You'd think a guy would LEARN, eh folks???

    So guys; I am multi-tasking like an octopus on Jamaican coffee, fighting fatigue,
    and a sociopath at the same time. Gr8 work if ya can find it.
    Stay Tuned, don't touch that dial
    and buckle up...we're going for a ride!

    The new post is oddly enough titled "Freedom of Speech"
    and it ain't about American heritage...
    So if you do not see it,
    or the link takes you instead to a 404 page


  41. I have read the article on the investigation into the COG and how it functioned.

    As of this point Don has yet to confess his direct involvement in child abuse.

    Also if it can't be proven that 100% of cult members were directly engaged in child abuse, it leads to the possibility, small as it is, that Don did not engage in child abuse.

    These questions need to be answered if you want a watertight case.


  42. 1) IF DON 'did not abuse' but was silent as others abused.

    2) DON was the PR PERSON. He was their SPin DOctor. So, even if he
    'Did not personally sexually abuse' anyone.

    JUST THE FACT that he was the spin doctor, he was complicit, because he was allowing the C&M--Control and Manipulation to happen, approved of it and stayed in the movement.

  43. If Don was their PR man at some point, it stands to reason that the cult leaders would not allow that to happen unless he was compromised. Otherwise, they risk him exposing the cult to the public.

    We know that no one reaches the higher levels without being complicit as this is what is held over them to remain loyal. Take our president for instance.

    Phony confession with what looks to be no remorse. That's the problem I have. I'm not in the "legal" business. Let the fools continue to follow him into the pit. He is an evil man.

  44. He is obviously lying...why would facebook take down his page? How convenient! he took it down so he can avoid implicating his handlers and financiers. Check out my article

    1. Very well written post, Like the site as well. Nope, YOU ain't lost the capacity for critical thinking, seems it's thriving quite well within you.

      If your post sprouts legs & starts gaining momentum, it could be on account of me sending your article to a few editors of a few sites.

      Thanks for sending, & contacting

      Peaceful Blessings

    2. Limited hangout? (thanks alex)

    3. Nice catch there FF~

      I learned something new today!

    4. Hello Music Alchemy. Some powerful points in your article, but I must address your opening:

      "...I am trying to lend some humanity to the public lynching of Zen Gardner. It’s got to stop. So, everyone; TO YOUR CORNERS! BE AUTHENTIC NOT AGGRESSIVE. I am sad to witness this. The reason for the difficulty for me is because it’s awkward and painful to see someone who has guided me in his writings, to have Zen called to the carpet like this. "

      Well, the first two syllables of humanity are hu and man, human. That's what we are, human, and that affords a broad spectrum of responses and reactions. I cannot "go to my corner." My humanness directs me to stay on the offensive, for now. Aggression has it's place. Sometimes it's just what's needed to break up crystalization, hardened reality. Think of a mother opening the door to check on a sleeping child only to witness a child-stealer about to take her little one. Not a time to play nice. Aggression appropriate and necessary. I also feel it's a deep honesty, soul and street, and the best gift that could be given to ZG at this particular stage of the unfoldment. I'm sorry it's "awkward and painful" for you, but putting that in perspective, in terms of what ZenDon was part of, well, I just hope you see my point. As your article progressed, I began to resonate more with your message. Thank you.

  45. I was waiting to reserve opinion on what I personally felt on this whole Zen-Gate,as Mel Ve labeled this whole sordid mess until more was revealed.I read what Don had to say, posted both sides on my site, viewed both of the interviews by Angela & Mel with Don, and not only started to feel sorry for him in this as there is no actual evidence against him other than his vague confession and that no one had come forward to say he had in fact molested them and I wanted to remain objective. Then tonight I put on Netflix and there was a documentary called Children of God listed (SYNCH!) and I just watched it. The info on this cult and the open sex that included young teens and children that was this cult leaves me with no room to any longer feel anything but disgust to what went on in this group. Yes they were totally programmed much like the MKUltra victims describe I will give him that. The MO letters and the cartoon porn literature & videos that these "leaders" pushed on the adults and children don't leave much room for Don's version of not knowing what was going on imo. The family that was detailed in this doc was credible. Witness testimony from the molested girls which started at age 7 or younger. Little kids made to do strip tease and be video recorded. So yes... people are jumping on this and now I fully understand why. Also noted to me was if I had an opportunity to interview him after viewing this, I would be asking much different questions of Don than either of those CCN women did. Gone are any feelings for him that he was being unfairly persecuted and that he has lost everything, mate, home and dog. But what I think I am bothered by the most after watching that doc is that Zen says he thinks this is all great that this has come out! He is happy to lose it all and start over with his book that he will be writing. Such a load of shit! He wants to blame the alternative community for jumping to conclusions. I almost fell for that until I saw that doc tonight. He spouts the word humility and that we should all get some so we can try to understand his perspective. In fact he is the one that should be showing some humility and shame for being such a dumb ass to be involved in a mind fuck group to begin with for 27 years and probably destroying his kids lives like those of the kids on that doc. Instead all I saw from him was excuses, passing the buck and some fake tearing up at the end of the Mel Ve piece. I hope his Karma fits him like a glove for what I am now certain his poor kids must have gone through not to mention all of those other kids. Seriously fucked up!! Thanks for letting me spout off here Chautaugua. Peace out

  46. Bleh, I just have to de-taint myself a little. I was an occasional visitor to, of the 'wonder what's going on in the alternative media world' type.

    I first found out was going on with his goodbye post and immediately had the reaction that he was being persecuted.

    Dumbass me.

    After researching further I was thoroughly revolted and wished I could retract my supportive posts -- even if they were of only a general nature.

    I agree Zen's posts were always kind of vacuous and misdirective. That is, a place to vent the energy for change and awareness without actually taking action for either.

    Thank God many sites like this one have thoroughly aired what has really happened.

    God Bless.

  47. Igan caving to heat (saving his butt), back-peddling on his ZenDon position:

    Max Igan on Zen Gardner and Ken O'Keefe:

    1. Poor guy, wants to ignore smoking gun.

  48. I don't know about you, but to me this is just whack:

    Again playing the "Don't Judge" card, like we're not supposed to decide what's right and what's wrong.

    1. Total whack job. She addresses him as 'awareness'. Channeling BS. Goes on and on around in circles, saying the same thing over and over, not actually addressing the issue.

    2. Yeah, and this I perceive as the toxin of new-age philosophy: the attempt to cut us off from major parts of ourselves, the parts that can express our inner-workings and tell our story. We are ALWAYS expected to be transcendent, to rise above the lower self. How could warning the innocent and vulnerable be a product of "the lower self." More and more, this movement is becoming a movement of denial and ignoring/avoiding. Beautiful thought without beautiful action is like a beautiful ocean with no shore. There is no landing in authentic self; only drifting in the "above it all" sphere. Jimmy Dale Gilmore has a line in one of his country-western songs: "You can't get much higher if you're so above it all, I believe you're heading for a fall."

      Realism is very spiritual (grin).

    3. Does anyone really believe this utter crap !
      The whole idea of" not judging " or pushing the idea of relativism, and blurring the lines between right and wrong is to destabilise societal norms . It's so much easier to control people and insert a new" normal if people don't know up from down , left from right .
      The ZG "revelations " were a prime example of this , it was the pathetic sycophantic comments and the lack of any concern for the true victim's of abuse that were the most important part of the whole proceedings.
      They were certainly revelatory and not in a good way .
      Thank goodness there are still people out there who have the balls to say no, and to speak out .
      Simon Parkes comes from my home town , all I can say on that one is LOL ! and more LOL :)

    4. Sadly, K, too many believe it, accept it as the "higher way." I run into the "don't judge" mentality around every corner. And always they have the silent smile, as if to say, "I'm more evolved than you are." I think this issue will grow, the idea of exposing new-age bs. I'm sure many "recovery" stories will surface from those who were entrapped in castrating programming.

      For those of us in the dark on Simon Parkes, would you shed a little light? Thanks.

    5. Absolutely! This cracked me up! Fake, fake, fake! Bought and paid for apologist for Don, in particular! I had to turn it off half way through, it was so ridiculous to think that anyone could take this seriously.


    Simon Parkes is generally viewed with amusement ? or thought of as a bit of harmless eccentric twit where he comes from in North Yorkshire England .
    To be honest how people can genuinely believe his stories is beyond me :))
    He is obviously enjoying his notoriety and the money, so good on him if he can get away with this , but more fool the people who follow him .
    I think this along with the ZG revelations show how desperate people are to "believe " . The more outrageous it is the better because it means you're a free thinker and really "out there" , right ? :))

    People love to be believers and more importantly belongers , even if it means showing lack of discernment and in some cases crass stupidity .
    I think what we're seeing within some elements of the so called awake and aware movement is just a more 'out there' form of church . It has all the hallmarks of religiosity and dogma .
    I kept on and on about this subject in my comments on ZG .
    Sounds harsh .I'm just taking an objective view as someone on the outside looking in . K

  50. Man, if this guy (Parkes) ain't a plant, I don't know who is! The great distraction ala sex with aliens, assuring many will look away from the realities of our world and what needs attending. Yeah, "a more 'out there' form of church." I'm still relatively new to this blog-spot so do not know how invested it is in aliens. My own take is that since we are apparently dealing with infinity, everything exists, but I choose not to focus on et's because I believe my focus is better placed elsewhere in terms of what I am able to affect. Once, a person I met in a class I attended said to me: "You know friend, the space-brothers are coming to help us and soon will make themselves more known." I pondered a moment and then asked: "Oh really? When are they going to do this." And I kid you not, she said: "When we're all vibrating at joy." I held her shoulders lightly and looked right in her eyes and said: Who the f^*k needs them them? Tell them to get their ass down here NOW." We laughed, but really, I've been hearing about them "coming to help" for decades. And another thing... I don't want them if they can't come without making me or anyone else afraid. I mean, if they really are a help they'd bring love and peace and freedom, not fear. So that has been my measuring stick: If I sniff out fear, they can go back where they came from. Same for any form of hierarchy or pedestal worship. I am so not into aliens.

    Thanks K, for the link. With the new-age phenomena, it's hard to weed out what's real and helpful from the steering agenda. The control is always what messes things up, and of course, it has to be preceded by disempowering the followers, making them think their own intelligence and insight is not enough, that they need "enlightened leaders" to save them. How sad. Parkes strikes me as looney and well-paid.

  51. I sense that 'aliens' dont exist in the terms that are presented to us via the internet etc. I have Never witnessed an alien. Nor do I want to. I think about an ant or a spider or a fly-they Look alien to me and we kill them right away. Well I dont. Not because I think they are aliens, although they certainly look alien, but because if our first instinct is to kill them-why would they ever show themselves? So if aliens exist, I am sure that they will wait until we are ready to See them. How would we ever be ready to see them? I think it requires going inside of ourselves and healing. Perhaps at that point there is a possibility that they exist but its certainly not in this particular plane of existence. We dont really know the reality of existance-and what is pushed across by the media etc is in my opinion a very rudimentary explanation of what is alien. In fact I think most things that exist in this realm are representations only of the true reality.

  52. "Linda Hill's Sabian Symbols, The lunar eclipse is on Pisces 25: : ‘The Purging of the Priesthood’ is an image of people having to measure up to spiritual or moral values. Whoever upholds a position in the ‘Priesthood’ should act in an appropriate manner and minister to the needs of people without any ulterior motives. When people don’t live up to their duties or the expectations of others, it often leads to someone having to leave, retire, resign or be ejected. ‘Purging’ means to get rid of and it can lead to scapegoats: those that are thrown into the desert, abandoned and forgotten."

    1. On that latest Max vid: Only half hour in; will finish much later. Wonder if he's trying to make a comeback? His confidence seems compromised, his chi seems lessened. Points frequently to alt community and its "infighters w/agendas muddying up the waters." Mentions the word "respect" over and over again and says it's what's needed to pull ourselves out of the mess. Doesn't seem to realize "respect" is hard-earned, and we may "respect" a person as a child of the universe but that does not mean we respect their reasoning, or their actions, or their beliefs, or what they do or do not support. Also mentions that "freedom" is what it's all about. Well Max, "freedom" has to include everyone, especially those who are victims of horrible abuse. That's why there's infighting; that's why there's disrespect. The prominent voices were not there for those victims, yours included, when you took a lukewarm stand on what Zen Gardner was involved in for near 3 decades. Where was your support for those kids and for the brave voices who were trying to help them. Were you having a spot of tea with Jon Rappoport or Less Visible, or... fill in the name of your favorite liar or denier/avoider. I'm fed up with all this enabling. Don't think we're all going away; I mean the ones who got the story and tried to help. We're here for the duration.

  53. The link for the Max Igan vid:

  54. ps to Chautauqua: I don't really know you or know much about your site yet, but when all the debris hit the fan regarding ZenDon, etc., yours was the one place I could land for there was sanity, and bravery, and to the best of my knowledge, truth. I found you by accident; still don't know how. Must have been something bigger than myself. And I did not find anywhere else where I witnessed such courage and forthrightness. Also from FreeFall and Adaline and a few others. Sorry, I don't remember all the names. The contributions here (anons included) have been a real testimony of those willing to occupy the front lines in defending the innocent. Many blessings to all who stood tall and didn't back down, even when we were accused of being judgmental and unforgiving. Taking a stand doesn't usually win ya a popularity contest. Thank you, Chautauqua.

    1. Anony@ 8:28 PM~
      Many sincere thanks for your acknowledgements & comments. You hit upon the salient point in all this, the innocent victims. Why is it that only a handful of bloggers will take on subjects like this, or Fukushima??

      Nobody wants to bother thinking of such things, so it's easy for the media to ignore it. We still have a long waynto go before we can call ourselves enlightened or evolved.

      Peaceful Blessings

    2. Well, I hope more and more will take this on. The hope is in the numbers increasing of those who won't look away or remain silent.

      Hey, I wondered about your name and just found this (excerpts) on Wikipedia: Chautaqua was an adult education movement in the United States, highly popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. ... The Chautauqua brought entertainment and culture for the whole community, with speakers, teachers, musicians, entertainers, preachers and specialists of the day. Former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was quoted as saying that Chautauqua is "the most American thing in America." ... Later topics included current events, travel and stories, often with a comedic twist. ... Chautauqua can be viewed in the context of the populist ferment of the late 19th century. Manifestos such as the "Populist Party Platform" voiced a disdain for political corruption and championed the plight of the common people in the face of the rich and powerful.

      You may have modernized things a bit but there's a pretty good foundation here. :)

    3. There is a lot of GOOD happening in the world every day, which we seldom hear of in the MSM; so indeed let us all hope our numbers swell fast!

      About the name, It is my spiritual name; given to me by a native American Shaman many long years ago. As I began my search for the meaning of the word, people kept giving me copies of the Robert Persig novel "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance." When the third copy came I knew it was 'the power of 3' speaking, which just means pay attention to things that come to you 3 or more times. Figured I should read the book.

      Sure enough, in the first chapter he uses the word to describe a long rambling, narrative kind of journey, or sojourn. This fit like a glove at the time as I was for many years, a traveler in body as well as spirit. I later found the reference you cite above, and found it equally as fitting. Smart old Shaman knew I'd become a blogger before there was even an internet! So, yeah, that's the backstory on the name, synchronicity and all.


    4. Glad I went where my curiosity led. Quite a story there, Chautauqua. I will remember "the power of 3" as a definite aid. Thank you. Seems you're living up to your name. Mine means "gentle." I fall short a lot. Oh well, such is evolution. :)

    5. "The only Zen you can find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there."
      -- Robert Pirsig

  55. This:

  56. "I am a friend to any brave and gallant outlaw."
    -- Belle Starr

  57. “I would like to see every woman know how to handle firearms as naturally as they know how to handle babies.”
    -- Annie Oakley