Thursday, September 19, 2013

Birthing New Realities


It certainly seems to be the way of things that when it comes to the concept of change; the good variety takes forever while the more negative kind can and does happen over night.  Change, and more importantly rebirth are the key concepts of our emergence into the Aquarian age and a new evolution for humanity.  Few of us expected earth shattering events on a massive scale last December 21st when the long count Mayan calendar ended, instead we saw it for what it was, the moment of conception for the rebirth of humanity.

This week marks the ninth month since that ominous date, and common consensus is that this gestation period is over.  Not everyone agrees on just what this means or what may happen (of course) but most do agree we are about to witness an event of magnitude and importance.  The universe rearranges itself to match our picture of reality.  By example; people who are always upbeat, positive, and believe in themselves experience a much different reality than those who have poor self esteem and believe only bad things happen to them.  It's the old law of attraction at work - energy flows where thought goes.

Because reality itself is different depending upon who and where you are, it seems likely that whatever is about to occur will be perceived differently by everyone; according to belief system; and what each individual is willing to see/experience. When it comes to belief systems there is no shortage of them here on earth, and we've all heard it said that they can't all be right ... but why not?  If the universe is considerate enough to rearrange itself to match our view of what reality is, wouldn't you also expect it to reveal itself in a like manner, i.e. something each person was comfortable with and willing to experience?  Seems logical to me, especially if we're really the ones creating all of this reality. 


 Just because this shift of the ages is happening now it doesn't mean that everyone is ready or prepared for it.  We are not all at the same stage or level of spiritual progress after all.  Our current spiritual needs are as divergent as our beliefs, and in such a beautifully complex system I simply do not believe that "one size fits all."  So, you may wonder as many are, how exactly is all this going to work?  How are all these divergent and often intolerant belief systems going to manifest together all at once, without even more insanity than there is now?  In the wild, when a wolf pack grows too large to remain efficient, or when there is a leadership challenge, part of the pack splits off to form a new pack structure.  Reality continues for both packs...just not the same reality. 

Many will tell you that this next week is when the timelines are going to diverge, but I think maybe they already have.  Just a very short while ago it was all but a done deal that Obama was going to bomb Syria ~ then very suddenly he didn't get to because something happened nobody expected.  We are now living in the reality where Syria didn't get bombed, and the dominoes leading to world war three never fell over.  Somewhere "out there" IS that other possible reality unfolding with all it's horror.  I believe many things factored in to what didn't happen in Syria, one of the most powerful influences was public opinion, and not just from Americans, but from around the world.  Because of events like the Arab spring and the great awakening humanity is finding it's voice again...and its power: so we are already living in an altered timeline right now. 
It seems the timelines are cueing up and preparing to split, and this is one way it might go down.  Since we have recently departed 3rd dimensional resonance, are currently traversing 4th dimensional resonance and heading for 5th dimensional resonance...I think there may just be three timelines, one for each resonance.  Those spirits whose progress & growth require more greed, death and war without end will remain in 3rd dimensional timespace, those souls ready to evolve to the next level will increase their vibration to that of 5th dimensional resonance - and those who prefer a ghostlike existence similar to purgatory will remain in 4th dimensional resonance, waiting for something to happen.  In a very real way, the dimensional resonance you end up in will largely depend on which one you feed the majority of your energy to in this next week.  Food for thought!

Because I do not intend to partake in their respective reality, I do not think about door number 1 or door number 2 - but rather on "graduating" to fifth dimensional resonance.  Why do we need so many news casts during the day?  To keep us in a perpetual fear mode!  Why is there a late night newscast on nearly every local channel?  To make certain the last things you hear before sleeping are unpleasant & disturbing, to keep you restless.  The progress bar on the movie of your life keeps moving, do you?  If we don't make the effort to stay on our toes and ahead of 'the game' we may very easily become unintended victims of it.  One of the reasons things got this messed up in the first place is because too many folks have just sat by on the sidelines thinking someone would come along and fix things.  Well, the fix is in, but as we can all plainly see by now it isn't the right one.  We somehow managed to find ourselves in a reality where world war three hasn't happened (yet): maybe it would be a good idea if we could make some more choices like that in the extremely near future!

When traveling through different climate zones while mountain climbing, layering of outer garments is a good way to make sure you remain comfortable without becoming overheated or hypothermic.  Something sorta similar holds true for those wishing to traverse thru this 4th dimensional swamp of negativity and arrive at a higher resonance of enlightenment: we have to be willing to discard burdensome beliefs & habits if we are to lighten our load.  When it comes to increasing our vibration, it's a three-fold approach: Body, Mind & Spirit.  We must feed our bodies only the best high vibration foods we can obtain; as we monitor our thoughts to expel all examples of "stinkin thinkin," and nurture our soul for what lies ahead.  We have to shed bad emotional habits like an overcoat on a rainy day, or they will become cumbersome and weigh us down.

The way we raise our individual vibration is by moving in the direction of Life Affirming thoughts, beliefs and actions.  In our hearts, in the silence at the center of things, we know right from wrong - good from evil.  We also know that very often it is much easier to do, or ignore that which is wrong and evil: that's part of the test.  Doing, or ignoring that which our heart knows is wrong or evil always lowers our vibration, every time - no exceptions.  Conversely, by giving our energy only to those things which are positive and life affirming, we increase our vibratory resonance.  There are many ways to raise your vibration, one excellent way is instead of watching the news to see what shape the world is in; meditate for 20 minutes to see what kind of shape your soul is in.  Scary stuff, I know, but still way better for you in all ways.  The first step to any goal is intention, and its the same with raising our vibration.  Knowing your intent and communicating that clearly to the universe is what sets the whole process in motion, and once things are flowing it all comes down to technique.  There are many ways to reach your destination, all you need do is pick one.


Music is another powerful way to influence your vibration; and is easily incorporated into many meditation practices.  There is a great benefit to just putting on music you really enjoy a lot for a couple of hours, whenever you can...the sheer number of folks walking around with earbuds is testament to that fact.  Sound is a most powerful healing modality in itself and can be used to quickly and effectively restore the human energy system to manufacturers specifications, just as one would use a timing light on a car engine.  Many on the spiritual path have discovered the power of using sound, tones and music to maintain their energy at a high level.  For those seeking a good place to start incorporating sound vibrations into their spiritual practice I would highly recommend the works of Steven Halpern, and Jonathan Goldman.  The reason sound works so well and so quickly is due to something called entrainment.  Although we usually can't see them, sound produces waves much like ripples a still pond.  Sound waves radiate out in all directions (just like water) affecting whatever they contact.  Sound waves have various frequencies, some audible to us, others not so much.  When a source of high vibratory rate comes into proximity to another, lower vibratory rate...the lower vibrating frequency will speed up to match that of the higher frequency; this is entrainment and it is being used all over the planet by folks who are tuned into sound to help accelerate their resonance. 

For many years now people have been using lucid dreaming to facilitate various areas of their spiritual growth; and it can of course be used as a means to accelerate your vibration as well.  The basic concept here is called dream incubation and basically involves programming your subconscious mind to dream lucidly on a certain subject...before turning in for the night.  With a little practice and some confidence before long your subconscious will respond by delivering what is asked for.  Many folks use this technique to communicate with their higher selves and spirit guides; to find out what to do next, or for help in general.  Our higher selves and guides are there willing and even anxious to assist us on this spiritual sojourn, but they are not gonna come bang on your front door, it doesn't work that way....we must seek them out, knock on their door and invite them to help us.

Another excellent way to raise your vibration is thru the use of crystals and stones from the mineral kingdom.  I did a fairly extensive post on this exact subject ("Ascension Crystals") in June, so I will refer you there rather than go into depth again here.*  Suffice it to say that humans have always adorned themselves with crystals & stones in their jewelry for a reason, they have the power to make you look & feel better which is exactly what raising your vibration does.  When we are sad, depressed or angry with ourselves our energy responds accordingly and lowers in vibration...why do you think we call it feeling 'down' or in the 'dumps'?  Conversely when we are feeling happy and positive, excited with life's possibilities...our energy soars, rising higher and higher until we are 'blissing out' or maybe even 'sitting on top of the world.'  Using crystals in meditation, and for everyday home decor is a most excellent way to maintain a high vibrational state in both our homes and bodies.  Do remember however, that what crystals do is to absorb, amplify and project energy...any energy...they do not discriminate between positive and negative energy, and will amplify & project either with very tangible results.  Something to keep in mind.

When it comes to these big spiritual events like shifting paradigms and splitting timelines the one thing I can state with absolute confidence is that nobody really knows for sure just how it will manifest, and what it will "look" like to our rather limited sensory capabilities.  Some folks believe that the timeline split will be sharp and abrupt while others speculate it will be smooth as silk and sublime as all hell.  When you step back to take in the "big" picture, the multiverse with it's unending procession of possibilities, we see it to be an elegant place full of beauty and mystery.  Oh, indeed, there are countless examples of chaos in the multiverse, but I think we need to take that in context with all of creation, rather than isolate the chaos to focus only on it.  When I see such an elegant multiverse I just have to believe that the events surrounding mankind's evolution and enlightenment will be just as elegant and sublime.

We've all heard the statistic stating that with the most complicated and sophisticated feats humanity has accomplished we are still only using around ten percent of our potential brain power, leaving 90% or so untapped...undiscovered country!  Do you ever wonder about why that is, and the kind of reality we might experience were we to utilize all of our brain potential?  If it is true that we all create our own reality with our thoughts, beliefs and desires, then perhaps we also create our destiny the same way.  What if that unused 90% of our brain is where everything happens, like a holographic theater of the mind...and whether you spend eternity in 3D, or ascend to 5D, it all happens within, according to your thoughts, beliefs and desires.  Ponder that for a while.

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other


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Other Voices 


  1. Chautauqua - Every day, I look forward to another blog entry from you. Your writings are gleaming gems and crystals of untold precious worth. Each and every one is a true masterpiece, combining life experience, wisdom, spirituality, superb writing, and fascinating ideas and insights. I'm grateful to have found your site and have your influence in my world. My prayers go to you for your continued health and well-being.


    1. Hi Doug~ No need to sugar coat things...let it all out :)
      I am humbled to have you think so highly of my efforts here; good to know I'm in the zone. Thanks too for your concern over my health issues, which are good and getting better as time marches on. Peaceful Blessings!

  2. Pitch perfect, Chautauqua. Enjoyed this one.


    1. Mike~
      The only thing I left out was a cheeky reference to earth going thru labor pains. Blessings!

  3. I can feel a healing going on within you, chautauqua, and your body improves with each breath.Everything I have. What I have seen. What I have felt. I share with you. When parts of you fail, I give my parts to you. From one warrior to another.

    1. Hey ZS~
      Quantum healing is indeed taking place:
      "To heal the physical, treat the etheric."

  4. Nice insights. FYI. The first thing a musician does before jamming with others is tune up. To jam with CREATOR - one must use universal tuning, C=256 Hz ( aka A=432Hz), NOT the slave tuning of A=440 Hz. This is a good start to detune the vibrational spell we are subject to.


    Kaleo Kai Aloha

    1. Good info on the tones and frequencies; alas no one thing is ever the whole deal and sound/music/chanting/toning is but a single aspect of full spectrum healing, with color, light and sound.

  5. Hi Chautauqua,

    (Althea here.) This is a wonderful post and I agree, we're at the end of the road now and it's time to make conscious choices as to which road we want to continue on, if any at all. My thinking is that after this birth, things will not work the same as they did on "Old Earth" because the concept of Duality will have met its match with a balanced Light/Dark. Let's say the Photon Band has been pouring in the positive frequencies by holding extra loads of protons, simply because our atmosphere had become polluted with the negativity of two many electrons. Once the balance of proton/electron is in place, then neutron can do its job, which is to sit back and watch! My thinking is that by focusing our intention too much on the Light, we will continue to play with the Dark, because in Duality we expose opposites. Therefore, the Dark can't just go away, because the Light is always lighting it up!. So, for me, I'm going to be a neutron and just watch and see how this whole scene plays out. So, that's me in the middle dancing to my own drum, at least for NOW! Love, A.

  6. Hmmmmm....what to do? Where are we? I find it a fascinating, yet maddening time to be alive. Awake, yet surrounded by millions of others that are not. Take action or not? Bask in neutrality, or take a stand and a side? What's one to do?

    I find it interesting and again maddening, these times, as it appears as if nothing is "sticking" - millions have protested, voiced their opinions, stood up for what's right generation after generation after generation and yet the handful of psychopaths are still running the show, and to a degree that humanity has never witnessed before. Never before has humanity been as a whole in such a dire predicament. So, what's going on?

    To this end, regarding Syria, I don't know if the "people" had anything to do with the stand down, or if it's just another left-right-right-left fakeout by the rulers. Too soon to tell, I think. I wonder as the anti-war response was so much more massive regarding the invasion of Iraq with millions in the streets (which we did not see this time) and we still went to war in 2003. Perhaps something has changed in the energy field ten years later? I hope so. I don't know, no one does.

    I'm tired. I think we all are. What I do know is that the status quo simply cannot remain as it is for very much longer. Something's got to give. Think we know this, and all feel it.

    So the question - What about action? Speaking truth to power? I can no longer stand living immersed in the endless sea of lies that is our reality, but what to do about it? I go back to my comments above - nothing seems to be working in terms of truth sticking and having any effect whatsoever in defeating this madness. How many 9/11 whistleblowers have been killed? How about regarding other past false flags, too many to list....? RFK, JFK, MLK, John Lennon? Am I the only one wondering, not in a defeatist kind of way, but in a realist kind of way - did any of them have any impact whatsoever? Decades ago these men made enormous sacrifices, yet here we are in the pits of hell in 2013. What's going on?

    I often wonder - is our destiny that of living on a prison planet? I would say, resoundingly no. I can't imagine this, so I don't. But if not, what is our destiny?

    Is it to remain in 3D, but to do so in a world where the dark forces are finally defeated, and we can re-recreate a utopia here on a 3D earth, with things like free-energy, real community, a moneyless society based on gift economics, etc. A sort of modern day real hippy-ish loving world. If this is so, how do we get there - as again - we seem to be having no effect on the crazies no matter what we do or don't do.

    Or is it a 5D world, where we communicate telepathically in a quantum world of infinite possibilities, where love is not only love hippy style, but love as in the most powerful force in the universe? That would be nice. Yeah, all Shambalah-like. But once more, what will get us there? Certainly not more of the same. And so if not, what then?

    These are the questions, Jimmy. These are the questions. Well, at least these are my questions!

    Love to all!