Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Earth Uplift Legend

So here we all are, witness and perhaps even midwife to this new born age of Aquarius arising from the greed & decay of the dying Piscean paradigm.  Halcyon days to be sure; in fact with everything currently boiling over in so many places... things are right now at about the same fever pitch as the 1960's; and the great awakening is adding millions of souls to the spiritual path.  Increasingly we are feeling more like lobsters in the pot every day as chaos rampages unopposed across planet earth; and collectively we wonder is this all there is?...or does something stir un-noticed in the background as we struggle to keep our wits?  Is all this evil truly unopposed?  Things aren't always as they seem!

There's a reason we're called seekers.

The spiritual path is a funny thing, it isn't the same for everyone in some ways, and yet in other ways it is.  For instance there are a great number of different things that may activate a spiritual awakening in a person, and indeed many ways to walk that path once we have our bearings; but the process of getting our bearings is somewhat universal.  We ask similar questions and seek similar answers in our effort to regain both balance and perspective, and it ain't easy - if it was everyone would be doing it.

This modern age of wireless internet is like a double edged sword for the recently awakened initiate seeking answers and truth.  On the one hand you have access to virtually all information in human knowledge at your fingertips; which those of us who've been doing this awhile really envy.  On the other hand there is such a huge amount of information available that some folks are drowning in it.  There is a lot to take in.

For us early bloomers it was a very different world; not only was there far less information readily accessible, but very often there were few others to discuss spiritual subjects with.  It's often called the great mystery, and so gave rise to the various mystery schools over time.  I can't say I've ever been terribly drawn to any of those oracles of occult learning; nothing in particular against them, just not my vibe.  Likewise, I've never felt the urge to go study at the knee of this guru or that mystic; but rather just to follow my own heart, and that still, small voice within.  Libraries and old book stores, that's my vibe.
"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"

Even though you may eschew gurus and teachers, rest assured that when you least expect it one may show up in your life anyway, to walk the path with you a while and share some wisdom.  That is exactly how it happened for me.  It was back in 1984 and I was freshly returned to the Seattle area after living in Alaska the previous 12 years.  I was working as a counselor back then, and in my free time I hung around the various metaphysical bookstores & new age centers throughout the area.  After a while I noticed I kept seeing this one native American fellow at almost every bookstore or function I attended; and on one such encounter he walks over to me and said; "Hi, I'm Markus, why are you following me?"  His face was so friendly, and his eyes so kind, I could only reply that  I was thinking the same exact thing about him.  At 6'2" he was an imposing figure but those kind eyes said he was not only peaceful, but at peace as well. 

There was an instant kismet, a mutual recognition that we had some work to do together, and had maybe even done so before.  We became friends so quickly I never really noticed much when he also became a spiritual mentor.  Markus and his wife Jen were also new to the Seattle area, having recently arrived from California.  His primary occupation was that of being a crystal smuggler.  They would travel down to Arkansas, and sometimes to Columbia to dig crystals and semi-precious stones; then bring them back to the west coast to sell them.  It turned out that Markus and I had several areas of common interest which acted like a cement to the friendship.   It was very nice having someone to discuss spiritual matters with, especially when that interchange often expanded my understanding of the great mystery.   
The following summer Markus and his wife Jen were planning their annual sabbatical retreat to Mt. Shasta; and took me totally off guard when they asked if I'd like to join them!!  No phones, no schedules or workshops; just a week up on the mountain with mother nature.  considering I'd never been to the famous mystic mountain before, there was no way I could decline the invitation.  Because their work included a lot of traveling; they drove a rather nice van conversion which we used for the Shasta trip.  We arrived in the town of Mt. Shasta about 2:00 PM, giving us plenty of time to hit the store for last minute provisions and ice.  It was late in June, with the last vestige of winter being the snow up on the summit, and everything below that was in full bloom.  We followed the road from town as it wound its way up the mountain.  The scenery was both breathtaking and somewhat dangerous, as guard rails were few & far between; and one could rather easily go sailing right off into empty air while admiring the view.  Markus drove the van all the way to the highest, and last campground; Panther Meadows, at about 7500 ft. elevation.  Pulling into the small parking area we saw just two other vehicles, the place was virtually empty!

Jen busied herself setting up the kitchen area next to the large picnic table as Markus & I set up both tents and gathered firewood.  There was just one other campsite occupied, the one closest to the parking area, which we couldn't even see from where we were located.  As the afternoon melted away a group of hikers returned from the mountain and drove off downhill; except for the other campers we had the place to ourselves.  My friend & mentor was always a mysterious sort of fellow, and I was looking forward to spending this time with him, even knowing as I did that school was still in session, and this was a field trip!

As darkness descended on panther meadows we had a roaring campfire going, and I found myself lost in the reverie of watching the sparks & tiny embers float skyward till they blended in with the star field above us.  I don't recall how long I was doing that, but was pulled gently back into the moment by Markus' hand on my shoulder.  When I looked over to acknowledge him, Markus chuckles and says: "Pretty cool; every time the fire pops, and sends up those sparklers, stored sunlight is escaping back into the environment...but if you really want to see something cool, grab a lawn chair and follow me."  Moments later, with lawn chair in tow I followed him down the pathway that led out to the meadows.  A few minutes later we left the forest canopy behind us as we entered the meadows.  The area of open space was bigger than several football fields in total, with the milky way providing a glorious vibrant star field overhead.  

When we were more or less in the center of the main meadow Markus plopped down in his folding chair, facing the nearby summit of Mt. Shasta, saying only, "Best seats in the house."  Settling into my chair, I knew we were here to see a show; it was just a matter of waiting for the curtain to go up.  Before long Jen joined us; and then not much later, a few more folks showed up, settling in 20 or so yards from us.  Over the next half hour or so more people wandered in; some with chairs, others with big picnic blankets; and panther meadows began taking on the look of a block party.  Located more than halfway up the mountain, panther meadows affords a truly inspirational panoramic view of Mt. Shasta's snow covered summit, best seats indeed.

The show began perhaps an hour or so later as a pair of blinking red UFO's proceeded to overfly the meadow on their way to where ever they were going.  They were each the size of a Volkswagen beetle and maybe 150 feet directly above us - totally silent.  A while later someone spotted several objects/lights maneuvering high up above the mountain.  We watched these distant lights flutter about like fireflies for a few minutes before they too flew off to parts unknown.  Heads on a swivel, anticipation & adrenalin running high, never knowing what part of the massive expanse of sky to watch for the next arrival.  Somewhere along the way a couple more people joined our little group, so we made like pioneers and circled the lawn chairs to cover the entire sky with eyes.  Over the next four hours we saw so many UFO's in the skies above the mountain we became downright blasé  unless they were low & slow, and we saw several of that sort as well.  It was sometime after midnight when we were treated to the main attraction.  A flight of five disc shaped craft suddenly appeared from behind the mountain.  They were each about thirty feet in diameter, giving off a light bluish glow, & again absolutely silent.  For the next 15 minutes these five craft put on a low level acrobatic air show that had everyone in the meadow on their feet, then they all lined up in formation flying west to east and headed towards the summit.  When the lead craft was near the top, it preformed a flapjack back flip over the summit and disappeared behind the mountain.  One by one the remaining four craft duplicated the maneuver...then they were gone.

"You cannot discover new worlds without first consenting to lose sight of the shore"
                                                                                                         ~ Andre Gide ~

As if he had a printed program for the evenings entertainment, Markus gets up, folds up his chair and says; "Well that's it, show's over for tonight - won't be no more."  He was like that a lot, knowing things would happen before they did...always showing up or calling just as I'd think a thought about him, downright spooky.  He always reminded me of a shaman because he knew more about life and living than most folks seem to.  Where nearly everyone in society is preoccupied with getting, Markus was preoccupied with giving, and because of that he was a natural people magnet.  That's why it didn't surprise me to see several of the people from the meadow wander into our campsite, and join us warming up by the fire.  Naturally we all began talking about the awesome air show we'd all witnessed, and the conversation turned to the subject of aliens on other worlds, and what are they doing here.  There were by now maybe eight of us around the fire and of course everyone had their own take on the alien mystery.  As the subject was being tossed around, Markus just sat there taking it all in until someone asked what he thought of it all. 

Sensing that we were all about to hear something equal to what we'd just seen; I switched on my tape recorder and leaned over to toss a couple fresh logs on the fire.  As the growing flames chased some of the shadow from his face, Markus looks at the group of people gathered around our fire; making eye contact with each of us, as if assessing us somehow, then lets loose a half laugh, & says "Sure...why not?  What we saw here tonight is nothing happens all the time in places like this.  They really don't care if we see them.  Once you see them it's very difficult to un-see it and you must adjust your picture of reality to include them."

"For us to understand what these ships represent, we must see the overall big picture first which is very difficult to do being as we all agree to a mandatory memory wipe previous to each incarnation on this planet. The reason for the memory wipe is simple really because if we incarnated with full knowledge of why we came we would skip over all the mundane stuff and accomplish that mission so we could return home straightaway.  You isn't just about doing the right thing at the right time...we must also do it for the right reasons!  Anyway...back to the big picture...which is the reason for the memory wipe.  To begin with we are all pan-galactic, multi-dimensional star people who don't even come from this planet originally.  This planet, and all experiences and events on it are but a school!"

"Because I already know the first question most of you will have I'll  go ahead and answer it...We are enrolled in this full time school as a kind of experiment in see if we can be isolated away from spirit on a negative polarity 3rd dimensional world...and still find our way back to where we came from.  Everyone here on earth volunteered to do has been going on for a very, very long time and most of us have actually had several incarnations here before this current one.  The universe has a consciousness of its own which is called by many names...I just call it Source, and it is never one to waste effort or all of these incarnations also serve a higher function at the same time."

"Wanna know why "Star Trek" was cancelled...because it was hitting way too close to the truth.  In this galaxy of billions of stars there are a great many civilizations advanced enough for space travel, with technologies that would appear as magic to us.  We saw some of them tonight right out there in the meadow.  Many of these advanced civilizations have created a Confederation of like-minded races who endeavor to serve as a force for good.  Because Source seeks equanimity and balance there must also exist an opposite polarity seeking opposite ends.  In our rather limited perspective, we see it only as the battle between good and evil which is an illusion like everything else on the earth school...but that is a story for another campfire."

"Back when earth was much younger, when humans as we know them evolved here; the confederation deemed the planet's indigenous people should be left alone to evolve however nature they designated earth as a 'Hands Off' planet.   Predictably, there were races not aligned with the confederation who had ideas of their own regarding earth.  The confederation of course monitored earth to verify that no outside forces were interfering with the inhabitants, I guess you could call it a blockade.  This was necessary because in the Orion star system there exist some races who thought earth was the perfect place to conduct some genetic experiments."

"The confederation is represented by races from the Pleiades cluster, Arcturus, Altair and various other systems, while the Orion syndicate is comprised primarily of reptilian races, Archons, and subordinate races like the Greys from Zeta Reticuli and a few others.  The Orions began violating the hands off policy figuring that the confederation worlds wouldn't go to war over this one little planet full of monkeys, and they were right. The Orions knew that as long as they didn't lay claim to earth and begin moving in, the confederation would not take direct action against them...and so they only violated the blockade every so often, content to play the long game."
"As time passed, of course the Orions began escalating their operations, and their interference with humans...enough to throw the whole works out of balance.  The confederation meanwhile had anticipated such, and came up with a long range plan of their own, to negate the harm done and restore balance to earth; it is known as the earth uplift mission...and many of us currently incarnated are part of that mission.  Rather than igniting a galactic war, the confederation chose to conduct a kind of rescue mission that would play out gradually over a great span of time.  The warriors who volunteered for the mission would not be landing in spacecraft, but instead they would arrive the way all humans do, thru the birth-death cycle we call reincarnation.  The volunteers numbered in the thousands and took on special training to ensure their success.  When all was ready this first wave of lightworkers began incarnating on earth.  Some would mature to be teachers, others musicians, and artists, and philosophers, and singers.  When activated at maturity these volunteer warriors of light would begin their life as way showers, each one a representative of Source...showing others the way back home."

"A generation later when the starseeds were ready to activate and go forth...there was a problem, a very big one.  Fully two thirds of the starseeds had failed to activate when programmed to.  They were alive...just not responding to their programming, and not activating.  The mission planners had under-estimated the traumatic effects of unforeseen social and environmental dangers, which locked the volunteers into survival mode; by-passing their spiritual programming for the mission.  They were lost.  The mission simply could not succeed with only a third of the volunteers activated.  The mission planners went back to work.  They soon had twice the number of volunteers being readied for deployment, and took extra measures to protect them from the things that crippled the first wave."

"It was now obvious that whatever the Orions and Archons were up to had greatly amplified earths negative polarity, and sent the majority of volunteers into full-on survival mode, neutralizing them.  The second wave of light warriors would have to be of sterner stuff to thrive, succeed, and achieve their mission.  They were armed with specific encodements of sound and light that would help to re-activate those of the first wave; and inspire many, many others to awaken from spiritual slumber as well.  There was more urgency with the deployment of the second wave, because in a very real sense time was running out...there was a deadline for the mission which would arrive in less than a century; known as the great shift of the ages.  The lightworkers of the second wave were programmed to be more pro-active than their predecessors, less passive, more aggressive, more tenacious and unwilling to quit or surrender.  Basically the second wave were the rabble rousers needed to shake things up and change things around.  They would seek to level the playing field for all, so that all could be free and awake."

"There would be no time for another rescue wave after this, if the earth uplift mission failed to ignite a spiritual revolution - the evolution of humans would not advance.  Even with its negative polarity; earth was never destined to be a planet of warfare and slavery, the Orion gang turned it into that with their interference and genetic manipulation.  A school such as earth needs a negative polarity because without the resistance from negativity, no growth is possible.  One who is never challenged never becomes strong.  It's the same principle as why electricity works...without some resistance on the line, no current is possible! More than anything else the objective of this second wave of light warriors was to inspire enough people to attain critical mass for the great awakening necessary to defeat the Orion agenda.  In order to support the second wave, the confederation saw it would have to create parity with the Orions, and match them move for move.  This is why both sides maintain starship bases hidden around the earth and beneath the oceans.  The ships we saw tonight were the good guys and Mt. Shasta is one of their oldest bases."

"Rather than an all out galactic war the conflict plays out right here on earth as a war for our very souls.  I know it doesn't seem like a war right now because everything is tightly controlled to maintain the illusion and keep the masses asleep.  By the time your children are grown this world will resemble the battlefield it is, and people will be awakening by the millions as the illusion falls apart.  Instead of keeping our spiritual lives private we need to be sharing our knowledge and beliefs with's the only way to reclaim this world: one person at a time, one heart at a time.  Any questions?"

It was hard to tell what made the bigger impression on those of us gathered around that campfire; seeing the aerial ballet the spacecraft put on, or the background information Markus had just shared on the big picture.  It was hard to say; because everyone around the fire had the same expression on their faces they had when seeing the ships.  Those who had joined us after the air show did have questions, and we all spent some time discussing them.  After a while Marcus suggested because it was so late it might be best to adjourn; and allow our subconscious to assimilate the new information.  With that the little ad hoc group broke up and our visitors drove back down the mountain.  Markus, Jen and I remained up on panther meadows for almost another week, enjoying our wilderness retreat and delving deeper into the great mystery. 

The day we were packing up to leave; Markus asked me why I decided to leave Alaska after so long, and why I chose to relocate in the Seattle area.  Suspecting this was another teaching moment, I was eager to show my mentor that I knew exactly why.  I told him it was time for me to go from studying the spiritual path, to making it a way of life.  I wanted to apply all I'd learned as a way to live on the planet instead of regarding it as a hobby; and Alaska was simply too spiritually asleep of an environment for that.  I chose the Seattle area because of its reputation as a hub of "new age" activity; and, because the geography was quite similar to that of Alaska

Silently nodding his agreement, Markus looked up and said; "Seattle is a teaching vortex and it's drawing people to it to prepare them for the times ahead.  People now being drawn to the Seattle area will learn new skills as healers and teachers; then go forth into the world to teach others what they've learned.  It is the earth uplift mission working right before our eyes, and there are many such teaching vortex hubs doing the same thing.  Just as you were drawn to Seattle; in time you will feel drawn to migrate somewhere else.  At the time it may not make sense, even so it's best to listen when spirit whispers, it will never lead you astray!"

A few weeks after the Mt. Shasta trip Marcus & Jen headed back to Columbia for another load of crystals.  They had flown back with several crates of specimens, and Marcus called to ask if I'd like to help him unload & inventory.  Instead of paying me for my time, Markus just said if there was something in the load that spoke to me I should take it home; there was, so I did.  We had the same arrangement every time they returned with a load; and eventually I even went along on a couple of trips.  A few years later, exactly as Markus had predicted; spirit began nudging me to move; to Utah - and open a crystal shop in the heart of the Mormon stronghold! ... but that is a story for another campfire.

© 2014 full re-post with permission only

~May the Source Be With You~


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  1. I am happy to tell you my friend that earth is not the only uplift, for tonight I am also uplifted after reading your blog. I have a had a strange life and funny enough all the things I wanted to do I did. Things just seem to fall into place. Now I am no angel and I am not proud of some things I have done, but I have asked forgiveness from those I have hurt and suddenly after 40 years my marriage is over and again things are falling into place for me to move very far from my homeland. because the urge is so strong, I am not questioning it and already I see events happening that are leading me in this direction. Its all kinda weird my friend but I am heartened by your story and I have never felt part of this planet or society. I am singer and musician (retired) but for some inexplicable reason I am feeling the urge to pick up my guitar again. I think you have arrived in my life at the precise time I needed a teacher. Thank you for your excellent posts. I read many on the web but not all stir my conciousness like you have. Anyway, I will soon know what's in store for me as events have increased in rapidity Looking forward to your next words of wisdom. Thank you Chautauqua.

    1. Hey Bob~
      Good to hear from you again, indeed there are no coincidences, mostly just synchronicities. Glad to hear my work resonates with you, the feedback confirms for me that my work is getting thru to those who need to hear it. It's been working for me that way all my life.

      That still, small voice of spirit will never lead you astray, but it won't scream & shout to get your attention either. We must train ourselves to filter out all the noise from the mundane world, then quiet our own mind; so that we may hear that whispering voice. Thanks!

  2. Great Work as usual - and glad you like my (community commons attribution) artwork! The girl in the image is my daughter btw. Keep it up!

    1. Glad you vibe to my stuff as much as I do that Image!! I ran across it a couple weeks ago and was instantly pulled right into the image...and it was perfect for this post, so my thanks to you and your daughter! More on the way.

  3. Thank you Chautauqua and I hope you are well.
    Stephanie here :-)
    Born in the 80s, I was also very much drawn to libraries still am, borrowing heaps of books and has led me reading books on Edgar Cayce and led me to Stuart Wilde, it's amazing the signposts when I learn
    to see them.
    And of course reading your blog and at Zen's. Very exciting time with people waking up and being a light for each other.
    Now have borrowed books on the Gnostics.
    I always enjoy reading your blog, write comments every now and then and it's awesome to hear about your life.
    This one made me think about a wonderful lady who was my mentor...back then being quite young I didn't really know I was so lucky to have her around...she would tell me things and thinking back I soo would have wanted to ask more questions and learn more...she had the sight and I would usually feel shy and oh my gosh she knows what Im thinking hehehehe. She helped me a lot and I feel and know that she is still helping me from spirit world.
    Thanks again and lots of hugs to you!

    1. Hi Stephanie~
      Indeed, I hope society never lets 'them' do away with libraries like so many other things these last couple of decades. There are some wonderful insights and keys to understanding in the Gnostic realm...good stuff!. Yeah I've had a fairly interesting life alright, wouldn't change a thing...well OK, maybe a couple of things.

      It is so great to have a mentor, or teacher come into your life: just remember that the day comes when you need to oimpart that learning to others, in whatever way is natural for you. Blessings!

  4. Well said, Chautauqua, thank you. Altea

  5. I find myself comparing this knowledge (most of which I already know) to teachings of Stuart Wilde. I find myself wondering about the other dimensions and celestial worlds and how it all fits into this. I'm able to see etheric energy, the 'Morph/Aluna' as Stuart called it and multidimensional beings around me (though I realize to most people that would sound %100 nuts). Is the Confederation aware of these 'spirit worlds' and various dimensions? Are they a part of it in some way?


    P.S - I noticed you posted the video I made 'Victoy in Sight' after we spoke in another article. Very kind of you. Thanks.

    1. Hi Cameron~
      Excellent questions: my take on it is that we are one of the few intelligent species who generally speaking do not see the other realms and are less aware of them. We only see and hear roughly 2% of the visual and auditory spectrums: we are nearly deaf & blind, it's a wonder the race has made it this far so poorly equipped!!

      As for your video, yeah, it was quite good and added an extra dimension to the post. Any more, these days videos are taken down so often by the gatekeepers, or copyright watchdogs; it's nice to have them stick around awhile. In the Light...

  6. Beautiful, C. An incredible sense of "knowing" after reading this. I got the same feeling some years ago after reading Charles Eisenstein's, "A Gathering of the Tribe".

    I actually wept when I first read Charles' article. That sense of knowing again, as well as knowing that I, like so many others, are not "from here" but need to be here to do what needs to be done at this monumental time in the great shift of the ages.

    I personally find the greatest daily challenge to be balance. I find myself very angry, emotionally drained and way out of balance around people who refuse to see anything that is happening (all the madness and insanity that is in our faces day after day) particularly loved ones. Then I read something like this and feel exactly the opposite emotions. It seems to never end, this ying and yang of emotions.

    Is the answer and correct response righteous anger in the face of seemingly endless murder and destruction or is a knowing calm the answer? It seems to be a never-ending, exhausting and maddening back and forth between the two.

    1. CGF~
      I think the righteous anger so many of us feel is a catalyst to get us moving, into action of nearly any sort that pushes back against the insanity. We are now at the "man behind the curtain" moment from wizard of oz, and still people refuse to acknowledge what they know in their heart. Its all a Lie! An illusion inside a hologram of consciousness, designed to create a race of slaves. We either light this bonfire to awaken everyone at once, or walk away knowing we gave it everything we had. These humans really are a tough bunch to love, yet that is exactly the mandate. The way out, is IN!

  7. Hi Chatauqua, Once again there is much food for thought here. In these current times it would be easy to let anger and frustration take hold of us. More than ever before, there is a deliberate, (panic-stricken?) attempt to stop the awakening by manufacturing fear and hate. We seem to be surrounded by those who buy into it so easily. We need to be strong and take your advice, "The way out is in". Instead of anger towards those who lead the charge (such as your president and our pm) we need to convert our feelings and just see them as ignorant, misguided and by their own life experiences, much more brainwashed and less open to change than we are. Perhaps they will wake up and listen to their conscience one day. Either that, or change will be forced upon them by those around them and hard times are ahead for them. Your posting has reminded me to keep calm and on track. You are very fortunate to have had spiritual mentors. Many of us sit in areas where there is no support of this kind. Mine has always been limited to seeking in books and now on the internet. In this way, your blog is a treasure and I thank you for that.

    1. Anony@9:39PM~
      I have come to see the anger you speak of as a primary weapon being used against us in this battle for our souls. We humans tend to make poor choices when angry, we react emotionally rather responding intelligently, and more often as not fall for their scheme to get us hating those who are different than ourselves. The whole bloody thing must be deconstructed so we may begin again, the proper way.

      Yes, indeed the 'owners' are panic stricken now in their attempts to stop not just the great awakening, but humanities spiritual evolution as well, and if they are permitted to win humanity might not get another chance for about 26,000 years or more. "We the people of earth" can win the day, but a lot must yet happen for that to become our reality. I take great comfort that folks are getting so much from this blog...(bloody well impossible to get my 'friends' to read it). Thanks for taking the time to write!

    2. Hi Chatauqua, I forgot to add my name to the above posting, sorry. Sometimes I wonder about 2003. So many people were marching to prevent the war, but the vibe was "we hate George Bush". Had we stifled this emotion and focused on peace, I wonder if things would have shifted for us. Instead we're going through the same thing again but 11 years later and they are using so much more psyops to get people to agree to their actions and build up the fear factor. This time I'm remaining calm and unemotional about it. These times were prophesised and we just have to ride them out and I figure the best way is to detach from emotional reactions. (just wanted to own up to my previous posting and add a little more!) Dee