Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Zombie Apocalypse

As a veteran of the Vietnam War, my brain has a collection of vivid, highly charged memories of things I saw there.  These memories are stronger and more prominent than your garden variety everyday kind because of their intense emotional impact.  It might surprise you to learn that the strongest and most vivid memory in that collection happened on American soil, as I returned home on leave from that war. 

There were maybe 20 of us servicemen on the flight to San Diego, most in our formal dress uniforms, and from various branches of the military.  Shortly after leaving the plane we were beset by a mob twice our size or more, and they weren’t there to welcome us home.  They all began yelling and chanting “Baby killers” as they spat on us, cursed our mothers, and screamed vile epithets at us.  Once back in the comfort and safety of my parents’ home I got my second jolt of reality while watching news coverage of the anti-war protests filling the streets of America.  The sheer numbers were mind-boggling.


While I was inspired with hope at the sight of these protests the government had a whole different reaction.  I don’t think they had accounted for this massive and widespread uprising of the populace, and I think it un-nerved them a bit.  Certainly this kind of reaction was not going to bode well for the long range plans of the Washington warmongers, and they set about doing something about it.  For their future schemes to turn out as desired they had to find ways of taking the population out of the equation, and we are not talking crowd control here.
The psychopaths who run things set about developing several pacification technologies with which to subdue the American population, and have been deploying them for several years now, with great success.  What they have done is nothing short of a full court press on several ‘fronts’ against the entire populace to keep us out of the picture and off the streets. 

Many of course are by now familiar with the HAARP facility in Alaska (above) and the horrendous effects it can have on the human brain.  Perhaps lesser known is that there are currently more than 15 such sites around the world, and not all owned & operated by the U.S. (1)  HAARP can do a number of different things depending on the frequency used and the outcome desired.  Mostly it is used to modify the weather, and what goes on in our minds.  HAARP is known to cause headaches, nausea, and disorientation in most people.

Next they developed Chemtrails, and began a program of spraying us like we are some kind of crop. Maybe that’s why they named their initiative “Operation Garden Plot” (2)  They have been spraying us for 15 years now, counting from when I first saw them.

They have various concoctions, or formulas of what they spray, again depending on the desired outcome.  Samples have been taken and tests run on this stuff, and it simply put is toxic and poison, with the primary ingredient being soluble Barium salts, which are toxic in all mammals.  Comprehensive health data may be found here (3).  In addition to primary health concerns, chemtrails also tend to make people lethargic, confused, tired and apathetic.  Just what Dr. Strangelove ordered.  As the spraying goes on unabated the very subject is forbidden and denied everywhere…with one exception, schoolbooks.  They actually have included the subject of chemtrails in schoolbooks to indoctrinate our children to see them as normal. They tell our children the spraying is protecting us from the Sun, to offset global warming.   If there was any good reason for the spraying program don’t you think the government would be out there claiming credit for it?? (4)

The ground wave emergency network, or GWEN transmitters are placed 200 miles apart across the USA, allowing specific frequencies to be tailored to the geomagnetic field strength in each area; allowing the electromagnetic field to be altered.(5)  Like spokes in a wheel each GWEN tower base has buried copper cables extending in all directions; sending the signal thru the ground as well as through the air.  GWEN & HAARP are used together in many instances.  People can be much easier controlled and hypnotized if they are within an artificial electromagnetic field.

HAARP, GWEN and Chemtrails were soon joined by an onslaught of additional technologies such as: microwave burst towers, genetically modified foods, aspartame, flu shots, smallpox vaccinations, west Nile virus, anthrax, SARS, mad cow disease, and bird flu. As if all this wasn’t spooky enough, consider the over 100 dead scientists since 9/11/01 who were all top experts in microbiology and emerging infectious diseases.  “They” didn't want anyone being able to come along and undo their evil deeds! (6)

In the wake of The 911 false flag events and the Patriot acts 1 & 2 we've seen stolen elections, the outlawing of dissent, free speech zones, internment camps, controlled & censored media, clear channel radio, dish TV mind control, and a neocon ‘government’ of psychopaths so brazen it no longer even attempts to cover up its agenda or actions; except with the most transparent of lies and undiluted bovine excrement.  This is how they sought to remove US from the equation, by turning an outraged and angry citizenry into a nation of apathetic zombies too sick and confused to do much active protesting.  And the silence was deafening …for a long time. 

There is still way too much silence today, still too many asleep within the dream; but that is changing.  Maybe it started with the Arab Spring in Tahrir square, or perhaps it began fomenting even before that, the point is that an awful lot of zombies are waking up every day.  There is a saying going around that the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.  Well…are you pissed off yet?  You see just being aware of these insidious pacification technologies will not liberate us from their effects, which includes permanent DNA damage.  We have to get pissed off enough to stand in unison by the thousands & millions, and dismantle this nightmare piece by piece.  We must find within ourselves the raw courage to stand up to these jackals, and after that, we must do something even harder…we must show them unconditional love, instead of revenge.  That is the only way this is going to work, otherwise we’re just perpetuating the same cycle of fear & loathing in a mad, endless game of musical chairs.

Right now there is a window of opportunity to act in unison and categorically reject these psychopaths and all they stand for.  Maybe it’s a bit like the hundredth monkey, each day we get closer to that sociological point where the entire tribe will have the light bulb turn on in their heads, and hearts, and we can then act with a unity of purpose.  This window won’t stay open forever, and if it closes on us we may face a thousand years of darkness.

The Neoconservative agenda is using these various pacification technologies on us as part of the larger plan to depopulate the world by some 70%, and to permanently enslave the survivors.  Their gambit is that by doing all these various things they can create a condition of arrested development, where humanity is forever held below the frequency vibration needed to take the evolutionary step before us at this time.  The evolutionary threshold is right there in front of us, all we have to do is stand up, and walk through.

It’s a choice we must make as individuals and as a species, to reclaim our sovereign right to evolve as we will, or forever be shackled by the chains of tyranny.  A few years ago I thought this task might just be beyond us, but witnessing the great awakening now underway has altered my thinking, and my hope for the future.  We need to not draw such dire conclusions from insufficient information, that’s what they are counting on, is for us to just give up and lay down, because it’s easier than fighting them.  I say lets disappoint them. 

In the meantime enjoy this David Icke video on the police state and NWO.

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