Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Survival Trifecta

As if I'm not already feeling old enough without any outside help; it now seems that every few weeks marks the 50th anniversary of something profoundly significant from my early life.  Not long ago, we solemnly observed fifty years of unanswered questions about the JFK assassination, this week, the long awaited Beatles reunion...sort of.  Humanity likes to observe such milestones in the passage of time; as if paying homage to a master, yet we seldom take the time to chart the massive changes which creep in on small feline feet. 

Oh, to be sure; we certainly note the wonders of progress and science; especially nowadays with the explosion of technology, and all of the apparent freedoms it bestows upon us.  When it comes to societal changes though, we seem to draw the line at fashion & fame; nothing much beyond that gets examined with any depth by your average Joe 6-pak.  I was just 16 years old when the Beatles arrived, & JFK departed; part of a generation touched by fire; but unlike so many others over the last half century, I've been paying attention as the land of the free and the home of the brave has been gradually transformed into, well, a police state!
Ever since 911 the cop on the beat has increasingly become the cop who beats you senseless then sprays you with tear gas, for simply exercising your right to free speech, if you're lucky.  It seems every year more cops shoot first & dodge questions later.  I suppose that is part of my problem; I'm old enough to remember how it was before the rise of the Neocons and their Agenda 21

Of course everyone is all a buzz over this Snowden fellow who gamed the NSA and spilled the beans, but secretly we all just wish the press would glom onto another story because we already know that all our phone calls, emails, tweets & posts are constantly monitored, and having our face rubbed in it every day makes it hard to live in that make-believe reality where it doesn't matter.  It isn't easy pushing aside all the things that sicken our souls, just to get thru another day, and all this Snowden/NSA stuff ain't helping a bit!
First it was carnivore, and echelon, to spy on American citizens under the auspices of the patriot act and Homeland Security, and now its something called prism they're using.  I always thought that we fought the Nazis in world War 2 to defeat them; not become them.  But then, I always thought the entire country was a free speech zone; now it's reduced to a fenced enclosure miles from where your voice wants to be heard.  Want another 50th anniversary, how about fluoridated water?  Soon enough it looks like we'll be happy to have any water, the way things are going; between drought, fracking and outright privatization of water rights.  What about Human rights?

Fifty years ago food was something wholesome, and American farmers were said to be feeding the world.  Nowadays what few family farms remain are under Monsanto's stranglehold as Genetically Modified food-like-products are quite literally being shoved down our throats without so much as a whimper of protest from us.  Why do you suppose that is?  Why do we silently allow these profit-lusting corporations to pollute our water to where it's flammable; and why is the world's leading manufacturer of pesticides creating our "food" in laboratories with Genetically Modified Organisms

Under the color of authority the state assumes complete control of our children; from womb to tomb, deciding which vaccinations they will receive, and whether or not you are a fit parent, as if we're nothing more than property, not people.  On every level; from corporate, to law enforcement, to the TSA agent at the airport we are regarded and treated as if human dignity is just another oxymoron.  Somewhere along the line we stopped resisting, and just accepted things as they are, and we called it normal. 
Nowadays normal includes some 40,000 drones currently licensed & authorized to operate in American skies, spying on Americans, but then if you aren't a terrorist you have nothing to fear, right?!?  The majority of these drones are used by DHS, FBI, Border Patrol, and most municipal police agencies, and it isn't about terrorism, it's about total control.  Total, absolute control.  You shouldn't mind that if you have nothing to hide. 
As long as we follow the rules, and behave as good consumers with no secrets, and therefore nothing to complain about; we'll be fine according to the dictates of the state.  As they pry into every last facet of our personal and private lives the standard refrain is that they're searching for terrorists, not law abiding citizens.  What are all those FEMA camps for then?  You know, those government detention camps which are officially denied and funded.  The government claims to be keeping Guantanamo bay prison operating in Cuba because it doesn't want to detain those nasty terrorists on American soil; perhaps then they'd care to explain the construction and maintenance of these facilities:
We continue to see evidence of these detention camps for the same reason UFO and Bigfoot reports continue to mount; because people keep on seeing them!  800+ locations, including sports arenas and convention centers, ready for business upon the declaration of martial law.  As it turns out, the revolution was televised.

Like I said, my generation has been touched by fire; we've seen and lived through a lot.  We nearly took over the whole show 47 years ago; and they haven't forgotten that for a minute, which no doubt led to many of the pacification technologies we see employed against society today.  No repeat performances.  Ever so gradually we've been dumbed down, distracted, and discounted; as the insane assault on all good things continues unabated, and unanswered.  In the words of my all time favorite protest sign;
"I can't believe we still have to protest this crap."

In an unholy alliance of greed & power; governments and corporations are now indistinguishable from one another in their dark agenda of hijacking human evolution, & impatiently driving the future...insanely attempting to improve upon the work of creation itself.  If you think things are bizarre now, just wait until you see what the Transhuman gang have in store for the future.  Between the genetic viruses which attack only the desired race, and the Aryan selective programming of DNA with only desirable attributes; they aim to succeed where Hitler failed.  But you don't have anything to worry about unless your hiding something; like the wrong set of genetics. 

From Snowden to snowed in by fake flammable snow it seems like something new and terrible is always pushing humanity in a direction we would not willingly choose ourselves; not that we've ever had any voice in such things.  It's called a Herd Mentality for a reason, and something called consensus reality is constantly tweaked, adjusted & manipulated to keep said reality in a constant frothing simmer; just below boiling. 

If the baby boomers were touched by fire, then certainly this current generation has been struck by lightning.  Indeed, we experienced a lot, but it was as a walk in the park compared to what the current generation must deal with.  I'm sure they remember how effective all our protest marches were in stopping the great military-industrial-complex that departing President Eisenhower warned us about.  Kinda hoping this new crop has something better up their sleeves besides the needle marks & tattoos.   Wouldn't you just normally assume that those with the most future ahead of them would be the vanguard of resistance?
Unfortunately the future on earth will not be determined by social or political changes, as much as environmental catastrophes such as Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima; and the corexit swamp that used to be the gulf of Mexico.  Between man made environmental disasters and Monsanto, our food chain is irreparably toxified with poisons they refuse to name.  Our water tables are now also contaminated by fracking which continues to grow unabated around the country while the skies above us are streaked with the chemtrails which contaminate our breathable air with noxious chemicals & metals.  Food, water & air; the survival trifecta, all being poisoned while the masses are mesmerized by duck dynasty and the most openly corrupt olympic games in history.   
The new normal; don't look for it to get better, it never will. 

This whole consensus reality hologram breeds us to utterly believe that competition is mandatory for survival; when in fact nothing of the sort is true.  Buying into the great lie of competition keeps us forever vying for a better position, better house, better car than anyone else in our circle of influence.  It also keeps us distracted from a great many things; evidently including what is happening to our food, air and water.  Proof enough I suppose that all those pacification technologies are working just fine.  When the world corporate government can boldly commit all these horrendous atrocities without people filling the streets in outrage, you can safely say humanity has been essentially taken out of the equation.

The Neocon psychopaths who installed themselves as our leaders constantly repeat that all these draconian measures are necessary for winning the fraudulent "war on terror."  That's like saying you're going lion hunting but then you arrest all the cat owners in the country.  The things being played out today across the planet were planned a very long time ago and those whose plan it is are not about to be undone by the kind of civil disobedience seen 50 years ago, so we were marginalized, and removed from the equation. 

These things being done are not what you do to defeat an invisible enemy...

These things being done are what you do to herd livestock.

May the Source be with You!

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  1. Hi Chautauqua,

    Looks like people are going to be pushed into waking up and when they do.....

    Your statement, "....always pushing humanity in a direction we would not willingly choose ourselves...." speaks volumes.

    How about we ".... creep in on small feline feet...." too? How? IMAGINATION. If there's one thing we have figured out, it's 'as a man thinketh, so is he.' We've been so conditioned to 'imagine' that this kind of evil shit either isn't happening or if it is, then it must be okay as the gov wouldn't do that kind of stuff, would they? Well, yes, they would and they are.

    What we have to combat it with is our ability to stop mentally, emotionally, subconsciously agreeing to it and "Just say NO!" We must say No in our minds a thousand times a day and MEAN IT. Feel the emotion behind it. Doesn't mean we have to run out and fix things, we can do it with our hearts/minds. We get a few million people around the world just saying NO in their hearts/minds and something has got to give. A standing wave of heart-felt No would work miracles. Love, Althea

    1. Althea~ What you suggest here should be mandatory teaching in kindergarten, but then we would be a race devoid of the current set of mental shackles. Indeed, because energy follows thought, beginning resistance in our mind with a simple concept is a powerful technique.

      When we believe it - we will see it.

    2. Agreed, Chautauqua, I am reminded of the movie, Field of Dreams. "When you build it, he will come." Seems to me a lot of us are indeed building it. The "he" has morphed into 'we' and that is the most powerful thing we can be. Become 'we' and the end of the Survival Trifecta follows. I'm betting on the Year of the Horse. Love, Althea