Monday, March 27, 2017

Sovereign Souls~part 2

In a recent post I examined how in reality, we are captured by a system which keeps us working towards goals and agendas not our own, in effect, wage slaves.  Because we cannot break free from our need for that which our owners control, the flow of money.  Not unlike hamsters in a cage; we run our own rat race over & over without a lot to show for it; but it keeps us busy and distracted from the reality of our situation.

For over 30 million people there is no such luxury of diversion, they must consciously live each moment of their lives without any of the things we consider essential for life, because they are the victims of human trafficking.  Right now, here today on this planet; there are more humans in slavery than in the 300 year history of the Atlantic slave trade!

Human trafficking is a global phenomenon which is fueled by poverty, gender discrimination and plain old greed.  Slavery generates over 32 Billion dollars globally each year.  Recent studies estimate that 26% of slaves are under the age of 18, and that as many as 50% of commercially sexually exploited children are boys.

There are basically five types of human trafficking which occur every day around the world: Forced labor, the white sex slave trade, the trafficking of children for sexual exploitation. Then there is debt bondage, and trafficking for organ removal.

Forced Slave Labor:
Those sold into a life of forced labor and no hope of freedom; until the sweet release of death.  In this part of the flesh trade they seek out and exploit the strong, poor and uneducated with "paying work" which soon becomes forced labor.  This includes the use of force, fraud or coercion to obtain some kind of labor or commercial sex act.  While there may not be chains and cages in a literal sense; most of these slaves are kept in line thru violence and intimidation. 

In Indonesia huge illegal commercial fishing fleets are operated by slave labor.  The crews are seldom if ever paid the wages promised, and in many cases are kept at sea being shuttled from boat to boat which prevents escape.  Early immigrants to America were often tricked into forced labor working for "the company" or "the store" which always arranged it so the workers debt to the company for room and board amounted to equal what was owed in wages, making it impossible for workers to either get ahead or leave.  Sound at all familiar, does it?

Migrant workers have always had to suffer through whatever changing and often brutal conditions awaited them in the fields.  You just go along to get along; and hope not to get a beat down or worse.  All of these atrocities are taking place you know, after slavery was made illegal.

White Slavers:
Next there is the white sex slave trade: wherein Caucasian girls, boys and young women are literally abducted right off the street to never be seen by family again.  Unlike a traditional prostitution operation, white slavers are looking for very specific types of people because they are shopping.  White slavers are the personal shoppers of the most depraved examples of humanity you can ever imagine. 

In the white slave trade, young blonde, blue eyed American girls and women are the most sought after prize, and fetch the highest price.  Sometimes actual slave auctions are conducted in lavish accommodations, with each slave going to the highest bidder. Usually such a sex slave is sold or bartered several times before they're no longer acceptable because of damage from abuse. 

65% to 80% of trafficked girls have Aids/HIV and some contract several STD's at once.  It is quite common for white slavery victims to be beaten and tortured both physically and mentally, to break their spirit and to control them thru brutality.  Unfortunately the life expectancy can be short for white slaves as insatiable appetites desire the young, fresh and terrified.  This means that young white girls and women are always at risk for abduction because the white slave trade runs on a constant supply of fresh meat, just like the cows, fish or any other livestock sold in bulk. 

Child Trafficking:
There perhaps is nothing in this world more depraved than the trafficking of children for commercial sexual exploitation.  This goes way beyond the traditionally envisioned plight of kidnapped children by a sole deviant pedophile and includes children abducted for use in mass produced commercial gay and pedophile sex videos.  

Children go missing in the blink of an eye from crowded public places way too frequently, which is what inspired the practice of putting their photos on milk cartons in hopes that someone recognizes them and calls authorities.  Unfortunately, when these children have exceeded their usefulness they are quite often simply killed and deposited in an unmarked grave.  Sometimes these abducted and abused children survive into adulthood damaged and scarred so badly that they themselves become abusers, and possibly even abductors. 

Then of course there are entire cults based upon the lifelong sexual abuse of children such as the infamous Children of God pedophile cult from the 60's which still operates today as the Family.*  I suppose that tells us something important about our species; that a pedophile cult can operate freely for forty years without law enforcement worries.  I don't want to believe that this is who we really are, but the evidence does seem to point solidly in that direction, and directly at us as a species.  Why do we allow this?

Debt Bondage:
The forth type of human trafficking is Debt Bondage, or "bonded labor" which occurs when a person or group of people are bound into "involuntary servitude" to pay off a debt or other obligation.  In these scenarios the amount owed and duration of labor are usually undefined, unspecified or it keeps changing to keep the slaves in bondage.

Organ Removal:
Human trafficking for organ removal is the newest wrinkle in the shadowy world of kidnap for profit.  It began as what some thought was a new urban legend about someone being slipped a mickey in the bar only to wake up in a bathtub full of ice, with a hangover and a set of fresh stitches where their kidney once was.  Those were the early days where folks were lucky.  Nowadays the practice has advanced and become more efficient which often leaves the unwilling donor dead in a dumpster in the alley.

In recent years inner city gangs have discovered the lucrative flesh trade market to be one of low risk and high reward; and have added human trafficking to their list of illicit modes of income.  Phoenix, Arizona is the kidnap capitol of the united states with over 370 cases just last year. That rate is higher than anywhere except Mexico city.

597,000 people are kidnapped every year by non family members, at a national rate of 2000 disappearances a day!  The overwhelming majority of these people are never seen again by their friends and family.  In America, there are as many as 100,000 active missing person cases at any given time. 

Aside from and different than commercial human trafficking, is the equally horrible plight of women held as sexual prisoners in private residences all over America, and the world.  Every so often someone escapes from such conditions to reveal that in fact; monsters live among us.  These monsters don't abduct women and children for profit but rather their own sick, perverted pleasure.  Sometimes the psychological control over such victims is so great that their captors even take them out into the world they were taken from, confident and assured they won't try to escape or elicit help!

Every single time this happens, when the reporters interview the neighbors it's the same story.  Model neighbors, kept to themselves, and nobody ever saw or heard anything strange or odd.  In America this phenomenon is like an iceberg; we only see the tip of the problem, with untold thousands more we never hear about until it's too late.

Yet another type of slavery is domestic bondage; where a woman stays in a relationship only because she fears injury or even death if she tries to escape.  There are two distinct types of domestic bondage.  One is born out of misogyny where the wife is intimidated and controlled throughout  the marriage because insecure men fear their women will find someone better and leave, so they make them emotional prisoners.  Children in the home are used as pawns by such men.  Fear of harm to self and child makes many women into emotional and psychological slaves as well as physically.  The strongest chains are unseen. 

The other type of domestic bondage is when sexual predators/pedophiles find a victim particularly appealing, and they desire them.  It's not enough to just sexually abuse underage girls, they must possess them through forced marriage, with shame and intimidation being the glue that holds it together.  Many times these forced marriages last decades, resulting in children born into the situation who are then in turn abused and made psychological captives.  Living a life of fear with zero self esteem is all these girls and women know in many cases; and only the very strong and the very fortunate manage to endure and survive escape somehow.  The vast majority never do because it's a taboo subject in 'polite society' and nobody wants to know.

As sovereign souls, we are all connected to each other on an energetic level; although we've been conditioned not to be aware of that fact, and programmed to forget everything the soul knows about self-empowerment and enlightenment.  This connection we all share is why we can have empathy for strangers we don't know who suffer tragedy in some form or another.  It's why we pull together in times of unexpected emergency; it's why we run into burning buildings to rescue people trapped inside.  We do such things and even greater not out of some vague sense that we must or should; but because we feel that connection in our heart chakra.  Deep down inside, in the silence at the heart of things, we all KNOW that inside of every other human being there is another US.

Warriors of Light
 It's a hard but necessary thing to say, that women; young girls & boys in our society will continue to be targeted and taken to feed the flesh trade.  Needless to say, the subject of human trafficking is not one that lends itself to polite conversation among friends. It has joined the growing list of things going on that must not be discussed openly and that just plays into the hands of the traffickers.  Because so very often those who pay the traffickers are in the upper layers of society and politics; human trafficking is financed from the very highest levels.  Those whose sick perversions drive a high desire for fresh and unspoiled victims; will never allow the human trafficking trade to be stopped.  It will continue unabated as it has for centuries and there seems little we can do to end the practice.

If this problem is too ugly and perverted to engage on the physical plane, then we must engage it in the energetic ethereal plane of our dreams, nightmares and meditations.  We need to kick it up a level and put out a call for warriors of light.

In our prayers and meditations we can program thought forms empowering for the release of all souls in bondage and send them back to the planetary grid, that web of energy which connects us all as sovereign souls. 

We can work as individuals in unison without ever knowing or speaking to each other; it's all done energetically on the astral plane, in the ethereal realm.  Working alone but together we can send a tsunami of white light and prayers for our brothers and sisters in captivity.

We can also reach out with our energy and intent to connect with trafficked humans around the world, sending them white light for strength and perhaps messages of hope.  Just for a moment picture yourself in their situation, and think about what kind of energy you'd most want from all of us "free" slaves; then send them that. 

The Hopi Indians of the American southwest have one of the most beautiful of spoken languages.  They have a word, Powaqqatsi (pronounced: Pow-a-gatsi)  which when translated to English means "Parasitic way of life" which perfectly describes what life on planet earth has become. 

We are a captured species, but only the 30 million trafficked human slaves really understand that.  The rest of us go thru our daily lives thinking we're free because the strongest chains are unseen.  Because we choose not to perceive that we are without chains yet still in bondage.

From human trafficking down to predatory business tactics life is indeed parasitic; with the very worst of us owning the rest of us in every way that matters.  Why do we permit this system to exist which always places profit over people?  Why don't we have a voice in whether our food contains GMO toxins?  Why do our protests never seem to bring about change?  As the late Bill Hicks asked; "Why do we always kill the good guys, and let the monsters run amok?"  Ironically a single truth answers all of those questions ...

Slavery was never abolished, it was just expanded to include everybody.

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  1. So true Chautauqua. And they've been gradually moving the predators into the mainstream. The behavior of the TSA comes to mind.

    They don't want the traffic anymore. There's plenty of slaves to go around wherever we may be.

    1. Just today there was a video about improper TSA searches on the evening news.
      It's getting pretty crazy.

      Then in Tulsa Oklahoma today three youths did a daring daytime home invasion. The homeowner was home, with an AR-15, and shot all 3 dead.
      Just as it should be ~ Justice as it should be.

      When do get to the flag raising and throat cutting part?
      There's too many of them for me to take on alone....

  2. It all makes more sense once you understand we live in an aquarium. Buzz lightyear saw the light after falling from the top of the stairs.

    1. ...Well they do say that as soon as ya figure it all out; ya get whisked off world so ya can't tell anyone else.

  3. While we examine the missing sovereign soul, lets briefly revisit a universally reviled champion of that very thing of which we speak: ayn rand. She wrote two powerful novels which defended the free and powerful individual systematically crushed by the collective mob or blob, which will not and cannot withstand a world of sovereign souls. The fountainhead and atlas shrugged both lay out our current dilemma so well and accurately that i need say nothing other than "please read these books."

    1. Ahh, the much maligned and sometimes hated Alisa Zinovyevena Rosenbaum, founder of objectivism and champion of the individual. Small wonder why the established order of criminals berates her at every chance.

      Indeed, her books should be required reading for a complete education. The fact that she was Russian is by no means reason to discount or discredit her work; in fact Russians have some very succinct views on freedom and the sovereignty of the individual soul.

  4. I have an in-law who, together with his wife, owe roughly $500,000 in student loans. They have no intention of paying it back, and yet somehow manage to rent a house close to the san diego zoo, where nothing special homes sell for over one mil, eat in restaurants regularly, and travel to europe. No, they do not have high paying jobs. They dont like me and they hate hate hate, did i mention hate? Hate hate ayn rand, who called the collective parasites. We are not allowed to like ayn rand.

  5. Like howard roark in the fountainhead, douglas cardinal, native american architect, got ripped off by the smithsonian institute, his building and credit handed to someone else, forcing him into bankruptcy and losing his offices and employees. He is still owed $1 million.

    For 150 years to the present, the u.s. government continues its mission to "destroy the indian but save the man."

  6. 🦉 owl
    🦆 duck
    ∃ ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮ ★ ☄ | ☄ ★ ☮ ∞ ♥ ♪ ♬ ~ ∃

  7. Breaking....a man who identified himself as a sovereign citizen is presently surrounded by about 15 law enforcement vehicles on an arizona highway. As the late bill cooper would attest, he picked the wrong state.

  8. My oops. Douglas cardinal is aboriginal canadian.

  9. There are 562 sovereign indigenous tribes (nations) within conus established by treaty with federal government. These are exclusive treaties between the nations and the feds. States have no say or part in these treaties. The treaties grant the nations the right of self-determination. I dont know why i bring this up but thetes a thought right on the tip of my mind. Someone finish it for me.

    1. Perhaps you are thinking of Standing Rock versus the pipeline, which Trump has a financial interest in, which is why he signed the go-ahead to poison the Sioux tribes drinking water...

      getting warm??

  10. Aw, i see standing rock as a continuation of the germ warfare (smallpox) launched against the nations in the 19th century. Its something else i think. Has to do with the shroud of silence regarding all things first nations. The truth scares the daylight out of big daddy nation.

    Today is the 100-year anniversary of big daddy nations entrance into the first world war. And on this day, trump thinks its his duty to start the third world war. He didnt check with me first. Did he ask your opinion?

  11. Me too. Just now, big daddy launched 60 tomahawk missiles into onto syria. The unmitigated gall to call them tomahawks no less. I would say, father forgive them, for they know not what they do only, they do. I may not sleep tonight.

    1. Yes, I'm watching the msnbc coverage of the attack, and most assuredly they indeed do know exactly what they are doing.

      We're in for a long night....if it all turns to shit things will move very fast.

  12. Im out of words and am going primieval

  13. No pissigate arrests
    Swamp plug cemented in place
    His own fake news
    Faked him to Cold War blues
    Ah there will be no peace
    Old red foes shall remain
    The puppet strings pence haste
    More soul food to attain
    Does anybody anybody have a brain
    New ratings go up
    When you play their WW3 game
    I hoped, I believed, suckered yet again
    No pissigate arrests
    Demons strengthening their chains
    Blood on your hands
    May the MSM go down the eventual unplugged drain
    Jackhammers please
    Hammer on
    Oh yeah, I forgot, it's about gas n oil
    Back to kindergarten and the tin hats of foil