Friday, August 23, 2013

2013 Crop Circles ~ part 2

Picking up this seasons crop circle formations where we left off in the Mid-season report, we continue to see simple and rudimentary designs appear outside the UK, such as those found in Slovenia on July 16th, and in the Czech Republic on the 18th.  On July 21st, a nice row of tufted circles appeared in Belgium.

Also on the 21st, there appeared a new formation in Hoeven, Holland:
The crop circles returned to the UK on July 22nd with a ring of circles and various "grape shots" discovered at Giants Grave Wiltshire.

Two days later on July 24th an enigmatic formation appeared in Roundway, Wiltshire
Three days later on the 27th, in Bavaria Germany, another 'circle-star' formation was found.

The next day, July 28th the Czech Republic awoke to a new crop formation of elaborate design.

In the Netherlands the following day, another nice group of circles was discovered
The following day on July 30th an intriguing new formation appeared in Oudenbosch, Netherlands:
The action moved back to Wiltshire the following day, near Chirton, with a circle cross formation.
A beautiful shimmering Diamond crop formation appeared near Stonehenge on Aug. 1st:

Also on August first in Wiltshire there appeared a striking circle star formation,
which seems to have been destroyed by the owner of the field.

Almost a week went by without significant crop circle activity, then on August 6th
a complex, 3D formation appeared at Monument Hill, near Devizes Wiltshire ...

The next day, August 7th the activity returned to Hoeven, Holland with a 15 circle design:

Back in Wiltshire, UK on August 8th, an old familiar design appeared as it has
many times over the years...a spiral circle design:

A beautiful 12 point stylized star formation appeared in Chute Causeway, Wiltshire on August 10th:

On August 12th, in Bedsford, UK a nice 'compass rose' design appeared:

The following day an interesting 'endless loop' design showed up in Hackpen Hill, UK:

On the same day, over in West Kennet, Wiltshire another enigmatic design appeared,
with hints at sacred geometry and advanced mathematics.

After 5 days of no activity, crop circles returned for a third time to Hoeven, Holland on
Aug. 18th.  A very intriguing formation as it's corn, and intersects two different row directions.

The next day on August 19th, a spiral circle design showed up in Devizes, Wiltshire, UK:
The next four days were devoid of activity, which is historically unusual at this time of the season.  Additionally, recent seasons have ended in late August, when historically the season often would extend to early September. 
One eagerly awaited event each year is the season finale, Jawdropper which traditionally is the largest, most complex and/or amazing formation of the entire year.  I believe we may have seen the season finale the morning of August 23rd when the morning sun over Cooks Plantation revealed this:

Crop Circle Connector reports that the owner of this field has denied all public access, and has harvested the field!  If I am incorrect about this formation being the season finale, I will of course update this post accordingly....

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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  1. Hey, Chautauqua,

    (Althea here.) Thank you for this wonderful summary of this last half of the year's crop circles. I love these enigmatic, beyond 4D conceptual love notes from our invisible friends. I just wish I could recognize what they are saying, but the thing is we're probably supposed to interpret them as we feel them, so in that case, the Jawdropper is a hit in the solar plexus for me. My gut tells me it's a symbol of Zep Tepi, or Zero Point, the end of the old, the beginning of the new, or the Great Void as I've heard this mid-point between octaves called. And then my imagination tells me it's a starship about to bust through the four dimensions (see four circular lines and four vertical lines on outer edge) and I'm on board. Either way, it's a win and I'll take it, or both, please! Thanks again, always such a treat to have your Augur Eye focused on the right stuff. Love, A.

  2. Hi Althea~
    You might have a good idea there about zero point. I also thought I detected some Mayan influence in the design, aside from the obvious alien ... but then, if you flip the photo around, damn if it doesn't look like Fu Manchu himself!!
    so perhaps it's in the eye of the beholder after all. :)

  3. On the ground, yes, these look like marvels of an esoteric lifeform, the pics from the sky also show these patterns as artistic in their design. However, I went to several of the Wiltshire ones and saw no evidence of the microwave bursts, and saw nothing that could not have been created manually. Indeed, the overhead shots reveal something that few people seem to notice, and that I will not reveal here, as it may encourage the artists to refine their methods. There is, however, an elephant in the room, and once you know what it is, it is quite easy to spot the part that mere earthlings played in the formation.

    1. Some pretty specious remarks here, exactly which formations did you visit, what scientific equipment did you use, where are your photographs and radiation readings? To say you have some sort of proof you won't reveal sounds a lot like the politicians who say they have the solutions to our problems, but won't say what until after the election, come to think of it, most of them are trolls also. Ya got anything constructive, worthwhile or even logical to offer??

    2. Govt. misinfo agent. Ignore.

  4. why do circles only appear in fields of crops ?

    1. Actually, they also appear in snow fields, on frozen lakes, as well as marshland in some instances...although the vast majority seem to appear in cereal crops. Personally I am more interested in the formations than the medium they appear in. My best guess is so many appear in crops because perhaps it has greater exposure than somewhere off in the wilderness...more folks will see them, which I suppose is the whole point.

  5. Hi Chautauqua,

    (Althea here.) WOW on the update, thank you! I counted those bits and pieces a few times and all I could see were the two sets of four lines of the circles and the 12's. 13 chakras, too! Jose Arguelles is smiling big-time! I'll wait two minutes and post this on a 13! Love A.

  6. These looked man-made. I say any being wanting to make sure their message was taken seriously they would create some symbol on something that could not be dismissed as a human that did it. Much like the people that wrote myths of the past that have literally become beliefs and religions, those who deceive others with these symbols are a liabilities to all of those looking for hope and answers. People think it is fun to blame games with people's minds, this is not nice. I don't know about all of you out there, but I can't stand liars, and those that create crop circles and claim that they are alien are charlatans that help kill the truth for all of us.

    To those ET's looking at this comment. People want answers, it is incredibly cruel not to just tell the truth and say what you mean. I have found time and time again that children to the elderly are at first shocked at the truth, but in the long run handle that truth far better than some falsehood. Like a snowball that gathers more sno down the hill, a lie is no good, and not telling the truth when people ask you the truth is no better than a lie when you distort the truth. ALL ET's just tell it like it is, and people that can't handle it will go away and hide somewhere. They would anyway.

    It is interesting with the living hell that is brewing in the mid east that some of these crop circles are not that of a nuclear explosion. You wonder each day if you are going to wake up and see the nuclear missiles being fired off. In my life I have never seen humanity so close to blowing themselves up. The ET's need to discuss this with some crop circle, mark on an frozen lake, sand dune, whereever.


  7. Anonymous makes a good point. Why the mystery. What are they trolling for? About? Ho=hum. Someone getting their jollies fostering ambiguity and uncertainty? Disclosing their high tech drone-ology?

  8. Hi Chautauqua and All,

    (Althea here.) Don't think "Realist" wrote that one! What's lacking in the latter two comments is a sense of adventure and an imaginative mind. Both of those attributes can make crop circles anything the observer wants them to be, and that could be just the reason why they are as they are, regardless of whether they are man-made or not! Our ability to imagine, and thereby create without causing harm, to be able to change particles by observing them with Love, is, I believe, our key to freedom. We live in a holographic Universe and to change our own little bit of that hologram changes the whole of it. So I will continue to dream and imagine whatever I want about crop circles just because they invite me to do so. 13, over and out, Love, A.