Friday, August 30, 2013

Manifesting ~ 101

In a recent post; The Approaching Timeline Split I made mention of the fact that the universe rearranges itself to accommodate our picture of reality, and that it does so with or without our conscious awareness.  The universe does this because it is designed to, and we are designed to program the universe, according to our desire and intent.  Over the last 30 years or so there has been a lot said and written about manifesting thru conscious intent, which is akin to showing the universe the picture of reality we wish to see.  There are undoubtedly many different techniques being used to accomplish the desired objective, and the one I share with you here is simple, and works quite well.
An awful lot of folks don't wish to accept or embrace the knowledge of just how powerful we's a big responsibility after all.  Most people reject the idea that they can create, and manifest their desires because they've been trying all their lives, and only manage to manifest what they fear most, failure and loss.  In fact, they will continue to see themselves as a hapless victim of circumstances until they finally awaken, and see that they draw negative outcomes to themselves; thru fear.  Deepak Chopra says that "Every cell in our bodies is eavesdropping on us 24 hours a day."  An excellent case in point is when that first sloppy sneeze erupts unexpectedly, most people will say something like, "Oh no, I'm catching a cold"- which is programming your body to do just that!  This then becomes the first step in manifesting your desires: Never feed your energy to a negative thought.


Another reason most folks don't believe they can manifest their desires is because from childhood their imaging ability, the imagination, has been atrophied thru ridicule, discouragement and the desire to 'fit in' with society.  It isn't called a sense of imagination for nothing, and it has been discouraged and dulled by the lifestyles we've been sold, just as our other natural senses have been.  The reason this is so fundamental to manifesting is because it is difficult to manifest something you cannot imagine, or image in your mind.  Most of us have very little trouble imagining our worst nightmares; the time spent worrying over them has given them form and features, and then our fear brings them to life.


We have become so adept at visualizing & manifesting our fears that it has blinded us to the fact we can accomplish so much more if we focus on desire instead.  When we begin starving fear of our attention & energy, it diminishes, begins to fade away; it's grip on us lessens and things just feel better.  Like everything else, fear creates neural pathways in the brain which become stronger with repeated use.  When you recognize one of these 'fear pathways', simply don't complete the thought...refuse to use that neural pathway, every time, and soon it will degrade and wither from neglect.


Manifesting your desires may seem like magic at first, but like many things in life; it has a critical path of necessary steps to ensure success.  Once negativity & fear have been replaced by desire and intent, the next step is using your imagination to visualize exactly what you wish to manifest.  This is done by creating a thought form in the shape of a bubble three inches from your forehead - out in front of your 3rd eye chakra.  The size of the bubble matters not, so suit yourself.  What does matter is that just like a DVD disc: this thought form is going to record every word, image, thought and emotion you program into it as a blueprint
for your manifestation, so detail becomes critically important.  Whatever it is you wish to manifest, see it in its complete and finished form, adding layers of detail until finished.  Now there can be complications involved, specifically when it comes to exceeding self-imposed limits, and comfort zones.  The artificial construct we've been 'sold' promotes the duality concept of "winners" versus "losers" for us to choose from.  Now of course very few ever choose to be a loser, because everybody wants to be a winner.  However, being a winner is tough, demanding work with many stresses and pitfalls; and the cost of being a winner can be very high indeed.  So it is that a great many folks make the subconscious decision to just exist comfortably somewhere between "winner" & "loser" in the land of just getting by.  The trouble is that manifesting something beyond those limits is highly unlikely to say the least.
Many years ago I had a client who wished to manifest a healthy, loving relationship, so I taught her the method I'm explaining here.  She did her preparation work and got all ready to program the universe, she even called me to see if I wanted to hear the 'program' that would bring her soul mate to her.  Seemingly she did her work well as all the bases were covered.  She programmed the universe to bring her a loving, caring relationship with a man who would accept her as she is and never hurt her.   Three days later her father moved in with her, on a temporary basis due to some hard times.  My client got exactly what she programmed the universe for...she just forgot to add the sexual partner angle.   Remember; Details are important!


So, having overcome negativity, fear and conditioned feelings of inadequacy;  you have visualized what you desire to manifest; and modified your belief structure & comfort zone to accommodate it.  Visualizing that which we wish to manifest with our intent, we must now fuel that visualization with our Desire, so tap into that heart chakra and bring forth your heart's desire to add to the thought form.  Just as detail is critically important in visualization; passion & desire play a crucial role in successful manifestation.  It's worth noting here that when bringing forth your desire it never hurts to go all's all a part of telling the universe what you want and how much you want it!  Remember, "Garbage in - Garbage out!" 

Because we seek immunity from the universal law of unintended consequences, we also lay in some security programming to our thought form: such as, "I intend this thought form manifests with the highest and best good for all concerned, causing harm to none."  Programming our conscious intent with our hearts desire is very empowering, as it makes us accept responsibility for our energy, and what we choose to create with it.  Once we understand that we already are manifesting reality, based on fear, it becomes an easy thing to adjust that primary input back to something positive, thus achieving much more desirable results.  So you have this fully visualized thought form programmed with your desire and intent.  If you are truly in touch with this process you will just know when the programming is complete...the energetic feedback is hard to miss.  Time to fly!


It has been said that manifesting is just like flying a paper airplane.  First you need to visualize a good design, next you follow that design exactly, and then you must release it, letting it go.   It's time to launch this thought form you've created & programmed, to seed reality with something of your own creation.  Your target is the universe, so don't worry about "aiming" your thought form...your higher self will attend to that part - what you need to do is send the thing off with some conviction, like an arrow leaving a bow...put some oomph behind it!!
Launching a programmed thought form to manifest a desired reality on the physical plane is a two part process.  The first part is the actual launch, releasing the thing towards exteriorization in the space-time-continuum.  That's the easy part.  The hard part comes immediately after the launch, and is called the balancing factor.  Simply stated, the balancing factor is removing all attachment you have to the outcome of what you just created.  The balancing factor is not "pretending" not to care, but rather is more of the opposite attitude "I've got this."  Once released, your thought form is racing towards exteriorization and becoming part of physical reality...until you think about it, or wonder if it will really work. 
It seems like kind of a dirty trick to have to bring forth all your desire nature to fuel the thought form, and then not think of it once launched for fear of sabotaging it, but that is how it works.  In one moment we must bring forth and feel our entire desire for a thing, and in the next moment deprive it of our attention, knowing it is going to manifest.  Once launched, thought forms can "hear" us thinking about them, so, every time you think about it, the thought form turns around to return for new input.  As with most worthwhile efforts in life ~ it takes practice.
One of the more interesting things about transiting the fourth dimension is that manifesting our thoughts and desires is somewhat easier nowadays.  Its as if some of the difficulty and obstacles have been removed, or at the very least, reduced.  Many folks are experiencing something called fingertip manifestation, wherein something just spoken about or wished for manifests almost instantly.  Yes, it is certainly impressive when you see it happen, but don't let that blind you to the larger meaning behind it.  If manifesting is now this easy, then we really need to self-monitor our spoken words a  bit better; as an unintended slip of the tongue could have severe results.  Of course I'm tempted to see if I could relocate all lawyers & politicians to the dark side of the moon, just as a test, mind you....wouldn't that make things a bit easier in this place?
When it comes to manifesting onto the physical plane there are a number of obstacles which can de-rail the process, but none as surely as self-doubt will.  Even the smallest amount of self doubt can torpedo your thought form before it ever has a chance to work miracles.  Remember: when you argue in favor of a limitation, it becomes yours! 

The status quo on planet earth is another formidable obstacle to manifesting our desires when they come up against the powers that be.  The shot callers seek to grab and keep our attention with wars, and rumors of wars and all manner of other fearful realities drummed into us daily.  The powers that be so fear the outbreak of rational, critical thought among the population, that they have declared all out unrelenting war on the concept.  All of this obfuscation creates a tremendous amount of 'ground clutter' for the spiritually motivated to deal with, and it just makes everything that much harder.  This is why the Buddha taught to seek the calm within, the more the storm around you rages. 

There are a lot of signs & portents indicating that the next three months will be a most pivotal time for shifting paradigms and splitting timelines on planet earth.  Each day it seems more likely that the powers that be are about to launch a war in Syria, just as each day millions are preparing for a fifth dimensional experience.  It comes down to a simple choice;
What will you choose?  ~  What will you manifest?

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other!


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