Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lobster Tales: The Boiling of America

I remember as a young kid how on Saturday mornings I’d be there in front of the big black and white console TV, just before they began their broadcast day. 

 The static became a test pattern with an Indian chief in the center of a crude compass rose.  Then, I would stand, hand over heart as they played the national anthem and showed “Old Glory” flying proudly beneath clear blue skies.  A military General was our president, but nobody much questioned that because, well, the government said it was a good thing.  Just as we were given enemies to hate as if served up on a plate, we were also given our patriotism, and to question such things was just not patriotic.

I remember when the weekend cartoons were over I was back in the classroom at school where they drilled us on how to survive nuclear explosions by hiding under our desks and covering our heads with our arms.  They also taught us to think, act and fear alike. We learned to conform, work hard (for someone else) and to not ask uncomfortable questions.  Most of all we learned to not question authority with such mantras as…“My country, right or wrong” and “You can’t fight city hall.”   And of course, perhaps the most obvious example: “to get along, go along.”  That was over half a century ago, and I was one of those on whom the programming never worked.

I remember waking up in the dream and seeing all the sleeping dreamers around me going thru their lives by rote; hypnotized, complacent and happy to settle for what they had.  Happy to stay within the boundaries set for them by the nameless ones in the smoke filled rooms.  One of the gifts I was born with has to do with the ability to see cycles and patterns in the world, and for most of my life I have focused this gift on information, and society.  As far back as I can recall I have compiled databases of information on a variety of diverse subjects.   Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings gave way to years of magazines, books and photos; before the age of the computer, and digital video.  I am an Auger…I dig for information, seeking not only knowledge, but primarily truth.  This is who I am, and this is what I see.

I remember when others immune to the programming rebelled and the counterculture of the Sixties emerged.  Under the mantra of “All you need is Love” the movement began.  Fueled by free love, Pot and LSD the national anthem had been replaced with “Aquarius” for millions of disaffected and disenfranchised youth.  The common dream was an alternative to a world of war and death.  It was enough to qualify the entire movement as a direct threat to the establishment, and their great shining lie.  No alternative way of life to be tolerated. I watched the great lie defend itself by killing not only the Kennedy’s, and Martin Luther King, but also those kids at Kent State, and Jacksonville, Malcolm-X and the kids they tossed into the meat-grinder called Vietnam.

I remember how every peace march was met with violence as the awake and outraged filled the streets in protest over the war.  They were marginalized and ignored, and the war went on, as always.  Those conscripts who survived the meat-grinder were also marginalized and ignored; by society, and by the government that sent them there.  Everywhere you looked was the overbearing influence of government extending its endless tentacles deeper and deeper into every possible place; accompanied always by corporations of endless greed and power. 

I remember when they passed laws against telling the truth.

I remember when they forbade God in schools.

I remember the foreign policy that installed and supported dictators.

I remember watching as every good and true thing was suppressed, denied, ridiculed and perverted by the exact same Military-Industrial Complex that old general/president tried to warn us about in his farewell speech, and I recall wondering why he waited so long to issue the warning, just who was this warrior-president afraid of?   

I remember when they made it a crime to discipline your own children; and when the establishment assumed ownership of your offspring.  When they passed laws saying what a child could read, and learn and what was forbidden.

        Nobody seemed to notice ~ Nobody seemed to care ~ Business as usual.

I remember watching as inflation, soaring prices, and taxes – along with a hundred other insidious pernicious factors began splintering families with the twin sledgehammers of poverty and injustice.  Suddenly a tsunami of homelessness swept over America bringing a whole new set of issues and problems with it.  

Food stamps were created to help feed the needy…but just until the next allotment.  Gradually the ranks of the middle class shrank as the ranks of the impoverished lower class swelled.  It was almost as if all they were allowed to do was eat and breed. 

Meanwhile the upper class became wealthier and more powerful.  With so many so preoccupied with staying out of the lower class the military-industrial complex continued it assault upon the Earth, seemingly obsessed with owning  and extracting everything of value…and again, any voices of protest were dealt with in the usual manner, and marginalized.  

Year after year the corptocracy grew greedier, and deadlier, always behind a smokescreen of deceit, lies and disinformation.   By now it was clear their goal was simple; Complete control of everything, and everyone, and each day, and law that passed brought them closer to attaining that goal.

I remember well when the final phase began, the culminating grab for totalitarian control and dominance, it was when they began spraying chemicals and poisons in the sky, right over our heads, in plain view of everyone.  It was 1997 when I saw my first chemtrails, forming a giant cross-hatched tic-tac-toe pattern in the sky above Kenai Alaska.  In a year or so it became obvious this was being done on a planetary scale over every country. What worries me more than the toxins being pumped into the ecosystem, is the totality of the silence on the subject across the spectrum of officialdom.  Not even one local weatherman or elected official will say a word, no one: just those of us who have to breathe it. 

    I remember when they quietly began introducing genetically modified foods.

I remember when they began closing and/or restricting many national parklands.

I remember when they began systematically destroying wetlands, & whole forests.

    I remember when they began privatizing ownership of public water supplies…
             (and now collecting rainwater is against the law in many States)

I remember when our roads and power grid were in good shape, before they were left to rot by owners too greedy to spend money on up-keep, and up-grades. 

Nobody seems to notice ~ Nobody seems to care.

They don’t want to know, because then they would have to act, to do something to try to change it back, to save themselves.  I wonder why that is, selective breeding?

Or, perhaps the mass brainwashing has worked its magic on the population, with the chemtrails, and poisoned food an added assurance of urban pacification, along with the microwave burst transmitters and other sonic – electromagnetic weapons used in every major American city.

           I remember how the pieces fell together on September 11, 2001

Instantly I understood what all the various urban pacification programs were for; so that we, the people would be to sick, lethargic, apathetic, and fearful to rise up in a spontaneous revolt.  So we would not question or confront the illegal occupant of the white house as he and his henchmen lied us into a pair of grisly quagmire wars with the goals being that of destroying the armed forces and national guard of America while stealing the oil we covet.

I remember how the rules of the game forever changed on that infamous day.  No longer did “they” even attempt to conceal their actions or motives, those days were over.  Suddenly the coin of the realm became overt force, lies and intimidation.  By this time the American Government existed only in school books, having been replaced by criminals and corporations…who very quickly began destroying the constitution and replacing it with a police state dictatorship.  Nobody seems to notice or care anymore.  They are too poisoned and fearful.  Perfect slaves.

I remember thinking in 2004 that these fanatics couldn’t possibly fix that election too, but they did, and the one after that in the 2008.  It matters not what “party” someone claims to be in, it has been the same party for a very long time, putting on just enough street theater and tinsel to keep the unwitting slaves thinking they are free….that’s why the TV is right there in every house, to let you know what to think, and who to “vote” for.  TV Pumps that fear and loathing into your brain non stop, 24 hours a day, every day. 

It’s clear to see that what’s being perpetrated here is a methodical and intentional Death by a Thousand cuts, the gradual, long-term attrition of America from a once powerful Nation to the status of a third world country”.  

Perhaps a more accurate analogy is that of cooking lobster.  If you toss the lobster into a pot of boiling water he will resist, freak out and attempt to escape, rather vigorously.  However, if you place the lobster into a pot of cool water, then gradually raise the temperature to boiling; he will happily cook to a turn without so much as a whimper.  

Have you checked the water temperature lately?

I suppose that somewhere on Saturday mornings, young children across the land stand for the national anthem, hands over hearts, feeling fortunate to live in such a wonderful country. 

Till next time ~ Be Good to Each Other


  1. I'm here via "Just Wondering." What a marvelous opening post. I'm looking forward to reading your next one.

    I'm a child of the same era. When you said "work hard (for someone else)" I experienced one of those ah-ha moments. I am self-employed now but at no time was I ever encouraged by guidance counselors or teachers to aspire to this. The option was never mentioned.

  2. Anita, Welcome aboard & sincere thanks for your kind words. Indeed we all had to learn that what was on the table wasn't all there was to be had.
    Kinda like truffles...if you don't want them enough to dig a little you probably won't find them. `Peaceful Blessings`

  3. The establishment has feared the Boomer generation since the End of WWII and always used treachery and deception as their means to deal with us or cull the population stocks. The endless supply of drugs to our youth is just one piece of the plan for removing decent at all levels. They only want you to OBEY!

  4. 1776
    Am in total agreement with you, People are starting to wake up in increasing numbers; one of our jobs is to help them if we can. Thanks for taking time to reply, ~Peace~

  5. I, too, have wondered how weather forecasters have never mentioned chemtrails, not a word. Yet, they MUST know, because very often the weather will change for the worse, with no natural reason.

    Thanks for this post...I found you on AK.

  6. Hi, Chautauqua. I just found your blog via I'm also a new follower of Cameron Day. I am an awakened newbie. It's been a slow, gradual process starting with yoga in January 2009. I feel as though my life has opened up for better and worse since learning yoga and meditation. It exploded when I had an Akashic Records reading with Mona Wind: on my birthday, August 30, 2012. I have TONS of questions but, for now, I will continue to read and gather information. Thank you for your blog. I have two of my own (afirehorse is new).



  7. Thank you, Augureye! I, too, am of the same era. I remember telling my middle-school guidance counselor that I only aspired to be a witch. My 3.8GPA was bogus in my eyes, so I thought to use my native intelligence for good, not corporate-wage-slave subservience. You have re-affirmed for me that, 1) we are growing in number and knowledge, and 2) the good shall prevail!
    Love to all!