Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cassandra Syndrome

It is nearly maddening to so see many so oblivious to the obvious that they cannot or will not acknowledge the truth when they are staring it in the face.

 It’s as if we are a nation in shellshock, so overwhelmed by the rapidly changing reality unfolding before us that we are like deer in the headlights; frozen in mute paralysis unable to act in our own best interests.  It’s called psychic numbing and it’s a human defense mechanism which kicks in when the soul has seen so many evil deeds and crimes against humanity that in order to continue functioning, it has to shut down the fight or flight response, and just hope things will turn out alright in the end. 

This dark and ominous future didn’t just spring up overnight.  It has been building up to this point for a very long time, and along the way there has been no shortage of prophets and seers who tried to warn us, but the majority of us turned a deaf ear, refusing to listen to anything that might impact our personal reality paradigm.  There exists overwhelming evidence from several unconnected sources over the ages; that the end of the year 2012 will be a pivotal point in the evolution of mankind on this planet.  From Nostradamus, to the Mayans, to the Lakota, Cheyenne, Sioux and the Hopi, all the way to Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero; we have been warned well in advance. 

Why have the majority of us chosen to ignore the evidence & warnings?

There are the obvious answers to that question such as, social programming, ego, the desire to be accepted by others as rational, fear, religious dogma, inability to deal with change, and being spiritually asleep.  All of that should fall to the wayside in the face of so many warnings, and such rampant greed and corruption seeking to own the entire world.  That’s a pretty loud alarm clock, one that keeps going off regardless of how much we hit the snooze button, and yet we persist in ignoring it.  There must be something else at work here, something nebulous and unknown.

In Greek mythology the king of troy had a stunningly beautiful daughter named Cassandra. Now Apollo was so stricken with her beauty that he bestowed upon her the gift of prophesy.  Later, when Cassandra spurned the romantic advances of Apollo, he laid a curse upon her ensuring that her visions and warnings would be believed by nobody. So, Cassie had clear vision of all future events yet could neither change the events, nor convince the populace of her predictions accuracy. I wonder if somehow, some way modern society has also come to fall under that curse.  Most days, I think you could make a good case for that if you just look around you with new eyes and an open heart. 

The mechanics of the universe are not unlike the workings of a fine Swiss timepiece, they both continue on doing their thing in the absence of our understanding, desire or belief.  Evolution is also like that, and evolution is exactly what is happening right now and not just here on Earth, but throughout the solar system.  Jupiter has recently developed a second red spot, called “junior” and has also lost an entire layer of cloud cover!  For the first time ever, we are now seeing auroras on Neptune.  Evolutionary change is sweeping through our solar system, and will have its effect regardless of our belief or inaction.  What does it say about us as a race when we refuse to acknowledge truths as obvious as the ones standing right before us?

     Many years ago I first learned of the now famous Hopi Prophesy in 
The book of the Hopi” by Frank Waters.  This prophesy is a set of nine escalating signs that would herald the end of the “fourth world” and the emergence of the “fifth world,” which by the way is pretty much right now.    
The signs are as follows:

This is the First sign: We are told of the coming of the white skinned men, who took the land that was not theirs; and men who struck their enemies with thunder.”   [The westward expansion]

This is the Second sign: Our land will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices.”
[This is the white men bringing their families in wagons across the prairies].

This is the Third sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns will overrun the land    in large numbers.”  [Longhorn steers & the cattle drives]

This is the Fourth sign:  The land will be crossed with snakes of Iron.”
                                [Railroad trains & tracks]

This is the Fifth sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web.”
[Power lines and chemtrails]
This is the Sixth sign: The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun.”  [Freeways & billboards]

This is the Seventh sign: You will hear of the sea turning black and many living things dying because of it.”   [BP gulf spill]

This is the Eighth sign: You will see many youth who wear their hair long like my people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom.”

This is the Ninth and last sign: You will hear of a dwelling place in the heavens, above the Earth, that shall fall with a great crash.  It will appear as a blue star.  Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.  These are the signs that great destruction is coming.  The world shall rock to and fro.  The white man will battle with other people in other lands – with those who possessed the first light of wisdom.  There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as White Feather has seen the white man make in the desert not far from here.  Only those which come will cause disease and a great dying.”

Could it be that we inherited the Cassandra curse as a result the white man’s invasion and theft of indigenous lands, and the subsequent destruction of their culture?  Makes me wonder, and brings us back to trying to understand why so many are still acting like nothing at all is wrong in the world.  Not only have we ignored the predictions of the  Hopi; we even ignored the warnings of departing President Eisenhower, about the threat posed by the military-industrial-complex; and just look how well that turned out.

I suppose a lot of the apathy can be traced back to such cultural programming as “Ya can’t fight city hall,” - “See no evil-hear no evil-speak no evil” and other such mind control mantras.  I can even understand that someone can ignore an awful lot of uncomfortable things if their paycheck depends upon them ignoring it.  But when you can SEE these things getting worse with each passing year, and with new signs and portents arriving almost daily nowadays, exactly how do you continue to remain in a state of hypnotic apathy.  Some of this was covered in my recent post “The Zombie Apocalypse” (1) and yet there is this sense that something else is going on as well. 

I was recently reading an article by the astrologer Robert Hitt (2) in which he said; "...The Uranus-Pluto square (90 degrees) that started in 2010 and lasts into mid-2013 has brought a renewal of the themes from the 60's.  The Uranus Pluto cycle has everything to do with SOCIAL and PERCEPTIVE REVOLUTIONS.  We do indeed have a battle of ideas do we not?  The late 60's perception revolution just will not go away and for good reason...the hippies were right the whole time." [emphasis mine]

Now, a great many of us have known this for a very long time and are not the least bit shy in saying "I told you so!" I just can't help but wonder if the reason so many are sleepwalking thru this life with the thousand yard stare and blinders on, is because they too have realized the hippies were indeed right all along, and that epiphany has sent them into advanced stages of cognitive dissonance? 

There may be deeper insight by looking at the spiritual side of the issue.  
We know that all of this is heading toward what Terence McKenna called a singularity of consciousness, what the Hopi called the fifth world.  Evolution by any other name, right?  So, what if this perceptual revolution Robert Hitt (3) speaks of has it's origins in frequency, vibration and intent?  Maybe this is all about humanity evolving out of spiritual childhood, into spiritual adolescence by raising our frequency and resonance to match the higher frequencies of where we are headed.

Clearly, not everyone currently alive on earth is going to make the transition to a higher plane of existence.  Not everyone is ready for that experience.  Many will need more saturation in the energies and resonance of third dimensional reality before they're ready.  This might help explain why so many today refuse to react to a world in transition.  They cannot see what we do, because they aren't making the trip with us.  They have a different train to catch.  

Till Next time ~ Be good to Each Other
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