Monday, June 5, 2017

I Weep for the Future

I spent the recent memorial day weekend visiting at length with my daughter & grand-daughter on their annual trip down from Alaska.  They both work for the same corporation, and twice a year fly south to do inventory at the headquarters in Washington state.  So once a year they add a few days to the trip to visit me, and it is always the highlight of my year.

There was much to celebrate this year as my daughter just finished her MBA, and is at long last free from schoolwork.  I've silently followed her academic quest with much admiration because thru a gauntlet of significant diversions & distractions; she never lost her focus or passion.

We were skimming thru the offerings on the cable box when she noticed they were airing the recent movie "Deepwater Horizon" and she asked if I'd seen it.  I replied in the affirmative, adding I wasn't sure how close to the actual truth it was with regards to corporate responsibility.  As it turns out my daughter chose that disaster as the subject for a major paper she wrote for her masters degree.  (Auguring runs in the family) The many hours of research devoted to the project left my daughter with a singularly vehement dislike for all things BP.

It is an unspoken yet mutually agreed upon thing that out of respect; I do not mention,  bring up, or rant about the six year old ongoing disaster at Fukushima, Japan to my daughter; considering she continues to live just downwind & downstream from the gushing volcano of radioactivity.  She has her reasons and I not only respect them, I also agree with most of them.   That being said, however, I simply could not resist a sole, lonely comment upon hearing of her hatred of BP..."Now you know how I feel about Tepco!"

We're All Dying Down Here

There is this very loud and contrived 'dispute' over global warming going on in the contrived media brainwashing campaign to direct our thinking.  Yes, it is a very real problem we face in the future, and yes we should be doing more about it than leaving the Paris climate agreement.  Compared to the ongoing Fukushima nuclear volcano, climate change and global warming are simply less immediate threats.  Yet the media blackout on Fukushima rages on as the radiation engulfs the planet and contaminates the food chain. They're using global warming and other issues to confuse and enrage us while nothing whatsoever is being done (or said) about Fukushima.  Just because nobody talks about the continually spewing radioactivity poisoning our air and oceans, does not mean it has stopped; does not mean it has been fixed.

For reasons known only to herself comedian Kathy Griffith recently committed career suicide by posting a photo of herself holding Trump's bloody severed head.  Of course it became a huge controversy about how nobody should show such disgusting things; as the worldwide media continually ran the image just to be sure every child on earth got offended.  Of course the short fingered vulgarian cried foul and lathered everyone up into a real stew over it.  That's one of the things I most despise about Trump: he can dish it out but he sure can't take it.  He say's whatever he wants about anyone without regard for morality or truth; but if anyone criticizes him he becomes a whiny little bitch & cries foul.  He's foul alright, and oh so wrong.

 Cancer cases are rising exponentially up & down pacific west coast of America.  I personally have lost three friends to cancer in just six years, and several more friends have come down with it.  Long before any solution is figured out we will ALL have cancer in one form or another.  Especially so if you are still eating seafood, or live near the Pacific ocean.

Trump & his hand picked team of plunder monkeys are systematically stripping away all the common sense progress we've made over the last several years.  Trump's speech about pulling out of the Paris accords contained not one single shred of truth.  Every single thing he said about the Paris accords was a bold faced lie, every "fact" made up, and every claim simply untrue. 

Why won't anybody challenge Trump on all his many lies?

Any ten year old with an internet account can fact check Trump into oblivion in 15 minutes; so what's up with the vaunted fourth estate, what does it have to say for itself?  Professional journalism is supposed to keep the politicians honest by printing truth and attacking lies.  They're doing it backwards; printing lies and attacking the truth.

The last few weeks have seen a marked upsurge of "terror" around the planet.  "They" are ramping up the madness with almost daily terror attacks and other events associated with the mayhem, to increase our fear & feelings of dread and to erode our faith in the future.  It's beginning to look like an apocalyptic nightmare in the making.

"They each ignored all of the evidence, and together reached the same delusion"
                                                                                                                 ~Bill Maher~

So Twitler was beginning another post about how mean everyone is to him then mysteriously ended the aborted tweet with "Covfefe" leaving the pundits & other talking heads to wonder what it meant.  As if it actually matters, almost as if it had significance.  I cannot imagine how none of the word monkeys have figured it out yet.  It took me all of five minutes to decode the mystery scribble.

COVFEFE is the acronym for Trump's personal religion:
Criminals Over Victims Fuck Evolution Fuck Everybody

From Trump's first day in office  the war on science and the environment has  been in full swing.  The long embattled oil pipeline at Standing Rock began pumping oil last week, and almost immediately there were several leaks.  Trump has a financial interest in that pipeline, and pushed to get it done and working no matter how many native Americans protested.  He bragged the pipeline would be built with American steel, then bought all the pipeline sections from...Russia!

"The truth will set you free ~ but first it will just piss you off"

All living creatures have a sense for survival which is governed by something known as a discount rate.  Having nothing to do with purchase power, the discount rate determines how quickly a species recognizes, and responds to danger.  In this scenario we use the word discount to mean ignoring or discrediting a threat.  By way of example; Rabbits and other defenseless creatures flee at the slightest hint of a predator.  They do not wait around to see what will happen when they see the wolf, they run, because they know what the wolf is.  Rabbits have a very low discount rate because they ignore few threats.

Humans on the other hand have the highest discount rate.  In our case "the wolf" is Fukushima...1000% lethal threat to all humanity, and we elect as a species to ignore it, hoping it will just go away or pretending it never happened.  We're doing the exact same thing with several other threats to our continued survival as well.  Nuclear proliferation, GMO food-like-products, chemtrails, fracking, wars, and global warming.  We have no shortage of dire threats to human survival, and we're just regarding them as we might a summer rain.

There are gaps of over 80 million years in the fossil records of our planet; that's a long period of time to have no knowledge of what happened!  I sometimes wonder what life was like on Earth during those millions and millions of years and what kinds of truths are being kept from us by "Forbidden Archeology" and its code of silence.  The way things are going since our hacked election gave the worlds worst human being the presidency; I have nightmares about what a future without science and conscience will be like, when all good things are cast aside by avarice.  It makes my soul weep.

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  1. You get right to the truth and care, Chautauqua, you're good people. Our heavenly little blue planet is infested with hell. Parasites all around, making uber money off destroying life on the planet. I learned last week more about all the 'space junk' floating around our planet's atmosphere, many of them nuclear outfitted. It is unbelievable, how we are being set up for ongoing disaster. Yes, there is so much we don't read about, but humanity's history is in our DNA. Our ancestors experiences course through our veins. We (know,) we just don't *know*. It's this slow, increasing hell that is coming over us, this slow, parasitic, evil death that kills me. As terrestrials of the universe, humanity is barbaric , but most of us are good, so it's confusing. Controlled by madmen. Forced into insanity. Living a totally illogical, anti spiritual life. Perpetually on the brink of extinction. Our species is not only a threat to itself, but we reach out into space with our sickness. And it's all up to us to turn this ship around.

    1. Sometimes we have to give up on people, not because we don't care but because they don't. I've always applied this to individuals before but now I am applying it to the entire human race. Unlike cattle who are led to the slaughter; we are being forced to both watch our demise, and pay for it. In my old age I can no longer respect or feel sorry for a species unwilling to fight for its own survival. Its also why we are being confined to this planet. Google the Mars missions and you'll find that out of all the missions various countries have sent there, the vast majority have failed, crashed or just disappeared.

  2. That is awesome! So proud of you and Martha, Great friends you have there. I hope gene therapy helps. I don't know what grows naturally where you are but there are some good plants (outside of Mary Jane) here in Florida that seem to help with different types of cancer (probably came from South of here even).... It is said that what you need grows around you...

    Also, was thinking about you when one of my teachers just had a post about Salmon. I hope I can post it to you here, thought you would appreciate it. No it does not go into the FU-shima issue but they seem to be a nice local, small scale fishery in Alaska....

    Not my business but I do wonder why you do not go back to a place you love so much... I have never been there but have learned so much from people that do live or have lived there.

    Thank you for your voice.


    1. Hi Tammy~
      Unfortunately, the entire pacific ocean food chain is contaminated with Fukushima radiation, including crab, salmon and the smaller organisms they need to survive. It should be a high crime to knowingly sell such contaminated fish & crab to people for consumption; but then they'd have to admit there is a problem. This shit just makes my head explode!

      I return to Alaska for the occasional visit but am far too rooted where I am to move back. I'm currently looking to purchase a place cause I'm tired of paying rent, then there is my friends and support group to consider not to mention the medical issues. It has taken me 5 years to sufficiently train my local VA clinic to address my medical needs; and I just won't put myself thru that ever again. Then there is the very high cost of living in Alaska, so if I moved back I'd just be paying twice the cost for everything just to be closer to Fukushima.

      Milton was right!

      I think I saw another message from you but don't see it today. I published 2 comments from folks on my cell phone last night...but don't see them today, and had to cut & paste the other one this morning. Anyway, if you don't see a comment you submitted please try again.


  3. LOL, Sorry to make your head explode. I do feel you though. I think the people I mentioned have no idea but at least their hearts are in the right place or so I believe. I say Fukushima and it is like no one has ever heard the word..

    Thank you for informing me on the Alaska issue, had no idea it was expensive there, should have known. probably like Florida.

    I did indeed post previously, must not have needed to be seen, Some loopy stuff about me watching squirrels and Nature, contemplating the way, or lack of is all. Actually I thought I may have said something stupid so likely good it was lost....

    Paradise Lost :) :(

    I rent too but looks like there is suddenly a house shortage for buyers, my ass. There are empties all around me and have been but they keep mowing down the trees to make new ones, stupid people. makes things more difficult for people like us when they lie like that to drive prices up. I hope you find the right place for you at a decent price!

    Yeah, you do not need more VA shit at a new place. I recall some of your struggles of the past. Lots of folks having struggles with VA but I know you are well aware of that and pissed off about it.

    thanks for your writing and your time.


  4. Another great piece.

    I quickly glanced at a poll yesterday that asked people who they trusted, James Comey or the Other. I couldn't believe the amount of people who trusted the Other over Mr. Comey. It's like these people are missing something in their respective telemetry. Perhaps they aren't, but are willingly choosing to ignore it.

    As a professional educator I'm starting to wonder about a number of things, the first one being that it's becoming painfully obvious that there are tens of millions of people who are too stupid to be allowed to have an opinion, let alone be allowed to vote.

    On another note, I don't know if you're familiar with the work of Graham Hancock as well as many others. This video goes into why it's very likely that a global cataclysm actually occurred, wiping out an ancient advanced civilization. With any luck, it will happen again. My apologies, but my cynicism is at an all-time high right now.

    Part I:

    Part II:

  5. I believe we are ripe for a cosmic re-set, which is cyclical, been happening to us for eons by our binary solar system that only passes back and forth on it's perihilion every 3,600 years or so. It brings chaos to our solar system and kills off most of us humans as it passes. Knowledge of our true history has been denied us. In the last several decades - and with our tax money, the (elite and) military have been building huge Deep Underground Military Bases to retreat to when the shit hits the fan, leaving us to fend for ourselves. I hope these 'elite' parasites' underground luxury 'bunkers' entomb them forever in the tectonic chaos that ensues. Somehow the idea that most of humanity may soon get wiped off the face of the earth gives me a semblance of 'faith'.

  6. Hi Adaline~
    I share your opinion that we are witnessing the endgame times just prior to another re-set, which was supposed to have been the long awaited age of Aquarius. I wrote a lot about these cosmic cycles and the Mayan calendar when I began this blog 5 years ago...kinda amazing how my "early stuff" is even more meaningful nowadays.

    I posted this piece ten days ago, because for a solid week there was some heinous news every night, terror attacks, workplace shootings and the like, not t mention a rash of church bus crashes nationally??? In the ten days since posting this piece, every night there has been another heinous event in the blood soaked headlines.

    Just today the Arlington shooter tried to take out republican senators at a ball field as in San Francisco the UPS shooter killed 4 co-workers then himself. Like I said in the post, "they" are ramping everything up, increasing the psychic and subconscious pressure on us till we break.

    I know my job as a blogger is to offer up words of healing and spiritual confidence that the universe is unfolding as it should...but just now I am a bit too depressed with watching a friend die from cancer as I battle with my own health issues...and watching as the wheels fall off the Trump clown car (towing a dumpster fire). I'm not as sure as I was 5 years ago, that the age of Aquarius will win out and prevail over the dark soul-less ones who mastermind all this shit.

    Yes. Let them scurry underground to escape the damage they unleash; their collective karma will see that they never again feel the sun on their skin on a hot summer day. They save us the trouble of finding them just to convict and then bury them. Such considerate devils!

    Knowing that humanity may soon be wiped out once again does not so much give me any faith as much as it supports my belief that the universe seeks balance within the chaos.

    Thanks for reading my crap

  7. Thing's are pretty awful at the moment C , so many terrible things happening everywhere . I recently came to the conclusion that if we (humanity ) were wiped out tomorrow , it wouldn't be such a bad thing , like you say there are checks and balances and the Universe always puts things right , and it's way overdue . This beautiful planet will survive and flourish without us . It would be arrogant to think otherwise .

    Yesterday I watched with horror as countless numbers of people including children and babies were burned alive in a tower block in the wealthiest borough in London .The reason for this ? Corruption and the love of money .
    The usual story , our story sadly . Most of these people involved in this disaster were immigrants, Muslims , Christians, Sikhs, etc . I saw the most extraordinary outpouring of genuine compassion and love ,people from all over Britain arrived with clothes , food , money, and offers of a home .
    People just worked together , race, colour and creed were irrelevant.
    It very briefly gave me a little hope, for us , for humanity .

    Both you , Martha and Ivan are in my prayers everyday . I don't know if it helps but it's there for you all if needed :))
    I love reading your "crap" ! Along with Adaline and Free , it's the best on the internet .

    1. The London fire was the living manifestation of the 16th major arcana card in the traditional tarot. "The Tower" card is representative of mass chaos, death and suffering of humanity in general, as well as individuals; depending on other cards around it, etc. Do you recall how they kept hammering the story about the mother throwing her baby 10 floors to safety?? The tower card is very often depicted with people falling/jumping from a burning tower. Google the tower card meaning, it has much to say about these times and I am convinced it was done as a blood sacrifice to mark the beginning of the end times.

      The thoughts and prayers you send out do indeed help, sometimes they can even be felt in the proper conditions, so many thanks for all the positive vibes you put out.

      Thanks ;)

    2. I completely missed that C . Now you've brought it up , of course, what else could it be ! The tower with its multicultural inhabitants was in effect the world. It could even be said to bear a striking similarity to the Tower of Babel .
      I have my grandmothers Tarot , the cards are very old and not in very good condition , they are the Rider Waite version so the tower has the toppling crown ( materialism ) and the 22 flames representing (yod) . It did occur to me after you mentioned this connection that the falling crown was very much symbolic of both the love of money and the systemic corruption that caused both the tower in London to fall and our fall from the mind of God into the dense vibrational world of materialism.

      This card also symbolises creation out of destruction , something the Western mindset finds very hard to understand , so for all its
      portents of destruction whether spiritual or physical , it can be still seen as being redemptive if we choose it to be , it's a spiritual war being played out here on this earth .
      I'm sure there will be much more to come , this is just the beginning .

    3. Go to the head of the class; spot on analysis!
      It is so symbolic we can almost taste it...

      "They" set that fire to mark that date in the history of their agenda because it holds significance for them, and because they just love rubbing the clues in our little peasant faces.

    4. Thank's C . I think we are going to see symbolism being used more overtly by 'them " because , just as you say they like to play with the polloi.
      It's just like a cat playing with its prey , wearing it down until it doesn't care whether it lives or dies , just what is being done to us , a war of ( spiritual) attrition.
      The only problem for our would be oppressors is that many of these symbols are archetypes, so we respond to them at a very deep primeval , spiritual level , consequently people "feel" something is wrong . We need to trust those feelings more .
      For me everything not only feels wrong, it's started to "look " wrong , I suppose as the darker denser realms are encroaching on our slightly higher states of consciousness there must be some kind of displacement and movement . Everything is vibration , we have been given clues through out time . In the Gospel of Thomas Peter asks: Who is the father? , Jesus replies " tell them the father is movement and rest " movement and rest is vibration ! It's all there if we have the " eyes to see and ears to hear" . We just need to be more discerning and start looking and listening .

    5. Indeed millions are feeling something is very wrong in this place...

      Now, if we could just figure out a way to make them care enough to finally ACT!!



    6. YES! Reclaim our personal sovereignty . Be an anarchist in the truest sense of the word .For me this is how I was brought up and how I've brought my kids up , not to be obnoxious and aggressive but to question everything and never be afraid . I don't know how to get people to act , but I know it's invariably fear that holds them back , if we could just get past that , if we could just get people to step into their own very considerable personal power and own it , take responsibility for it we could be totally unassailable .

    7. Frozen by insecurities and fear; most humans resist change until the pain of remaining the same becomes too great.

      Life begins just outside your comfort zone

  8. I dont think the world is ending nor do i believe we bad humans will be wiped off the face of this place we call home, but i assure you the plutocraps who pull the shit want their bewildered herd to think so. The stampede is going nicely and its hard to think clearly when youre scared shitless.

    Ive read so many real history exposes that i cant possibly decide which one is true, but i suspect none of them are.

    I place my hope in karma and look forward to watching the destroyers destroy themselves. Be sure to duck.

    More crap, please

    1. On my better days I tend to lean more towards the positive; that the contrived perception is indeed accepted as reality...the cosmic "fonzie" as it is known; a way to keep us in perpetual fear.

      As far as forbidden history goes: the truth is protected by a ring of lies. This is how it has always been, and will continue to work until humanity gets tired of all the bullshit...unfortunately humanity loves bullshit, we thrive on it!

      All this chaos on overdrive gets my dander up; it fucks with my PTSD relentlessly, and fighting back gets expensive fast. Yesterday I was so depressed over the radioactive contamination of our oceans by Fukushima that I donated a months rent bucks to Sea Shepherd, on top of my annual membership.

      Was feeling more depressed than usual yesterday, perhaps on account of my evening conversation with some single malt scotch and Durban Kush. The worst part of every day is when I wake up and remember Trump really is president & it wasn't a nightmare, well, it IS a nightmare~just not the kind that evaporates with the new day.

      More crap on the way..

  9. It may cheer you up to know that half the worlds wealth is held by five men. Or the wealth of 760 million regular joes each. That right there could cause a conversation with single malt had i not decided not to a few years ago. Once we understand that fonzie is only henry winkler, maybe then we can finally kick some ass. Just so long as the right asses get kicked.

  10. Amen to that!
    It is better to be a warrior in a garden
    than to be a gardener in a war.