Monday, September 4, 2017

Old Man Trump

Racial intolerance remains perhaps the single largest obstacle ever to human evolution.  This isn't because we are incapable of overcoming it, but rather because we are not permitted to overcome it.  Racism and related issues such as immigration & poverty are just too effective as tools to separate us and keep us at one another's throats; and as we all know, "if it ain't broke don't fix it."

Just spend an hour watching mixed ethnicity children at a day care and you will know that racial intolerance is not something we are born with, it's something we're conditioned into with rhetoric, propaganda and outright lies. 

In the bloody wake of Charlottesville, Donald Trump has emerged as the second president of the confederacy and the new face of white supremacy.  Trump set the tone the very first day of his election campaign with his now famous remarks about Mexicans being "rapists, thieves and thugs."  That first hateful speech should have been his last, but he survived it, as he has every other wrong headed racist thing he's uttered on his surreal journey to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

 We were lulled into believing that racism was dying from starvation as humanity entered this new promising age of Aquarius, then along came Donald Trump serving up an endless feast of hate, becoming the hero of everyone who believes that the south will rise again.  Trump isn't making this country great again, he's setting the calendar back 60 years or so in an effort to make things like they used to be in one of this country's ugliest eras. 

To better understand where Trump is taking us; we first must look at where he comes from, specifically his father; Frederick Christ Trump.  The New York real estate developer often claimed he was Swedish in an effort to conceal his German bloodlines.
In 1927 the New York Times reported that Fred Trump was arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally, for fighting with the police.  Some years later he was also investigated by the justice department for racial policies at his housing developments.

It is revealing to look into the beliefs and actions of Fred Trump because on several occasions Donald Trump has said his father was his hero and role model in life, so it figures he would adopt his fathers racial intolerance and other beliefs.  Looking farther into the Trump family tree we discover that Frederick Drumpf, Donald's grandfather was a German immigrant and by all accounts at the time; a pimp, and drug dealer, who made his fortune running brothels and opium dens.  This is where the Trump empire began, just for the record.  It helps to keep our perspective in the nervous now.  Trump family values.

Getting back to Trump's dad, turns out he was something of a weasel in more than physical appearance.  He was such an unabashed racist that the famous folk singer Woody Guthrie came to hate him, and expressed those feelings in many songs which may have been some of the first protest music.  While Woody wrote and sang many songs about Frederick Trump, the one history remembers the most was "Old Man Trump."

 When Fred Trump built the Beach Haven apartments for returning WWII war veterans, he used some slimy tactics to legally get away with creating a "color line" - no blacks allowed.  He is infamous for creating civic anti-black housing codes that are still on the books today!  In 1954 Fred Trump was investigated for profiteering from public contracts for housing, and overestimating the charges for Beach Haven by almost 4 million dollars.

Yes indeed, it does seem that Trump's daddy is his role model in business matters, while in his personal life he models himself more after his gramps.  Donald Trump has no special business acumen at all; he just copies everything his daddy did, with money daddy gave him.  Proof once again that the slime always rises to the top.

Back in Woody Guthrie's time; protesting social injustice with music was about all they had to push back with.  There was no public radio or internet platform from which to engage and enrage the powerful elite, and over time, Woody included Trump's daddy in many of his protest songs.

Back in the 60's you could hear protest music any time of the day on your radio; but those days are forever gone now with "clear channel" canned music for the masses.  Most of you still don't realize that all of the newspapers and radio/TV stations in America are owned by just six corporations.

Protest music takes a somewhat different form today, specifically the format of the YouTube video where anyone who wants can become a troubadour for truth, and rail against the social injustice & tyrants of today. This is why issues like Net Neutrality are so important, because they are the attempts by those six corporations to own & control content on the internet as well as news and television.  If they ever succeed in taking over the internet, it will be the end of free speech as we have known it.

 Of course protest music will not be enough to win the day all by itself.  Social injustice is such a cancerous monster nowadays we must literally take to the streets like folks did during the illegal, unjust Vietnam war, and shout it down where ever it rears it's ugly head and rebel flag.  Want proof?  How about the fact that after Boston's massive anti-Nazi rally neo-Nazis cancelled planned rallies in 36 states.  Like all cowards, the white supremacists don't like a fair fight or even odds.  They just want to drive their cars into crowds trying to kill as many as they can, and Donald Trump, is their kind of leader!

On the home front Trump is doing his absolute best to ignite the flames of a race war; while internationally he just cannot wait for the provocation that will permit him to nuke North Korea into the bronze age.  We can all just sit around watching to see what happens next; or we can stand up for ourselves and remove this deranged toddler from office before he creates damage we cannot walk away from.  What's your pleasure?

 Our self-appointed leaders have been using racial intolerance and hatred to keep us divided and hateful for all of our lives, going back generations.  It never changes, they just keep driving those wedges into society to keep us at each other instead of going for the ones in control.  You'd think we would learn after a few generations and wise up; but alas we do not, and cannot so long as we permit bottom feeders with no education to lead the chant of hatred from the highest office in the land.
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Inspired by Woody Guthrie's "Old Man Trump" I went searching for songs protesting
 the old man's son, and found some.  Actually I found quite a few, and
 I would be lazy & remiss if I didn't share the best results with you here.  

Woody Guthrie ~ "Old Man Trump"

* * *
From R.E.M. ~ "Final Straw"

* * *
From Roger Waters ~ "Run Like Hell"

* * *
From Roger Waters ~ "Another brick in the Wall"

* * *
"Sympathy for the Devil"

* * *
From Joan Baez ~ "Nasty Man"
* * *
From Bruce Springsteen ~ "That's what makes us Great"

* * *
"Mr Tangerine Man"

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  1. A new dark age far darker than the last crept up on us starting with the civil war. It sure wasnt waged to free the slaves, although that notion rolls off the tongue smoother than the real reason, that being the beginning of the boot stamping on a human face forever. The boot doesnt give a rats ass what color the face is.

  2. Replies
    1. Power outages pwemitting...
      and if the creek don't rise!

  3. Sounds like his lineage goes back to hell. Trump is a side-show freak who would have been laughed off the stage by any society not completely corrupt. That the other choice was no better shows how rigged the game has become.

    Good info on Trump's twisted family tree, C!

    1. ff~
      Yeah, and the really funny part is there is no effort to censor or block the info of his family tree; almost as if he's proud of his heritage!
      They cannot afford to give us a fair choice, so they run two rats of their choosing knowing they win regardless of which rat "Wins".

      If voting actually changed anything it would become illegal!
      Left wing, right wing makes no difference because both wings are on the same vulture & the flight plan never changes!

  4. Irma'ed texas polished off with insecticides. Wax dummy trump does nothing.

  5. Climate change? Orange pig wax dummy Drumpf profits off of the petro industry. He oinks, gloats with glee at his numbers while the oil processing plants illegally burn off all their toxic by-products like benzene into the environment with impunity, using the geo-engineered hurricane Harvey as an excuse. Why pay to have the toxic chemical by-products removed? Just wait for a storm, more profit for them while the neighborhood folks suffer. Drumpf oinks, leers and jeers some more then stuffs gobs of chocolate cake into his hideous face.

    1. Nobody has yet perfectly described the Drumpf, but I think you may have a winner here. How badly i just wish I could slap that smirk off of his hideous face.

      It's like I've always said:
      If God was just, stupidity would be painful"

    2. Demons. They care not for life. The feed off of goodness, while they destroy. Love is much stronger than they, but it will take some time yet. It's unfathomable. A deep darkness of hatred and deceit. But love is much, much stronger. It's only a matter of time. Short. Cheers.

  6. I also tossed in "trumpty dumpty" earlier for consideration but it didnt make the cut.

    Love scares the demons back to hell but only for a moment since hell booted them out

  7. I vaguely recall that trumpty sat on a wall and we know what happened next.

  8. I posted a comment several days ago that did not get published as well. I am kind of relieved it didn't publish, because it was a long blab about my 'parent' and her adventures with Irma.
    I write into a word processor and save a copy just to see what gets through and what doesn't. Then you can resend easily, if you want.
    The UN is trying to end nuclear power. That orange wax pig is embarrassing us as usual. Rocket Man and Barking Dog both need to be shot out into deep space on the next asteroid that is going to narrowly miss us.

  9. Found Dead in Phoenix

    Fake news writer Paul Horner, who blamed himself for wax dummy's election, has died of an accidental overdose. His passing isnt the issue with me so much as the state he died in. I lived in Arizona and noticed many people were found dead, many of them fairly young. If you live in or visit Arizona you want to mind what you say and how you say it. What happens in Arizona stays in Arizona.

  10. This place we call earth of late reminds me of the place gobbled up by the langoliers, where everythings stale and over and done with. So it is with false flags. Although its hard to yawn over a massacre, even the massacres are stale. In other words, bohica. FFs are like listening to pop goes the weasel 24/7 and they can and will drive you nuts like gazing at the total eclipse without protection did to wax dummy. So you tune them out and live whatever sane life you can carve out under the circumstances. Voltaire said grow a garden and I go on trying as long as Im here and physically subject to the way it is. Until Im not, its the best I can do.

    1. You perfectly tuned in to my latest post before I even finished it!
      We must remember in this increasingly stale and strange world that not everything IS a false flag. I have my doubts about the Vegas sniper, but thats not to say I'm right, this just may have been a crazed lone shooter. Unfortunately now there's a new "high score" to beat and somewhere, someone right now is planning how to pull it off.

      Trump is right, fend for yourself cause no help is coming