Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lull before the Storm

A few years ago, in the final months of the Bush presidency; some friends and I were discussing the perils and dangers humanity was facing.  Someone made the comment that if the psychopaths continued to rule, before long we’d all be sitting around campfires telling stories about how nice electricity used to be.

 Even a casual look thru the headlines on a single news website this week, is enough to give us all a moment of pause, and wonder just how close to that prediction we might actually be.

It’s bad enough that we have all this saber rattling about eminent war on Iran; I can’t possibly be the only one who remembers the last time this happened and how well that all turned out. Then factor in that congress and the senate have all adjourned and left town until after the election.  This mass departure is fairly normal, except this year they’re doing it much earlier than usual.  Maybe that’s why it seems so much like rats deserting a sinking ship.(1)

Factor in stories of many military vehicles being ferried towards D.C, (2) and Police departments being told to expect civil unrest in October, (3) and truckloads of FEMA coffins seen on the highways, (4) … the words “Martial Law” come to mind. 

Then of course is the unfolding revolt in Spain, (5) which could turn out to be very pivotal.  Workers are also demonstrating & protesting in China this week, which might affect more than our ability to get that new iphone.  

Now to be sure, we've all seen this kind of stuff many times before, which of course has the effect of always keeping the populace just a little uneasy, and perhaps even a bit uncaring, in the greater scheme of things.  Yet beyond their reliance upon the problem, reaction, solution paradigm, there is still something off-putting about these particular stories, and the period of time we’re entering.

Not only are we coming up to yet another predetermined selection of our next president, we’re also coming up on the controversial end of the Mayan calendar/2012 scenario. Now, my thinking says that even if there is absolutely nothing to this whole Mayan/2012 prophesy thing; there has now been more than enough coverage of it for the powers that be to seek to exploit in ways that aid their agenda and the covering of their tracks. 

So I’ve had this kind of “Lull before the Storm” feeling this whole week, like that at any time the shoe might drop as the next horrific thing unfolds, ripping great holes in the fabric of our consensus reality.  Wondering if it will be the final injustice to humanity that finally sparks to life, the humanity within all of us, everywhere, no human being excluded.  That’s a lot to expect, I know, and yet I shall persist in holding that vision because to do so is to create that reality.  

                                                             Give it a try.


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