Monday, August 21, 2017

2017 Crop Circle Gallery

The first thing that stands out about this season's crop circles is that they seem fewer and farther between than in past years.  As if somehow compensating for lower numbers; there seem to be a lot more complex & interesting designs laid down earlier in the season.  Again this season the availability of affordable camera drones provides us with some impressive aerial videos; while production values increase making them more professional looking.

As with my previous crop circle galleries; I've excluded some of the early season simple, basic circles etc. as well as those of dubious origin.  

April 22 -Wiltshire

May 4, Wiltshire

May 21 -Wiltshire
     This is 2017's first 3D crop circle

May 22 - Dorsett

May 25 - Wiltshire

May 28, Wiltshire

May 30, Wiltshire

June 4 - Oxfordshire

June 9 - Wiltshire

June 16 - Dorsett

June 17 - Hampshire

June 26 - Wiltshire

July 1 -Wiltshire

July 5 - Wiltshire

July 5, Sofia Bulgaria

July 8 - Hackpen
There will always be a few farmers each season who immediately destroy crop formations on their land; because it prevents further loss of crop.  Increasingly though others are open to working with researchers and the viewing/visiting public.  Often fields are made accessible for a modest fee, and some farmers allow viewing and photos before they destroy the formation. 

July 18 - Wiltshire
3D Mathematics 

July 19 - Sussex

August 4 - Wiltshire

August 5 - Oxfordshire

August 7 - Warwickshire

August 15th
Well, this is certainly being one of the strangest and quietest crop circle seasons in recent memory.  The largest oddity is the low number of crop circles.  Traditionally the months of June, July, and August have had the largest number of formations laid down, with sometimes 20 or more circles in each of those months.  In bygone years the season would sometimes even extend into early September.

So what is going on this year? Only 30 formations made from May until mid-August.
With the Solar eclipse coming on August 21st, perhaps something special is in the works to commemorate  the event?  Still, that would not necessarily explain the single digit monthly formations.  This year June is the hot month (so far) with a whopping ten formations.  Could it have something to do with disrupted harvesting conditions due to climate change?  Perhaps, but I still don't see a correlation to these low numbers of crop circles.

We have already passed the date of last year's final formation;
so does that mean this season is over?
We shall see.

August 17 - Sussex
This formation was laid down  next door to the Southend Airfield, and
definitely looks like it could relate to the looming eclipse on 8-21. 

Some see a guitar, or banjo, while others see an eclipse glyph with a tower of glyphs coming from it, perhaps a message from the makers.  Perhaps the message is simple, or is it too complex to decipher?  Historically the last formation of the season is a "jawdropper" being the best or most awesome of the perhaps the question should be, does this qualify; or is there more coming?

~Crop Circle Researchers~

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which deserves our support as much as our attention.  Just imagine if they 
could no longer afford the camera drones and other required equipment
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