Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Blogosphere Readers

I visit a lot of websites in a days time and for many of the same reasons as a lot of you; I'm trying to stay well informed and abreast of things without falling into the paralysis of analysis, or getting swept off my feet by the sheer pace of things these days.  It comes down to my need to stay well informed conflicting with my need to remain sane. 

I manage to surf  by most of the better news clearinghouse websites because it's kind of like a giant cyber mall of the Blogosphere, and every day there are  simply hundreds of new articles on the menu.  Although our education system may be doing an abysmally poor job of teaching reading, and writing to our children; these skills are alive and well in the blogosphere ~ and spreading like wildfire.   In fact the blogosphere is growing so exponentially fast that even the most recent statistics are almost immediately out of date, so keep that in mind as we look at some numbers I found. 

Here are some stats for the popular Wordpress host.   
63  Million blogs
 329 million people viewing blogs
 25 Billion pages viewed a month
 500,000 new posts a day,
and 400,000 daily comments.

and lets have a glance at some of the other leading blog platforms as well:
Tumblr  -101.7 Million blogs
LiveJournal - 62 Million blogs
Weebly 12 Million blogs

That, is an awful lot of keystrokes everyday; and although it isn't intended to be the entire picture, the point is hard to miss - a whole lot of people have something to say, and they have an audience out here in cyberspace.  No doubt this great awakening now underway is sending literally thousands of people to the internet searching for answers, searching for truth.  Trying to keep their sanity intact. 

Actually I think that the breakneck speed with which the world is slipping into the abyss is actually driving all of this activity on the internet, as folks just naturally want to understand what is happening to the world and what they can do about it.  So many feel so totally powerless to influence positive change that they reach out thru the internet, trying to find like minded souls and stay informed.

The internet owes much of its popularity to the American workplace and the universally rigid social protocols applied there.  We arise each morning to the same ritual of preparing for work: the shower, the meal, and the donning of the 'uniform', the TV news and weather for the day.  We also switch over into automaton mode: observing all the rules of protocol, in the name of social conformity and to keep our jobs.  This daily process becomes rote after a while, and because it gets to hurting too much to keep switching in and out of automaton mode, the vast majority gradually just opt to stay in that autopilot mode 24-7, and remain a sleeping dreamer; a worker drone.  This situation of course creates much restless cognitive dissonance in us, as we simply are not designed, or created to live in such a way; and something in our soul knows this.  Being human, we have devised different ways to deal with this killer dichotomy, usually with denial, drugs and drink. 

The internet, and the blogosphere came along and pretty soon it began resembling the great water cooler in the sky; where we could connect & share information with one another...and complain about the boss and working conditions.  Here, we can speak not only our minds, anonymously but also our hearts - without fear of repercussion from above...unless of course we do it on company time.  Protected to some small degree by username, avatar, and firewall we sally forth into this world wide web of interconnectivity as if it were the last true domain of creativity and individuality; and yes, it's a jungle out here!  For many, the first refuge from the general pandemonium of the internet, is this blogosphere; where the pace is slower, more deliberate and intellectual, generally.  Within this  sphere of blogs there of course exist a plethora of category and sub-sets to please even the most meticulous and demanding readers.  With the above set of statistics it seems safe to assume that there is a blog for every possible thing in the scope of human interest, and for each blog, a daily increasing number of readers.


The internet in general, and the blogosphere specifically have come along at the absolute most perfect time to influence the perceptions and thinking of humanity; here at the end of the Kali Yuga and the beginning of the Aquarian age.  We have all been slumbering a great while now as the ages & yugas unfold...arriving unerringly exactly where we now find ourselves.  Within all things there is polarity, balance, symmetry - we call it the yin-yang, or the dance of opposites.  Dealing with opposites brings about the one element you won't find on the periodic table; the element of Resistance, without which neither life or creation could long exist.  In our current time this resistance is called the great shining lie ~ that part of creation which oppresses, persecutes and quashes, the eternal light of divinity within each of us.  That unseen thing we all struggle and fight against and hate, that thing which poisons us to one another.

The great shining lie is starting to fall apart like a cheap hologram because of the effect of the blogosphere and the tsunami of awakened free thinkers it has created...the readers!  Talk about a force multiplier... every time a reader finds something which resonates to them, they share it immediately with their social media contacts, i.e. email, Facebook, twitter  YouTube, etc.  Repeat that formula enough and it goes viral, meaning spreading faster than can be contained, or perhaps more accurately, cannot be contained.  This is how the Arab Spring began in the first place, and it's being used the same way now, as the great shining lie is crouched in preparation for a strike on Syria.  The world is screaming back at the Lie they will not tolerate this, and the whole world is watching...Mr. Nobel Peace Prize winner. 

Unfortunately, the great shining lie is watching back, and listening, and reading your emails every day.  Of course it doesn't end there, it never does.  Like a hydra with octopus arms, the great shining lie excels at multi-tasking; and infiltrating the blogosphere with clones, dupes and trolls is but a single tentacle of this monster for whom we are the resistance.  Disinformation & deception is the name of the game, and it's straight out of The Art of War by Sun Tzu.  Divide and conquer has always proven an effective tactic whether used against military or civilian bodies.  These tactics are well suited for an environment where anyone can say anything anonymously and act offended when asked for proof.  Indeed the blogosphere has even been cloned in a way, as the "blogosfear" keeps growing by leaps & bounds with countless daily blog posts devoted to even more reasons to remain in a constant state of fear, and frozen apprehension.  Whether sociopathic free lancers or paid professionals, these agent provocateurs on the internet only serve one purpose, and that is to conceal the truth.  Simple as that!

The great shining lie would have you believe that nobody cares, and the world is full of illiterates who watch professional wrestling and soap operas all day.  If that was the case, the internet would certainly exist, but the blogosphere would not.  The 400 million or so regular blogosphere readers kind of shine a bright light on that cockroach of a lie.  Like a planet of insatiable  army ants, the readers of the blogosphere show no signs of letting up, even as many thousands of new blogs are launched every single day. 

The blogosphere is not only informative and educational, it can also be funny as hell ~ if you are standing back far enough.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the spiritual neighborhoods of the blogosphere, where there must be as many different takes on creation as there are species of flowers on earth.  The old parable about several blind men describing an elephant illustrates the point quite nicely.  We grab a hold of the nearest belief structure thinking it's going to explain everything, while categorically rejecting the input from those touching different aspects of the very same thing...then we wonder why there is so much confusion, and emotional bloodletting in the blogosphere.  It's all the same thing, folks!

Of the various religions, faiths, denominations and spiritual belief systems; most insist that their specific expression of enlightenment is the only true representation of creation and divinity, to the exclusion of all others.  Not a very enlightened perspective, if you ask me.  Right there in the Holy Bible itself, (KJV) it says: "In my fathers house are many mansions: if it were not so I would have told you" {John 14:2}  Sounds like room enough for everyone to me, we're talking mansions here forks, not just rooms, in the father's house!  Mansions!

What part of that is so difficult to understand?  All these agents of separation prowling the blogosphere care about is preventing the spiritual evolution of humanity...which is kinda happening exactly right now...which is why it is so important for all of us to be rational, independent free thinkers.  The only change they seek is for things to get worse and they want you to stay here for the show.   That is neither evolved or enlightened.  Creation simply isn't an either/or concept ~ it's more like both/and.  We each come to an understanding of creation according to (a.) degree of individual need, and (b.) what we are comfortable with.  We dislike believing in things beyond our comfort zone, therefore we will always only be able to see that which we are willing to see, spiritually speaking.  Just as the American workplace has created a nation of people who abdicate their power right back to the ruling elite; American religions have created essentially the same thing, people who abdicate their spiritual sovereignty right back to the church and it's keepers of the truth.  Subservient obedience is the only requirement and no independent thought beyond last Sunday's sermon is needed.


"The beatings will continue until morale improves"

Lately the blogosphere has been flooded with high impact photographs of the alleged victims of the alleged attack in Syria with alleged chemical weapons.  Rule number one in this universe says that things are seldom exactly as they seem.  Rule number two is fool me once shame on you - fool me twice, shame on me!  How many times must we witness false flag events being used to justify wars of greedy conquest for treasure before we fill the streets looking like the mob who chased Frankenstein up the bell tower??  The longer we refuse to stand up, the longer it will go on - period.  The reason all governments are oppressive is because they damn well know they are the corrupt pond scum of humanity fleecing all of us for all we have, and ever will have.  Knowing what they are, they naturally fear what would happen if all of us figured it out and got mad at the same time, so they take steps to prevent that from ever happening.  I have been wondering all my life just when humanity would stand in unison, with a single clear voice; and put an end to all this incessant madness.  I am wondering still.

 A picture is worth a thousand words
Images have a most powerful effect on the human mind for a number of reasons, which is why they have always been used to great effect by propaganda ministers and advertisements.  With the right picture to stir the right emotion, you can really get to a persons core, by-passing their intellectual defense mechanisms; and get them to believe or do...almost anything.  Even absurd and tragic things.  In this constant war for the very soul of humanity both sides use images to amplify and enhance their message, and the very clever ones understand what a truly powerful tool images can be. 

The blogosphere has placed at our fingertips, simply billions and billions of photographs, with an ever expanding number of sites devoted just to images.  While we are mostly not conscious of the process, images speak to us in a very direct manner, stirring memories, and emotions we oftentimes don't even know we have.  So very often images speak directly to our heart, leaving the brain out of the loop, which is exactly why so many American presidents are photographed at exactly the right angle to make it appear a ceiling light is actually a halo.  We are so easily swayed by images because long before languages were developed, humans used symbols to communicate, letting one thing stand for another.

With all that is currently happening on this planet it behooves each of us to learn just how easily our thoughts & emotions can be hijacked, then turned against our own best interest.  When you recognize the face of a threat, it is no longer unknown and it can no longer sneak up on you.  Virtually the entire human owner's manual is in the blogosphere - just not in the same place; we have to know what we're searching for, then go discover it, and with each little success and victory, we regain some of our spiritual sovereignty.

Maybe that's why so very many people everyday are reading the blogosphere,
they're looking for that owners manual. 
They're tired of the bullshit.

We humans are creatures of habit, we like the familiar and comfortable whenever possible.  Just as wild animals make game trails in the forest wilderness; humans invariably establish similar pathways as they navigate the wilderness of the internet.  We visit websites that echo our own belief system, and chat with others who think as we do.  Because we may visit a goodly number of websites weekly we may believe we are getting a well rounded view of the world and universe; when all we're really doing is just cruising our comfort zone, our personal bubble.  If left unchallenged this cyber habit can lead to cyber isolationism unless we periodically choose to read and entertain opinions that vary from ours in fundamental ways.  We must become willing to examine and critique our own belief system as diligently as we do those we disagree with, or else we are simply ruling out growth and very likely, enlightenment as well.

If we are to survive the current insanity and take part in this grand evolutionary opportunity we had better get serious in short order.  The winds of change are no longer gentle unexpected gusts & squalls but rather are building to hurricane strength before our very eyes.  Our subconscious knows this and our failure to recognize the imminent danger creates a conflict between the conscious and subconscious which has an awful lot of folks feeling grumpy, irritable and even angry...without understanding why.  We can go cruising the blogosphere to discover these things about ourselves till the cows come home, but if we are still reading when the great shining lie plays it's trump card, then what was the point if we never shut down the computer to go out and act on the things we learned.  There is a time for study, reading and educating ourselves, just as there is a time for action.  The time for individual action is here, folks...actually it has been that time for quite a while now, and the hour it grows late.  Remember those 329 million daily blog readers?  Imagine them ALL in the streets demanding justice and reform.  That would comprise about the biggest army on the planet.  "They have the guns, but we have the numbers."

So, what is it your soul is searching for in the blogosphere?  How will you know when you find it?  Will you instinctively somehow just know when you have enough data to act upon?  Will you begin today to re-evaluate your belief system to keep pace with changing paradigms - or put it off until one day, there suddenly is no more internet?  Will you continue on autopilot in automaton mode until its just too late?  How many more morning and evening tides of Detroit sheet metal will you be a part of before your soul screams at you to stop the madness and get off the hamster wheel of death?  That daily commute is a primary artifact of the dying paradigm people!  It's over, but it only keeps going because you keep feeding it, supporting it, and buying into the bullshit for another day.  Hopefully the readers of the blogosphere are all hip to the taking action thing, and taking back our power from the great shining lie, if so I am looking forward to meeting many of you ~ out there in the streets where we belong.


Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other



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  1. The old T-shirt that says Question Authority should also read, then Question Everything Else. There are people out there that actually work devilish hard at figuring out what image, what sound, what word, word phrase, what emotion will appeal to the largest percentage of the population. This is then manipulated into the press, into advertisements, and so much more.

    You look at this about Syria and immediately a person sees the children dying like ants from Black Flag, and immediately you say to yourself get that bastard that did this. Then the media convinces everyone that only the Syrian government could have done this. Not to mention much that there are a lot of players in this that have a tremendous amount of money and power that could have STAGED this whole thing. There is that question everything that comes up that few actually practice. Could the rebels have gotten ahold of these gasses and gassed the people to gain sympathy because they are losing? Of course. Could Assad have doen this? Of course. Do we know for sure? Of course not. It matters because it is the public once again getting jacked around for some different purpose than stated.

    Obama comes on like exactly what the people want to hear, after flipflopping like a fish out of water. He is like Bush and the people before him, never telling the real reason why what is going on. Public support is there as long as the public can be fooled, again and again.

    This is why the answer is so simple, yet most people just can't force themselves to think like that cynic that plays devil's advocate and doesn't believe everything they hear. Too many people are taught to automatically trust authority figures. This is one reason that the most heinous crime is so rampant in almost every country, child molestation. Children are taught to automatically trust adults, instead of being taught that there are some bad people, very evil people that are capable of anything. Being suspecious is a good thing to protect a person from very young to very old. It is a mind set. People have to learn that fire burns, and certain people also do. Trust is earned, it is not a given.

    This setting of conformity is extremely dangerous and when taught to the majority of the children, you have the basic foundations for a future dictator of any country. As long as the people will listen and believe, without question, to someone that sounds good and is believable you will end up with despotism.

    When people fail to question anything that has questions to it, they allow something that could be false become fact. They allow a lie to become the truth, and the consequences of this can range from minor to catastrophic like the murder of millions of Jewish people by one of the masters of deception Adolf Hitler.

    An open mind is probably one of the best protective mechanisms anyone can have. Closing the mind is like shutting off the spirit and caging your inner self in ignorance and darkness.


  2. I have always felt that questions were the key to finding the truth in anything. The problem is never with the question. All questions are legitimate. The problem is always with the answer.

    Answers can be true or false. They can be used to open the way or close out the light.

    Questions are good. Answers should be scrutinized.

    Question what happened on 9-11-2001. Look at the answer.
    Question what is happening in Syria. Look at the answer.

    All questions are gateways to further learning.

  3. Hi Chautauqua,

    (Althea here.) Excellent commentary on the how and why of blogging and the resulting opening of the collective mind. The interesting part is the wavelengths that connect people via the Internet (and I had no idea of the stats, so thank you, most heartening) is analogous to the Grid that now surrounds Planet Earth. I am a Grid worker, who is someone who recognizes the energies coming from the Central Sun, that have been stepped down into our Sun, that are then consciously picked up by Spiritual Warriors to be grounded into the Planet's central core. The result is a vibrational increase that busts the veil of Team Dark and enables Gaia to ascend. Realist, you may ask me how I know this, and I will answer it is because an open HEART-MIND provides the answers. The Arcturians might say to you, "You are a Starseed who has refused to land." Again, super article, Chautauqua, lovely how you pull it all together, while still giving us lots to think about. Love, A.

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  5. Hi, it is Carla. Dude, you keep me sane! Thank you for this and thanks for choosing to stick around!
    Big giant hugs and some for you too, Althea. I missed you both.