Monday, April 7, 2014

Roadside Attractions

Since just before the recent solstice it sure seems to me that quite a few very odd and interesting things have been going on in the world, and indeed continue to do so on a daily basis.  As I wonder what the muse will have me write about I find that my mind's random data buffer is crammed full, and the cognitive dissonance compensator has failed, leaving me with a whirlwind of events in search of a pattern, and meaning.

Well, let's see here: entire herds of buffalo are leaving Yellowstone Park as if they all know something we don't.  A massive killer landslide in Washington state, Big earthquakes in Chile, and Los Angeles, with LA getting hundreds of aftershocks and Bill Maher breaks the silence barrier on our oceans now contaminated with Fukushima radiation.  And those are just a few of the recent highlights.  In addition to everything else going crazy in this place; it now seems the ring of fire may be rumbling a precursor warning of still more eruptions to come, and the Yellowstone caldera may erupt as well. 

For the second time in five years we see a deranged shooter killing people at Fort Hood, Texas, and several school shootings since the first of this year, still our minds cannot fathom the how and why of such deeds, or how to prevent them; but very clearly something is terribly wrong.  If you're not sufficiently convinced of this, then I suggest you google teenage suicide statistics just in America alone for an eye opener!

Despite tons of evidence against it, as well as tap water you can set fire to; Fracking is still not illegal, but they are sure worried because now we're seeing all these comforting pro-fracking commercials trying to put us back to sleep.  We need to stay awake here, and stop this fracking crap before it contaminates the ground water, and destabilizes the earth itself, which experts claim can lead to swarms of earthquakes! 

Speaking of commercials, I thought it was a parody skit on a comedy show when the commercial came on about young boys growing breasts!  As it turns out it wasn't a joke and isn't funny.  Evidently a drug called Risperdal used on children with Autism, ADHD and bi-polar disorder is causing the condition known as Gynecomastia, where boys grow female breasts.  And I thought I had a challenging childhood!  Depravity craves innocence.  Yet another commercial for the new Johnny Depp movie, Transcendence promises us a transhuman future where we can just upload our tortured & tired souls to the mother of all clouds or somewhere. Maybe that's what the GMO food-like-products are doing; Terraforming our bodies for the shift to transhumanism.  

Of course it just makes all kinds of sense to me that Ukraine announced it will be hosting the upcoming NATO war games... is this really such a great idea what with Russia poised and ready to spring across the border with a full on invasion?  What could possibly go wrong?  It's almost as if they are deliberately setting us up for the tipping point of no return:  WWIII in the Balkans!!  This is something that only makes sense to those who believe stupidity is a virtue!  Like building the pentagon in a place named "Hell's Bottom."

Did you know that both Oil & paper money are 140 years old this week?  A handy coincidence I suppose; one having nothing to do with the other.  Jeopardy turned fifty this week, which is a sort of comforting idea, something of the past that is still around.  A daily 30 minute sanity break from the world of spin doctors who twist the truth to the point of torture. 

Another thing we are seeing, is the ever increasing militarization of municipal police departments.  It's to the point now where policemen are nearly impossible to distinguish from combat troops, which means we now officially live in a police state where the penalty for everything is the same, the cops get to empty their guns into you. Increasingly we're seeing reports of unarmed civilians being gunned down for the lowest of misdemeanors.  Unfortunately, we've been so mentally pacified that most folks will refuse to believe they live in a police state until they see 30 storm troopers doing the Groucho walk across their front lawn with full auto weapons at the ready.  Remember Boston

Of course we're quickly approaching the mystical date of April 19th which as history shows us is something of a harbinger; which I wrote about in a post last year - Waiting-for the Black-Swan
Something else which caught my attention recently is this huge scandal over GM and how it refused to replace a faulty fifty cent ignition component for 13 years, because the recall would be too expensive.  After 13 deaths and numerous accidents with injury, still GM is squirming on the hook like a bleeding night crawler, trying to avoid being held responsible for their product; and guess what?  The bankruptcy bailout they recently got left GM not financially liable for deaths caused by their products!   How much longer will we tolerate being crushed by the greed of old fat white men who believe in nothing?

Not unlike the coyotes who survive on the scraps of humans in the LA outskirts, urban youths across the country are making a very good living by scrapping.  In cities like Detroit, Cincinnati, Chicago, Atlanta, and Milwaukee, the old abandoned buildings and infrastructure of a dying paradigm are being torn apart and sold for scrap.  This grand scale recycling is often times the only income for many.  Even though these buildings have been long abandoned, wanted by no one, it's still illegal to scrap them, even for survival money.  Sadly, an all too typical scenario in today's world.    

We continue to see mass animal die-offs such as the recent mysterious death of over a thousand birds in South Dakota. Marine mammals up and down the pacific coast are washing up dead or beaching themselves to escape an increasingly toxic ocean.
 There are numerous sightings of wild bears showing open sores, loss of fur and erratic behavior.  I don't know about you, but when I look around and see all these mass die-offs it makes me just a bit concerned.  Did you know the baitfish are all gone?  The fishermen who make a living catching herring & sardines etc are all docked after repeatedly coming home empty.  These baitfish upon which the marine food chain depends, are dead, littering the floor of the Pacific ocean because their small, fragile life forms cannot tolerate radiation.  Have you noticed how for over a month now nobody can find that missing jetliner...can't tell wreckage from garbage!!  That is how polluted we have made our oceans, using them as a refuse dump for hundreds of years.  I can't wait to see the mutations spawned by all that garbage mixing with all that radiation and black oil.

It's like humanity is caught in a feedback loop of stupidity; by continually allowing all the horrendous non-life-affirming things to not just continue; but to fester and grow even worse.  For example, take the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland for example.  Here a couple hundred scientists gather to smash atoms together trying to create a black hole!  This is exactly what has gotten humanity into deep manure time and again: Doing something just because we can!  Nobody ever seems to care about the worst case scenario, just can it be done, and how rich can we get from doing it.  Maybe we should have figured out how to control nuclear fusion before we came to rely on it for so much cheap power; and perhaps we should figure out how to un-make a black hole before we start making them.  Just sayin'.

The increasing frequency of distressing, strange and truly bizarre events unfolding around us all of late should be a warning sign that something, somewhere is about to give; and some are even talking about alien full disclosure, or perhaps an invasion.  What a grand show it would be if the Russians invaded Ukraine just as the Aliens invaded earth, and the ring of fire erupted all around the pacific and the Yellowstone caldera blew it's top, which turned fracking operations into earthquake machines to distribute the damage from coast to coast.  I personally favor this all-in-one scenario because it's most efficient in the long run, therefore less expensive.   Clearly things have become so FUBAR that nothing of value can be salvaged from this dying paradigm we see all around us.  Many of us are aware that something entirely new must be installed if humanity is to survive our rush to idiocy thus far, and yet we also see that the new paradigm, whatever it will be, cannot be built upon or from the rotted foundations of this foundering system.  Gotta take it all the way down to clean, bare earth; and then build anew from there.   Better dreams, better people, is what the world needs now; it's our turn.

The Great Awakening has begun a groundswell of consciousness raising throughout all of humanity, which only grows stronger each day;  just as each day it seems for many to be harder to stay on their spiritual path with so many diversions and roadside attractions everywhere.  It can become difficult to hold your personal vision strong & bright in such times, but remember it was such times that your light was intended to shine in.  We are now out beyond the reach of history, evolving into unknown territory where there are no familiar landmarks by which we might judge our overall spiritual progress.  How close are we, really to raising our vibration to the desired point?  How does one measure, or even know such a thing.  Like everything else in life, the answer to that question resides within each of us.  You can seek all the outside verification you desire, but the answer is within you.  So, How do you know if you're making progress? 

Simple: Each morning when you awake, are you disappointed, or grateful?

May the Source be with You!

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