Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Know Your GMO Bar Codes

The shift of the ages continues to unfold like the thousand petal lotus, enveloping all of us, both the slumbering and the awoken ones in its higher frequency energy.  Of all the priority issues commanding our individual attention I can think of none more important than maintaining your personal energy at the highest possible vibration.  What we choose to consume as food, for nourishment should also be of the highest vibration possible.

Obviously there is great benefit from the growing trend (pardon the pun) towards organic and vegan dietary disciplines, but not all of us are there yet, and may not be for some time.  No matter what your choices are when you prowl the aisles of your local supermarket, it is now more important than ever to be an informed, educated shopper, and that means knowing:

 How to read the UPC bar codes on your products

 Lets begin with GMO and GE bar codes.  

If the product has a five digit code starting with 8, that denotes GMO or GE “food”, which is undoubtedly decidedly low in  vibration.  Products showing a four digit bar code are conventionally grown, and contain pesticides.

If a product has a five digit code starting with 9, that denotes ORGANIC grown food.

 Lamentably GMO and GE products are not the only hazards to be avoided at the grocery store.  There are the so called ‘black hearted goods’ made in china, as well as anything originating in Japan, of course due to the radiation problems there.  As a cautionary note to those who do not own a radiation detector, I would avoid any seafood from now on just to be sure.   Wouldn’t it be an interesting social experiment to obtain a working radiation detector and use it to scan products prior to purchase…but I digress.

Below is a collection of various bar codes you might be interested in knowing about, considering not all GMO foods originate in the US.  Please keep in mind that this is by no means the absolute final word, as different countries may use a different type bar code other than the UPC, such as the EAN-13 system used in Europe and some other countries.  Additionally in some instances the country code may refer not to the origin of the product, but rather the country the code is registered in.  With that in mind, here are the UPC Bar Codes I've collected for you.  The first two or three digits in the UPC bar code are the country identifier.

00 – 09               USA & Canada
50                       UK
49                       Japan
30 – 37               France
40 – 44              Germany
471                    Taiwan

690, 691, 692    CHINA
480                    Philippines
489                    Hong Kong
740-745             Central America
880                     South Korea
885                     Thailand
888                     Vietnam
899                     Indonesia
890                     India
930-939              Australia
955                      Malaysia

I hope this information is helpful.  I remember how in school some kids used to make little ‘cheat sheets’ just before a big test.  That might not be such a bad thing to do at the market as well.  You make out a grocery list, why not make out another list of UPC codes and such that may be important to you, cause they sure aren’t going to print them on the handle of the shopping cart for you!

Until next time, be good to each other!

The above video (Monsanto; Seeds of Destruction) has been removed because it spoke truth to power, and educated people about what their government is doing in secret.  It also disclosed closely guarded secrets concerning Monsanto's production methods & distribution terror tactics.  It told the truth, which is always the first casualty of war.  so, I guess we are at war.

So, here again, is the video, along with a few others for the gatekeepers to remove.