Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Flag of Hatred

Yes, take down the confederate flag wherever it flies.
Better yet, take it down and burn it!

The confederate battle flag belonged to traitors defending slavery.
Simple as that!

Enough of this cowardly cry about heritage and honor
again, the heritage of traitors to America.  What honor is there in slavery?

I lament the loss of any soldier in war, even ones on the losing side,
the Nazi's for example.  Doesn't mean I wanna ever see that flag again!
All those Johnny Rebs who died for the confederacy, they had a choice.
they knew exactly what they were fighting for; Slavery!
They were on the wrong side of history, America's first white supremacists 

It was wrong then, and it's still wrong today;

Simple as that.

Still the die-hards and ankle biters of this country insist that the confederate flag represents southern pride and heritage.  That is a pretty thin thing to hide your racism behind, because the truth says something very different in this case.

 In 1861 the vice president of the confederacy Alexander H. Stevens gave what has become known as the cornerstone speech, because it laid the cornerstone of confederate beliefs.  The salient part of that speech reads as follows:

How in hell is that not clear enough?

You simply cannot spin or contort that intent!

So when these yammering knuckle draggers whine about their heritage, keep in mind they refer to the heritage of buying and selling humans into slavery.  The heritage of raping and killing their property as they pleased.  The heritage of the KKK, not to put too fine a point on it.

The European union banned public display of the Nazi swastika for all the same reasons the confederate flag should be banned and burned: and when they banned it, the skinhead neo-Nazis quickly took up the rebel battle flag as their fall-back symbol of racist hatred.  Do you suppose it was because they identified with cornpone and grits?  Did the neo-Nazis start using the confederate flag because they support southern family unity??  Nope, they used it because it projects all the same hatred, intolerance and intimidation as the swastika.

The south ain't ever gonna rise again, deal with it; and ditch the flag!!

It is perhaps indicative of the prevailing mindset in South Carolina, that they saw fit to padlock the flag of hatred onto its own pole.  Locked flag, locked minds.  The very stubborn and entitled attitude so many southerners have also indicates minds that are locked shut, unwilling and unable to even consider change.  Time for history to leave them in the dust, and evolve without them, because they will never change.

It is perhaps worth noting that southern states have not always flown the confederate flag continuously since losing the civil war.  No, they began flying it back in 1961 during the 100th anniversary of the birth of the confederacy; which was timed nicely to coincide with the time blacks in this country began pushing for equal rights under the law.  The southern states just kept the flag flying since then, as an intimidation factor, and as a symbol of arrogant racism.

Take down that flag, and burn it.  It's time!

When we consider the words of Alexander H. Stevens in his confederacy cornerstone speech, there remains no reason whatsoever to allow that flag of hatred to ever be allowed in public again.  You want to adorn the interior of your home with it, fine by me, but it has no place in public, not for over a hundred years now, so just let it go and join the rest of us here in the current century.

This is not an emotional response to this issue, its a spiritual response.  We cannot afford to allow emotions to carry the day here, because there are those working very hard to spark an all-out race war in this country; and this conflict over the confederate flag is just adding fuel to the fire.

On his June 22nd program, (on comedy central) Larry Wilmore offered up what I think is an excellent idea.  Take the flag down right now, everywhere it flies over public spaces; and then if it means so very much "...debate about putting it back up."  But debate over taking it down, hell no, just take it down.

 Since when does the losing side get to fly its hateful flag over our public lands?
it just ain't right!

We have collectively overlooked this flag of hatred for more than a century now, and in light of recent trends in social engineering, I think it is time to relegate it to the museum where it belongs, right alongside the Nazi swastika.

It is heartening to see so many businesses like Amazon, and Wal-Mart take a stand, and stop offering confederate flags for sale; its a good start in the right direction.  Alabama struck their confederate flag today, while the Mississippi house & senate voted to do likewise, republican governor Phil Bryant held fast to his racist roots and said No!  We shall be keeping an eye on his political career from this point.  Not the time to stick to your guns, Phil.

In the light of the cornerstone speech the cockroaches of "heritage & honor" can find no safe haven to scurry into.  Hatred is hatred no matter how you dress it up or camouflage it with subterfuge.

 If you rebels are so proud of your heritage, why not just come clean and admit it's all about hate and intolerance instead of hiding behind socially acceptable buzz words and talking points?  Why not just own your hatred?  How about that? But either way, that damn flag of hatred has to go!

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  1. Really?

    You felt you had to equate me with Nazis?

    You are off base and should shut the fuck completely up.

    1. Buelahman~
      First of all my friend, I did not equate 'you' with the Nazi's - the skinheads in Europe did that, when they adopted using the stars & bars to promote hatred & intolerance, so don't shoot the messenger, OK?

      As for me shutting the fuck up, well that ain't too likely either, as you see I have this little thing called freedom of speech, just like you and everyone, (supposedly), and you telling me to shut up just proves my point about intolerance in this country.

      I noticed that you took down the dancing elephant video, fine, your vid, do as you please with it, but to take it down to "hurt" me in spite, for my comments on a racist emblem just strikes me as weak, lame and childish, not to mention chicken shit, hows that??!!

      So if that's how it is, I guess we all know that about you now.

      I may be off base, but I really don't think so at all, I think I'm spot on

    2. Look how many names and accusations you used in this one post. Yes, you did call me those things because I embrace the imagery of that flag and what it truly stands for.

      Yes, you have freedom of speech and as I point pout, that emblem is a form of free speech that you are desperately trying to squash.

      You should be ashamed of yourself for being so pigheadedly wrong and using such imagery to paint even your allies the way you did. Obviously, you are not ashamed. It was careless and erroneous.

      As I wrote in today's post, I will de-privatize the video once we get this straightened out. It is not deleted.

      You don't have to agree with my stance, but you should, at the very least, try to understand from my perspective without the bullshit.

    3. Buelahman~
      First off, you are right, I did use some disparaging words to describe some of my views, Re; 'names & accusations' - which were meant as a general descriptive for a generalized part of the society. Just calling things as I see them, and yes, I did paint with a broad stroke in this post because I wanted to focus attention upon the actual words in the cornerstone speech...which are offensive to me in every way.

      I did read your post for today, and am willing to accept that you do not subscribe to the racist views held in the cornerstone speech, if you are willing to accept that when you decide that a symbol or image means something to you, then maybe you have some kind of responsibility to learn EVERYTHING said image or symbol represents, and how that might just be offensive to mothers, especially blacks.

      You might also note from my post that I said I care not the least bit what you do in your house or on your property, but that the flag in question simply doesn't belong flying over public lands and especially not over government houses. This country is trying hard to heal and recover from over a century of bigotry and hatred, and my personal opinion is that we need to do away with a whole bunch of things and symbols which perpetuate the division between us. You use the term 'what the flag truly stands for...well it's right there in the cornerstone speech, but I don't see you addressing that! eh.

      "Pigheadedly wrong", well now look who is calling names?? "Careless & erroneous" really, how can you say that with a straight face, when the words in the cornerstone speech are as clear as a bell!!!???

      Was my post a comprehensive history of the south and the civil rights movement, No, because it wasn't intended to do that. I lived in the southy part of America growing up, and have had my fill of rednecks, bigots and racists who feel it is somehow their god given right to wave their BS in everyone's face, so excuse my in your face style of journalism, sometimes the Heyoka in me comes out, and I'm as entitled to that as you are to your views of things, right.

      Indeed we do not have to agree with each other, after reading your post I do understand how your personal feelings were offended, In all honesty, I wrote in the tone I did because it isn't enough to speak truth to power anymore, we also have to speak truth to racism and hatred. Can a man living in the south without subscribing to all the vile racism in the cornerstone speech, be offended by my comments, obviously yes, To all men of that description, sorry for offending you, but it ain't about your feelings, or mine for that matter, its about racism, and calling that what it is.

      How come the other guy's opinion is always invalid bullshit?
      How come nobody today wants to talk about the cornerstone speech,
      because THAT is what the whole post is about, and any son of dixie worth his salt should be as offended by it as I am.

    4. Oh by the way Bman, I would rather you delete the video forever than use it as some kind of hostage to communication going your way, just sayin....

    5. Hey Beuley, suck on this...

  2. Wrong about slavery. Israelis or Jewish people sold those blacks into slavery along with some of their own people. Americans bought them because they could cheaply for farm labor. I was not there and will not be held accountable for what our former countrymen did. As I am not responsible for the holohoax. We need to move on from these things. The only reason these thing come up is because something else is happening. Look beyond these issues an see what is really going on. The flag issue is about gun control and control of a segment of our population. The Holohax comes out when the Israelis are going to do something somewhere to someone. We as a society need to realize that we (the living we) were not there. There were many more Irish slaves than blacks in history. Many more Poles, Russian and Gypsies killed in WW2 than Jewish. Throughout history there were many more white slaves than blacks. Our own people enslaved us, because they could and can.

    1. Anony@3:47 AM~
      You have some valid points, however if you want someone to weigh your opinion, starting out with "you're wrong" is just another symptom of our overall problems.

      Own your hatred is all I'm saying, and of course its time for that flag to go. We shall not likely live long enough to see the mindset of racist hatred behind the flag fade from history. Lots of stubborn attitudes that are resistant to change, but just to let them know their day is over; take down the flag.

  3. Well if I was black I would want to know who may not like me. To stay clear. And if only the blacks who hate and want to kill whites had a flag. Like Isis when I see a black and white Isis flag bet your behind I will stay clear. Gays got their rainbow flags thats an insult to Christains and others. Besides I read some black peoples comments that do not think that flag means any harm. To leave it. So sick of forcing churches and others to take down crosses. Pay for Abortions or birth control. Just leave it alone. How about some jobs for blacks. Stores are closing. Its very bad. We are not gonna worry about some old flag. Feeding our kids is more of a concern.

  4. There was more to the reason for the Civil War than the abolition of slavery. From the historical record it appears that this issue was later adopted when the sentiment of the Northern peoples was turning against the war. Much like WMD's in Iraq. In the mind of many Southerners the struggle was against oppression, financial and political, rather than to retain the right, of a relatively few, to own fellow human beings as property.

    The issue of slavery could have been handled and the institution done away with in America in a peaceful manner just as it had been done in European countries if Emancipation was the only goal. But since it was not the true goal of the war any symbol of resistance has to be eliminated so that the historical narrative can be controlled.

    1. I did not name the post 'a history of the south'- because the post wasn't about the entire story of the south, just the racist hateful flag you hide behind as you claim 'heritage' and such. Yes I know it makes you mad, that's my whole point. Own your hatred.

  5. \My dear fellow, if you do not mind and if I may be so bold as to suggest, that I politely and respectfully disagree with your well intentioned and yet off the mark post regarding this flag issue. If you are truly passionate about removing symbols of servitude, violence and domination, then I lovingly suggest that you widen your aperture to some other foul flying flags, such as the Union Jack, the Star of David and our own Stars and Stripes, since these flags are symbols of conquest, slavery, degradation and occupation. We'll be a few giant steps closer to your beloved Aquarian Age.

    1. OK folks, I never said it was the only "bad flag" on the planet, The confederate banner is what everyone is talking about, its the center of focus, so why are you trying to divert attention to something else?? Face the music.

    2. The Eagle makes the music: Would you hear

      Chautauqua, you are receiving a lesson in the bigger picture of finer details that constitute the bigger picture; and if your contribution to matters flag is as a result of that business as usual false flag of the double N Dylan on a Cabal Rooftop, where not one died, where crisis actors cried and lied, another Machiavellian psyop of the Bolshvekian Tribal crop, a means to divide and rule, Walmart, Amazon, etc, no less a part of the psyop than be the "expert" talking heads fomenting the milieu, then I suggest you spend some time refreshing that 3rd eye, there be much here at play that yee clearly do not as yet fully see.

    3. Padraigin Eagle~
      Ahhh, Patricia my singing Irish eagle, Me thinks ye are missing the point. Certainly I could have ranted on for several more pages about the very real issue of "crisis actors" and false flags, yet those things were not the point, or focus. That focus being the exact words meaning and intent of those who led the confederacy is pure racism. "the cornerstone speech." Period. Why is it nobody wants to talk about that? Instead I spend five hours slogging thru hate mail in my inbox, which only makes my point even stronger and clearer.

      Because I chose not to dilute my flag message with all of the surrounding themes such as you mentioned, does not mean that I am blind to anything, and to suggest that I am is kinda shallow and lame, regardless of how frilly the language. For the record, flying the confederate flag IS NOT FREE SPEECH, and besides, free speech is never free because we must own our speech, and in this case, own our hatreds. How come none of you wanna discuss THAT? Instead, everyone wants to distract and obfuscate the issue by attacking me personally? Pretty typical I guess.

  6. The Civil War was about slavery, yep it was, but thats just the tip of the iceberg. It established the precedence that the government has the right to tell you what you can own, what you can do with your property, and can revoke your right to your property at any time without compensation. The South fought for private property rights, they lost, and we're still paying for it today. And now people like you want to strip away what's left of free speech.

    1. Hey pal, that racist flag is as far from free speech as I can Imagine, How can you accuse me of stripping your free speech when I posted your comment?? Troll

  7. Do not try to reason with a fascist screaming hate . They are so drunk on the koolaide of their own hate expressions , facts and sound reasoning will get you nothing but contempt and scorn .
    Their rant is simply a sign of reason gone mad in the final stages of an collapsing empire that was once a Republic .
    As it will be , their wake up call will be well after they have cleared the edge of the cliff to ever claw their way back when the folly is revealed .
    Stay out of their way and direct your education to more worthy souls that aren't lost to the fantasy of a cause that's nothing more than a loose mind trying to make sense of itself ?
    Ban hate huh ? You have sure influenced me here ?

  8. The "Civil War" was really about a war for the independence of the South. They were rebels, not traitors. And guess what? The New England states were the first to threaten to succeed from the Unioon back in 1815. Everyone acknowledged that they had the right but they never went through with it. I can understand your ignorance. You were taught to believe the lies of the winning side. If you learn the truth you begin to learn just how much of history is pure lies.

  9. I disagree with the premises articulated. Briefly -- others on alternative channels have quoted Lincoln about slavery and the purpose of the "Civil War" (civil??!) being about "The Union", of which we have more than enough nowadays, evolved into a tyranny and totalitarian state the amalgam of dystopian visions of Huxley and Orwell -- the flag in question seems as much a symbol of individual freedom and the right to pursue one's course in life as anything else. A Northerner by birth and geography all my life, until I read what seems to me the truth about the "Civil War", I never appreciated the "rebel flag" as much as I do today. Long may it wave, and may the "other flag" depart to hellish realms created in its name.

  10. The Flag Code should resolve this issue. I believe losers cannot fly their flag.

    However, we are talking about the South, so if they feel the need to announce that they ARE LOSERS...

  11. The war was about States rights. The States lost, now we have a tyrannical Federal government waging, murder, torture, and war upon the World. Only the very rich Southerners owned slaves on large plantations. The 1 % of their era. This civil war ,slave thing is a fallacy. The slave business was also ran out of Newport, Rhode Island. Of 365 slave trading ships there, 300 were Jewish owned. The tax records and ship registry's are still stored at their court house.

    1. Anony@12:25PM~
      Yes, yes, of course what you say is true, but please remember the post was about one racist flag of hatred and not a brief history of time.

      Right is right and wrong is wrong. Quit trying to divert attention away from the point of focus!

  12. I understand why the Confederate flag was banned and have no problem with it being banned but how long until your calling for the banning of the American flag? How long until the authoritarian left decides that 'banning and burning' those who still display the flag outside their homes, on their vehicles, on their clothing is a great idea?

    1. Anony@2:00 PM
      Did you even read the post? It isn't about a flag, it's about RACISM, and hiding one's racism behind more sanitary words like 'pride' and 'heritage'.

  13. The federal gov't didn't give a damn about black people then any more than they do now. Blacks are now on the front line of the "divide and conquer" strategy to turn races against each other. That they are being murdered in droves by gov't enforcers reveals how much our gov't cares about black people today. "First they came for the blacks..."

    Making black people the enemy of white people (and vice versa) is done so both races won't come together and stand against the enemy of us both.

    Here's a good article that reveals that Lincoln cared less than nothing about the slaves. It was nothing more than a marketing strategy to justify war:

    Judging from the article's content, I assume that the title is a misprint and should say "Over 3000 black slave owners lived in North."

    The Confederate flag represents open rebellion against the federal gov't. This is why TPTB want it removed.

    Slavery of any human being is evil and I do not condone it no matter what symbol is being used. If the confederate flag is removed, I could care less. As George Carlin said, "I leave symbols to the symbol minded."

    As far as those who were killed by Dylann Roof, SHOW ME THE BODIES! This story reeks of yet another false flag used to cause dissention between the races while justifying gun confiscation.

    Whether you agree with me or not, I still consider you to be someone who seeks the truth and for that you have my respect. We must remain diligent in not allowing our true enemies to dupe us into turning upon each other.

    See ya at the garden.

  14. Freefall~
    Can't say I disagree with anything you say here, in fact it may come out to be true that this is yet another false flag with 'crisis actors' - cause there are still some very smelly parts of the story.

    Absolutely love your Carlin quote, God how I miss him, and Bill Hicks. It's a much darker world without them in it to be our lighthouses.

    I kept this post short and to the point. Didn't want to diffuse the issue by bringing in all the connecting threads. Wanted to convey a simple message, it is about the racism written into the confederate 'cornerstone speech' - and it's about owning one's hatreds instead of hiding your/their racism behind more sanitized words like heritage and pride. If they are so damn proud, why can't they just man up and own their hatred, unless inside they are really ashamed of it!!

    I do agree with you totally regards the diligence needed to prevent the race war someone is definately trying to start. Gotta defuse it with the truth. The truth of "the cornerstone speech"!

  15. Ever wondered how the native americans felt about the american flag? should we also remove it too?

    1. Bob Hope~
      I know exactly how the native Americans felt about that flag, guess what, non-sequitur pal, apples and oranges, because the 'American' flag had something kinda different at it's core, something about all men are created equal.

      come to think of it, I think that has always been mis-quoted.
      I think it was, all men are created evil.

    2. With native American blood in my veins I don't need you to tell me about how they were treated then, or now. We can talk about the American flag when I do a post on it, but here we're talking about the cornerstone speech, well, I am - but not a single person today has been willing to discuss what I actually wrote about. Everybody wants to try to pull the focus away to something else. Until you are willing to discuss the cornerstone speech, you're just another troll Bobby about THAT?

  16. So you mean we are free to love but not free to hate? What is your limitation on freedom?

    1. Like I said in the post, you are free to hate all you want, sleep wrapped up in your flag if that does it for you, what I object to is the flying of the blatantly racist emblem over PUBLIC lands, but you'd know that if you bothered to read the post. There is no limit to how big of an ass you wanna be in private, but there is in public, but then you knew that too. Nice cheap shot by the way...I guess it must be the inbreeding....

  17. As an '' outsider '' on this ( Im British ), Ive enjoyed all the Comments and although I only have a generalist knowledge of your Civil War, I'm going to risk being slammed for butting in and say a couple things...

    First, the Cornerstone speech ( look its taken a foreigner to address the issue full frontal.. lol.. )..I never heard of that speech or Mr Stephens but surely its importance would depend on its influence... in those days, no internet or TV or radio, or mass print media, how many people read or heard it? Im guessing his inner circle, maybe 50 or, ok, lets say a couple hundred people? Did it reflect the views of the millions who lived in the South? As one Commenter said, only the top 1% super rich owned slaves and a lot of them lived in the North...

    So maybe the cornerstone speech wasnt representative of common beliefs at the time... or maybe it was, but can we know that or, more importantly,can we describe the Confederate flag as condemned because of it? Sounds a bit far fetched to me....

    All I know is that back in the 60' and 70's when I was a hippy, anarchist, counter cultural anti globalist ( and keen sports fan ).. I saw that flag everywhere and it was a symbol of anti federalist defiance on our marches and protests and stuff...but, hey, we were Brits and Europeans, so maybe it was different there, but I seem to remember my fave American rock bands often showed that flag on their album covers....

    Next is the issue of banning anything... er, no! Every country has had hate somewhere in its history, so its ban all flags or none. I also dont see how flying it in public somehow shows that people who support that flag are hiding behind heritage and pride... no, they are accepting that some people ( like you, C, ) will regard them as racist and thats ok too...there cant be limits on freedom, we have too many already...

    I read an article in my Brit newspaper this morning on this flag debate. It mentioned that Mayor Landrieu of New Orleans was being pressured to take down a statue of General Lee that has stood in the middle of New Orleans for 150 years. It also said a New York Times article called for the movie Gone With The Wind to be restricted to a museum cos of its pro - rebel sympathies !! You see how fast it goes?

    Live with seeing the hate in public. Laugh at it.Its the racist haters who lower their frequency, not you and I

    love and peace Steven

    1. Steven
      You bring up some good points; first off I agree with your assessment of no mass media in 1861 so the nexus of the cornerstone speech wasn't probably widely known back then. However I was addressing today's audience who surely can avail themselves of technology, but seldom do. Even when I did the work and dug up the offending words of that speech; nobody wants to discuss that, instead they wanna kill the messenger, typical.

      As for the symbol itself appearing on album covers, etc. I never said anything about that, all I said is it has no place flying over public places. I even said what one does in their own home is fine by me - evidently that was also ignored.

      As for banning the flag. I brought it up in context of the Nazi flag being banned in Europe, like if that flag was banned maybe this one should be too. We'll never erase racism but at least we can let it know how much of it we're willing to put up with as a society.

      I agree with you that banning it is perhaps a step too far, and that there are sufficient efforts already to remove our freedoms as it is. Yes I think some want to take this too far with removing of statues etc...comes too close to revisionist history for me. Having said that, I also feel that anyone feeling especially close to what the south really stands for should maybe embrace the ORIGINAL confederate flag, instead of the stars & bars. The original confederate flag has all the same symbols on it, but without the stigma attached to the rebel battle flag.

      I wrote this post to highlight the cornerstone speech, and yes I was a bit 'in their face' with it because that's what racism does every day, shoves it in our face and how do ya like that...seems that nobody (except you) wants to address the issue of the cornerstone speech, instead a handful of haters just wanna kill the messenger. They can dish it out just fine but they can't take a dose of their own medicine.

      We have to live with seeing hate in public as you say but why must that be done in silence? Yes I knew well I was dipping into the cauldron of low energy when I wrote the post, but every now and then its what we must do. The result is clear, haters love their hate but they just don't wanna own it, or talk about it. When the ugly truth is shown to them they just double down on the hate and amp up the volume to drown out the truth of how very ugly their hate is.

      Maybe that's why they are always hiding behind bed sheets and respectable words like 'heritage' and 'honor'!