Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Ocean That Was


  1. This really makes my heart ache...No one I know wants to listen because they cannot at the moment feel the effects in their daily life..... Had lunch with a friend not long ago and he ordered salmon and I asked him if he had his radiation detector and he laughed and said he didn't care, at least the waiter was up on it and asked if I said that because of fukushima.

    Here we are four years later and things just get worse and no one gives a shit, very few anyway. You do and thanks for your reminders... So frustrating!

    1. Tammy~
      Exactly! Nobody wants to hear it, nobody wants to know...I think because nobody can DO anything to stop it on any level. I would much rather be writing about other subjects, about spirituality, but when you come right down to it, Fukushima is the biggest and most important spiritual issue we have, and we're clueless, so that frightens us, hence the Voldemort treatment.

      My friends don't want to discuss it, won't read my Fukushima posts, probably because it's so frustrating. Sometimes makes me wonder why I even bother. Thanks for your comment!