Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Flag of Hatred

Yes, take down the confederate flag wherever it flies.
Better yet, take it down and burn it!

The confederate battle flag belonged to traitors defending slavery.
Simple as that!

Enough of this cowardly cry about heritage and honor
again, the heritage of traitors to America.  What honor is there in slavery?

I lament the loss of any soldier in war, even ones on the losing side,
the Nazi's for example.  Doesn't mean I wanna ever see that flag again!
All those Johnny Rebs who died for the confederacy, they had a choice.
they knew exactly what they were fighting for; Slavery!
They were on the wrong side of history, America's first white supremacists 

It was wrong then, and it's still wrong today;

Simple as that.

Still the die-hards and ankle biters of this country insist that the confederate flag represents southern pride and heritage.  That is a pretty thin thing to hide your racism behind, because the truth says something very different in this case.

 In 1861 the vice president of the confederacy Alexander H. Stevens gave what has become known as the cornerstone speech, because it laid the cornerstone of confederate beliefs.  The salient part of that speech reads as follows:

How in hell is that not clear enough?

You simply cannot spin or contort that intent!

So when these yammering knuckle draggers whine about their heritage, keep in mind they refer to the heritage of buying and selling humans into slavery.  The heritage of raping and killing their property as they pleased.  The heritage of the KKK, not to put too fine a point on it.

The European union banned public display of the Nazi swastika for all the same reasons the confederate flag should be banned and burned: and when they banned it, the skinhead neo-Nazis quickly took up the rebel battle flag as their fall-back symbol of racist hatred.  Do you suppose it was because they identified with cornpone and grits?  Did the neo-Nazis start using the confederate flag because they support southern family unity??  Nope, they used it because it projects all the same hatred, intolerance and intimidation as the swastika.

The south ain't ever gonna rise again, deal with it; and ditch the flag!!

It is perhaps indicative of the prevailing mindset in South Carolina, that they saw fit to padlock the flag of hatred onto its own pole.  Locked flag, locked minds.  The very stubborn and entitled attitude so many southerners have also indicates minds that are locked shut, unwilling and unable to even consider change.  Time for history to leave them in the dust, and evolve without them, because they will never change.

It is perhaps worth noting that southern states have not always flown the confederate flag continuously since losing the civil war.  No, they began flying it back in 1961 during the 100th anniversary of the birth of the confederacy; which was timed nicely to coincide with the time blacks in this country began pushing for equal rights under the law.  The southern states just kept the flag flying since then, as an intimidation factor, and as a symbol of arrogant racism.

Take down that flag, and burn it.  It's time!

When we consider the words of Alexander H. Stevens in his confederacy cornerstone speech, there remains no reason whatsoever to allow that flag of hatred to ever be allowed in public again.  You want to adorn the interior of your home with it, fine by me, but it has no place in public, not for over a hundred years now, so just let it go and join the rest of us here in the current century.

This is not an emotional response to this issue, its a spiritual response.  We cannot afford to allow emotions to carry the day here, because there are those working very hard to spark an all-out race war in this country; and this conflict over the confederate flag is just adding fuel to the fire.

On his June 22nd program, (on comedy central) Larry Wilmore offered up what I think is an excellent idea.  Take the flag down right now, everywhere it flies over public spaces; and then if it means so very much "...debate about putting it back up."  But debate over taking it down, hell no, just take it down.

 Since when does the losing side get to fly its hateful flag over our public lands?
it just ain't right!

We have collectively overlooked this flag of hatred for more than a century now, and in light of recent trends in social engineering, I think it is time to relegate it to the museum where it belongs, right alongside the Nazi swastika.

It is heartening to see so many businesses like Amazon, and Wal-Mart take a stand, and stop offering confederate flags for sale; its a good start in the right direction.  Alabama struck their confederate flag today, while the Mississippi house & senate voted to do likewise, republican governor Phil Bryant held fast to his racist roots and said No!  We shall be keeping an eye on his political career from this point.  Not the time to stick to your guns, Phil.

In the light of the cornerstone speech the cockroaches of "heritage & honor" can find no safe haven to scurry into.  Hatred is hatred no matter how you dress it up or camouflage it with subterfuge.

 If you rebels are so proud of your heritage, why not just come clean and admit it's all about hate and intolerance instead of hiding behind socially acceptable buzz words and talking points?  Why not just own your hatred?  How about that? But either way, that damn flag of hatred has to go!

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