Friday, April 7, 2017

Democracy Dies in Darkness

I had it all worked out in my head, how my new post would once again focus light and criticism upon the foundering Trump regime and it's various keystone cops players. 

It was gonna be funny, I was gonna toss in a generous amount of humor, like "Barbie Hands" is the new POTUS secret service code name, and that Trump refused the tradition of throwing out the first pitch of the baseball season, because his hands are too small to hold a baseball. 

I can't do that post now, maybe not ever, because Donald Trump has once again doubled down on just how low of a lowlife he genuinely is; and I'm no longer in a laughing mood.  Instead of a light hearted, possibly even optimistic bit of comic relief I must now write about what has made my soul vomit.

Trump has always used words and language as a means of attack, to demean and destroy his enemies.  Always before we mostly ignored him, so his vile sputterings caused little real harm.  It's different now that he is the acting president.  He tweets disparaging remarks about a company and their stock drops a few points.  He says offensive things to world leaders who have up till now been allies, and America gets an embarrassing black eye diplomatically.  Trump has now seen how much power his words have, and keeps escalating his rhetoric to create even worse damage such as what we witnessed in horror this week.

On April 1st, Trump publicly states that Syria's dictator Assad should remain in power and not be held responsible for six years of war crimes against his people.
On April 4th Assad again used nerve gas on his own people, killing 80, wounding 300
On April 4th Trump states the Syrian gas attack was Obama's fault.

Donald Trump is responsible for those 80 dead & 300 wounded in Syria.  Without his encouraging words of support and endorsement, would Assad still have launched that attack?  Maybe, it was the third or forth such nerve gas attack in recent weeks. Maybe not!  One thing is very clear, however and that is that days after Trump's appeasement; Assad commits another crime against humanity.  Cause & effect.

This is a milestone in the Trump chronicles that must not be swept away like so many before it.  This is the first time his public statement has directly resulted in 80 people dead in a crime against humanity.  How typical and cowardly of Trump to rush right out after the massacre and cast blame away from himself by accusing his predecessor of being weak.  How typical and cravenly he tried to politicize the attack.  Mr. President, you are a coward.  Simple as that!

Trump is on record as being against any action against Syria.  He even tweeted President Obama, advising against military reprisal.  Of course he doesn't want to act militarily against Syria because they're backed by Russian anti-aircraft units and on scene Russian soldiers and "advisors."  Trump is between a Russian and a hard place on this one, especially considering his bromance with Vladimir Putin.  What will Trump do, dangers abound no matter how he decides.  Perhaps he will pass this one off on his multi-tasking son-in-law.

 It matters not a single whit that Trump announced on Wednesday April 5th that he had changed his mind about Syria and Assad; that was his handlers feeding him sound bytes for the lamestream press.  Trump had but a single chance to be on the right side of history but he wasted his opportunity by trying to cast blame elsewhere. 

My biggest concern here is now that Trump has seen just how powerful his words are; he will conjure up a new grouping of words to see if he can increase the body count.  That's the thing about these narcissistic war mongers; they are addicted to the bloodsport of carnage, and motivated by getting a higher body count than the other despot dictators, and as with everything else, Trump wants more, his must be the bigly best body count.

"Is it progress if the cannibal uses a fork?"
                                                 ~ Stanislaw Jerzy Lec ~

Adding to the formula for disaster Trump is meeting with the President of China, who he accused of raping the United States; which Trump considers to be his job.  I wonder if they'll shake hands.

Trumps administration is fast becoming a dumpster fire with all the scandalous leaks, and flagrant violations of laws & traditions serving as background music for Russiagate.  So many protested so loudly that Steve Bannon was finally kicked off national security council, good riddance.  Little victories.  They'll all add up.

Another one bites the dust.  Investigator Nunes just resigned today amid all the bad press about his breaking bad.  Next we must push for Jeff Sessions to resign in disgrace and return to 1959.  Bad enough he lied under oath to congress and all of us Americans, but now he's talking about coming for my medical marijuana too.  He has to go, or he will drag us all back to 1959 with him. Little victories.  They're dropping like flies.

Trump, the brooding tyrant-in-the-making strolls thru the white house in his clown like seven foot long red tie and Darth Vader like coat which conceals both his bulk and barbed prehensile tail!  He is followed close behind by the scurrying little feet of his feral yes men & nay sayers who share the duty of not letting any reality seep into the dark & putrid  bubble that is Trumpland: the place democracy went to die. 

Some experts are saying that Donald Trump is actually anosognosic, which is a kind of reality denial brain disorder.  Woodrow Wilson suffered from it, and some historians think it led to WW2

In the professional wrestling industry there is a kind of code word among the participants and insiders, "Kayfabe."  It means that everybody is keeping the same secrets, everybody reads off the same talking points...everybody works to sustain the illusion of real.  Kayfabe, kinda almost sounds like pig latin for fake...and that is exactly what is going on with the dumpster fire that is the Trump abomination.

"Follow the trail of dead Russians"
                                      ~ Clint Watts ~

So, 15 thousand Russian trolls were spreading fake news and conspiracy theories, sometimes directly tweeting to Trump when they knew he was online, all trying to effect our election.  Turns out quite a few people on team Trump had some curious and illegal contacts with Russian spies; and most of them also spoke repeatedly with the same Russian diplomat.  The more Trump attempts to conceal the depth of his connections to Russia, the more facts tumble to the surface and more of this smelly iceberg can be seen.

One Trump son states they have a great many business deals on going with Russia, that they have a lot of money flowing in from Russia.  The other Trump son claims they have no business associations with Russia at all? 
Since the day Trump was elected, six soviet diplomats have turned up dead and apparently each time one died; Trump took off to Mar a Lago for a weekend of golfing paid for by American taxpayers.  If he is so filthy rich and can afford to finance his own  campaign and turn down his government paycheck; then how come he can't pay for his own vacations?  Each needless trip to Mar a Lago in Florida costs the American taxpayers 3.5 million dollars.  Adding insult to injury, while there he always dines in his own restaurant so we are actually paying Trump to eat in his own restaurant. 

Not only does Trump run off to Florida seemingly every weekend to golf, he also insists upon hosting foreign dignitaries there as well.  When one considers that Camp David was built for that expressed, exact purpose, it just seems like a real intentional slap in the face followed by the single finger salute every weekend when Trump flies south.  And no, you aren't loosing your mind, Trump actually said many times that he would seldom leave the white house and seldom take time off.  Narcissistic liar.   

Trump invents new wild claim that Obama wiretapped him during campaign; in order to draw attention away from Russiagate scandal. Unfortunately for Trump it seems to be having the opposite effect.  One or more of our on-going spying operations listening in on Russian conversations have discovered several calls with Trump on the other end of the line.

"America First" isn't Trump's rally's Putin's!

I really dislike the popular trend of belittling Trump voters & supporters as a group by calling them stupid etc.  Firstly it serves no good purpose to do so, just further alienates the various factions which is the opposite of the unity we so desperately need just now.  Secondly I do not believe as many voted for the orange turd blossom as the record indicates.  They cooked the books. There was so much dicking around with the election between the democrats doing it, the republicans doing it and the Russians doing it as well... the old adage still holds; "Too many cooks spoil the soup." 

Trump celebrated the 100th anniversary of America entering into world war one by dropping a 59 cruise missile response to Syrian atrocities.  No doubt a photo-op cooked up with Putin to make Trump appear strong.  Trump is just too much of a coward to risk killing any of Putin's soldiers, so they struck a deal.  "Just leave the runways alone."

So Trump gets to look good while getting rid of 95 million bucks worth of aging Tomahawk missiles.  I saw that sadistically evil smile on his face as he announced the strike on Syria, he was having himself a wargasm right there on camera, just contemplating what the total body count would be, come morning.

This whole sordid affair was cooked up as pure street theater to pull the worlds attention away from "Russiagate" and the raging dumpster fire that is the Trump presidency.  This is just exactly what Trump needed to regain the confidence of his base supporters.  The problem arises if and when Trump decides that if a little of this kind of glue is good, more must certainly be better.  What happens when the morning body count inspires still greater actions and even more corpses.  We need to remember that this is the same man who wanted missile parades, and asked "why we don't use nukes if we have them."  Yes, remember that every day!

With so many bad actors on the world stage it is fairly certain that nothing is as it seems and that goes for this whole Syria story as well.  There is no way to tell what the real actual truth of the matter is but you can bet it ain't being delivered on the TV by talking heads reading from todays talking points.

"You Want it Darker,
We Kill the Flame..."
                            ~Leonard Cohen~

Have you noticed how it is that everything Trump does is in the shadows.  Hides his taxes and lies about being audited; hell, he lies about everything.  He does the exact opposite of what he promises, and never gives specific answers to any question.  There is a decided darkness to how this one does business, and indeed, who he is in business with.  He doesn't want you to know because he thrives in secrecy.  Mushrooms, mold and fungus all thrive in darkness, but democracy dies in it. 

Democracy needs the light of day at high noon, transparency and accountability in order to thrive.  When deprived of these necessities democracy begins to erode into something more like Kleptocracy.  With Donald Trump's ascension to the presidency American democracy has slipped to it's lowest ever ebb tide.  What will be left when the pirates & plunder monkeys are all done?  That's a good question and the answer could get complicated because of so many moving parts.  At times like these the ancients would consult with an augur to cast the auspices for the future; what we would call looking for omens.

Well I am an augur and do I have an omen for your consideration!  On the same day that Trump gave his address to congress and the American people; no fewer than 25 tornadoes erupted across eight Midwestern states.  I'm thinking here that was an actual act of God speaking out against Trump omen.

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Michael Franti - "Good to be Alive today"

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  1. Last night while the globe theater of the absurd spun out another nail biter to the tune of "pop goes the weasel," while i surveyed the western darkness for a bright flash on the san francisco skyline, while syrians rendered unto caesar, a cold blade of certainty pierced the broadly cast spell as i once more into the breach brushed aside the 25 years of shock and awe, the flags and yellow ribbons from a long gone time, threw the bolt, killed the lights, grabbed the dog and hit the mattress. Posted paid to another logged day with another on the way, i drifted off knowing it doesnt matter where you are, only when. "Hurry up please its time" in the damascus wasteland, and the rough beast would come around. I had measured out my life in coffee spoons because i can only withstand, not prevent. Que sera, sera.

    Thank you, starry night

    1. Stellar job of wordsmithing...and wow, damn you're good; I'd read your blog all week long if only I knew where to find it.

  2. Aw, shucks. ; )

    Your post above inspired me. Raging dumpster fire indeed. Yeehaw!

    Me blog? I lack your fortitude, chautauqua. In times like these, even the monks head for the caves. What i most want to do is find a fishing hole and build a hut.

    1. Already got my cave staked out & stocked up.
      As for the fortitude stuff, not sure how much is left in the tank,
      Not sure it still matters, being up to our knees in 4D chaos reality is morphing right in front of our eyes. We don't know who or what to trust anymore; maybe everything is fake news...but one thing is certain and constant, and that is NOTHING is as it seems.

  3. A feint within a feint within a feint. Thats from "dune." So is "fear is the mindkiller." Despair is fear set on low. But hope springs eternal and so do we.

    Yes, it matters.

  4. Chautauqua,
    this is starting to look to me like the leaders of China and Russia are in on it. I'm sure that the Chinese leaders could care less about their people as their tyranny is obvious. I wonder about Russia, but the interaction between the Trump minions and the Russians make it a distinct possibility. Or maybe it is factions wanting to overthrow Putin and he's taking out the trash himself?

    Also, whatever rebellion we may see when our own soldiers are told to confiscate our guns and take us to the camps will be averted if the Chinese soldiers are in charge of it. I no longer trust any of them. Oh, and I figure the gas (if not a hoax)was a false flag. Why should it be any different?

    1. free~
      Yup, this has a real stench to it. This is an excellent time to remember the very wise observation that "In politics nothing happens by mistake." Notice how the news outlets (all of them) are literally showing the videos of the gas attack, and subsequent back to back, non-stop. there is scarcely a moment when those images aren't being looped on the big monitors behind the talking heads. Remember how they did the same exact shit right after 911, showing the planes hitting the towers over and over again every damn day. They do that shit because it works. It gets the blood boiling while amplifying that helpless sensation. They do it to keep us too scared shitless to even consider impeachment.

      Lamestream news is SILENT about the massive anti-corruption protests and riots happening in Russia right now; something else to factor into the equation. Clearly the pawns and rooks are being positioned for sacrifice on the gameboard, but just who is playing who isn't always clear; but my money is always on the usual suspects in such devious things. Lots of cooks working on what is about to be served up, lots of blame to go around...and just in time to take attention away from Russiagate and the raging dumpster fire.

      By the way, I really enjoyed your latest post, both barrels at point blank range. My favorite kind of journalism! Keep up the great work.

    2. P.S. An interesting something...
      the cruise missile attack was scheduled to begin 60 hours after the gas attack. 60 tomahawks were launched, (but one malfunctioned and crashed into the sea.) We know the Neocons & elites like their little numerology games; so I am wondering what the significance of 60/60 is???

      Anybody got any ideas...?

  5. In numerology these numbers can be reduced down to 3 , which in Freemasonry is the number of the Magic Square , any number combinations can be placed within the square to acheive different outcomes , and the effects are felt multidimensionally . 60 is a deeply significant and sacred number within all the Seven Great Religions . It's mentioned many times within the TaNaKh for example . In the Gematria the 15th letter (Samek) has the value of 60 which denotes help, support, and significantly to uphold . The significance here again is the multidimensional aspect of this number .
    Symbolically 60 represents the Global Cosmic Karma , the Earth , and the Astral Snake ( tempter of Eve ) .
    So , how this all works or how this deep magik is invoked is anyone's guess Chautauqua, :) . These people are adepts and have knowledge of the Universal laws that affect us all but they are able to manipulate them according to their will , how do they offset the Karmic Debt , both personal and on a nationwide level ? All must be in All, so there has to be a balance to maintain Universal multidimensional harmony .
    You said : Nothing is as it seems , it isn't, what is up is down, right is wrong .... creation out of destruction ?

    1. Nice work and great info Kitty. I'm fairly conversant with astrology and tarot, but never really dove much into the numerology outside of connections to planets and major arcana cards; and of course the master numbers. Was never a great math student, the numbers never spoke to me like other stuff did; but I've always known how revealing the numbers can be.

      Been chewing over this 60/60 thing like a dog with a bone all day, and your data sheds light on it, appreciate the effort.

      These are exactly the kind of times Buddha spoke about; and being able to tune out the mundane noise and monkey chatter to remain calm & centered regardless of the outer madness. We're having a case of the fourth dimensional kali yuga blues! Buckle up, it could get rough :)

  6. Thanks C . To be honest numbers were not really my thing either , but I had noticed there is a connection between all these events and number . Of course the entire Universe is based on numeric values .
    Interestingly the Buddha was said to have had 60 'disciples ' :)) that could just be one of those little anecdotes .
    Fourth dimensional kali yoga blues , I think there's a song there somewhere lol !
    To be totally in this world but absolutely not of it , has never been more true a thought , I think rough is an understatement, buckling up now ! :)

  7. Trump reminds me of a manchurian candidate. Ivanka reminds me of his handler.

    1. Exactly; and nobody voted for Ivanka or her husband or the twin turd brothers. This is exactly how authoritarian dictators solidify power; by putting family members in key positions.

      There seems to be something going on where one by one these plunder monkeys are being excised from the picture, and administration. They get caught fucking up, and soon after they just fade away.

      "and another one's gone, another one bites the dust"

      Keeping hope alive by getting rid of the asshats 1 by 1

    2. War is hell. If you want to know what the asshats have in store for us, watch "hellstorm," a ducumentary about the closing act of the european (globe) theater of ww2. Its on youtube.

  8. ...there is little point in re-arranging the furniture if the house has no solid foundations...and this 'little house on the prairie or whereverthHell' is good for one thing only. Being CONDEMNED! The entirety of the 'system' is utterly 'rotten to the core math'. Of course, 'they are all in it together' sheesh 'Blind Freddy' can see that with his eyes shut. It has been this way for many moons.

    Might I, however, interject a proposal...a concept...a thought that I have long key to disempowering THEIR little 'red wagon'. Coz, you see I don't believe a word they say an d haven't for decades. in 'IF' 'they' had all the perceived accoutrements of whatever tripe they construe'brains' (ahem)...military connections...chutzpah...and whatnot that 'they' say they have...why have they failed at this SAME GOAL...numerous times?? Hhhmmmn??

    The 'answer' to 'what do we do' is simple in a way...because 'they' over-reach, over-amp, over-sell and over compensate for all the preceding. I call these self titled 'elite' 'LIETES'...(love a good anagram) because the main 'weapon of choice' is BULLSHIT. Spread liberally...and thickly.

    All within THEIR OWN POLITICAL/GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED/SOCIAL/MEDIA/BANKING parameters. STOP PLAYING 'T-H-E-I-R' game. Refuse to be pawns in the voting 'game' which frankly, is past it's 'Use By Date' IMHO.I mean it is so obvious...the 'vote tampering' the overt LINKS between supposed 'Left' & "Right' embarrassingly revealed...and the actual 'count' even gets busted, all, 'dutifully' or is it AUTOMATICALLY, robotically line up and 'do THEIR thing' for JUSTIFY the UNJUSTIFIABLE...WTF?? Trump...the word even means a TRICK in card games.

    Instead of sniping at each other...and continually voting in arseholes...JUST UNDERSTAND...THAT SYSTEM CREATES, ATTRACTS, PERPETUATES AND SUPPORTS ONLY ARSEHOLES! Refuse to use it. Imagine if you all DIDN'T VOTE...then 'their' only mandate would 'pack up the propaganda and all the other CONTROL crapola' and with haste..'get the Hell outta Dodge'.

    We do not need to 'agree' on anything other than this...THIS SYSTEM HAS TO GO...and as it relies on YOUR PARTICIPATION...wouldn't that be a 'first step' to remove?? It won't kill ya, I haven't voted in years...Anonymous

  9. You raise some good points. If only everyone...and thats the problem. The "folks" of the world (their word not mine) have been divided and conquered. I think that is the real message of the tower of babel. So you will not see the masses unify. Anyway,

    So, who are the terrorists? I think we know. They own the globe theater. And most everything else that matters. The current diaper-loading production is engineered to freeze the masses with fear. And so, we wait. Do we have a future? We dont know. Yes, these globe theatricators get blustery in their hubris, but they can burn the world, and in their twisted minds, their ability to destroy equates to mastery. Me, i dont think like they do and i cant slip into their shoes even for a moment, nor would i for all the money in the world.

    1. My significant other (S.O.) and I are suddenly dealing with missing subscriptions. He says 'you really gotta look at s**t before you click on it'. Since gang trump destroyed net neutrality. I checked, and I'm still subscribed to but since this post not getting the emails since this, 'Democracy Dies in Darkness' post. How ironic. The insidious shit's hitting the fan so slowly bamboozling. Now S.O. gets an email from my blogpost August 17, 2015. I am totally freaked out. I will add the link to your current post, C.

    2. Appreciate the input.
      The blogosphere gatekeepers just loved me when I went after Zen Gardner last year...but when I also brought to light that Jeff Rense (and others) were avoiding the ZG story because exposing it would make them look bad but most of all cost then in 'click bucks'...what a different reaction.

      Since my words about Jeff & the other 'gatekeepers' the sites which used to post everything I wrote now avoid me like the Bubonic plague. I broke the cardinal rule of "don't badmouth the gatekeepers". Where my posts used to get hits in the thousands, now it's in the hundreds, and that is OK because I spoke the truth. the blogosphere gatekeepers are all just greedy businessmen like Trump, otherwise they wouldn't have objected so strongly to my words. they must not allow any truth which would do to them what the did to me.

      They never understood I'm not in this for money.

  10. These 'gatekeepers were exposed. Real people 'man up,' if there is a mistake made, they own up to it, admitting if they are wrong. These bloggers did not. But obviously, they are showing their true colors. Then add the mad confusion of some of them becoming bloody trump thumpers. Some damn good information coming out of these bloggers, but now with the tornado of trump's vile hatred swirling around them. Mad confusion.

    Like 'Anonymous April 10, 2017 at 4:21 PM' said, "The entirety of the 'system' is utterly 'rotten to the core math'." Money corrupts. An inherently sick system especially big business=gov is infected with. An evil force, fostering exclusion. Trump thrives in this cesspool of corruption and is the most ignorant madman we've suffered from in office since GW, but he's only gotten started on his rampage of destruction.
    P.S. 'Note to Donald Trump: Andrew Jackson wasn't alive for the Civil War':

    1. This is like the second or third time Trump has got his American history wrong by over 100 years. Last month it was Frederick Douglass "doing a good job", and now Andy Jackson is one of the talking dead. It would be hilarious if it weren't real.