Monday, November 19, 2012

The Mayans, the Merkaba and 5D

With all of the understandable focus lately on the famous Mayan calendar and what impact it may have on our time, I keep returning to the same questions: What became of the Mayans?  How did such a prominent civilization throughout Meso-America come to vanish so completely?  I can’t help but think that part of the answer may lie in the fact that the Mayans simply used up all of their resources…grew to unsustainable proportions until perhaps disaster was unavoidable.  Maybe they saw it coming but failed to act.  Perhaps they saw it coming and migrated somewhere else.  Maybe their sky Gods returned as promised and took them home.  Maybe they ascended.  Nobody really knows, and that’s the whole point.  How does an entire civilization just vanish without leaving traces or clues as to what happened?  In many ways we are now where they were then what with unsustainable growth and disaster looming on various horizons, just a month before the end date of the famous calendar.

I do not believe that the world will end next month on the Winter Solstice; the only thing ending is a world age that was mired down in the thick density of 3rd dimensional time-space.  You might not be able to see the differences at first, but things will be some different the day after the Mayan calendar ends.  Earth will be completely into the astrological sign of Aquarius on that day, heralding the birth of a new great age, hence the shift of the ages, and the doorway to fifth dimensional reality.  Unfortunately the dying remnants of the Piscean age just passed will still be with us, no doubt wishing to take all of us down with them into an alternate reality of perpetual 3rd dimensional crap. Don’t give them your attention, energy, or most of all your fear unless you wish to nourish them and live in that place.  The rules are different now!

Many may right now be wondering just how one goes about this transition into 5D.  I believe the answer to that question is; the steps to getting there are the qualities of being there.  As we jettison outdated 3D garbage, values and ideals we seek to replace such with new programs of a higher vibratory resonance.  Simply put, we re-define ourselves, and re-align ourselves with Spirit.  With conscious intent we choose to become more compassionate, with others and ourselves.  This heightened compassion will lead us to be less and less judgmental of others and ourselves.  Being without judgment will lead us away from fear of others, and ourselves.  Once we have made the conscious choice to live without fear, we can then see the doorway to unconditional love of everyone, not one single being excluded, including ourselves. 
 Of all the steps to getting there, becoming a creature of unconditional love is no doubt the most difficult, for it is also a “tough love” in that it requires us to forever abandon the concepts of hate, vengeance, justice and revenge.  For me, the key to understanding and accepting this came with an understanding of the two pathways I’ve mentioned previously; the path of service to self, and the path of service to others.  There is much than can be said about the two paths but I think it all boils down to two key factors.  The first being that no matter which path you have chosen to travel you can always chose to switch to the other one, and the second being that eventually both paths culminate at the same exact point.  So in the end what it comes down to for every soul is accumulating the experiences and lessons needed before progressing to the next level of frequency resonance.

Whenever striving to reach a new destination, guidelines are helpful, maps are better.  Now although I’m still searching for the map like everyone else, I have collected a few guidelines which have been most helpful in raising my vibration and I share them with you in case they might also work for you…each pathway is different…and equal.  Good advice is where you find it, and we do ourselves a dis-service by ignoring information because of its window dressing.  During my formative years my dear mother, who was not such a church-goer, nonetheless insisted I memorize one specific passage from the Bible; Romans, chapter twelve. (1)  So to appease mom and close the subject I memorized it, and moved on with my young life.  In the fullness of time I gradually realized that those Bible verses held a valuable key to being a high vibration person on Earth.  As things turned out I never became much of a church-goer either, which freed up lots of time with which to explore other schools of thought.  Eventually my exploration led me to another nugget of eternal wisdom, The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (2).  In a nutshell the 4 Agreements offer us ways to help us live as authentic human beings.
These are just a couple of examples…there are hundreds of others, from every discipline and system of belief, all leading us eventually, right back to source. 

Another key part of making this transition is understanding and using our energy field, or Aura, and the 12 chakra centers. (3) This constitutes what is called our Light Body.  Perhaps the best reason for maintaining a healthy & vibrant light body is because when push comes to shove we use that light body and the pineal gland to create our Merkaba, or chariot of light, (4) which is how the soul travels between dimensions, or vibrational realities.  The Merkaba is a subject deserving of more print space than I’m giving here to be fully understood, and utilized.  Those of you who are already building & using the Merkaba know what I’m talking about, and those who are very new to the concept, well you have some catching up to do, because one of the several things a Merkaba is good for is getting off the re-incarnational merry-go-round. 

No matter how far a field ones journey takes them, no matter what you learn along the way, it all seems to come back around to Love, Intention, and the Heart.  The more we learn about the human body the more clear it becomes that everything is connected to the heart, and everything comes from the heart.  I’m an unabashedly big fan of the musician Jonathan Goldman for many reasons but largely because every time I was ready to go somewhere new, he always seemed to have the perfect music for the journey, which is how I found “The Heart Sutra” on his CD entitled Trance Tara.  This 20 minute piece of music is so very conducive to whatever ‘heart work’ one may be engaged in; whether mending a broken one, healing a weary one, or getting one ready for 5D.  If our heart is heavy with grief, envy, rage or resentment it cannot function properly in 3D, much less 5D.  We must decide to at long last evict such squatters in the heart, to fill our hearts and ourselves with love, the unconditional kind, or else resign ourselves to staying on the merry-go-round a while longer, and in that lays the risk of never getting off.  The single key I believe is the power of intention, and what each of us does with it in the next 30 days or so.  Where intention goes, your energy will follow, and create your reality from what it finds there.  If we can do all these things: banish fear with love, choosing unity over separation, and intending only the highest & best good for ourselves and our species, then we will be within sight of  the fifth dimension and the Aquarian Ascension…we may even find a few Mayans greeting us at the door.

Until then, enjoy these videos on the shift of the ages, and the Merkaba,
                                 and be good to each other!


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