Wednesday, October 4, 2017

How Trump is Uniting America

I didn't see it at first, in those chaotic and tumultuous days following Trumps inauguration.  All I could see back then was that against all odds and the will of the people; Trump had ascended to the presidency with a lot of Russian help and money.  I could also see how he built a staff & cabinet of thieves and plunder monkeys with which to pull off his agenda of grand theft America, and worse yet, making America hate again.  But I never saw his potential for uniting the country at all.

Through his vile words and actions I watched him stoke the embers of the civil unrest, racial bigotry and white supremacy; driving the wedges that keep us from being the truly united states we pretend to be.  He has put a face of legitimacy to racism, and intolerance; his faceWelcome back to the '50's.'

It was difficult to imagine any end result short of absolute disaster as we've watched Trump blunder from one scandal to the next, while the people leaving his floundering ship mostly resemble passengers departing the Titanic.

He lumbers from one embarrassing fiasco to another; attempting to draw attention away from the FBI Russia investigation...setting little brushfires on Twitter for the news and cable pundits to rant about.  He seems to take a childish pride in always being wrong as well.  I'm sure I'm not the only American who awakes each day wondering what new scandal or damage has been wrought overnight by this nightmare of a president. 

The last couple of weeks have been very illuminating when it comes to understanding what truly motivates Trump, all you have to do is to pay attention to who he is attacking on Twitter and the media.  An excellent example is his full court press attack on the NFL players who kneel in protest during the playing of the national anthem.  Everybody knows the players are protesting the over 800 police shooting of blacks in the year just passed.  The protest has nothing to do with patriotism or honoring the flag, and Trump knows that as well as the rest of us do.

His hatred of the NFL stems from a few years back when Trump wanted to purchase the Buffalo Bills football franchise.  NFL rules mandate that nobody can purchase a team unless all the other team owners agree, and they didn't...not a single owner approved the idea so Trump didn't get what he wanted, and we're now seeing the result.  A vindictive narcissistic attack from a man with a child's ego & hands.

By trying to make the whole issue about the flag, Trump hoped to drive the wedge of racism deeper still.  It backfired on him, bigly!  Trump's actions and vile words solidified the ranks of the NFL like nothing I've seen before.  As he demanded owners fire players who take a knee in protest, instead they joined the players in protest on the field in a show of strength and unity.  This week in a tweet he again demanded that all NFL players stand during the playing of the anthem.  They refused.  United against Trump.

Then there is the scandal no president should be able to duck or run away from, and here I refer of course to Trumps behavior towards Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria demolished the entire island, home to over 3 million American citizens.  In perhaps the role he is least qualified for, that of "consoler in chief" Trump's record is dismal failure when the sole requirement is to have a heart and some compassion for the suffering of others.  I just couldn't understand his belligerent, vindictive tweets aimed at the island inhabitants and their elected leaders.  Of course Trump again openly lied about receiving calls of appreciation from officials on the ground on what's left of the island.  Those officials, and specifically San Juan's mayor have been very vocal about how badly the island needs help and that nothing is being done. 

Instead of sending help, Trump said "They should be depending on themselves rather than looking for outsiders to rescue them."  How exactly does he figure they could ever do that?  Immediately following that insult Trump tweeted that before reconstruction could happen "something would have to be figured out concerning the islands financial debts."

That comment is the key to understanding his reaction on Puerto Rico; because he owns a golf course on the island which went bankrupt (what a shocker!) and he blames local government officials instead of his own abysmal financial skills.  Same exact motivation as with the NFL fiasco. 

 Trump's visit to Puerto Rico was a surreal and bizarre affair in which he compared hurricane Maria to Katrina, which he called "a real catastrophe" because it killed thousands compared to the death toll of  35 on the island.  Trump's one man victory lap press conference included thanking an air force officer for the great job done by the coast guard, and concluded with him chiding Puerto Rico for costing so much money.  Before leaving trump staged a photo-op of the self-congratulator-in-chief tossing paper towels to those eagerly awaiting water, as if they were playing basketball.  How about the part where Trump dumped his golf club bankruptcy debt onto Puerto Rico? (another shocker!) helping to crash an already indebted economy.  Trump actually told hurricane victims "Have a good time" as he left his press conference.  He departed the island over an hour ahead of schedule.

Let's take a moment here to revisit Trump's penchant for bold face lies, specifically around his obsession with repealing ObamaCare.  As the last and most recent attempt was dying on the senate floor, Trump was cornered by a gaggle of legitimate news reporters.  One had asked Trump if the repeal would win this time and he said. "We have the votes to win but one senator is in the hospital & cannot vote...I can't just drag him out of the hospital to cast his vote."  He didn't just say this, he said it at least three times in a row when asked to name the hospitalized senator.  He couldn't give a name because there never was any senator in any hospital.

Here's the thing: either he just makes up lies to avoid the truth, or he is demented and actually believes the lies he spews.  Either way, doesn't that disqualify him from serving as our president, at least theoretically?  If it doesn't it should, but don't hold your breath waiting for reform.  It is an embarrassing indictment of the American media when not a single interviewer will press Trump about his constant obsessive lying.  Every single time he dares to show his face people should be loudly demanding an end to the lying and an end to his term in office.  By this time it just seems self evident.

Is Donald Trump so delusional or mentally ill that he would risk a nuclear war with North Korea just to divert attention from his treasonous collusion with Russia to get elected?  I don't have sufficient data to make that guess, and truth be told I prefer not to find out.  So far in his exchange of insults & threats with Kim Jong Un; Trump is behind on points because "Rocket Man" is using game theory to rope-a-dope him with asymmetrical escalation.  Meanwhile back in the hermit kingdom, nobody really knows just how bat-shit crazy Un is either; but the experts I've seen talk about it say that if Un ever believes that we are about to strike first, he WILL launch his missiles.  Welcome back to the '60's.

My guess is that I'm far from alone in not wanting to see any nukes exploding anywhere. I am also among those who wish to see a stop to the indiscriminate murdering of black citizens by police who then get off Scott free.  I also count myself among those who oppose the white supremacist movement.  They have the same right to free speech as me or you, but what they don't have is a license to kill, and Trump gives them that with every new "rally" he holds.  Trump claims the rallies are because he has already begun his re-election campaign but the ugly truth is he uses them to poke the bear, rouse the rabble & the intolerant haters hiding behind the word heritage like they knew it's meaning.

I was watching the Seahawks game Sunday night when I got invited to dinner with some friends, so I recorded the last part of the game to watch later.  After dinner I settled in with my NFL on DVR to see the end of the game.  As the Seahawks were spanking the colts badly I opted to not watch the last ten minutes or so of the game.  When the recording stopped the cable box returns to the last channel tuned in, which happened to be MSNBC...I immediately heard the machine gun fire as the images of the Las Vegas sniper massacre filled the screen.  I was just numb with disbelief at what I saw unfolding, yet again.

Once more we must endure the same cycle of senseless death as the media sucks every newsworthy minute out of the nightmare.  I was especially affected by this as I have a friend who lives in Las Vegas.  He's a professional chauffeur who drives high rollers up & down the Vegas strip in his town car limousine.  He would have been working the concert that night.  I haven't been able to reach him yet so I don't know if he's OK or what.

Of course when one of these terror attacks happens one of the early thoughts is about false flag events.  An attack like Las Vegas could (and will) be used to push for even more gun laws and even outright prohibition.  Yet every gun found was legally purchased and owned by the sniper.  That is because the gun lobby has the rules and laws governing guns, ammo and accessories so convoluted and confusing that even the experts often are unsure what's legal & what ain't.  It isn't about the 2nd amendment, it's about profit.  Simple as that!

Was this a false flag? maybe, maybe not.  I'm just saying it's an odd shooter profile.  A Vegas high roller, with a pilots license and his own plane who just wired a hundred grand to his sweetie in the Philippines??  Very odd profile indeed.

It is altogether likely that we'll never learn why this individual did this: was he trying to send a message, and if so, what?  Was he thinning the herd at the route 91 Harvest festival?

Keep in mind this is happening as there is legislation pending to legalize silencers!!  I actually heard one talking head say "Silencers should be legal because then the people getting shot to death wouldn't be terrified by all the loud shots."  Donald Trump Jr. even did a video promo for a company that makes silencers.  Like I said, surreal & bizarre.

I'm just waiting for Trump to apply his Puerto Rico logic to the victims in Las Vegas; should they fend for themselves instead of waiting for outside help?  Should they treat their own wounds, and go hunt down the sniper unarmed?  Unbefuckinglievable!

I have to believe that the majority of good, decent Americans must be getting tired of all the hate, bloodshed, & Trump bullshit; and never wanted any of it to begin with.  Like I said, I didn't see it at first thru all the chaos, but now I do see just how Trump is uniting America.  With each new dawning day more Americans are fed up enough to act, to push back against this abomination of a fascist regime. 

With each new day that dawns, more Americans awake resolved to do something to prevent more damage instead of just hoping no more happens.  More folks are jumping off the Trump train every day as they finally see him for the insane clown president he is.  Every day is a day closer to impeachment, but until that glorious day dawns; Trump will continue unifying America; one disgusted citizen at a time.

Just say "NO"- and then speak truth to power.

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  1. russia you say?

  2. JFK was the last president. Since Dealy Plaza, weve endured one doofus after another.

  3. Maybe we can remove the present doofus and replace him with another. You are right, the people who live in the U.S. are fed up with the way it is, but what are they fed up with? I think it runs deeper than whichever doofus occupies the WH. Why are we putting doofuses there in the first place? The answer is, "we" arent putting anyone anywhere. Why are no candidates worth a damn? If the only items on the menu are vienna sausage or spam, wheres the steak and lobster? Maybe its time to focus on the system that chooses our dismal choices instead of the dismal outcome such choices inevitably lead to.

    1. President Doofus is worse than ...
      Ok, so he's as bad and worse than...
      Yeah, all presidents rot.
      It's all so nuts.

      5D here we come...

    2. ...and have you noticed how fast the subject of Puerto Rico just dropped out of the news cycle?

      Out of sight ~ out of mind

  4. The day they shot JFK, someone entered our 3rd grade classroom, whispered to our teacher, and then turned on a tv. We all watched the grisly drama of JFK getting shot in the limo, Jackie freaking out, pandemonium unfolding as Walter Cronkite announced the president had been pronounced dead. Later, we watched Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald in the stomach. I found it odd how we 9-year-olds got to watch tv all day and we all watched how the teachers and principal seemed lost and had forgotten who they were, where they were and what they were supposed to do next. One thing was clear: reality teetered on its base within the confines of our little world, Walter Knott Elementary School across the street from Knott's Berry Farm.

    The world changed that day. Something died and something took its place. Over the following days, reality settled back on its base but we all knew it wasn't the same. The new president seemed too old and often wore a cowboy hat. He also had a big, fat, red nose. The grownups sucked it up and tried to convince themselves that everything was under control, while we children knew better.

    I don't know what really happened that day. One world ended and another began. The Beatles arrived in the nick of time and we the young could dig on them while our parents watched crappy tv shows and drank too much. We were young and proceeded to have fun while our elders pretended to. They got mad and dissed our long hair, our marijuana, and our unwillingness to fight in Vietnam. JFK's head showed up on a half dollar and that felt weird. The following year, quarters and dimes got lighter, made a strange flat sound when you flipped them, and felt not quite real. Everything felt not quite real.

    And here we are.

    1. Wow !
      Spot on, & visceral
      You are obviously another who escaped childhood immune to the cultural programming.
      If you ain't already doing a blog, you should!
      ...and here we are indeed.


  5. My Mom brought me to the parade in Houston to see JFK the day before Dallas. I was one year old so I didn't know what had been lost. I see this defining event as a double-edge sword. On the other side, the illusion that our leaders can even take care of themselves let alone the rest of us and that undermines belief in the system.

    But the truth is that there was never security in the system. This event was the beginning of the end of illusion. What will come after is the shattering of that illusion, whether it be freedom or abject slavery. No one will be able to lie to themselves anymore once the choice is made.

    1. I thought that was you...
      you have a fluid & distinctive style.

      Currently working the firestorm story, literally in my back yard,
      at one point was 10 miles away. Got some breathing room now, butour canyon could be next.

      Crazy times

  6. Although you were too young to notice what was lost, as something was lost, you are nonetheless correct: there never was security in the system. As frank zappa knew, the brick wall was always there. Maybe the head shot followed by the gut shot we 9-year-olds were forced to watch over and over that rotten day signaled the removal of the velvet gloves. The iron fist gradually made its presence felt and today we can no longer kid ourselves. It always was an illusion and it still is and will persist as the flames draw higher still.

  7. Found dead in bed

    Second Vegas witness dies. Natural causes. Yessir.

    1. "Thats the way we do it...
      Money for nothing & the chicks are free."
      ~Dire Straits~

    2. the story just keeps smelling like 3 day old fish

      And on the same night OJ got out of Jail

  8. What happens in Vegas...

    is none of our beeswax

  9. The Lannisters are tidying up. Move along.

  10. And a Lannister ALWAYS pays his debts

  11. Found dead in bed 2

    No, im not a fan of doofus. However. This isnt the cure...

    Nick Corvino, former republican campaign staffer and formerly breathing, was shot 13 times by his roommate in Florida. What happens in Florida, shhhtays in Florida.

  12. Oh my god, he's illiterate - it's all over the internet - trump CAN'T READ!