Friday, November 23, 2012

Kundalini Rising

When you think about it, it makes all kinds of sense that the great awakening and the shift of the ages are events powerful enough to awaken the coiled serpent that is the Kundalini.  Just within the last couple of months I have come across numerous instances of people experiencing this awakening, nearly all of them without intending to do so.  So, what exactly is this mysterious and powerful spiritual energy?  Nirmala_Srivastava, the founder of Sahaja yoga describes it as, “a residual power of pure desire.”  The Sanskrit word kundalini means coiled, like a snake, and what yogis call the lotus of the kundalini is triangular in shape, located at the very end of the spinal column with the kundalini energy coiled within.

 Within the spinal column are two nerve currents called pingala and ida and a hollow passage running thru the spinal cord, called Sushumna.  When the kundalini awakens it tries to force its way upward thru the Sushumna.  There are basically two ways in which the kundalini is awakened, intentional, and unintentional.  The former should always be done with the help of a qualified teacher, Guru or mentor; while the latter is a spontaneous reaction to some stimuli, accident or severe emotional trauma.  When the serpent awakes and begins its journey, its desire is to return to source.  It is not uncommon for the kundalini to come semi-awake and stir around a bit, then return to dormancy.  Such events are nearly always separated by long durations of time.  These ‘trial stirrings’ usually affect the root or base chakra by increasing the energy and stimulating the chakra, usually thru the libido; but are nothing compared to when the serpent breaks out and begins its ascent. 

Once the Kundalini energy is on the move the experience can be mostly pleasant or unpleasant depending on several factors, primary of which is the spiritual disposition of the person experiencing it.  It is always somewhat easier to deal with if the person in question is spiritually awake and ‘on their path’.  Another big factor is the condition of the person’s chakra centers.  The better the condition or status of the chakras, the smoother and easier it will be for the kundalini energy to flow.  When the lower chakras are blocked with unresolved negative energy, or emotions, these things present a barrier for the rising serpent, but not for very long.  This “serpent of desire” is single-minded to say the least and when it encounters such barriers it simply and painfully burns right through them; a very good incentive for each of us to ‘go thru our stuff’ and resolve such issues ourselves while the serpent sleeps.
 The many and various symptoms & indicators of kundalini activation have led it to be called the great deceiver.  Although modern western medicine took for its symbol, the Caduceus, which among the varied interpretations, some say originally depicted the rising of the kundalini to enlightenment; it fails to acknowledge the existence of the kundalini.  The rising serpent can in cases mimic the symptoms of various illnesses or conditions.  The range of such kundalini symptoms include, but are not limited to the following:

Intense heat, especially in the chakras
Electric like energy rushes
Feeling the blood flowing thru arteries & veins
Visual & auditory hallucinations
Involuntary jerks, shaking
Crawling or tingling sensations
Uncontrollable bliss and euphoria
Emotional upheavals
Surfacing of repressed emotions
Pressure in the skull, migraine headaches

Now of course not everyone will experience all of the above symptoms; as with everything else in life, each will have their own experience with the serpent.  Once you know what’s going on, that you are experiencing the awakening of the kundalini the best advice I can offer is first to not fight it (you won’t win), and second to enlist the help of someone experienced who can help guide you through it.  The internet is replete with a great many different meditations to aid in dealing with the rampant energy.  Now I could supply links to same but I hesitate to do so because what feels and vibes right to one person might easily be distracting etc. to another.  Instead I urge those seeking such meditations to just go hunting for the one(s) that resonate strongest to you.  Besides, such safaris nearly always lead one to still more knowledge that will be helpful.  In this case especially one size does not fit all.

In cases where the kundalini energy encounters stressed or blocked lower chakras it will sometimes reverse course and return to dormancy for a time at the base of the spine.  However when the lower chakras are healthy and clear of obstruction the rising serpent will ascend to the heart chakra.  It is said that once the serpent energy reaches the heart chakra, it will never return to the base of the spine.  Remember, it’s “a residual power of desire” and it knows what it wants, to return to source. 

My own kundalini experience happened in 1984, about a year after I’d moved to Washington State from Alaska.  With six years experience as a counselor under my belt I soon found employment with a small counseling agency, and began adjusting to my radically new environment.  On everyone’s spiritual path there comes a time when the learning and collection of information must naturally evolve into being a way of life, a conscious choice to from that point onward integrate said knowledge into daily life.  That’s where I was then.  There was an impressive and growing ‘new age’ community in the greater Seattle area, and that was the biggest culture shock of all for me after a dozen years in Alaska.  I started hanging around at various metaphysical bookstores and events, and soon noticed I was encountering the same individual at most of them.  The fellow’s name was Markus, and I guess he had maybe ten or fifteen years on me.  I of course didn’t know it at the time, but I’d just met my very first mentor. He and his wife were both metaphysical teachers who gave classes;  held lectures & seminars and sold crystals. They were doing a booth at a local event one weekend and I was invited to help.  After spending an entire Saturday at this event, I expected to fall fast asleep upon returning home.  Instead I remained quite awake, and finding myself in an upward spiraling vortex of pure joy.  Waves of euphoria passed over me, each more exhilarating than the last.  I had no idea what this was but I liked it.

 I remained fully awake and alert, listening to music and blissing out till daybreak.  I went out for breakfast since cooking just didn’t seem right  On the way to Denny’s I became aware that the words on some of the signs and billboards were changing as I watched, something which was not normal and it really got my attention.  I cannot recall ever eating a more delicious meal than that morning.  It was like my taste buds were on steroids or something.  I just had this really buoyant joyous energy pouring thru me, which did subside some measure after the country breakfast.  More hallucinations on the drive home convinced me that something very unusual was happening, so I called Markus.  After hearing my tale he began laughing, almost diabolically it felt.  I rather indignantly asked if he had slipped me a dose of something yesterday, to which he replied, “The drug you’re on is you…your kundalini has woke up and is on the move.”

   Live real-time aura scan image of the Kundalini rising

An hour or so later Markus stopped by the house.  In the process of explaining the process he handed me a couple of crystals and stones to begin working with.  I learned a few new breathing techniques as well that afternoon.  The following days saw the joy and euphoria diminish a good deal, (much easier to deal with) and the onset of the shakes and the creepy crawly tingly sensation several times a day. At times I was so uncomfortable I could barely stand being in my body.   Throughout it all was this very present feeling of ‘lightness’ as if my feet were barely connecting with the ground.  This loftiness sensation was sometimes so strong I could have sworn I could fly.  All in all, with guidance from my mentor it took about ten days to ‘get everything under control’.  Markus explained to me that I had two options. I could basically go along for the ride, allowing the kundalini to return home, or I could choose to coax it into dormancy within the heart chakra.

I asked him if allowing the serpent to return home called for ‘dropping the body’ or dying.  His reply was “No, not necessarily, though some do it that way.  If you choose, you can remain here after the serpent’s journey is complete, but if you do you will soon find all this very tedious and of little interest.”  Of course, I elected to put the fiery serpent to bed in the heart chakra, but it wasn’t quite as easy as that.  Every day it would rear it’s little serpent head and try to ascend up to the crown, and every day for ten days I would have to coax it back into the heart with meditation and chanting.  We eventually arrived at a truce, so there he sits in my heart chakra.
 I am wondering if something similar is maybe happening on a large scale in these heady and fast changing times; because joyful, loving, non-fearing people seem to be just coming out of the woodwork these days, they’re simply everywhere if you take the time to notice.  They’re called
 The Heart People, and they may well be a powerful catalyst for positive change.  All those years ago my mentor had explained something to me called Shaktipat, a kind of passive kundalini awakening whereby a person could have an awakening simply by proximity and exposure to someone whose kundalini had risen. Not at all unlike the new cell phone app that transfers data between phones magically…which pretty much describes my experience with Markus.  Yes, it makes sense that all these powerful spiritual energies swirling around us might just be causing a great many passive and unintentional kundalini activations.  Just as a single candle can light many other candles without diminishing its flame; an awake and aware person can also ignite and activate those in close proximity with their fire.  An awake and loving heart, with or without the kundalini in it, creates a type of torsion field  around it which can and does affect other people in proximity.

It’s like a particle of love in the heart becomes a wave of love all around it, spreading the vibration of love.  When we are centered in the heart, and the heart chakra we become a shining lighthouse.  People are drawn to that kind of light and peace as if by some gravimetric force.  Heart people have no need to convince others there is a better way to live as a human on this planet, it’s just evident by being around them; when people see that, it impacts them, they see it’s possible to live without fear with a wide open loving heart.  That knowledge is often the first step in learning how to become that themselves.  The message of the heart people is one of hope, it is simple and timeless.  If you’re alive on this planet pain is required, suffering is optional.

A word about the videos below.  The first one is an amazing question and answer session with Drunvalo Melchizedek where in he delivers extremely valuable information about where we now are & where we are going as he answers some of the same questions we all have these days.  The second offering also explains the broad strokes of the shift and has info many will find useful. 

Until next time, be good to each other

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