Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hijacking Aquarius

I've spent the majority of my life gathering and listening to information that might hopefully lead me to my destiny, and if not that; then at least to a better understanding of myself and my place in the cosmos.  I studied the usual course of subjects for the spiritual seeker, and developed an interest in astrology, and the tarot.  The tarot is like a language of symbols which represent human archetypes and the attributes, qualities & tendencies of the human species, and how they all interact and relate to each other.

I haven't had a deck of tarot cards in my hands for a few years; but that didn't lessen the impact on my consciousness on June 14th when I watched the newsreel of the Grenfell tower fire in London.  There before my astonished eyes, live on the television was the real life manifestation of the 16th major arcana card; "The Tower." 

In general terms this card represents the energy of chaos and destruction as precursor to transmutation and rebirth.  It was originally called the blasted tower sometimes because it denotes failure, ruin, wrath, destruction and of course, defeat.  As one of the 22 major arcana cards it is of archetypical power. The Grenfell fire was accurate to the tarot card art, right down to the bodies falling and jumping from the burning tower.    

Staring stunned at the video on my computer screen I immediately understood this to be a planned event of the illuminati as a symbolic manifestation of their endgame agenda.  Marking a special day in their history for them to celebrate.  What is this special event, and what does it mean for us?  The special event is that their hijacking of the age of Aquarius is now complete; and what it means for us is things are about to get kicked up a couple levels as they roll out the endgame scenario to lock everything (and everyone) down.  The Grenfell fire was the funeral pyre for the age of Aquarius.  R.I.P.

Such a feat wasn't accomplished overnight; and it wasn't cheap or easy, they've been at it for many years, working on every front, leaving nothing to chance.  They remember the 60's too, and knew they had to take the general population out of the equation.  That's why they came up with these pacification technologies such as HAARP, GWEN towers, Chemtrails, GMO food-like-products and water full of fluoride.  

At the same time they were waging a massive campaign aimed at those born between 1980 & 1995, the Gen-X'ers: because they knew you'd outnumber baby boomers and could actually take over and run things if you ever once figured out what was going on. So an entire generation became targets of mass distraction, propaganda, & the advent of social media.  You let them steal your power from you, and trick you into not realizing it. 

When there's so much going on that ain't right, & ain't ever gonna be right, a great many Gen-X-ers  just turned their backs on politics and materialism, exactly as planned.  When you hit a brick wall that won't let you pass, it's so much easier to give up, quit caring. Add all these things together and perhaps it's easier to understand why suicides nationally are at a 30 year high!

The age of Aquarius is supposed to be the golden age of human enlightenment when we finally outgrow, and overcome hatred, war, greed, and the need for violence.  It is supposed to be a time of planetary unity and equality.  Most of all I believe it is also the time when we finally honor and respect our living planet mother, Gaia, and cease exploiting her and treating her like a garbage disposal. 

in 1970 I was in the Navy, doing my service to country gig, and spent most all my enlistment at sea.  Every day at the same time all of the ships garbage was tossed overboard without so much as a second thought as to what damage it might do to the oceans.  Multiply that amount of garbage by every ship in all the worlds Navies doing the same thing every single day.  It is still happening today, all over the world.  Add to this mess all of the toxic materials illegally dumped in the worlds oceans and you begin to get an idea of just how ignorant we are as a species.

Yup, I'm gonna talk about the Voldemort of man made disasters again, because from now on any conversation about our dear Gaia must certainly include the Fukushima effect, and the increasingly horrid future it points to.  Yet nobody does talk about it, because evidently we believe we can just wish it away by ignoring it.  Here's a science tip for those who think that way: The only way to make Fukushima go away is with a time machine.

There is a real crime against humanity happening in Japan because not only are they doing absolutely nothing to stop, fix, or seal those melted down reactors; they're actually dumping millions of gallons of radioactive cooling water directly into the pacific ocean every single day.  For those with underdeveloped imaginations; what that means is in 30 years we'll see dead oceans devoid of life.  I want you to ponder on that for a couple of minutes; we're a generation away from  that exact nightmare.

Let's not forget to consider the air, because those melted down reactors have essentially
become Mt. Fukushima, earths first radioactive volcano; spewing untold amounts of deadly radioactivity into earths atmosphere 24/7 for the last six years.  When you factor in the half-life of radioactive materials you will understand that this is permanent for the next few hundred thousand years or so unless we figure out how to stop it and/or cap the damn thing.  So, in 2048 when earth's oceans no longer harbor life of any consequence; what can we expect from an atmosphere which becomes more radioactive every year as Mt. Fukushima continues to erupt unabated?  

 Hydraulic fracturing has been a tool of the oil industry going as far back as the mid to late 1940's; with a massive increase and interest in the late 60's.  Basically they pump a wellhead full of all manner of nasty stuff under immense pressure, resulting in the fracturing of the oil laden shale, making it easier and cheaper to get the oil and/or gas out.  Despite all the well documented cases where this fracking results in poisoned and flammable drinking water; the number of fracking wells increases like some bizarre infestation across the land. 

Every bare spot is a Fracking Pad

Over the last few years mounting evidence has repeatedly shown that in addition to the flammable poisoned tap water, fracking also causes earthquakes near the operations.  Not just the occasional earthquake here and there, but earthquake swarms with epicenters smack in the middle of fracking country.  Still the fracking pads increase in number like a pox; with a cone of silence around the subject except for a few documentary film makers, and websites like Suspicious Observers trying to crack thru that cone of silence.

Our collective silence about such issues as these gives the perpetrators, and regular traitors tacit approval.  So, why DO we remain silent about corporate rape of the planet so the 1% can enrich themselves at the expense of future generations?  Why do you remain silent?  There was a time in this country when the streets were filled with protestors who shut down cities with their righteous indignation.  That was before they poisoned our food, and began spraying us like garden pests.  Streets full of pissed off people is what scares the 1% silly.  It's why they never show newsreels of that kind of protest in Russia, Finland, and other countries; they don't want us getting any ideas & growing a pair!  Most of all they want all of us to forget that this country was formed and forged in the fires of bloody revolution. 

What we permit, will persist.  Atrocities we let go unchallenged will become the norm.

"Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen
if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. 
Don't sit this one out.  Do Something!
You are by accident of fate alive at
 an absolutely critical moment
in the history of our planet."
                                                     ~ Carl Sagan~

An enlightened species does not treat its homeworld like a toilet, and does not put those in power who seek to remove existing environmental safeguards from our established laws. Trump's backward march to bring back the coal industry, is simply more proof of his chronic mental illness.

Senator John McCain has tried 13 times to give away Apache sacred ground at Oak Flat Arizona to his top supporter Rio Tinto mining conglomerate; and was defeated each time.  Then in a particularly nasty & underhanded way (even for congress) McCain secretly added it at the last minute to a must pass 1600 page defense spending bill, just before the vote.  So, with that treasonous act the former prisoner of war got what he wanted, and just fuck everyone who disagrees.  It's how the government has always dealt with the Apaches.

Trump did essentially the same thing with the oil pipeline at Standing Rock in North Dakota, because he has a financial interest in that project.  Then he bought all the steel pipe sections from Russia; after promising the job would be done with all American steel.  Yes sir it was an all American steal alright; from someone whose promises are as empty as his soul.

 At a time when the population is demanding honesty and transparency from our politicians we instead are offered up a steady stream of smoke screens, fake news, and outright bold faced lies.  As Trumps criminal cartel of thieves come under investigation...the administration creates street theater for the masses; while behind the scenes the real crimes are being committed around the clock, as if they sense they may not be there very long.

They're muddying the waters with totally scripted political street theater of the absurd to keep the peasants enthralled & full of fear and loathing; as the Trump Kleptocracy is busy behind the smoke screen emptying the coffers and rolling environmental safeguards back to the 80's ... the 1880's!

Almost from Trump's first day in office there have been numerous "leaks" of secret inside information to the press.  The kind of information that shows Trump for what he really is.  He lies, and patriots within the system blow the whistle on him.  Trump then has the unmitigated audacity to label those who point out his crimes & lies as criminals!! 

You can't just turn truth on its head whenever it disagrees with you...the things people are leaking about are the crimes, NOT the act of blowing the whistle.  The very act of blowing the whistle is what policemen used to do to draw attention to a criminal, before arresting them.  Nowadays the criminals are elected to office and are the captains of industry, while "whistleblowers" are evil traitors for snitching on the truly guilty.

The Republicant's complained for eight years that Obama was unqualified for the presidency because of his lacking experience in government; but they let Trump off the hook every time saying "He doesn't know how things work".  That is just plain & simple Bullshit for the plain & simple, because those employing critical thought processes reject such absurdity.  Spin doctors; we used to just call them liars

 Trump has twice recently asked ministers if Presbyterians were Christians??  The man doesn't even understand the religion he is pretending to be part of!!

The white house is in such chaos & panic that Trump's lawyer, just lawyered up himself!

Not wanting to be caught chair-less when the music stops; Jared Kushner just added a criminal defense attorney to his legal team.

In a new development this week, the white house is no longer allowing Sean Spicer's news conferences to be televised.  No cameras at the press conference, and no recordings of Spicer's voice; what a Trumptonian concept!

 "Freedom is something that dies
  unless it is used." Hunter S. Thompson.

Emperor Trump's ego is such that he requires emergency flattery sessions like the one his staff was subjected to last week, the viewing of which is appalling [video below]. This is the kind of demented antic we're used to seeing from North Korea's diminutive ego manic.  Yet Trump insists on the frequent expression of loyalty, flattery and praise as he boasts about being the most productive president ever. 

Again and again; cops who assassinate young black men are systematically found not guilty; while a young woman who texted her boyfriend into suicide is found guilty.  If you're still expecting justice in this place; when you go looking for it all you will find is just us!  It is up to US, we the people, to RESIST this fascist takeover.   Evidently just saying "I was in fear for my life" is sufficient to exonerate these executioners in blue of murder charges and either return them to duty or civilian life.

That is an exceedingly lame & hollow defense because police officers are trained to respond responsibly in tense and dangerous situations.  They are armed to the teeth and conditioned to control whatever situation they encounter.  Therefore I reject the claim of being in fear for their lives as simply being too ludicrous to have any merit whatsoever.

It has now become very clear that the police policy across this nation is that if young black males are involved, the cops empty their guns upon getting out of their cruisers.  The fact that almost every cop who does is 'exonerated' of any wrong doing is alarming.  Ponder on this a moment then ask yourself why they are doing this over and over, every week in America.  They're trying to ignite a race war.  "They" have been setting the stage for years, always adding plenty of dry tinder; and now they're trying to ignite the conflagration.  It is as much a part of their endgame strategy as the London tower fire

 The power elite who believe they own us; are best represented by Henry Kissinger when he referred to the earth's population as "useless eaters."  You should perhaps ponder that for a moment to let its full impact sink in.  We are a means to an end for them, and they care not a single miserable whit for any of us who don't share the bloodline of the eight families.  They created the 40 hour work week, better known as the rat race as a means of enslaving us with invisible chains.  They also made up the American dream as the carrot at the end of a stick to keep us locked into an endless chase of an unobtainable goal.

The rat race is designed in such a way, that the more money you make, the more it takes to live, and the more they take from you each payday.  You never quite get ahead no matter how hard you try, hence, the rat race.  Now of course the plan includes letting us be just prosperous enough to buy more oil consuming machines with which to recreate, whether it be a boat, camper, or matching motorcycles; because those things give the illusion of prosperity, and make the neighbors think you are better off than they are.

The other reason we're allowed to have a few nice things, and make a little headway up the social ladder is to keep us locked into the perpetual struggle of the rat race.  The more nice shit you have, and the cushier your existence, the less you will be willing to join in any protest movements; because you don't want to risk loosing what little you actually have. You know this is a powerful force that binds us to their will when you realize just how fucked up they have made this world with their greed and lust for violence, and for the most part the rats just keep running the race, they just put on blinders and earbuds so they don't have to see or hear disturbing things that sicken their souls.  Don't sound much like freedom to me.

 At some point life must fundamentally be about something more than your third quarter profits and retirement fund.  Many are perhaps compelled into silent inaction out of that fear of loosing what little comfort and security they've managed to create.  Knowing as we do (on the unconscious level) that the nail sticking up gets hammered back down may indeed motivate the silence of the lambs.

Once we sought the wisdom of life from wise ones and prophets as a guiding light showing us how to be human in this place.  Nowadays we can only hear the profits of margin and motive speaking to us because the hijackers of Aquarius have drowned out or killed off all other avatars.

Do you recall how during the days following 9/11, the media kept bombarding us relentlessly with the horrific images and videos from that day?  They did that for at least two distinct reasons. First, to get us really pissed off at the ones being blamed for it; and secondly to induce something the experts call psychic numbing which intercepts & interrupts critical thought processes.  I think it's important to recognize this tactic, because they're doing it again right now with the wall to wall terror incidents happening every day somewhere across the planet.  These constant attacks are intended to wear us down to where we're too numb to it all to act, much less be in touch with our feelings about it. 

Humans tend to resist change until the pain
of remaining the same becomes unbearable

We humans sure seem to  be wired the wrong way.  We see something like Fukushima looming death & misery for the next 100,000 years and we ignore it.  We put it out of our minds and don't think or speak of it.  That tactic worked well as kids, because the monster under the bed was never real.  Pulling the covers over our heads and pretending Fukushima never happened will have a very ugly reality check for an awful lot of people.

Yes, bad wiring indeed.  Even when we can see & understand that we need to make serious changes in our lives; we don't follow thru.  Instead we ignore it, put it off for a better time.  We will stay in a bad job or toxic relationship simply because we fear making changes.  Mostly we stay this way our entire lives, until at long last we become so miserable with suffering, then we embrace change.  What I'm saying here is we no longer have the luxury of time.  Our "owners" are bringing things to a boil, the signs are all around us whether we choose to see them or not.  The time for us to change is now and we must change all together with a single unified voice so that we may speak truth to power.

There is a proven way to affect the change we all want to see, it's just that the vast majority are totally unwilling to actually do anything that might adversely affect their perceived comfort and security.  First we must as a group decide to educate ourselves, then totally boycott all businesses and products owned by those who assume ownership over us.  Words, truth & passion have no meaning for the power elite who subjugate us; but their money sure as hell does, so what say we interrupt their cash flow by refusing to purchase their crap. 

The next step after that is to take it to the streets; disrupt the flow of traffic & business with massive protests.  Shut it down, and not just for a day or weekend-shut it down for a week or more every month.  Hit them where it hurts, their cherished money!

The recent cycle of national elections around the globe has revealed an interesting if not unsettling pattern; the emergence of the "populist" candidates, such as Donald Trump, who against the odds get elected (or selected.)  They all sing the same tune, and want the same things, which is generally speaking, very bad for the rest of us.

By now it is a well documented and unilaterally agreed upon fact that the Russians conducted  sophisticated cyber attacks on our country in order to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.  It happened, its a fact.  This by definition, is a serious attack upon America; and the first job of the president is to defend the nation from that threat.  The fact that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to get himself elected is an act of treason.  Simple as that. 

 I think it's time to bring an end to this national disgrace and political charade once and for all.  We're not laughing anymore. Investigate, Impeach, Imprison.  Toss out Trump's election, along with everyone associated with or placed in office by him...and have a new election, start from scratch and just do it over.  It's ugly, yes, but it also happens to be the only sane, equable solution.  Unless that is you're all fine with having a president placed in office by the Russians.  Want an eye opener? search "Russia protests" on the YouTube.  There you will see plenty of incentive for Putin to hack our political system.

The spin doctors with their doublespeak, smoke screens & alternative facts are doing everything to keep us from remembering two simple facts.  Donald J. Trump is guilty of treason; and In this country, treason while at war is punishable by firing squad.  That will make for great ratings during sweeps week...I'd even do pay-per-view as long as the proceeds went to a reputable charity!

America turns 241 years old in a couple of weeks, and  I don't see all that much to celebrate about now that Obama's internet troll is the president.  Silently seething with inner rage over the embarrassment of his "birther" debacle; Trump is motivated primarily by undoing everything worthwhile Obama managed to accomplish while also enriching himself.

Now, to be sure I've had my issues with Obama over his sadistic use of drone warfare, the failure to close Gitmo, and other stuff; but Trump is showing us all just how bad a Prissydent he intends to be, and every day the dumpster fire grows bigger with no relief in sight.  So, no we really have nothing to feel good or brag about this 4th of July except we're getting all the fireworks early.

In the dictionary destiny is found
between destination and destitute

This week yet another Hollywood star made the news for a bad taste joke about harm coming to Trump when Johnny Depp joked about John Wilkes Booth, & actors killing presidents.  Just another sign that an epidemic of reality cramps is making its way across this confused country.  Trump can speak in all seriousness about dropping nukes as a diplomatic act and nobody gets upset; but if an actor or comedian or even Joe citizen even insinuates harming Trump in any way, suddenly everyone (who controls the media) is outraged, demanding blood.  Is this to be our destiny?

I think the things we choose to learn and make part of our belief system are supposed to take, or more appropriately, lead us somewhere, perhaps even to our own individual destiny or karma.  I don't see that going on.  What I see is we're all learning basically the same general sets of data and information; then finding unique ways to package & market it to each other for fun and profit.  I guess I'm feeling disappointed because especially in light of issues discussed here, I thought by now we would be finding each other and using what we've learned to build the infrastructure for the promised new age of enlightenment.  The song never said anything about having to fight hijackers every inch of the way on the road to Aquarius.

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"Aquarius" 5th Dimension ~ 1969

Fracking Earthquakes
 report from Suspicious Observers

Trumps mandatory cabinet flattery session 

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  1. Daily affirmation upon rising

    Im mad as hell, and im not gonna take it anymore.

    1. Yeah, a good start...
      ...think I'll go with "There is no spoon"
      ;) thanks

  2. Dear Chautauqua, please recall that one of the features of The Tower card are the falling figures of the King and the Priest. A lightning bolt is striking the Tower from above, and in many cards, high waves are crashing up against the foundation. Yes, it does mean all the things you state, but also it means "destruction of old structures and ways." The falling of the authority figures shows that those who think they are in control are being deposed. They have wrought their own destruction. Granted, we may be destroyed along with them. :( You may wish to reference this extensive library of card meanings.


    As for Russia... i still maintain Russian meddling is code for Israel meddling. I can't prove it but I suspect Israel of anything and everything, esp. as Jared Kushner, that noted and experienced diplomat (dripping with snark), has just visited Netanyahu in Tel Aviv.

    1. Hi Kieron
      Always good to hear from you. You bring up valid points in common with many of the literally hundreds of Tarot decks available. I was living in Alaska when I picked up an interest in Tarot: unfortunately the only deck available to me at the time was the 'Golden Dawn' deck from which the rider-waite and many others are derived.

      the Tower doesn't always mean destruction of old ways, especially when it stands alone like this with no other cards around it to add detail to the significance. Later I discovered the 'Voyager' tarot deck, which was created with photo montages, and began using that when doing readings for folks because the images weren't so graphic & freaky as in traditional decks-I used the Tower card from the voyager deck because it was so close to the photo of the London tower. I knew it was gonna become a rather long post so I didn't want to add too much about the tarot...the important factor being that the card does deal with transmutation & rebirth, which is kinda like destruction of old structures & ways I guess.

      As for Russia, geez Louise-it looks and smells so foul that almost nothing would surprise me anymore. All I know is that in situations such as the Trump dumpster fire presidency the truth is always protected by a ring of lies. In this particular case the lies resemble those Russian "nesting dolls" with each lie being inside a bigger identical lie. So whether it is Russia, or Israel, or China is hard to know; so the best we can do is "follow the money", and in this case, the money trail leads straight to Russia. Just my take on the whole sorry mess.

  3. Im one of the trees that fell in the forest. Im not the only one. We have fallen through the years and other people heard the crash but pretended not to. We lost everything we had and no one gave a damn. You wont read about these trees although there are many and the forest looks about the same.

  4. Your words are kinda beautiful, in a dark but mysterious way.
    I am not quite sure how to respond...
    or if such is even necessary.

  5. Long as I remember the rain been coming down. Clouds of mystery pouring confusion on the ground. Good men through the ages, trying to find the sun; and i wonder, still I wonder, who'll stop the rain.

    I went down Virginia seeking shelter from the storm. Caught up in the fable, I watched the tower grow. Five year plans and new deals, wrapped in golden chains. And i wonder, still i wonder, who'll stop the rain.

    Heard the singers playing, how we cheered for more. The crowd had rushed together, trying to keep warm. Still the rain kept pouring, falling on my ears. And i wonder, still i wonder, who'll stop the rain.

    John Fogerty

    1. Very nice!
      From a time when lyrics meant something.

  6. Ominous trump tweets the sky is falling. Be very afraid. He wont say what horror awaits but its really really double plus bad.

  7. Watched a guy in Oregon's angry rant last night (on youtube) about the Fukushima situation. Every other word was 'f**k'. It's killing our foodchain, and all of us. It's everywhere, but nothing is said. The orange Disgust in office keeps making vile moves. Every time we check the 'news' it's with the comment, 'what had the idiot done now.' And every time there is some atrocity of our government committed. I've never seen a president in office so obviously despised by so many so soon into it's presidency. Even most of main stream media hates him.
    I pause to meditate on the time your post was published. :) We are good people. We Care.
    Seismic activity increases dramatically across the globe. Countless aging nuke plants lay is wait for the next earthquake disaster. The world is one living being. We struggle to survive.

  8. Nothing Else Matters

  9. Uncle Sam Goddamn
    ~Brother Ali

  10. http://msdiagnosed.blogspot.com/2016/03/brother-ali-uncle-sam-goddamn.html

  11. There is perhaps one silver lining to all of "this." Exposure. Now we know, or should, what the game is. We had to get here first to get to the other side. So lay all the cards on the table, as we CAN handle the truth, and may the human race decide what happens next.