Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Your Vote Won't Count

The people who own this country have a vested interest in remaining in control of it.  Over the last hundred and fifty years or so they've spent unbelievable sums of money making sure they get their way.  Do you really think that they would just risk loosing it all in a fair and honest election?  I don’t, and I've been watching this circus for over 50 years now.

The truth is if elections really changed anything-they’d outlaw them!

It’s not enough for these psychopathic criminals to just fix the elections with their Diebold electronic, paperless voting machines; they must corrupt and neuter the entire process at every opportunity.  Whether its illegal voter I.D. cards or various other voter suppression tactics and laws, they leave nothing whatsoever to chance. 

When it comes to voting propositions on the state level, each one is written in such confusing, convoluting terms that very often “yes” means “no” and vice versa, leaving many folks unsure of what they just voted for as they leave the voting booth.  For a very long time now voting has been nothing but a charade to maintain the illusion of a free society.

So here we are a couple weeks away from the next presidential “election” with all the banality & childishness reaching a near fever pitch, just like always.  It used to be we would get a little relief from this hogwash between major elections, but not in recent memory.  True maybe there aren't those annoying political ads all year long but you can bet your American dream that the process is unrelenting just the same, and that’s just the stuff they want us to see, and think.  I just gotta wonder what nefarious nasty things they are cooking up for us behind the scenes.

Red, blue ~ Democrat or Republican, there’s no difference between them at all, just different wings on the same bird.  Vote all you want, the flight plan never changes!  Am I the only one who sees something inherently wrong when Goldman Sachs openly supports both candidates??

The reason why “we the people” haven’t brought an end to this disgusting charade before now is very simple to understand; we’re afraid of loosing what little we have if the system fails.  Well, I've got news for ya, the system has been broken for years, and is about to fall under the weight of its own corruption any time now.  The good news in all of this is that when it does fall we might just have a chance to take this country back from the psychotic clutches of these demented old white men who have gotten us into this nightmare.  They are gonna take what little you have anyway, so why continue to vote against your best interest by playing their game. Refuse, revolt…take back your power and use it to fight back, you know, that thing Americans are best known for.  When you vote for the lesser of two evils you're still voting for evil, which is akin to eating the least radioactive's still gonna kill ya!!!

The fix is in and the books are cooked. 
 The only question remaining is...

 how much longer will you tolerate this unconstitutional criminality?


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