Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2014 Crop Circle Gallery

In keeping with recent years; this season's crop circle activity has taken a marked departure from the formations we've grown accustomed to seeing in past seasons.  Rather than 3D crop circles with jaw-dropping sophisticated geometry; we are instead seeing repetitive patterns and variations on a theme.  In total we find five types of repeated patterns in this years formations; the most frequent being the seed of life ellipses, and concentric rings.  Based in sacred geometry and the Vesica Piscis, the seed of life is the basic mathematical foundation of the Flower of Life; and is a familiar crop circle pattern.  The other repetitive patterns this season are the crescent moon, star design, and spirals.  

Another change is the increased instances of farmers cutting out crop circles on their property as soon as they are discovered.  This is primarily done to prevent even further crop damage done by dozens or even hundreds of people flocking to visit the latest event.

"What Do They Mean"

Pretty much the first thing we want to know when seeing a crop circle is what the intended meaning is.  There are no shortages of ideas when it comes to deciphering these things, or who is creating them; and if you follow this mystery very long you will no doubt encounter most of them, so take your pick! 

Sometimes I think figuring out what a crop circle means to the viewer on a subconscious level, is more important than trying to rationalize who makes them, & how. I also think that many individual circles during the season are like a hint, or peek-a-boo at a part of the seasons grand finale design.

 Here then are the best of the 2014 crop formations   I've skipped over several of the simpler, repetitive concentric rings formations from early in the season, as well as probable fakes.

May 26, Wiltshire UK -
Concentric rings in a sprocket design

June 6, Hod Hill; Wiltshire UK- 
Concentric rings with Diamond

June 6, Hampshire UK-
Spiral with Morse Code message?
"No More War" **

June 12, Loir-et-Cher, France -  
A Labyrinth??

June 14, Worcestershire, UK- 
Concentric rings with star

June 14, Handley Dorset, UK- 
Star with nested rings.

Diagram copyright 2014 Nyako Nakar

June 14, Essex, UK- 
3D cube in nested rings

June 17, Dorset, UK- 
Is this Yggdrasil the "world tree"??
(Image from Crop Circle Connector)

June 20, Pontecurone, Italy- 
Spiral Gear Wheel

June 20, Alton Barnes Wiltshire, UK

June 21, Hampshire, UK- 
Circled Star

June 21, Marocchi, Italy- 
Concentric rings with a compass??

26 June, Standdaarbuiten, Holland

June 28, Boskovic, Czech Republic, 
yet another star pattern.

July 3, East Sussex, UK
Star in nested pentagons
Video: Steve Alexander; Temporary Temples

July 8, Hackpen Hill, UK- 
Crescent Moon, spiral "breath" with 16 markers.

July 8, Wiltshire, UK- 
3D concentric rings with triangle

July 8, Wiltshire, UK- 
Concentric rings, with 16 markers & off center inner circle.

July 8, Standdaabuiten, Holland- 
Concentric rings with infinity symbol

July 14, Wiltshire, UK
Julia set fractal freckles?

July 15, Gloucestershire, UK- 
Concentric rings again!

July 17, Essex, UK
Field destroyed by farmer

July 18, Bavaria, Germany - 
3D Trinity Sphere 

3 3 3
"If you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9, 
                           then you would have a key to the Universe."                                                                 ~ Nicola Tesla ~

July 22, Gloucestershire, UK-
 (see detail below)
Weave pattern detail from previous photo

July 24, Essex, UK- 
nested concentric rings 

July 27, Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, UK
Concentric rings with triangle

July 27, Gloucestershire, UK,  (center detail below video)
Star with concentric rings& segmented outer ring

Swirled, tufted, and woven textures in one formation!

July 29, Avebury, Wiltshire, UK

July 30, Devizes, Wiltshire, UK-
An possible map of the solar system, as it will appear on September 9, 2014

August 1, Zierenberg, Germany, 
Flower of Life

August 3, Sweden -
Flower of Life

Aug 4, Hampshire, UK - 
Flower of Life in center

August 5, Wiltshire, UK
another triangle in a circle...
August 6, Hackpen Hill, UK

August 8, Avebury, Wiltshire, UK -
Concentric rings and star

Aug 12, Mixon, Wiltshire, UK

August 13, Dorset, UK- 
Bulls eye concentric rings inside Merkaba? 
Formation cut out by farmer 8-15 

Diagram copyright 2014 Nyako Nakar

...and the 2014 Season Finale ...
Warwickshire, UK, August 16
The All Seeing Third Eye
(with 72 triangles 24 sun rays & 24 compass points)
Formation destroyed by Farmer

When I look at these images from this season wondering if there is one, cumulative over all message being conveyed, my subconscious suggests that the images are perhaps talking about seeing the world as it really is: and our place in the scheme of things, with an emphasis on where we are headed!  These images whisper ancient truths about future history in a language the conscious mind seldom understands easily.  And then there is that astronomical reference to September 9...

With so many crop formations being quickly erased by farmers; the work and documentation of field researchers becomes even more valuable.  Please help support their work with donations, 
and by purchasing crop circle related products.

May the Source Be with You!

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    2. Circles are not done by aliens.
      They are caused by periodic patterns of growing crops. Any big flat area can initiate this transformation but millions of plants seeded and growing in strong periodic order magnify this effect

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  2. We don't need Crop Circles we need landings and communications in English. All these do is emphasize their control over man.

    1. What if the crop formations are a way to gradually get us ready for landings and communications. If aliens just up and landed first we no doubt would shoot them dead. Not sure if English is a universal language yet~how about mental telepathy? Would that be acceptable to you? You assume the crop circles are done by the Archons, I do not.

  3. A lovely selection of this year's crop formations - thank you for putting them together. Just one small criticism: you've called one of them a "maze" when it's actually a labyrinth (NB: three or four of the formations have labyrinths in them). Mazes have lots of different paths, most of which lead nowhere. Labyrinths have just one single path which leads, eventually, to the middle.

    1. Anon@9:56~
      Glad you enjoyed this years collection; and nice catch on the distinction between maze and labyrinth, as you are quite correct that I used the wrong term. Let that be my worst mistake for the coming year!!

      I think life on this planet was supposed to be like a labyrinth; but somewhere along the way we let the buggers turn it into a maze.

  4. Some great formations, many I'm sure are genuine (not man made), however if you look at the one titled "Crescent Moon, spiral "breath" with 16 markers" then look four pictures down, you can see it part done!

    Great site, great work, much appreciated, thanks.

  5. The image that reminds one of the 'Yggdrasil the "world tree"' also reminds me of this Skyscraper design that would live in the ocean and create power by eating plastic waste!!

    1. Hi Moonbeam
      Great article, passing it along...hopefully they'll figure out a solution for the radioactive seawater:

      Perhaps use it to fill the swimming pools of the 1%-ers